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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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starts december twenty second d. w. . this is you know any reason why from berlin the legacy of fighting i am in the philippines as martial law is extended in the southern region of mindanao for another year between us has an exclusive report from the devastated city of murali and talks to one young muslim grady to find again for the so-called islamic state also coming up. a wave of anti-government protest groups hungry security guards
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seen here forcibly removing opposition m.p.'s from the headquarters of the national broadcaster access public anger at prime minister viktor obama's policy. with. great to have you along everyone we began our broadcast in the southern philippines where the island of mindanao is facing another year under martial law after present day extend at the measure last year were always city on mindanao was the scene of a five month long battle on government troops were deployed to quell an insurgency by militants allied to so-called islamic state more than a thousand people were killed and half a million were displaced today murari city lies in ruins a team of g.w. news reporters has just returned from the city. exclusive report. this
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force the center of today residents call it ground zero. we get the military's permission to enter selected pots and a warrant about unexploded devices last year a few hundred i asked inspired fighters holed up in mosques and houses the army with help from the united states responded with relentless ai rates in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from their defensive position and you can only do that number one using bombs or heavy artillery bombardment. but people here paid a very high price for the five month long battle. hundreds were killed they are buried in these mosque graves. most of the victims were never identified denying their families closure. over sixty five thousand people remain
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displaced many are still searching for their life once. has lost four of her eight children she believes they were taken hostage and used as human shields. for simply i feel a very deep pain inside of me i missed my children they were gone in a blink of an eye i can't be with them anymore. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere the impoverished region has witnessed decades of conflict between muslims and christians who make up the vast majority of the filipino population many young muslims feel disenfranchised. last year afterwards spied on the military passing on details of troop movements to
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i.a.s. fighters holed up in mirage he tells us that he stood ready to fight for an islamic state. if it was i wouldn't fight and while we're all we again or in any other muslim area here in the same thing will happen again our own muslim people would get hurt but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join. someone. like many others up to blames president rodrigue territory for bombing mahratti the government has promised reconstruction and great to muslim autonomy but until those promises are fulfilled angry young men like up to it will continue to pose a threat. our reporter and our peers men was part of the u.w. team a filming in the city and. she's here now with me to talk some more about this region that we don't really hear that much about in this part of the world looking at that footage that you shot with your colleagues i couldn't help but this could have been
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syria this could have been iraq incidentally regions that you've been as well this has been completely obliterated yet authorities maintain that they only used surgical attacks i would dispute that because even if it weren't such a strikes only as the military claims it must defend many and they must have been extremely powerful forceful relentless i think what the military tried to do with governments or this is to not only you know flush out the any meat that's how the military puts it but also just senses very strong signal to the population base because without local support i think this battle from rob you wouldn't have lasted five months let's talk about civilians because we saw that mother that you spoke to who lost four of her children i just wonder because now of course you know the fighting is over rebuilding has to start how much does the filipino government
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involve local the local population the civilians in any reconstruction efforts if you ask the civilians clearly not enough i mean they're not allowed to go home you know getting some money rebuilding their houses they have to wait everything is on military orders martial law has just been extended people are still by and large living in emergency camps at the fringes of town uprooted you know they have lost a sense of belonging and the longer the loss the more problematic it becomes and the more angry young men like opto will become and that poses a threat for them you know join the new forces yes mati and abu sayyaf will basically claimed to islamic state leading this each of last year they might be gone but there is. so remnants hiding in the jungle there are new recruits out there looking for new young people to recruit explain to us if you can very very bruce unfortunately is what does allegiance to i mean do they get direction from my
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ass are they just sympathizing with ideas are they using i use to recruit people and what do they want i think it's a little bit of oh yes there were direct connections between i.a.s. middle east and here but there are also local grievances dating back to colonial times longstanding difficulties between christians and muslims in the regions muslim specific questions to be secularist like in a unfolds but the majority catholic of course and so local grievances are compounded in this i s ideology right and of course for the philippines a catholic majority country where of course the muslims in that region are a minority all right thank you so very much for use this under appears now for another excellent report thank you. and coming back here to europe for british prime minister theresa may is expected to warn lawmakers later today against seeking
