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this is news coming to you live from china strikes a defiant tone as it marks an economic milestone and a veiled jab at the west president xi jinping warns other nations not to dictate the rules to beijing. says china celebrates forty years of market reform. for english premier league giants united coach a marine yeah. the club's worst starts to a season in twenty eight years. thousands of anti-government demonstrators in
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budapest for a fifth night in a row protesters want a controversial labor law was dropped and a return to an independent public media. plus in this the museum is this museum of the future a pop up in cologne opens packed with exhibits of a different kind picture perfect backgrounds and props to be snapped and shared. hello i'm terry larson good to have you with us china's president xi jinping has told rivals to respect beijing's growing role in the world in a speech to mark forty years of market reforms she warned the west beijing would not be dictated to even as he played down fears that china wants to become the world's dominant superpower it was at the. at
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a time of heightened. major trading partners like the united states. it was an impeccably choreographed event designed to showcase china's transformation from an inward looking farming based society to the economic giant it is today. the country's president xi jinping credited forty years of what he termed socialism with chinese characteristics for lifting people out of poverty and pushing china on the international stage. but the stage now more than ever is fraught with tension in a thinly veiled reference to his country's months long trade dispute with the united states she has this to say so. there's no text book of rules to follow for the reforms and opening of china a country with five thousand years of history and civilization and little population of more than one point three billion people no one is in
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a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or shouldn't be done. no one not even seemingly the leader of the most powerful economy in the world this footage shows cheating paying having dinner with u.s. president donald trump at the g twenty summit in argentina earlier this month the result was an agreement to a ninety day truce in their trade conflict. but the arrest since then of a top executive of chinese tech equipment giant twelve way has left that truce on shakier ground than ever. the tone coming from beijing today was defiant china won't be pushed around. for more i'm joined by clifford coonan he's the beijing correspondent for the irish times newspaper thanks for being with us first of all china has come a long ways in forty years you know the country well what did you make of president
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xi speech well it was very defiant speech and i think that's important because he's showing that the last forty years have been a major achievement in chinese history and also underlined the fact that china won't be pushed around given the current trade war with the us that they're very keen to have to set boundaries and show that china is is going to be its own. strong country in its own right ok she has warned that no one can tell to china what to do there's a sense of very pride and autonomy in his speech is this aimed mainly at washington this nobody can also surround i think it's got two effects i think some of it is very much at the domestic audience showing that chinese people who have a lot of pride in development that we've seen over the last forty years showing that he's able to play the strong man but yes very much
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a aspect of that is that it's aimed at washington and showing washington that even though it has washington has a lot of the cards in terms of the trade war because they need to sell chinese goods there but that china is still prepared to stand up to them talk about selling selling goods to china and buying things from china china's economy has grown by leaps and bounds over the last forty years we've all gotten used to it is there no end in sight well there is a sign that things are slowing down certainly the trade war is having an effect. it was never going it's not it's hasn't been the double digit growth rates now for several years. some economists are saying that the economy in the current year has slowed down by a lot more than people were expecting before so i don't think it's going to be an internal growth story but at the same time you're talking about a very big economy growing a little bit more slowly which is still a huge amount forty years ago china reinvented itself economically many observers
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thought perhaps that that political transformation would fall though has it i think you have the same commies party in power now that you did forty years ago. the current administration current version of the communist party came out of his of the cultural revolution with the dawn of the great helmsman on the cultural revolution so i think you haven't seen you haven't seen any political change just maybe a different different approach maybe a more liberal approach economically politically things remain fairly tight. thank you so much a clever turn in china correspondent for the irish times newspaper thanks for talking with us. and we'll have more on china in our business segment with gary hart that's coming up shortly. well we've got big news for you in the football world now english premier league giants manchester united have parted ways with manager joe say marino with immediate effect a club released a statement thanking him for his work and wishing him success in the future the
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sacking follows manchester united's three one defeat to liverpool that week and leaving them with twenty six points after seventeen premier league games that's the club's worst points tally at this stage of a season since nineteen ninety. well here to talk about merinos departure and his legacy evra cambridge from d.w. sports. so under pressure for some time now he's finally gotten the boot what went wrong well i think to be quick it's a run for what went right this was a disastrous as much as united manager i think the first start we would be results this was manchester united's worst starts to a premier league campaign for the twenty eight years they find themselves nineteen points off the top spot he's not even christmas yet so that alone would be enough to see most manchester united manager sacked but it's compounded by the fact that marino spent close to four hundred million euros on players since joining the club in twenty sixteen despite that he's frequently bemoaned
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a lack of backing in the transfer market from the board which they obviously are pleased about one of those players who cost a quarter of that sum paul pogba has been nothing but sit on the bench of late so you have to ask yourself why would the board want to give this coach more money to spend in january it's really not been good he's not given the young players chances now that's a tradition sewn into the fabric of a club like manchester united he's not given the chance he's not seen the young players develop and he hasn't handled the squad very well it appears he's lost the dressing room he's repeatedly moaned about a lack of attitude and fighting spirit in his squad and as recently as man you know it's a loss to the n.c.i. in the champions league last week so let's have a listen now it's what he had to say after that match. so sometimes what you see is not what jew gets so you don't think they don't care. i think that some care more than others. you obviously know.
