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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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you know over country. don't. charge december twenty ninth d.w. . this is news live from berlin another night of protest and would have passed several thousand anti-government demonstrators rally outside the studios of hungary's public broadcaster that's after opposition m.p.'s were thrown out of the building earlier the protestors message if you throw us out the door will come back through the window. also coming up as supporting britain for a second referendum appears to be gathering pace to london where the remaining
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campaigners are taking to the road with a very clear message. i'm so much going to welcome to the show protests against hungary's rightwing government show no sign of letting up protestors strong from the streets to outside the country's public broadcaster on monday after opposition lawmakers were prevented from reading their demands out on state television the rallies were initially sparked by a controversial new labor laws but they are beginning to show growing discontent with nationalist prime minister viktor or bonds policies. was thousands gather outside hungary's state broadcaster in budapest. they're here because of this. was. opposition m.p.'s
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being thrown out of hungary state broadcaster building. they wanted to read a list of demands on national television demands linked to a week of escalating street demonstrations. was night after night protestors have returned to the streets there were around ten thousand over the weekend. that was. you know much of it's a very good t.v. channel for fairytales they don't broadcast the kind of stories that i would show my children in the future unions and opposition groups organize demonstrations against a new labor law recently approved by prime minister viktor or bans large parliamentary majority the law by critics as the slave law allows employers to our staff to do four hundred hours of overtime per year and delay payment for it by up to three
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months. demonstrators are unhappy with the direction hungary is going and. we don't want to go back to the communist times. what we are experiencing now in hungary wasn't seen during communism. it's level of oppression and corruption. something must be done this cannot go on prime minister viktor orban and his policies are very popular amongst hung guerin's yet these protests show that there is a sizeable and vocal section of hunger in society that opposes him. it's the biggest and most visible challenge yet to what critics at home and abroad see is all about and slide towards authoritarian rule. let's bring in journal stefan bourse he is standing by for us in front of the parliament in budapest hi stefan i descend that you've been speaking to activists just now who have been
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taking part in the protests what are they telling you what are they looking for now . well they are extremely concerned talk until your watch will happen next many activists are saying that they a kenneled believe what happened to during the nights when basically one of the parliamentarians last hospitalized after being beaten up by the security forces of the state run television that he's old so i expect that will be discussed here behind me i'm now staying in front of the parliament building him budapest and also behind me are active fish says staying over the whole night basically camping out and waiting what will happen next it is also the place of course where the demonstrations all regionally began last wednesday when this controversial law let's say except it's also known as slave law according to the activists and it has seen sprint's really into a lot of directions people are not only demanding more labor rights right now but
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also for instance more media freedom as well as freedom in general for people in this troubled nation staff and this is being considered one of the biggest challenges to prime minister viktor orban what is his reaction. he's reaction has so far been yes he has done the talking through he suspects persons a number officials they are saying that these are people who are hired by feel entropy george soros to billionaire who of course a has been sponsoring a central european university which has been forced out of the country basically as well as older human rights groups now of course this activists are denying it they say will damage never seen soros in ferguson and they are determined to go on with step protests steffen do you think we could at all possibly see the prime minister back down. well it really depends on what will happen in the coming days.
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to people here are waiting for instance whether to use loyalty slave last i would call it will be this drone and actually the trade unions have already said that if that is not done then dave will organize nation watch trikes at the same time at the activists are trying to establish a grassroots movement which would really expand to alter places as well not only budapest but other cities and of course that is the case then i think the pressure will bounce on the prime minister but we really have to see what will happen the coming days and also into christmas time all right journalist stefan both bring us up to date there from budapest thank you very much you will not some other stories making news around the world chinese president xi jinping has led ceremonies marking forty years since his country opened its economy to the rest of the world he vowed to press ahead with economic reforms but he said china would not deviate
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from its one party system or take orders from any other country. japan has approved a major increase in defense spending the country will get its first aircraft carrier since world war two and it will operate submarines and air defenses so obvious government says it is aiming to counter chinese moves to expand its military presence. there have been reports reports of fighting in yemen after a un brokered cease fire took effect between government forces and who the rebels in the strategic port city of hole data a government official said clashes erupted just minutes after the truce began civil war has raged since two thousand and fifteen between the saudi backed government and iran backed rebels. and poland has bowed to a ruling by the european court of justice and suspended a law that lowered their retirement age for judges it affected about a third of supreme court judges many appointed by the previous government. of undermining judicial independence. the ngo reporters without borders
