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this is news coming to you live from berlin trying to marks forty years of economic reforms in a major address president xi jinping pledges further growth reforms put on beijing's own terms in a veiled swipe at the u.s. he says no one can dictate to china. in hungary thousands of anti-government demonstrators gather outside the state broadcaster to back up calls for an independent state media the suspension of controversial labor laws. banning sports
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english premier league giants manchester united have sacked coach joe. decision follows the club's were stars through a season in twenty eight years with united trailing league leaders and fierce rivals liverpool by nineteen points. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us today trying to marks forty years since its economy opened up to the rest of the world a move that ultimately turned china into a global economic powerhouse second in g.d.p. only to the u.s. forty years ago china was producing goods and services worth around one hundred fifty billion dollars but by nine hundred ninety seven g.d.p. had hit the trillion dollar ma. arc by last year its gross domestic product had
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grown to more than twelve trillion dollars in his speech marking the anniversary of chinese president xi jinping to press ahead with economic reforms but he also made clear that beijing would not deviate from its one party system or be bossed around by any other country. it was an impeccably choreographed event designed to showcase china's transformation from an inward looking farming based society to the economic giant it is today. the country's new president xi jinping credited forty years of what he termed socialism with chinese characteristics for lifting people out of poverty and pushing china on the international stage. but that stage now more than ever is fraught with tension in a thinly veiled reference to his country's month long trade dispute with the united
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states she has this to say so. there's no text book of rules to follow for the reforms and opening of china a country with five thousand years of history and civilization and little population of more than one point three billion people no one is in a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or shouldn't be done. no one not even seemingly the leader of the most powerful economy in the world this footage shows using ping having dinner with u.s. president donald trump at the g twenty summit in argentina earlier this month the result was an agreement to a ninety day truce in their trade conflict. but the arrests since then of a top executive of chinese tech equipment giant twelve way has left that truce on shakier ground than ever. the tone coming from beijing today a defiant china won't be pushed around.
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for more i'm joined by clifford coonan he's the beijing correspondent for the irish times newspaper thanks for being with us first of all china has come a long ways in forty years you know the country well what did you make of president she's speech well it was very defiant speech and i think that's important because he's showing that the last forty years have been a major achievement in chinese history and also underline the fact that china will be pushed around given the current trade war with the us that they're very keen to have to set boundaries and show that china is is going to be its own. strong country in its own right ok she has warned that no one can tell china what to do there's a sense of very pride and autonomy in his speech was this aimed mainly at washington this nobody can be also surround i think it's got two effects i think
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some of it is very much at the domestic audience showing that chinese people who have a lot of pride in development that we've seen over the last forty years showing that he's able to play the strong man but yes very much a aspect of that is that it's aimed at washington and showing washington that even though it has washington holds a lot of the cards in terms of the trade war because they need to sell chinese goods there but that china is still prepared to stand up to them talk about selling selling goods to china and buying things from china china's economy has grown by leaps and bounds over the last forty years we've all gotten used to it is there no end in sight well there is a sign that things are slowing down certainly the trade war is having an effect. and. it was never going it's not it's hasn't been the double digit growth rates now for several years some of. problem is they're saying that the economy in the current year has slowed down by
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a lot more than people were expecting before so i don't think it's going to be an internal growth story but at the same time you're talking about a very big economy growing a little bit more slowly which is still a huge amount forty years ago china reinvented itself economically many observers thought perhaps that that political transformation would follow has it i think you have the same commies party in power now that you did forty years ago. the current administration current version of the communist party came out of the ashes of the cultural revolution with miles that the long and the great helmsman on the cultural revolution so i think you haven't seen you haven't seen any political change just maybe a different different approach maybe a more liberal approach economically politically things remain fairly tight clifford thank you so much a clever turn in china correspondent for the irish times newspaper thanks for talking with us. big news in the football world two english premier
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league giants manchester united have parted ways with manager joe say marine you know with immediate effect the club released a statement thanking him for his work and wishing him success in the future sacking follows manchester united's three one defeat to liverpool at the weekend leaving them with twenty six points after seventeen premier league games it's the club's worst points tally at this stage of a season since one thousand nine hundred ninety one. and here to talk about it is chris harrington from did obvious sports say chris marino he's been under pressure for quite some time what went wrong as units in their worst early three decades you know radios a coach used to having a lot of control the club that was in the case of minutes as united you know one point in particular he wasn't given a blank check to spend as he saw fit and he predicted the season would be shaky as