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so he doesn't want to say who there but a lot of people would think immediately but he's talking about but that play it up just said is press been left on the bench now rather strangely today or perhaps not after the news came out the marina had lost his job paul pogba actually sent a tweet. with a smirk on his face now the club did immediately come out and say that it was a prescheduled marketing tweets and it was removed immediately but you have to say the timing was suspicious coming from the very player at the center of a lot of these bust ups between the manager and immediately after he lost his job so i mean that just goes to show you what social media can can do these days it was very odd timing so like i say a very strange strange strange decision a prescheduled smirk as it were but in any case marina is is gone has his reputation his legacy taken a big hit here at the end while i think probably a lot of money as you know fans are very disappointed because they thought that this was going to be the time with finally they got the club back on track after the very disappointing ten years of david moyes and louis van hall it didn't work
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out like that however probably has cemented his reputation as a manager for the short term he did come in here one league cup year openly in his first full season in charge but then the will fell off and they appear to always fall off two or three seasons down the line it's happened everywhere he's gone so that has happened again what about next steps for manchester united in an important team who is going to fill the shoes of marina point well reports are swirling around in the media at the moment the only gun associate who mentions united fans were member as the man who scored the winning goal in the champions league final for united in one nine hundred ninety nine there are rumors that he's going to be taking over the club until the end of the season but long term dan the coach that won three back to back champions league recently with ray on the grid he's the first name at the top of the list incredibly successful spell both as a player and the coach at real madrid he's got that pedigree perhaps to bring back the winning the winning ways especially in europe from. now another man with the
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job. should say no who plays the type of football manchester united fans want to see at the club again intense fast attacking young players hugely exciting young coach one of the best talents in the world whether or not they can get him we'll have to wait and see but who knows it's a big club it's an attractive proposition with a great score i'm looking forward to seeing who they appoint will keep watching it mccambridge from v.w. sports thanks. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today present let me put it says russia can easily make an deployed land based intermediate range missiles if the united states quits a key arms control agreement the us chooses russia of violating the treaty and warns it will tear it up if russia does not return to compliance. there are renewed reports of fighting in yemen after a un brokered cease fire there took effect between government forces and who the rebels in the strategic port city of bayda
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a government official said clashes erupted just minutes after the true speak again a civil war has raged since two thousand and fifteen between the saudi backed government and iran to rebel. german police have searched a mosque in berlin as part of an investigation into terror financing officials believe the mom at the. mosque here in the capital may have provided money to a jihadist fighter in syria to buy weapons for use in a terrorist attack. trade unions in hungary have threatened to press ahead with nationwide strikes if the right wing government viktor orbán does not revoke controversial new labor laws or bond says the laws are crucial to address the shortage of labor in hungary's manufacturing sector but laws have drawn thousands of protesters onto the streets late monday they turned out to show their support for opposition lawmakers who'd been trying to get their concerns heard by the state
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broadcaster. m frustration. on the streets of budapest again it's the big issue of opposition to the country's leadership in years. outside the state t.v. headquarters riot police move to dispatch protesters furious that their leaders were dragged from the building by armed guards. was that everything this opposition m.p. had wanted to read a list of demands on national television including a return to independent public media. and stayed he was dumped on the street. only. four days protesters have been venting their outrage at the government and the public broadcaster. there are. you know much of it's a very good t.v.
