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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 17, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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how to deal with the shrinking population leading to a shortage of workers made possible made worse by a brain drain in hungary companies canal demand more overtime and delay payment for years or today to lawmakers against the government's labor reforms trying to take their message to the voters in the airwaves government body guards got in the way but the whole world was watching when it happened i burned off in berlin this is the day. we had to watch humiliating scenes and the use of physical force against an elected member of parliament and that means the end of the rule of law in hungary as only
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your. own. justice would make a showing of because unfortunately the state media symbolizes the dirty and nasty propaganda and disinform ation dictatorship that's being created by the government of the poor man he is beaten. and coming up later an exclusive report on the seeds of hate being sold in the war against a so-called islamic state in the philippines. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere we have an advantage because we just blend in. the military cannot easily identify it as fighters know how to use a gun but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join.
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oh we begin the day with growing anger in protests in hungary over one is being called a slave labor law for almost a week there have been demonstrations in budapest against prime minister viktor orban labor reforms allowing companies to demand four hundred hours of overtime a year and up to three years before they have to pay the crowds of demonstrations are are growing in size and apparently so is the government's willingness to try to silence them bet said we are able to report tonight on what happened today thanks to live streaming and to the opposition lawmakers refusing to keep quiet now about a dozen opposition lawmakers spent the night at the offices of hungary's main news channel m.t.v. a they tweeted this photo from inside the makeup room and wrote that they had a fit titian with them against the labor laws ready to be put on the air well today when two lawmakers trying to get that petition broadcast they were manhandled by
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security guards and thrown out of the building the state broadcaster apparently had no intention of airing the complaints of the opposition take a look. i did some animal that in the lobby of hungary's public service broadcaster a woman films as a peaceful sets in comes to an abrupt and. it was in the center an opposition m.p. dragged out by armed guards that was he and several others had spent the night and site asking to read a list of demands or national t.v. including a call for a free media. hours earlier they had arrived with thousands of others united in anger at what they see as their government creeping authoritarianism and the lies of the state t.v. i'm in the thick of the smoke bombs the flares and the tear gas desperate voices beg for calm was there and do not rule do not rule why are you
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throwing he shouts. others point the finger at the police i want to see that these protesters are here for you to for you and you and you for all of you. is the outrage was sparked by a rowdy parliamentary session last week with viktor or bans government taking over control of a judicial system that has until now been independent and weakening employment rights described as a slave law by critics. maybe the seventh constitutional change in his many years under our ban was the last straw. and that look at what i'd like to have a democracy here i'd like to live in a country where i can freely decide what i can do and no decisions are made to pop my head and. that we have unfortunately reached the point where the government interferes with almost every bit of people's every day life in cultural
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administration labor and health care but i the result is piling pressure on hungary's government and puts its controversial leader on a collision course not just with the european union but with his own people. i'm joined now by journalist stefan bowls he is in budapest forces even good evening to you stefan the video of good opposition that opposition lawmaker getting thrown out of hungary's state broadcaster i mean it's been seen all over the world we're reporting on it tonight how is it being reported on how gerry and state media . yes indeed i can tell you it's at this moment as i speak to you tensions are rising actually moments ago. there was a open shushan member of the parliament who was basically direct out of this building and even beaten up by security forces now we saw an ambulance here i feel
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and you know it just it's one of the examples we have seen also the whole day there were order. on intelligence as well trying to get in now a lot of people are doing here now at the moment is shouting to the hungry and state television they want to get a petition and of course there's a lot of riot police as well they are trying to pretend that also but you know we have to see how it will go still many people are here tonight in the pool to have to say and stefan is this being reported though on television that you have an m.p. being thrown out of parliament or that you have m.p.'s being thrown out from the state broadcaster is that being reported there. no it is actually not reported by the states a television actually if you watch the state television you see for instance a woman for standing to whether or you see the commercials this kind of think you
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don't really see only lots of protesters here were to pull or buy on television so they don't see it as an independent a network and that's why they are here and they would like this station is so old so broadcasting order and ideas and i've also spoken today with one of the opposition leaders and she also said that she really wants a different style media and activity behind me now you can also hear people shouting slogans against a prime minister and also for free media as well and we see those protests and yet we know that viktor orbán he has has been an extremely popular politician and prime minister i think he when he was elected the turnout in the vote was high about seventy per cent how do you explain that and then what we're seeing right now is has he actually gone too far with this power. well definitely votes of people
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feel they feel he has gone too far with this power de sade that yes he has of course many people voted for him but don't forget that he also controls most older media so especially people into countryside they get only the state run media hold so a lot of these friends and all the current stance taken over france is a lot of regional papers as well so you know they feel that this is really not. a seat away if you want to use what is good now as a poll to you now by the way i see a lot of shouting going on and a lot of tensions because people really are sad to. see it now i can also tell you just a call back to your question why you get so much support he also changed the electoral law so that he's also wanted to recent critics say that just think sucked all of us away and that's racist party as it suits the majority although not
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a majority of the people voted yes and hard to believe all of that happening in a member of the european union are journalists is tough on goals in budapest on the story for us tonight on what appears to be a fluid situation and i step on thank you. you're welcome. what time it may be running out for the u.k. to decide how we will begin leaving the european union next march but you know that by looking at prime minister teresa mayes calendar today may he said that she intends to hold a parliamentary vote on her breaks that deal in the third week of january that's a month away and she once again warned the lawmakers against holding a second referendum on bricks and implying it would be a betrayal of the will of the people. some of the resulting exchanges it is council will rip us but i make no apology. i make.
