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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:15pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin another night of protests in budapest several thousand anti-government demonstrators rally outside the studios of hungry public broadcaster. was fueled by footage of opposition lawmakers being thrown out of the building earlier protesters want a controversial labor all strong and a return to independent state media also coming up chinese president xi jinping issues a clear challenge to the united states says he celebrates forty years of prosperity under his country's economic reforms. and in sports english premier league giants
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manchester united have sacked coach. the decision follows the clubs were started to a season in twenty eight years with united trailing league leaders and fierce rivals liverpool by nineteen point. zero i'm terry martin welcome to the program trade unions in hungary have been threatening to press ahead with nationwide strikes if the right wing government of viktor orban does not revoke controversial new labor laws or one says the laws are crucial to address the shortage of labor in hungary's manufacturing sector but the laws have drawn thousands of protesters onto the streets late monday they returned to show up and shout their support for opposition m.p.'s who've been trying to get their concerns heard by the state broadcaster. m frustration.
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on the streets of budapest again it's the big issue of opposition to the country's leadership in years. outside the state t.v. headquarters riot police moved to despair protesters furious that their leaders were dragged from the building by armed guards. was the leader of this opposition m.p. had wanted to read a list of demands on national television including a return to independent public media. and state he was dumped on the street. only. four days protestors have been venting their outrage at the government and the public broadcaster. there are. not you know much of it's a very good t.v. channel for fairytales they don't broadcast the kind of stories that i would show
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my children in the future. things kicked off following a rowdy parliamentary session last week when viktor or bands government tightened its grip on the judicial system that has until now been independent and it weakened employment rights described as a slave law by critics. the moves incensed opposition parties and rallied a massive backlash. against that move and then we don't want to go back to the communist times. what we are experiencing now in hungary wasn't seen during communism was there and was level of oppression and corruption. something must be done this cannot go on. or that despite the crowds here viktor orban remains a popular figure among stung gear ians but if these protests are anything to go by a vocal section has had enough. over the very latest now let's cross over to stuff
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in budapest for a stuff on you've been covering these protests for days now you've been talking to activists what are they telling you. they are telling today are very concerned about the situation i also have to have just learned that one of the active fish sauce actually put on a paper owned by a french prime minister viktor orban picture and that's. at line basically said if you see him called the police now the second face is extremely concerned about the situation and he's not alone i've also spoken with certain people sold them by the way were in your one rule for instance he explained me always he was according to your attack by the police and basically also injured because of the tear gas that has been fired. i can tell you also i'm not standing
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in front of the parliament building more protests are planned here i've also just learned that day are expecting most of the protests tonight to take place once again here in front of the fallen building where also according to the protesters many very controversial laws were adopted so far stuff and we haven't heard very much from the prime minister viktor orban about the protests so what's the strategy how is he responding to this pressure from the street or is he just hoping the weather will work its magic in the protests will fizzle out. well he's definitely hoping debts deep throat test will be sold out but i think he is very surprised at this hour about the many people he has seen in recent days we know that thousand people have braced the cold here and more students are also expect it's tonight and i think that maybe a worrying sign for the government dead also
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a lot of young people are now involved in these protests so of course we have to see how it will develop in the coming hours but yes to date us quite interesting to see a different groups different parties united not only for labor changes but also for more freedom and more press freedom especially talking about these different groups stuff and we've seen demonstrators there carrying the union banners flags and parties from across the political spectrum including the far right are they all in this together sure well at the moment they are i mean i would say all the open parties are definitely to get are. of course to concern is that so far right groups are also involved or maybe involved in some of the protests and what the serious among the activists that soul of the or right far right people may
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actually start to provoke things we see in the demonstrations for now when for the opposition is united including also i have to say to you all big party which used to be a far right party but claims to be going to be more to the center but we have to see really what they will remain united in the coming days and weeks well thank you so much for bringing us up to date there stuff stuff from both the chorus in budapest you're welcome. big news in the world of football english premier league giants manchester united have parted ways with manager joe save marine you know with immediate effect the club released a statement thanking him for his work and wishing him success in the future sacking follows manchester united's three one defeat to liverpool at the weekend leaving them with twenty six points after seventeen premier league games that's the club's worst points tally at this stage of a season since one thousand nine hundred one. to talk about the bombshell