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channel for fairytales they don't broadcast the kind of stories that i would show my children in the future. things kicked off following a rowdy parliamentary session last week when viktor or bands government tightened its grip on the judicial system that has until now be independent and it weakened employment rights described as a slave law by critics. the moves incensed opposition parties and rallied a massive backlash. against that move and then we don't want to go back to the communist times what we are experiencing now in hungary wasn't seen during communism. it's level of oppression and corruption. something must be done this cannot go on. or that despite the crowds here viktor orban remains a popular figure among strong dear ians but if these protests are anything to go by
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a vocal section has had enough. over the very latest now let's cross over to stuff on boards he's in budapest for a stuff on you've been covering these protests for days now you've been talking to activists what are they telling you. they are telling that they are very concerned about the situation i also have to have just learned that one of the active fish sauce actually put on a paper owned by a french prime minister viktor orban picture and that's a headline basically said if you see him called the police now the second face is extremely concerned about the situation and he's not alone i've also spoken with seventy people so will damn by the way we're in your one girl for instance he explained me always he was according to her at tech by the police and basically also injured because of the tear gas that has been fired. i can tell you also i'm
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not standing in front of the parliament building more protests are planned here i've also just learned that they are expecting most of the protests tonight to take place once again here in front of the fallen building where also according to the protesters many very controversial laws were adult so far stuff and we haven't heard very much from the prime minister viktor orban about the protests what's the strategy how is he responding to this pressure from the street or is he just hoping the weather will work its magic in the protests will fizzle out. well he's definitely hoping deaths the protest will be sold out but i think he is very surprised at this hour about the many people he has seen in recent days we know that thousand people have braved the cold here and more students are also expect
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it's tonight and i think that maybe a worrying sign for the government dead also a lot of young people are now involved in these protests so of course we have to see how it will develop in the coming hours but yes to date us quite interesting to see a different groups different parties united not only for labor changes but also for more freedom and more press freedom especially talking about these different group stuff and we've seen demonstrators there carrying flags union banners flags of parties from across the political spectrum including the far right are they all in this together. sure well at the moment they are i mean i would say old the open parties are definitely to get are. of course to concern is that so far right groups are also involved or maybe involved in some of the protests and so
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what's the theory of some of the activists that soul of the. far right people may actually start to provoke things we see in the demonstrations for now when for the opposition is united including also i have to say to you will be a party which used to be a far right party but claims to be going to be more to the center but we have to see really what do they will remain united in the coming days and weeks well thank you so much for bringing us up to date there is stuff on stuff on both there for us in budapest thank japan's government has approved a major increase in defense spending and weapons capability in the coming years the country will get its first aircraft carriers since world war two and it will place a large order for advanced stealth fighters from the u.s. tokyo says it's aiming to counter chinese moves to expand its military presence in the area but government said it also claims it also aims to address continuing
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tensions with north korea this comes at the end of a year that saw on yank make moves to improve ties with its other arch enemies the united states and south korea. the unified team korea. twenty two athletes i see temperatures but and it boullion atmosphere. it all started with kim jong un's grand entrance one month earlier the north supreme leader suggested fueling unify korean olympic team around him and this despite donald trump's threat of firing fury hanging over him. suddenly the world saw another side of north korea. cheerleaders applauding the unified women's hockey team. after months of playing tough guy it was a veritable public relations coup for kim and then
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a first for the two koreas in may. president in met at the military demarcation line that divides the two countries. later moon would say at the moment chairman kim crossed the line the site became a symbol of peace not division. but came through curveball he departed from the official protocol and asked me to join him in stepping across to the north arch enemies holding hands in the spring sun. hoping for a meaningful agreement that will be a big gift to the entire korean nation and every peace loving person in the world. the talks culminated in an agreement that was signed in september its motto cooperation not confrontation. the two koreas were in charge. washington found itself sidelined. after being in power for seven