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i say no apology for standing up for the interests of this house i mean. i mean chance of i'll hold your ninety's. all right a correspondent barbara hazel she is on the story for us tonight in london good evening to you barbara so the prime minister it sounds like she has shot down the option of a second referendum for good is that the end of it. the end is not the end is only the end to refer to seeing the end and directs it and that has one hundred two days to run from today so she tries to shut it down and she try to shut down all other avenues that have been opened over throughout the last days to have something like an indicative like would people in the house of haldeman's like norway with a like a heart breaks that you know no to the breaks it would be like some other solution what would they like after all but she shut their receiving down she again said and
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when you heard her before this is one prime minister who is not afraid to repeat herself this is the deal on the table you've got to vote for it because there is nothing else coming out and if you don't vote for it we're going to have either heartbreaks it no deal. you know so she is really trying to threaten and peace and also she uses time she is running down the clock she hopes that over the christmas break exile two will increase in the hearts of her own party end of course also in the opposition benches and then image and repeat will say ok it's so late we have nothing we can do nothing else let's just sort of vote for it and be done with it and we know barbara that last week her decision to delay that vote on a breakthrough deal that basically caused the vote of confidence or no call for that that she survived within her own conservative tori's party and now we've got the u.k. opposition labor leader jeremy corbett submitting a motion of no confidence in the prime minister but what do you make of that. it is
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more or less just a piece of parliamentary theatre because even if she loses that as she can still cling on as prime minister she should morally step down but she wouldn't because she just sort of hangs on to power and she hangs on to our jobs with all her might so she would continue even if she loses that vote it's not going to bring down the government pro se not sort of forced new elections so more or less it just says the opposition sort of tries to show three's a may how much they really hate her how much they really despise or it would be embarrassing for her but it would sort of be the end so that's a move on the side of labor that is coming late jeremy corbin has been sitting on the fence post so long over breakfast and he is still not really ready to get off it. to resume a today say again but what she's doing is representing the will of the british
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people you have been talking to people there in london what they've been telling you about help the government is handling. people if you talk to the many many people sort of just make a grimace at you and don't want to hear the word anymore they are so fed up with it you hear the word shambles over and over again once in a while on the sham both a nice creation that was sort of made up throughout this whole breck's of pro says like everything goes wrong on all runs and many people do think that this has really sort of. hurt to trust in government and diminish trust in politics per se just politics on all sides of the house not only in the conservative party but also in the opposition because it's so and decisive so the result of this is going to be is sort of it really does and chanted populist bitter citizens who just want to turn away and said just leave us alone this is horrible we don't even want to watch
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it anymore yes shambles i think the adjective of the year may be shambolic overbets local story for us tonight in london barbara thank you. now while mysteries of maine continues to reject a second referendum on breaks that is not stopping campaigners who are calling for exactly bailout charlotte charles and phil took a ride with the activists who are literally trying to get people on board for a second book. shouting. it's loud unapologetic and in your face armed with a bright yellow bus these campaign is hoping to put the brakes on bricks that. leading the charge is the self branded anti bricks it super hero madeleine a k i me supercar and i'm always one hundred percent confident that it can and must and will be stopped she and her team of raised thousands of pounds to get the latest
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campaign on the road they want to convince the u.k. to do a u. turn on bret's it and demand a second referendum we cannot allow this madness to carry on i'm doing it not just for myself but for my whole generation and for everyone in the country regardless of whether whether they voted remain or leave we are all going to be impacted by it and i don't want anyone to suffer like every here i want a mission madeleine needs a sidekick. like intervenes and i think star power the superpower is this man. he is looking like former foreign secretary in brick city of boris johnson it thinks the brits that chaos has made a second vote inevitable. although perhaps it's been a little overly optimistic for people you know earlier stages that are campaigning to strike top brick cities date. i would say never to be going to die of its own contradictions to reason my government is sitting on
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a time bomb with the brakes a deal once again in the jeopardy campaign is like these guys really see this is that. sons they want to capitalize on the onset see to push their case and to remind people that the bricks that process can still be undone. limited to the first second vote does seem to be picking up speed one new poll suggests just stay the fifty percent of the country does not want another vote but right things bret's that it's extremely divisive. in general young people tend to think it's hilariously funny they want to get the stickers from as they want to stand in front of the bus and get photos we've had a lot of older people coming up and waving the fifths in our faces and shouting at us about democracy say buckle up u.k. if a second vote does come to pass it's likely to be a rough right. it's
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well our next story takes us to the philippines where president new territory has extended martial law on the southern island of mindanao for another year a last year mirai city on mindanao was the scene of a five month battle when government troops were deployed to quell an insurgency by militants who are allied to so-called islamic state more than a thousand people were killed and half a million were displaced today logs in ruins a team of d.w. reporters has just returned from the city we have this exclusive report. this force the center of today residents call it ground zero. we get the military's permission to enter a selective pots and a wall into ballot unexploded devices last year a few hundred i asked inspired fighters holed up in mosques and houses the army with help from the united states responded with relentless rates.
