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news live from berlin another night of protest in budapest several thousand anti-government demonstrators rally outside the studios of congress public broadcaster that's after opposition m.p.'s were thrown out of the building earlier the protestors message if you throw us out the door we'll come back to the window. coming out the suicide rate among french police is four times higher than among the rest of the population here's from one police officer who says not enough is being done to help
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a profession under intense pressure. and chinese president xi jinping issues a clear challenge to the united states as he celebrates forty years of prosperity under his country's economical. got a thank you for joining us protests against hungry right wing government show no sign of letting up protesters throng from the streets to outside the country's public broadcaster on monday after opposition lawmakers were prevented from reading their demands out on state television the rallies were initially sparked by controversial new labor laws but they're beginning to show a growing discontent with nationalist prime minister viktor orban policy. my thousands gathered outside hungary's state broadcaster in budapest. they're here because of this. was. opposition m.p.'s
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being thrown out of hungary state broadcaster building. said. they wanted to read a list of demands on national television demands linked to a week of escalating street demonstrations. was. not off the night protesters have returned to the streets there were around ten thousand over the weekend. was that was. that you know much of it's a very good t.v. channel for fairytales they don't broadcast the kind of stories that i would show my children in the future unions and opposition groups organize demonstrations against the new labor law recently approved by prime minister viktor or bans large parliamentary majority the law by critics as the slave law allows employers to our
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staff to do four hundred hours of overtime pay a year and delay payment for it by up to three months. demonstrators are unhappy with the direction hungary is going and that. we don't want to go back to the communist times. what we are experiencing now in hungary wasn't seen during communism. it's level of oppression and corruption. something must be done this cannot go on prime minister viktor orban and his policies are very popular amongst hungary and yet these protests show that there is a sizeable and vocal section of hunger in society that opposes him. it's the biggest and most visible challenge yet to what critics at home and abroad see is all been slide towards authoritarian rule. let's bring in journalist stefan boss in budapest he's following the latest for us hi stefan thank
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you for joining us as we said it seems that all protests have moved to outside of the public broadcaster there in budapest bring us up to date on what's been happening. yes indeed did protest are definitely expanding and you know you i saw also during the night so much frustration among the protesters who are really very angry about to want to happened. during the evening also when a momentary instore basically thrown out in one of them buses so much beaten up that happened actually very close to where i was and this man was basically rushed to hospital actually actually dead just a plan to keep the people of the ambulance at least on hold for hour to get in because they were simply not allowed to get into the building by to security forces now i can tell you death there is still a lot of tension and at this morning there is now also a told about setting up
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a parliamentary committee to investigate what has actually happened but of course the death toll is only done by the opus ition the governing party and especially the prime minister viktor orban they are not planning at this moment to do anything and of course it is seen by to your question really as an older example of what dave u.s.d. out of critic behavior is to current government and to the prime minister stephan i want to ask you about the prime minister in a moment but first let's talk about the people who are protesting if you look at the crowds you see little flags but you also see flags from far right parties else also left wing parties who are these protesters and how united are they. well i have to admit that that is a concern of the act effaced says the far right flicks you mentioned the issue is really debts and there is of course a very big position. you'll be
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a cold war movement for a better hungary and they used to be a very far right party very and to semitic party also by several standards they have claiming that they have been moving more to disinter and turning into a people's party but a lot of people have split from the party and they've set up their own groups and there is some fear that they are among at least some of the protesters as well and but at the moment you also see of course the flecks. party they are still saying they are united with the rest of the opposition and the fear is a little bit. this fire right elements that you'll break now claims it doesn't have any business waste will also become part of the rhetoric and perhaps starting to provoke that is a concern for activists. sulfite seems to. hold most people are united
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in their determination to see change in hungary all right journalist stefan both tracking the latest developments for us there in budapest thank you very much it's . to friends now were police unions are urging a work slowdown this week in response to proposed cuts to the national police budget in addition to a heightened terror threat and recent nationwide protests police say they are buckling under strained resources and the pressure to fulfill quote us the stress is taking a heavy toll on many police officers as. reports. police woman maggie was an icon in the fight against the high rate of police in france the fact that she took her own life devastated many of her colleagues like her good friend. i lost my partner i'm left with a voice. maggie we miss you we love you. thank you we were