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years kim made his first ever state visit it was to china and two more trips were to follow. north korea's relationship with china had hit a historic low but now kim was looking for friends for its part china wanted to reassert its traditional influence the outcome was that china would be at the table whenever intro korean solutions were discussed. and then there was the elaborately choreographed summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump in singapore. high on production values low on concrete results. according to trump north korea's nuclear disarmament was a done deal. was pleased with the results a lot of progress really. anybody could have expected and. in reality kim had signed only a vague declaration of intent similar to his agreement with south korea business as
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usual for the supreme leader. kim had tunnels destroyed at the nuclear test site in the run up to the summit it was a sign of diplomatic reproach mall. but total disarmament will not be coming anytime soon the weapons are as a bargaining chip came wanted sanctions loosened but trump didn't budge. relations with the south on the other hand were more fruitful a canine peace gift from him to president moon for six puppies the dogs are south of the border where millions of north koreans can only dream of visiting. well for now let's talk to talk to dr eric he's director of the research unit north korea and international security berlin's free university welcome to d w thanks to me you've been following developments on the korean peninsula for years would you say
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twenty eighteen has been a good year for progress towards peace well. process is inherently related we need to distinguish between the denuclearization process which is mainly driven by the u.s. and north korea on a bilateral level a korean level which is mainly geared towards establishing kind of a peace regime on the korean peninsula and as you mentioned with regard to peace it has been a very successful. allston impressed if years of achievements at least see very very different. negotiation process when it comes to contempt koreans and. in fact the entire korean process has produced some remarkable achievements last year. mainly they established a robust dialogue channel between both countries we have no more than thirty five. lines of communication between the two koreas. office which was just that list and
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the reduction of guard posts along the d.m.z. woods are symbolic but very important achievements in their own different picture when it comes to dealing to restage us ok so it's important to keep these these two strands separate we do tend to confuse them in our minds sometimes in a report we just saw a number of historic handshakes that happened during twenty eight teen with the north korean leader but what's really been achieved beyond these sort of symbolic gestures you mentioned lines of communication that's all well and good where is this going well with the u.s. and north korea on the bilateral level to they restart the dialogue. general between the two countries which has been blocked basically since one can say the agreement negotiations between during the obama administrations so those lines of communications have been blocked and it's very important that the two countries talk again and there has been some concrete steps on both sides as well the north
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for example destroyed the nuclear tests they suspended weapons tests missile and nuclear weapons tests and we saw the reports of the remains of the u.s. in korea on the other hand the u.s. agreed to temper their temporarily suspend joint military drills with south korea so these are important steps but these are the first steps in a long and very complicated road just briefly what about donald trump's role and all of this he's a bit of a wild card we say his approach diplomacy is unconventional is he going to help or hindrance. well it's too easy to too early at the moment to basically state if it were if it was successful or not it is important that dialogue is restored and we have very different take on u.s. north korea relations this time around because usually they start at the working
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level and they are then basically worked up wards now what time they stop with the summit meeting and the rest will follow and this is a very unusual thing when it comes to such a complex we go with the asians with regard to denuclearization because every denuclearization process there from the research unit north korea international security at berlin's pre-university and which. now the surf was up in hawaii during the season ending event in the world surfing championship brazilian surfer gabriele medina beat australian julian wilson in the pipe masters final to take home the sport's biggest prize with waves reaching more than two metres high to metres high medina remain calm and scored on all of his runs but to capture the crown it took perfection and the brazilian delivered in front of thousands of dollars medina netted a perfect ten after serving this to a whole lot of snow and he knew he'd just nailed it this is medina's second world
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surfing championship title first came time to twenty fourteen. you're watching to w. news still to come the journalists facing jail or worse around the world and the report highlights the risks of reporting the news. at instagram and the changing way people consume art evoke successful pop up museums creating art spaces as backdrops for the perfect social media it's. got all that and much more coming up in just a minute. it's
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almost insatiable. the racialists and it's growing incessantly. that we're a country it would be the world's six blocks and just consume. just live sessions tops on the palm springs internet. clue songs in forty five minutes d w. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. people and projects that are changing the parliament for the better it's up to us to make a difference he could go. wrong b.t.w.