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in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from their defensive position and you can only do that number one using bombs or heavy artillery bombardment if you look at the experience of. aleppo. all of this experienced bombings but in the case of. our when we did the bombings it was we did it. being pointed to specific targets only. but people here paid a very high price for the five months long battle. hundreds were killed they have buried in these mosque graves. most of the victims were never identified denying their families closure. over sixty five thousand people remain displaced
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many are still searching for their life once fatima has lost four of her eight children she believes they were taken hostage and used as human shields. for simply i feel a very deep pain inside of me i missed my children they were gone in a blink of an eye i can't be with them anymore. it hurts because i can still feel them and hand them but. in the suburbs life is slowly returning to normal but the biggest muslim city in the philippines has been changed forever. martial law remains in force with soldiers everywhere the impoverished region has witnessed decades of conflict between muslims and christians who make up the vast majority of the filipino population many young muslims few disenfranchised.
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last year afterwards spied on the military passing on details of troop movements to i asked fighters holed up in mirage he tells us that he stood ready to fight for an islamic state. so. we have an advantage because we just blend in with the military cannot easily identify us as fighters know how to use a gun. or i would not fight in my ra again or in any other muslim area here. when the same thing will happen again our own muslim people would get hurt. but if the battle happens elsewhere i will join. someone. like many others up who blames president roderigo do territory for bombing merapi the government has
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promised reconstruction and great to muslim autonomy but until those promises are full of food angry young men like updated with continue to pose a threat. well george here at the big table now by pages when she was part of the d w team that filmed in mirali city it's good to have you on the show as i'm sure i mean it you brought back some incredible pictures and when we see this utter destruction of the city hell does that fit into the narrative of president do territory and the military telling you that these attacks and these these bomb launches more precise when you look at this picture this is not so ali mosque in the only to store a kiss and tell from our r.v. and just look at it i mean you know mocked and completely destroyed it needs to be erased and that's my take because we could walk into the mosque as well so it's completely gone and then you'll find an awful lot of buildings still connect this
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form of schools hospitals private houses so you start to wonder where these. you know targeted strikes were you able to ask the military. we were talking we did so they basically came in what we did was precision strikes and then i would argue but it must have been an awful lot of perception strikes you know and they must have been very mighty and yes point taken also the i.s.i. to us or under the banner if i may have also building up buildings but you can clearly say this was an ass trike and that's voting blown up by other means and this of course this type of warfare is it leads to a breeding ground for all types of radicalism by people who feel like they've been targeted you talked with a young man named two and this he says he's willing to fly. for islamic state again how did you first learn how did you get him to go on camera with you and what is he saying is fighting for how did we get him on camera because that this shooting that
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we did hear him arrive it was essentially for a documentary which will cover the situation in mindanao mindanao second biggest island of the philippines and the solace this is where the muslim minority lives because it's essentially a roman catholic nation island nation and here in mindanao we have a very long history of conflict going back to the sixteen hundred times when the spaniards arrived when christianity and coming back to up to he is basically you know he grew up in a climate of almost civil war conditions hysteria in supporting the biggest insurgent group e. of the t.v. then deviated took a different path he wanted to go more radical he doesn't really come across as a very religious deeply religious person but inside of him he carries a lot of anger a sense of injustice being the victim of historical injustice committed by christians perpetrated by christians against the muslim so he wants to carry the
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flag of islam fight for islam but i think it's a very brutal image of what that really means and how if we find him we spread the word to muslim community leaders local journalists who basically vouched for us he then said that's a safe house where we can meet and we then said but this has to be inside the house in very brief a group of time in this documentary when is it going to be shown it's going to be shown in march towards the end of march and then hopefully i'll be back here ok well you certainly always have an open invitation to join as your own the day we appreciate is under thank you you thank. well the day is really done the conversation continues online as always will find us on twitter either at the w. news or you can write directly to me for it go off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and tonight we're going to leave you with an american band that fuses heavy metal and mariachi music met a lot she give a unique twist to hits from legends like guns n roses and ozzy osborne take
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a listen every member no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see the.
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today on your legs everything is different. and periods of danger there david schippers you know news columnist. the star architecture's turning sixty five entries for this edition to get.
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your moment. of. look stream which is predominantly membrane meant to ensure that the leaders over the body. up. to her surgeon are no plans to obstruct john jones during the drop some odd sixty minutes d.w. . natural riches precious resource in the summer and a rewarding investment of farmland has been called easy opus covering the golan
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heights country has an abundant supply and leases it. to international griffin joins. the government to export revenues for corporations profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. the selling out of a country dead donkey no hyenas starts december twenty ninth on d.w. . birdland germany's capital and probably also the uncrowned capital of construction sites but one world famous architect has been involved in some very.


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