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supposed to interview maggie and now he has agreed to talk to us for her sake. and maggie were inseparable she texted him to say goodbye. i can't believe it when i saw the message i thought i know not maggie. young is taking us to the suburb where she used to work his beat is in an equally deprived area they both campaigns for better working conditions for the police in france young believes the deteriorating conditions were one of the main reasons for maggie's suicide for the police cars are so old some of the hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the meter we can't keep up with the fast cars in a chase a walkie talkies often don't work as these are the sort of working conditions that we have to deal with in areas where people throw stones and spirited us it really takes it out of us and the measures introduced since the terrorist threats mean we can hardly take any time off there's too much work to do. getting out of the car
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with a camera it's too dangerous even in the morning before the drug trade gets going maggie felt that her bosses were making her job even more difficult. over the long haul good morning demanding concrete results why do you have to arrest thirty people for money it didn't matter what. we both from the police was are calling for how can the managers introduce rules that will make people hate us even more you couldn't stand the fact that they were damaging the image of the police. so far so you know. maggie is not the only officer to commit suicide this year more than fifty police and military police have already taken their lives now the administration says this is not necessarily linked to their working conditions we wanted to see for ourselves but we weren't
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allowed to join a police patrol. shortly after our request was turned down we got the news of maggie's deaths it was a shock for us to the police say they are employing more psychologists to deal with the many suicides forty to cover the whole country but they reject that the police force has fundamental problems or. conform to the un but then of it's completely normal to give our police officers concrete targets. we need to justify how we spend taxpayers' money. because on thursday now less pressure on our police is a terror threat is diminished. and we will employ an additional seven thousand five hundred police officers over the next four years. for this response is not good enough. police needs to be thoroughly reforms if we hadn't been astray ssion that took care of its people we would need to fight for better working
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conditions and maggie would still be here. wants to continue maggie's fight so that her sacrifice was not in vain now at some other stories making headlines around the world there have been reports of fighting in yemen after a un brokered cease fire took effect between government forces and who are the rebels in the strategic port city of data a government official said the clashes erupted just minutes after the truce began a civil war has raged since twenty fifteen between the saudi backed government and iran backed rebels. a white house official has denied that u.s. president donald trump is preparing to deport an opponent of turkish president ever to watch this after a turkish minister said trump had told a lie he would send the cleric fed to logan back home now everyone has called for a grueling extradition he's accusing of being behind an attempted coup in twenty
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sixteen. u.s. television network c.b.s. says it will deny former c.e.o. leslie moonves a severance deal worth over one hundred million euros who has left his job in september amid sexual abuse allegations which he denies c.b.s. says moonves hasn't cooperated with an investigation into the claims and has officially sacked him. and in colombia soldiers have rescued the great niece of nobel prize winning colombian author guppy a garcia marquez from the kidnappers melissa martinez garcia was abducted more than three months ago while on her way to work at a banana plantation in the country's north her kidnappers have been demanding millions in ransom money. you're watching news still to come chinese president xi jinping issues a warning to the united states he says no one can dictate economic policy to china as this communist party celebrates forty years of new york growth under a policy of opening to the west. the ngo reporters without borders
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has released its annual report and it doesn't paint a pretty picture for freedom of the press and information now it says that eighty reporters or people working in the media have been killed so far this year and that is fifteen more than in twenty seventeen and most of the deaths happened here in afghanistan syria india and yemen now the number of jail journalists has risen to three hundred forty eight and the countries here in focus are china egypt turkey iran and saudi arabia as the countries with the biggest jailers of journalists now the report as we saw it ranks india among the top five worst countries in the world for journalists work and let's get more on that with our correspondent in delhi giants while she's standing by for us i mean michelle good to see you so what are the most dangerous topics for journalists there to cover. well some of
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the most dangerous topics are often covered by local level journalists in these range from the coverage of corruption by politicians or by the police by institutional corruption mostly and also the covering of crime some of the recent deaths which happened some of the recent models that happened woeful call journalists covering criminal networks like the sam mafia and of course the coverage of corruption as well has led to to being just a journalist of one of the most widely covered deaths of bio off a journalist was last year the death of the reporter the reporter the journalist and she is believed to have been killed for being pretty critical of him the right to extremists this is another faction from which tests are increasing and even if it isn't physical harm the polling of journalists online for that aborting specially which is critical of the right wing is definitely writing a lot of how to some of the interests of the journalists were deceived by journalists on the national level as well as at the local level so dimentia is it fair to say that journalists there are now facing more obstacles and they have in