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starts december twenty second on g.w. played. welcome back your news from time to our top story china is marking forty years since its economy opened up to the rest of the world chinese president xi coach joe say marine you're following the club's worst start to the season in twenty eight years united is trailing english. premier league leaders liverpool by nineteen point zero. the campaigning group reporters without borders has released its annual report and it makes for dismal reading when it comes to freedom of the press and information it says that eighty reporters or people working in the media have been killed so far this year that's fifteen more than in two thousand and seventeen most of the deaths happened in afghanistan syria mexico yemen and india and the number of journalists
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jailed has risen to three hundred forty eight china egypt turkey iran and saudi arabia account for most of those detentions now the report also ranks india among the five worst countries in the world for journalists to work in more on this let's go to our correspondent in delhi. misha first of all what makes india such a dangerous place for journalists are there certain topics that carry more risks than others. well that are definitely topics that guy you will risk study but what's also important to north that it's local level john list unlist reporting for small town daily is cetera who are exposed to more risk their coverage of topics like institutional corruption and massive crime networks for example the sand mafia have actually attracted dangerous attacks and some of the last few motos off john list in the country were off reporters reporting on these issues but it is
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also important to north that one of the biggest. that's in the over the last couple of years was that offer of a journalist. was killed last year during seventeen and it is believed that she was started for her strong criticism of five i tend to extremism and this is another problem make it a topic which whenever journalists are covering this they're not only attracting strong criticism online but also physical attack and threats so is this a worsening trend and things got worse in recent years or journalists experiencing more obstacles now than they did before. well over the last twenty years the committee to protect journalists has documented deaths vids and lodges with impunity off indian journalists but the change that is happening right now is that the government is getting involved in trying to control the media narrative in the country just as this the government implemented reforms that's
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what caused this activity ition of journalists. of wealth kewl stuff peddling faking it was but the definition of it was was very big when the me definitely pushed back these these reforms were ordered back but even now even more recently state governments like the government to get allies trying to district the access off report us to higher politicians so there's definitely obstacles that even the government is putting forward in trying to control the narrative in an in an upcoming election what does the public in india make india of being the world's largest democracy needs a strong and free press do they see press freedom under threat but unfortunately tell you the public also does not really seem to be on the media sites to be deaf or done a thing is pushing vassal flaws but the public is actually. also in this state a strong criticism that it's also being drawn online of any of the autos or john list the seem to be critical off the national government and they are often branded
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as anti national for their dialogue and for that this isn't of the government so not only is that it is that an effort to control the narrative from the government sent but even so when some how do not seem to be what it about this suppression of the media and the fact that a free and fair election to be has in the coming year will indeed join this reporting on policies and the of the problems of the current government may be facing. thank you very much for talking with us d.w. just while they're in delhi. vietnam is another country that keeps a tight leash on his media and that power extends beyond the country's borders. simon young men of vietnamese journalist who has been running an online news portal here in berlin for ten years. believes there's a hunger for uncensored information in vietnam especially from young people to reach that audience from his office in far away berlin he's taken to the internet.
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this information is almost the been in vietnam if a journalist tells the truth about politics he will probably have a problem straight away. he could be threatened or arrested or beaten up people are so interested to get information about politics. on. has been publishing pieces on his news website about his home country for ten years usually in vietnamese sometimes in german mostly he writes about vietnamese politics and the situation of his country many in europe. he's reported many times on the case of chinch one time who sort of asylum in germany but was allegedly kidnapped in berlin by vietnamese agents and now faces trial in her noise such
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stories says lee truong chua have annoyed the vietnamese or thora to its. website. how websites has been blocked in vietnam since july twenty seventh team normally when you type in. d. and nothing comes up. he says a lot of his information comes from journalists in vietnam who can't tell what they know there but he says even working in germany is dangerous. and we are by then if we work here we get threats really from real people that they call us or they send a text saying they want to kill us. despite the obstacles is getting past the vietnamese senses he says his site was accessed more than two and a half million times during a recent month mostly from computers in vietnam but that success will not stop him calling for greater freedom of speak in germany never shuts down
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a vietnamese page so what is vietnam close a german page it's not right it's an injustice which must be ended that. we hope. for well it's been forty years as china started to open up to the west and that's had huge implications for the world economy as attorney opening to world markets and to a degree to capitalism ultimately china into the global economic powerhouse that it is today second in g.d.p. only to the u.s. that's a look back forty years ago china was producing goods and services worth around one hundred and fifty billion dollars annually by nine hundred ninety seven g.d.p. had hit the trillion dollar mark and by last year it's froze domestic product has grown to more than twelve trillion dollars that's trillion with a t.