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it is and it has been you know another thing too in terms of the press he criticized the brass management saying he felt more like a coach and also he was he'd never missed words and he was open to criticizing players as well you know but one player he had a ongoing strife with was paul paul paul a world champion for france of course and there was a few subliminal shots you know back for those social media and here's a taste of just his loose lips at a press conference at players the shots he would shoot at players let's take a listen sometime. he's not one to get students if they didn't. i think that some care more than not us. fuel to sleep we'll. it's clearly just an example of how his loose lips sink his ship you know and obviously the seasons in turmoil right now manchester united. are did put his stamp on the club how is he going to
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be remembered well i think a winter especially specifically his first season two seasons ago you know they want to trophies they won the europa league as well as the league cup this second year wasn't too bad that was last season they finished second in the premier league the problem came in because they finished so far behind their rival manchester city you know you know i think that's kind of where things went wrong and obviously this season is a disaster you know in terms of their point tally and so on and i think that's how he will be remembered ok so it's not ending really well but he did have some achievements are in year over time what's next for the club who are the front runners to take over well right now until the summer of the caretaker would be michael carey key played at manchester united for twelve years and also was a captain the bookies have visited teams of don leading the race right now if you are a betting man and also right behind the don is tottenham spurs manager marie c.-o. pushouts oh so pitino scuse me so i think those two are favorites ryan giggs
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a former player might be down on the list but we have to wait to the summer to find out there chris thank you so much chris herren here from t.v. sports ok. check up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today there's been reports of fighting in yemen after a un brokered cease fire took effect between government forces and who the rebels in the strategic port city of hood data a government official said clashes erupted just minutes after the truce began civil war has raged since two thousand and fifteen between the saudi backed government any rand backed rebels. german police have searched a malls here in berlin as part of an investigation into terror financing officials believe the. mosque may have provided money to a jihadist fighter in syria to buy weapons for use in a terrorist attack. and japan has approved a major increase in defense spending the country will get its first aircraft
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carrier since world war two and it will upgrade submarines and air defenses shinzo government says it's a means to counter chinese moves to expand its military press. poland has bowed to a ruling by the european court of justice and suspended a law that lowered the retirement age for judges it affected about a third of supreme court judges many appointed by the previous government the e.u. accused of undermining judicial independence. trade unions in hungary have been threatening to press ahead with nationwide strikes if the right wing government of viktor orban does not revoke controversial new labor laws or runs as the laws are crucial to address the shortage of labor in hungary's manufacturing sector but the laws have drawn thousands of protesters onto the streets late monday they turned up to show their support for opposition m.p.'s have been trying to get their concerns heard by the state broadcaster. who it by anger
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and frustration thousands on the streets of budapest again it's the big issue of opposition to the country's leadership in years. outside the state t.v. headquarters riot police moved to dispatch protesters furious that their leaders were dragged from the building by armed guards. was the leader of this opposition m.p. had wanted to read a list of demands on national television including a return to independent public media. and state he was dumped on the street. only. four days protestors have been venting their i reject the government and the public broadcaster. as. you know much of it's a very good t.v. channel for fairytales they don't broadcast the kind of stories that i would show
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my children in the future. things kicked off following a rowdy parliamentary session last week when our bonds government tightened its grip on the judicial system wasn't to be independent but on the weekend employment rights described as a slave law by critics. the moves incensed opposition parties and rally to a massive pot clash. that atmel the mantle we don't want to go back to the communist times. what we are experiencing now in hungary wasn't seen during communism. it's level of oppression and corruption. something must be done this cannot go on. despite the crowd viktor orban remains a popular figure among gay reasons but if these protests are ready to go by a vocal section has had enough. or we're going to take
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a look at the world of surfing for a moment the surf was up in hawaii during the season ending event in the world surfing championship brazilian surfer gabrielle medina beat australian julian wilson in the pipe masters final to take home the sport's biggest problem with waves reaching more than two metres high but in a remained calm and scored on all his runs but to capture the crowd it took perfection the brazilian delivered. in front of thousands of all lookers matina and that it a perfect ten after serving this to flawlessly and he knew it just nailed it this is but in this second world surfing championship title the first came back in twenty four. almost because here was some business and some reaction here on the continent to the brig's that turmoil in london well there's