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the past. well so many of the deaths with impunity in india have reached over the last ten years you can see it bought by this with the siege of the center for to protect journalists go saying this much but what is increasing in india is threats by the government now there's increasing pressure on media houses to draw the line when it comes to criticizing the government and this is not just limited to trolling by people on social media even the government recently tried to make moves to say suspend the actor dictation of journalists who've accused of peddling fake news now that was the definitions of what was this was very regal pushed back by the government led to the detraction of the circular but even to the even very recently that all state governments are trying to limit access off a credit to journalists to top politicians to the chief minister of get it off for example so this is definitely moved to district and control the media narrative we are going into an addiction here and it is troublesome for the government bought
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that many need to hold this continue to be very critical of the national government and its policies so the government pressure new mission you're saying is rising here on the media what is the public perception of all of this. well interestingly the public perception is also not very supportive of journalists many journalists are facing a lot of criticism from the public as well this seen with suspicion and the considered too far left or too far liberal so even the gulf even the public comes out and criticizes indian journalists and in fact views them with threats on the issues like lynchings and mob violence all right. reporting for us from delhi thank you so much. and the reporters without borders says vietnam is another country that keeps the tight leash on its media they give you some young middle vietnamese journalist who's been reporting on his country via an online news portal from berlin for the last ten years. littrell believes there's a hunger for uncensored information in vietnam especially from young people to
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reach that audience from his office in far away berlin he's taken to the internet. these are people. who have gotten this information is almost for been in vietnam if a journalist tells the truth about politics he will probably have problems straight away. he could be threatened or arrested or beaten up a lot of people are so interested to get information about politics. from us on. chua has been publishing pieces on his news website about his home country for ten years usually in vietnamese sometimes in german mostly he writes about vietnamese politics and the situation of his country many in europe. he's reported many times on the case of chinch one ton who sort asylum in germany but was allegedly kidnapped in berlin by vietnamese agents and now faces trial in hanoi
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such stories says lee truong chua have annoyed the vietnamese authorities. our website has been blocked in vietnam since july twenty seventh team normally when you type in. d e nothing comes up. he says a lot of his information comes from journalists in vietnam who can't tell what they know there but he says even working in germany is dangerous. and. if we work here we get threats really from real people they call us or they send a text saying they want to kill us. despite the obstacles is getting past the vietnamese senses he says his site was accessed more than two and a half million times during a recent month mostly from computers in vietnam but that success will not stop him
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calling for greater freedom of speak in germany never shuts down a vietnamese page so why does vietnam close a german page it's not right it's an injustice which must be ended that these are all. now the surf was up in hawaii during the season ending a vent in the world surfing championship a brazilian surfer gabrielle medina beat australian julian wilson in the pipe masters final to take on the sport's biggest prize with waves reaching more than two metres high in medina remained calm and scored on all of his runs back to capture the crowd to perfection and the brazilian deliver. in front of a thousands of onlookers medina netted a perfect tan after serving just two flawlessly in a new just nailed it this is media effect and world surfing championship title first came back in twenty four two. all right monica is here with business
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as she's taking us to asia for a big anniversary big anniversary in china today sumi today marks forty years since the country's economy opened up to the rest of the world of move that ultimately turns china into a global economic powerhouse second in g.d.p. only to the united states in a speech at the great hall of the people in the chinese capital beijing chinese president xi jinping vowed to press ahead with economic reforms but he also made clear that beijing will not deviate from its one party system or take orders from any other country is comments come as the united states demands more transparency in trade relations with beijing. well let's just look back in china's transformative reform and opening up policy was launched on the eighteenth of december in nine hundred seventy eight that was the day when the country's communist party hundred the reins of power to densher ping who subsequently turned