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in his speech marking the anniversary today chinese president xi jinping vowed to press ahead with the economic reforms but he also made clear that beijing would not deviate from its one party system or be bossed around by any other country. so where do we start with china where will china go questions i'd like to discuss with cam he's. institute for china studies marx welcome to the studio china has promised to open up further up to foreign investors what will that entails and will they really so this is a decades old promise which has been continuously reiterated this been some progress made on this topic so china currently typically on a typical year will receive large inflows for foreign direct investment they have improved it across border flows for example through mechanisms that allow a trader in hong kong to access the chinese mainland markets in equity markets and
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in the bond markets they have reduced joint venture requirements for foreign banks and also starting to relax regulation with regards to insurance companies and banks but they have still left deposit taking they still deposit taking is still something that is restricted to china still wants to remain largely in control of its own financial markets i think the main point to think about here is that china has an investment driven model where the where the government ultimately wants to remain in control and that is not completely compatible with letting the world market world capital markets. in the past twenty to forty years have we underestimated china well yes and no so i've heard my entire life to china is going to be the next big thing and i'm sure you have just right but i think there's a little bit of misconception as we know that china's been growing at these in fantastic rates ten percent twelve percent but these people assume that this means
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that china will expand in nearly but if you grow by ten percent in the next year your the pie is even bigger and it grows more and more and more so for example if if a country grows at ten percent the full the size of its economy will double every seven years roughly speaking so if you think about this. this means that china has now become very very large and i think what it is that really is surprising us is how powerful china is outside of its own borders china buys things in europe buy things in the u.s. it's engaged in the belt and road initiative which stretches all across asia so if this international plot which is which is surprising us looking at our. international clout where do you see china's role in world trade in the future briefly if you will so china's of course going to remain a very important country china's economy is currently about two thirds the size of the u.s. economy which puts it at the second place in the world or the third place if you count the european union as a single block but i think it will remain there so folks so let's put it this way
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china currently growth of trophy six point five percent a year just at the current growth rates china will overtake to us a two thousand and thirty but it grew for its full total about five percent this will be. this will be delayed until two thousand and forty and of course if growth slows even more it will be delayed even further so what i think that the big topic here is to think about this road of what will china be trading in so in the past has been a lot of consumer goods and i think in the future we can see a transition more to capital goods and such. max thank you very much in his analysis for the so-called hard drugs it seems to be now an operational priority that for the british government that's what breaks it secretary stephen buckley said today the comments comes as germany's business sentiment has worsened more than expected by the country's most important index for business climate clinics climate evil has fallen for the fourth straight months continuing on
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certainty surrounding britain's exit from the e.u. is said to be one of the main factors weighing on business here and across the channel. businesses are wringing their hands were british parliamentarians squabble and a no deal breaks it becomes ever more likely uncertainty surrounding britain's exit from the e.u. continues to plague the u.k. economy three economic growth is now expected to drop to its lowest rate in nearly a decade to one point two percent in twenty eighteen according to the british temples of commerce german companies in the u.k. are expecting more than two hundred million euros in additional costs according to the german chambres of industry and commerce the potential reintroduction of tariffs after bragg's it worries businesses on both sides of the channel recently eighty percent of british companies said that breaks it is having a negative impact on their current investment decisions german multinational bosch shell plans to invest thirty nine million pounds in new offices b.m.w.
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said it would hold production at a plant in oxford for a month following brags that it's all the same for british comic or jaguar land rover has announced cutbacks and layoffs as a reaction to the expected drop in demand with no deal in sight more businesses will be tempted to move their operations out of britain. and france finance minister. has announced a digital tax coming into effect january first paris decided to go it alone as the european union struggles to finalize a new e.u. wide levy france has been driving hard for a so-called gas tax named after google apple facebook and amazon to ensure the global giants play a fair share of taxes on the massive business operations in europe so far in the e.u. law u.s. tech companies can show storyboard their income in any member state prompting them to pick a low tax nations like the netherlands or luxembourg. this
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news from the aviation sector u.s. plane maker of bowling brazilian based announced a new joint venture was more than five billion dollars boeing said synergies would reduce costs by one hundred fifty million dollars dollars annually. and shot up five percent following the joint statement. showing has been successful producing large aircraft for decades now the company's collaboration with embraer will help it to better compete in the rapidly expanding market for regional jets under the plan boeing will acquire an eighty percent share of the new joint venture for four point two billion dollars and embraer the rest the two companies hope their strategic partnership will help accelerate growth on the global market and breyer is forecasting a sharp rise in demand for regional jets of up to one hundred fifty seats in the next two decades especially in china it has been promoting its new. jet.