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just is a never ending story right now terry of course and well the reaction here is that germany's business sentiment has worsened more than expected by analysts the country's most important index for business climate if index has fallen for the fourth straight month uncertainty surrounding britain's exit from the e.u. is said to be one of the main factors weighing on business here and also across the channel. businesses are wringing their hands while british parliamentarians poppy's on a new. adil brags that it becomes ever more likely uncertainty surrounding britain's exit from the e.u. continues to plague the u.k. economy economic growth is now expected to drop to its lowest rate in a decade to one point two percent in two thousand and eighteen according to the british chambers of commerce the potential reintroduction of terrorists after brags that wire is businesses on both sides of the channel recently eighty percent of british companies said that brags it is having
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a negative impact on their current investment decisions german companies in the u.k. are expecting more than two hundred million euros in additional costs according to the german chambres of industry and commerce for months now businesses have been waiting mold german multinational boss shelved plans to invest thirty nine million pounds in new offices b.m.w. said it would hold production at a plant in oxford for a month following brags that it's all the same for british comic has jaguar land rover has announced cutbacks and layoffs as a reaction to the expected drop in demand. with no deal in sight more businesses will be tempted to move their operations out of britain. and for the very latest developments let's cross over to above a vessel who keeps an eye on the action in london to about saw financial market correspondent in frankfurt sunday with you barbara i know that teresa mayes cabinet is currently discussing a no deal bricks it said not rio what exactly is on the table there.
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we would like to know about but even minister when they walked into the meeting a good two hours ago didn't see the papers beforehand they did they were just distributed more or less at the door but of course some details are known and they are completely conventional philip hammond the count chancellor of the checker had said that he would release another two billion from the four billion he had said is that inside for those emergency preparations right now and then of course we're talking about more border guards we're talking about more stockpiling off essential goods like like medicine some things but if you then here in an interview the health secretary. met ten kark say that he was not of the biggest by our fridges in the world you know the time has come to every so these these preparations are sort of piecemeal and they come very late in the game
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because tomorrow it would be just a hundred days to correct it and of course there are preparations to turn the m twenty which is the highway right outside of dover into a huge lorry park but still that is not going to be enough and everybody here knows it definitely sounds like emergency plans ali i know that here in europe a lot of people are shaking their heads when they when they watch how breaks it other folds how is all of this going down where you. that's going down terribly what barbara is describing there that sort of scenario is driving people in the markets here crazy the uncertainty the chaos as a lot of people i talk to here analysts describe it in britain and the uncertainty of what comes in the end and it's not the only risk that's looming over the economy is not just in britain but also here in the continent and for honest worldwide
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brett so does one of the risks that is in addition to traders in addition to the uncertainty over italy or over chinese growth in any one of these factors if they come to a head can whip up a storm as a catalyst in connection with others and that people are also taking note of a swiss bank for example a private bank credit suisse according to the f.t. advising that's super rich clients to get their money out of great britain transferred elsewhere all right bob you've been listening to that and you've mentioned already the m twenty being turned into a make a copy now of course britain being part of the european union it's part of a may get huge supply chain britain imports an awful lot of goods how is business in britain reacting to all that. business is desperate the c.b.i. the business lobby the biggest business lobby here are really wringing their hands on
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a daily basis and they've been warning against this for months but they are simply not being heard and they say for instance that some of the very big corporations here the main car makers the pharmaceutical industry they of course have started preparation there has been stockpiling of materials and of certain parts however there is not a single warehouse left in britain that could be filled with was product so anything they are simply sold out they are finished and also and that is one of the main and really damaging factors that are beginning to emerge is that four fifths of small and medium businesses have not made any preparations whatsoever and the answer to that is they do not have the money and they don't have the expertise and they simply don't know what to do if they mainly export to the e.u. they are really really the ones that are going to be the losers in this very dangerous political gave me at the moment of course it's very difficult to prepare for the unknown just very briefly from your point of view is the second referendum
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still a possibility. it is still a possibility but to reason may is fighting against his will or her might be hard line breaks to cheers and they sort of influence part of the press here now coming up was that was you know con solutions like a managed no deal something that the e.u. says that has not exist and that would not be so bad after all so they are still really chasing fantasies here and that makes the business environment so very dangerous for everybody not only in britain but also as we heard in the european union exactly tossing the same question there i mean german companies actually still rooting for a second referendum or other at the point where they say let's just get it done and over with. no i did there's no one saying here let's let's get clarity and have been no deal that's ok for us just to have clarity no there's more and more calls