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away from the soviet model of a planned economy and towards a more western friendly market economy the move towards modernization brought results forty years ago china's g.d.p. hovered around only one hundred fifty billion dollars annually nearly twenty years later in. nine hundred ninety seven he broke through the trillion dollar ceiling and by last year g.d.p. had grown to over twelve trillion dollars china now swings a very heavy economic stake indeed even though the freedom to do business there continues to face massive barriers and in a moment we'll talk a bit more about that but first a look at china's economic miracle. china's economy has grown faster than that of any other major country once poor and underdeveloped the asian giant has now grown into one of the most important export markets for manufacturers from all over the world the true heavyweight in international trade the architect who laid the
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foundations for its economic miracle deng xiaoping he became the country's leader in december of one nine hundred seventy eight and subsequently left a lasting mark on the communist country's economy under him private companies were allowed into china along with foreign investment then also created special economic zones in the four decades since china has changed in dramatic ways millions of rural workers have streamed in the country's megacities the gap between rich and poor has grown as has overall prosperity many more people there now earn enough money to spend on more than just simple survival i hope that china will continue to insist on opening up because clearly the opening that we have seen in the last forty years has been very beneficial for the chinese people and for the chinese economy but hopes that a market economy would assure and more democracy and freedom have remained largely
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illusory foreign companies complained that the states still has too much influence over trade or that its oversight is even on the rise and the country has also paid a high price for the last forty years of rapid growth it was purchased in many parts of china but the cost of the invite. and. of a war on china and its economic success i'm joined by cliff and coonan who works in china as a chorus abundant and he's with us now so you know china pretty well an amazing story there but as we've just heard in that report towards the end it comes at a price a price on the chinese paying well i think one of the prices they're paying is very much in the environment the pollution has become a big issue in china particular people get more wealthy they worry about their children what impact the pollution could have we also haven't seen much political change given the huge economic change it has been matched by sort of the social change and change in the social fabric so people are dealing with that with the sort of opposition there between the economic and the social so what are we
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celebrating today i mean forty is off opening up policy how open is china compared to forty years ago when china was the inward looking agrarian economy the change has been massive but what we're seeing now under xi jinping is that things are tightening up a bit they're definitely looking more in words. also standing up to america in this trade war so there has been a huge amount of opening up and a massive relief from poverty but at the same time the situation is becoming tighter now that you mention that the trade war trade route i mean united states of course the world's number one economy china closely behind this and in his speech she also said that nobody's going to tell us how we do business all these just strong words how strong is the beijing they have well beijing has has a big economic argument when it comes to dealing with the u.s. . and you know the china has made u.s. goods has made goods very cheap for u.s.
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consumers and european consumers but at the same time they also they need the goodwill of the u.s. in order to keep expanding the economy particularly as they try to develop the economy into into different more high tech sectors exactly made for for for decades china was the world sois. but now it's there's that a new transition going on up to forty years towards take already entity economy has that working out well when you visit places like shenzhen in the south you know which is where the forty years of opening up began you see these incredible tech hubs and these amazing companies so one level you're seeing this great shift from from the sort of dirty manufacturing of thirty years ago to this high tech elements but at the same time the trade war is making it more difficult to keep this innovation and to keep this process of innovation going just very briefly cliff forty years on a verse or e of opening up a reason to celebrate i think overall i think it's
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a reason to celebrate right cliff. correspondent a long year correspondent in china thank you so much for your time. and this news from the aviation sector u.s. plane make a boeing brazilian based embraer have announced a new joint with a we're five billion dollars. going has been successful producing large aircraft for decades now the company's collaboration with embraer will help it to better compete in the rapidly expanding market for regional jets under the plan boeing will acquire an eighty percent share of the new joint venture for four point two billion dollars and then breyer the rest the two companies hope their strategic partnership will help accelerate growth on the global market embraer is forecasting a sharp rise in demand for regional jets of up to one hundred fifty seats in the next two decades especially in china it has been promoting its new easy to single
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jet. the two plane makers have also set up a separate joint venture to produce emperor's new military transport plane the k.c. three ninety. both deals are still subject to approval by brazil's government shareholders and regulatory authorities. boeing's collaboration with embraer is also a response to the takeover of production of bombarding a c. series for regional jets by rival airbus earlier this year i and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. it's been another night of the anti-government protests in hungary estimate on some big solvents rightwing governments grow. calling for controversial labor laws to be dropped and they want an independent judiciary and state media. thanks for what you.
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