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has released its annual report and it doesn't paint a pretty picture for freedom of the press and information now it says that eighty reporters or people working in the media have been killed so far this year and that is fifteen more than in twenty seventeen and most of the deaths happened here in afghanistan syria india and yemen now the number of jail journalists has risen to three hundred forty eight and the countries here in focus are china egypt turkey iran and saudi arabia the countries with the biggest jailers of journalists now the report as we saw it ranks india among the top five worst countries in the world for journalists work and let's get more on that with our correspondent in delhi while she's standing by for us hi initially good to see you so what are the most dangerous topics for journalists there to cover. well so many of the most dangerous topics are often covered by local level journalists in these range
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from the coverage of corruption by politicians or by the police by institutional corruption mostly and also the covering of crimes some of the recent deaths which happened some of the recent models that happened woeful call journalists covering criminal networks like the sam mafia and of course the coverage of corruption as well has led to being just a journalist of one of the most widely covered deaths of bio off a journalist was last year the death of the reporter the reporter the journalist and she is believed to have been killed for being critical critical of him the right to be extremists this is another faction from which tests are increasing and even if it isn't physical harm the trolling of journalists online for that reporting specially which is critical of the right wing is definitely writing a lot of how to some of them threats for of the journalists were deceived by journalists on the national level as well at the local level so dimentia is it fair to say that journalists there are now facing more obstacles and they have in the past. well some of the deaths with impunity in india
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have reached over the last ten years you can see the force by this the c.p.g. to send a bullet to protect journalists go see this much but what is increasing in india is threats by the government now there's increasing pressure on media houses to store the line when it comes to criticizing the government and this is not just limited to trolling by three people on social media even the government could simply try to make moves to say suspend the active dictation of journalists who were accused of peddling fake news now that was the definitions of what speaking it was this was very regal pushed back by the government led to the detraction of the folk you know but even today they even very recently that all steve governments are trying to limit access off a credit to journalists to top politicians to the chief minister of get it off for example so this definitely moves to district and control the media not of we are going into an addiction you know and it is troublesome for the government bought that many media how does continue to be very critical of the national government
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and its policies so the government pressure new mission you're saying is rising here on the media what is the public perception of all of this. well interesting be the public perception is also not very supportive of journalists many journalists are facing a lot of criticism from the public as well this scene with suspicion and the considered too far left to far liberal so even the gulf even the public comes out and criticizes indian journalists and in fact views them with threats on the ground with issues like lynchings and mob violence all right good. reporting for us from delhi thank you so much. now the heated debate in britain over another referendum on breaks it looks set to go on after prime minister theresa may announced a much awaited vote on her breaks a deal would be held in mid january now will make continues to reject a second referendum it's not stopping campaigners who are calling for exactly that . some poll took a ride with activists who are literally trying to get people on board for
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a second vote. i don't like your phrase shouting. it's loud unapologetic and in your face armed with the bright yellow bus these campaign is looking to put the brakes on bret's it. leading the charge is the self branded anti breck's it super hero madeleine aka ivy supercar and i am always one hundred percent confident that backs it can and must and will be stopped she and her team of raised thousands of pounds to get the latest campaign on the road they want to convince the u.k. to do a u. turn on bret's it and demand a second referendum we cannot allow this madness to carry on i'm doing it not just for myself but for my whole generation and for everyone in the country regardless of whether whether they voted remain or leave we are all going to be impacted by it and i don't want anyone to suffer like every hero want to mission madeleine needs
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a sidekick. good to rezone adding star power to superpowers this man. is looking like former foreign secretary in brick city of boris johnson he thinks the brits that chaos has made a second vote inevitable it. has been a little overly optimistic for people in earlier stages of our campaign to. top brick city's daid. i would say it's inevitably going to die of its own contradictions to reason my government is sitting on a time bomb with the bricks a deal once again in jeopardy campaigners like these guys really see this is that chance they want to capitalize on the uncertainty to push their case and to remind people that the brics that process can still be undone. womens' in for a second vote does seem to be picking up speed one new poll suggests just over
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fifty percent of the country does now want. the vote but my cool things grant said it's extremely divisive. in general young people tend to think it's hilariously funny they want to get the stickers for almost they want to stand in front of the bus and get photos we've had a lot of older people coming up and waving their fists in our faces and shouting out is about democracy so buckle up u.k. if a second vote does come to pass it's likely to be a rough right. now the surf was off in hawaii here enjoying the season ending event in the world surfing championship brazilian surfer gabrielle medina the australian julian wilson in the pipe masters finally take home the sports biggest prize with ways of reaching more than two metres high medina remained calm and scored on all of his runners but to capture the crown took perfection and he delivered in front of thousands of onlookers who needed a perfect ten after suffering a two flawlessly this is medina's second world surfing championship title the first
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came back in twenty fourteen. you're watching t.v. news reminder of our top story there's been another night of anti-government protests and hungry as demands on viktor orban right wing government protesters are calling for a controversial labor laws to be dropped and they want an independent judiciary and state media. thank you for watching good of you stay with us. when we were. when we were. americans and some people in our lives will experience hardship.


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