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of news of chris harrington from sports to see if chris maureen you under pressure has been under pressure quite some time went wrong when he actually predicted a shaky start to the season because he complained they were weak at the back now as you mention their worst start in nearly three decades you know marino was somewhat handcuffed in but it heads with the man says united brass because he wanted more control in terms of spending he needed a central defender the board said no you're not going to spin deal with what you've got you know so i think that was part of it obviously and then worst of all he addressed that point to the media saying he felt more like a coach and i like the manager and even criticising his players say that they are giving to a slow start and this most recent defeat against liverpool their superstar paul who has been butting heads in had some some sort of a quarrel with marino going back and forth was left on the bench he's
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a world champion it's like leaving your ferrari in the garage ok so that's another problem so it just didn't look good and he saw this coming you could say that we're in your did have an effect on the club he put his stamp on it to some degree how will he be remembered he's actually still adored by a large percentage of their fans you know despite the news that just came out today you know but he did win the europa league in his first season that was two seasons ago as well as the league cup now the second season not too shabby they finished second in the premier league but it's was a long shot off of their rivals. ancestor city that's when they have the record point tally in the premier league so factoring those two things in i think he'll be remembered for that you know and he is the chosen one unfortunately no one wants to be chosen to be fired you know but all in all i think he'll be ok moving forward chosen to be fired what's next for manchester united then who are the front runners to replace well right now michael carrick is a former player he spent a dozen years as their captain he's all there coaching staff he's been coined to be
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the caretaker coach until the summer that's when no pick a permanent person to take over the reins of manchester united but a few other names you could throw out there you know as in a day as a don you know had a three peat every i would trade i'm sure all of the viewers are familiar with that name and even another former player who's currently the coach of the wales national football team ryan giggs he spent his entire career at manchester united so that's a name that possibly could be thrown in the head as well but for griggs in his case he did have a short stint i believe he lasted four matches in matches united and complained they broke down in tears saying he couldn't deal with the pressure so i don't know of giggs is going to be a good replacement but we'll definitely find out who the man in charge will be this summer hydro in the premier league chris arrington from did every sports thank you so much ok. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. routine of russia says his country can easily make and deployed land based intermediate range missiles if the united states quits to keep arms control
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agreement u.s. accuses russia of violating the treaty and warns it will tear it up if russia does not return to compliance but has there been reports of flooding in yemen after a un brokered cease fire took effect between government forces and who the rebels in the strategic port city of data a government official said clashes erupted just minutes after the truce began civil war has raged since twenty fifteen between the saudi backed government and iran backed rebels. german police have searched a mosque here in berlin is part of an investigation into terror financing officials believe the the. mosque may have provided money to a jihadist fighters in syria to buy weapons for use in a terrorist attack. but heated debate in britain over another referendum on breaks it looks set to go on after a prime minister of tourism in downstate much awaited vote on her deal would be
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held in mid january now while may continues to reject a second referendum it's not stopping campaigners who are calling for exactly that charlotte chosen phil took a ride with activists are literally trying to get people on board for a second vote. all right your phrase shouting. it's loud unapologetic and in your face armed with the bright yellow bus these campaign is looking to put the brakes on brakes this. leading the charge is the self branded anti bret's it super hero madeleine aka ivy supercar and i'm always one hundred percent confident that it can and must and will be stopped she and her team of raised thousands of pounds to get their latest campaign on the road they want to convince the u.k. to do a u. turn on bret's it and demand a second referendum we cannot allow this madness to carry on i'm doing it not just
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for myself but for my whole generation and for everyone in the country regardless of whether whether they voted remain or leave we are all going to be impacted by it and i don't want anyone to suffer like every hero on a mission madeleine needs a sidekick. to rezone adding star power to superpowers this man. is looking like former foreign secretary in brick city of boris johnson he thinks the brits that chaos has made a second vote inevitable it. has been a little overly optimistic for people you know earlier stages that are campaigning to. topple brick city's daid. i would say it's inevitably going to die of its own contradictions to reason my government is sitting on a time bomb with the brics a deal once again in jeopardy campaigners like these guys really see this is that
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chance they want to capitalize on the uncertainty to push their case and to remind people that the brics that process can still be undone. moments and for a second vote does seem to be picking up speed one new poll suggests just over fifty percent of the country does now. i want another vote but right. it's extremely divisive. in general people tend to think it's hilariously funny they want to get the stickers from as they want to stand in front of the bus and get photos we've had a lot of older people coming up and waving their faces in our faces and shouting at us about democracy so buckle up u.k. if the second vote does come to pass it's likely to be right. you're watching d.w. news still to come chinese president xi jinping issues of warning to the united states he says no one can dictate economic policy to china as his calling his party celebrates forty years of meteoric growth under
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a policy of opening to the us. all that and more coming up in just a minute with don't go away. in a timeless way discover the bonuses right now house world starts january thirteenth deal done.


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