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for a second referendum analysts i talked to and also coming from the brits business world from business leaders and that would be the best solution for all of course everyone here in germany knows how difficult politically that is at the moment in britain but one is seeing certain signals from some circles and britain that it may come about people here are rooting for that monaco right over to say to with donna toss the door is still open. in france and obviously in london thank you so much to both of you. while the heated debate in britain over possibly another referendum on breaks it looks set to go on off the prime minister to resign may announced a much of a to vote on her deal would be held in mid january now while make continues to reject a second referendum it's not stopping campaign knows who are calling for exactly that. took
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a ride with activists who are literally trying to get people on board for a second vote. all right your phrasing for shouting. it's loud unapologetic and in your face armed with the bright yellow bus these campaign is hoping to put the brakes on bricks that. leading the charge is the self branded anti bret's it super hero madeleine a k i me you supercar and i am always one hundred percent confident backs that can and must and will be stopped she and her team of raise thousands of pounds to get the latest campaign on the road they want to convince the u.k. to do a u. turn on bret's it and demand a second referendum we cannot allow this madness to carry on i'm doing it not just for myself but for my whole generation and for everyone in the country regardless of whether whether they voted remain or leave we are all going to be impacted by it
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and i don't want anyone to suffer like every here i want to mission madeleine needs a sidekick. to resign adding star power to the superpowers this man. is looking like former foreign secretary in brick city of boris johnson it thinks the brits the chaos has made a second vote inevitable. perhaps it's been a little overly optimistic for people you know earlier stages of our campaign to. top brick cities daid. i would say it's inevitably going to draw its own contradictions to reason my government is sitting on a time bomb with the brics a deal once again in jeopardy campaigners like these guys really see this is that chance they want to capitalize on the uncertainty to push their case and to remind people that the brics that process can still be undone. momentum for
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a second vote does seem to be picking up speed one new poll suggests just over fifty percent of the country does now. i want another vote but right things to fix stream divisive. in general young people tend to think it's hilariously funny they want to get the stickers from most they want to stand in front of the bus and get photos we've had a lot of older people coming up and waving their fists in our faces and shouting at us about democracy so buckle up u.k. if a second vote does come to pass it's likely to be right. back here in mainland europe french finance minister bruno lemaire has announced a digital tax come january the first twenty nineteen paris decided to go it alone as european union the european union struggles to finalize a new e.u. wide levy france has been driving hard for a new so-called gas tax named after google apple facebook and amazon to ensure the
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global giants pay a fair share of taxes on their massive business operations in europe so far though under e.u. law u.s. take a giants can choose to report their income in any member state prompting them to pick low tax nations like ireland the netherlands or luxembourg. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. china is marking forty years since its economy opened up to the rest of the world chinese president xi jinping ballots to press ahead with economic reforms but made it clear that beijing would not to deviate from its one party system. and there's been another night of anti-government protests of hungary as demands on viktor orban this right wing government grow protesters are calling for controversial label doors to be dropped and they want an independent judiciary and state media. and manchester united
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sacked coach maureen your following the club's worst starts to a season and twenty eight. yes in light of his training english premier league in the dust in liverpool by nineteen points. and don't forget you can always get the news on the go just down though it's from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the date of your app to send us photos and videos. you're watching the news live from berlin wall coming up at the top of the hour and if you want to stay in the loop and then to join us also on twitter or check us out online at d w dot com and as you say.
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i'm going. to hello. to friendship. too long. we don't only drink when we're thirsty. but how much is pleasure. and what are the risks of. the research is surprising. drinking our topic in. oral tradition next.
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today on your home everything is different. and serious they've interviewed david chipperfield calling the shots. the star architect was turning sixty five years for this edition to get. your moment in sixty minutes. and then. yeah ok. you know this is you know five minutes four minutes. has an
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hour and a beauty. he has it all. the face in the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages. of. ten or for the ages starts december twenty second on g.w. . wellcome t d w science show tomorrow today coming up. some people can't imagine a posse without him but what really happens when we consume alcohol. as much of the world sizzles in a heatwave minutes could be at risk of encountering multi-drug resistant bacteria
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