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a second referendum on bret's it may will be briefing the house of commons on top she helped with european leaders at last week's summit she had traveled to brussels looking to renegotiate parts of her breaks that deal with the e.u. but it's this so much opposition from lawmakers some of may's own aides reportedly begun backing a second vote as the only way to break the impasse increase on certainty and create a hungry has seen the biggest demonstration of public discontent since right when prime minister viktor orban came to power back in two thousand and ten an estimated fifteen thousand people braved freezing temperatures in the capital budapest for the fourth rally in a week they're protesting against the labor legislation that opposition groups are calling a sleeve law and are the time line among us and the law to be of hungary's public service broadcaster i woman films as a peaceful such end comes to an abrupt and. for those of you in the sense of an
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opposition m.p. dragged out by armed guards at the scene and several others have spent the night and site asking to read a list of demands or national t.v. including a call for a free media. hours and they had arrived with thousands of others united in anger at what they see as their government creeping authoritarianism and the lies of the state t.v. . and the thick of the smoke bombs the flares and the tear gas desperate voices beg for calm. and do not do not rule why are you throwing he shouts. others point the finger at the police. i want to see that these protesters are here for you two for you and you and you for all of you. is the outrage was sparked by
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a rowdy parliamentary session last week with victor or bans government taking over control of a judicial system that has until now been independent and weakening employment rights described as a slave law by critics. for many the seventh constitutional change in his many years under our ban was the last straw. in that look at what i'd like to have a democracy here i'd like to live in a country where i can freely decide what i can do and no decisions are made up of my head and i am very well that we have unfortunately reached the point where the government interferes with almost every bit of people's everyday life and you should in cultural administration labor and health care here at the bottom the result is piling pressure on hungary's government and puts its controversial leader on a collision course not just with the european union but with his own people. are at a second or two would have passed who were journalists on the boston standing advice
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to find that the mass protests have been going on for a couple of days now it's a broad alliance of different groups out there on the streets what unites them apart from their anger against the government. well what unites them really is stair struggle for democracy day want really a more democratic country but what also unites them i think is sit the anger about two a days you and say you know the way to make are sure adopting legislation they are very angry for instance about what they us to slate's law which basically means stance employers can force employees to work solo four hundred hours annually and they only get paid for it every third year and then of course there's anger about to reform to court system since the last week promise to victor orbán and his allies will basically have more control over the courts in cases richen for
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instance and police abuse so death unites these people as well and i think there's a feeling that's often nine years off as a critic ruled on something else at least that's what they say well let's talk about the government and now how have they how have they reacted and are there any signs that they might want to engage with the protesters. at a moment or no signs today alone to engage you know i'm not standing in. a hug area and delegation state state television about to have been also riots even during the night and more protests are expected and what i can tell you also yes that's a big government has described the protesters as a mercenary so if george soros. entropy still is of course a supporting several human rights groups as well as the central european european university which he said leading to vienna so you know at the moment there is no sign that they want to negotiate but if morse if the protesters keep the momentum
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going then it may change all right now why in thirty seconds if you can stefan how much of a threat do the demonstrations pose to the government of prime minister viktor orban. i think if they can keep the momentum and if they're really more thousands of people will participate and it will extend dent indeed kelly says threats to his power base but it gets it's not going to happen then i think he can stay on but much will depend on what will happen in the coming days and you can in weeks hart stay from boss in the budapest thank you you're welcome r us for have to see now some of the other stories making news around the world that were new to fighting near the yemeni city of new data has left at least twelve people dead a flareup is casting doubt on the cease fire negotiated last week between who's the rebels and the saudi backed government seventy percent of the immense food aid enters the country through the strategic threat seaport. a senior
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opposition politician in india so john kumar has been convicted for his involvement in the nine hundred eighty four anti sikh riots reversing a previous acquittal more than three thousand sikhs were killed in the delhi high court frowned kumar guilty of murder and promoting and maybe between groups he's been sentenced to life in prison. a brazilian faith healer accused of sexually abusing hundreds of women has turned himself into police john of god as he is known by followers allegedly used the so-called spiritual healing sessions to assaults and even rape women and arrest warrant was issued for him on friday. and saudi arabia has rejected last week's resolution by the u.s. senate that directly blames crown prince mohammed bin so much for the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi a statement by the kingdom's that the resolution by u.s.
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lawmakers contained quote blatant interferences in saudi internal affairs from. the motions agreed and that does it for me a little rock in berlin will have another news posting for you at the top of the hour for now on the half of the entire news it seems thank you so much for spending this part of a day with us. we may come over a week what time zone i think that under such a time we are on december seventh listen. they want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join the youngsters as they share their story their dreams and their challenges the seven percent platform for africa chart.
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