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the two plane makers have also set up a separate joint venture to produce and breyer's new military transport plane the k c three ninety both deals are still subject to approval by brazil's government shareholders and regulatory authorities. boeing's collaboration with embraer is also a response to the takeover of production of barbarity a c. series for regional jets by rival airbus earlier this year. that's all the oil business small world news now with terry thank you it is international migrants day it's not a theory to recognize the contribution made by migrants to the economies of their host countries also a reminder of the need to promote respect for their human rights our next report looks at the plight of the thousands of migrants who are stranded in libya as they risk everything to reach europe by crossing the mediterranean. stranded
3:46 pm
and in despair hundreds of thousands and you are a grim day to day existence in libya's capital tripoli clinging to hope of a new life in europe the chances are minimal the risks are enormous you've been at that i'm going to get i want to leave and go anywhere else and i'm twelve years old and i want to future to go to school and live my life there's nothing here. that on the hot is dangerous on the mediterranean but what are the choice do i have except to try and reach. it will be very had and i don't even have the money. the weak the injured and the sick come to this health center run by refugee aid organizations for help up to three hundred patients a day are treated here. the regime fled from sudan to tripoli hoping to carry on to europe. but in libya he experienced torture and abuse. anybody took a kalashnikov and hit me on the neck and on my back. beat my legs and finally they
3:47 pm
took a knife and cut my skin open. a doctor who has treated countless refugees who fell into the hands of the libyan coast guard he says the medical care in the reception camps is catastrophic. there are malnourished people there are wounded be able to stay to be able there are people with chronic diseases would didn't take their medication for a long time the libyan coast guard on the other hand considers itself on course this year crews have already returned thirteen thousand people to the mainland brought them back and then lock them up italy has lent libya seven ships provided training and to put coast guard off to suspicious boats this year the number of refugees arriving in italy is down by eighty percent the coast guard sees that as a success we send with them a message the message that said don't try to do it again because you will lose your money you lose your time and believe it will take.
3:48 pm
because of your back n.g.o.s conducting rescue operations are a thorn in their side a libyan coast guard spokesman says the n.g.o.s are hindering their work and shows a video to substantiate his claim german activists from the nonprofit see watch are seen plucking people out of the water although the coast guard was allegedly there first and wanted to help in his eyes they're sending the wrong signal yes and you know but if a thousand people make it to europe and ten thousand migrants will come to libya and if ten thousand make it then there'll be one hundred thousand new ones the numbers are going through the roof how that used to be similar but where should they go the hundreds of thousands of people who want to leave libya. they beat me and i'm not the only one with the coast guard caught us on the high seas and forced us to return. to. the libyan coast is the ugly underbelly of the european refugee
3:49 pm
crisis. change gears here instagram is one of the big success stories in the field of social media in the last few years it's a part of our modern culture and people are getting more and more artistic with their instagram photos robin merrill from our culture desk is here to talk about it . so what's the connection between instagram and art well museums mainly in that what's happened in the last in recent years is many more people being going into museums to see this picture or be in a certain room or indeed taking pictures from outside the museum because books museums have one flaw and it's old instagram photo isn't it it's the backdrop that they're looking for. and in fact sort of people are paying into i mean to be seems just to get this kind of good for the museum. with that in mind a few weeks ago
3:50 pm
a pol pot museum in cologne in west germany simply drawing people into scenes or spaces that actually very suitable for such photos let's look at. their own tiny exhibits at this museum nothing to see apart from the perfect backdrop and a perfect photo. instagram museum. open the museum up to seeing its success across the pond. concept the concept is from the us it's been going strong for about a year now have. since many cities. basically began when museums started realizing that exhibitions that allowed people to take photos of themselves were drawing more visitors than more conventional once thought is. that
3:51 pm
there are twenty different interactive installations each one with a picture perfect concept like this pink ball pits or a balloon room these two sisters came with their mother and a very good camera. they're all set for the photo shoot and they're going out of their way. here to do a backbend. most of the visitors heard about the pop up museum online it's especially popular with women. of course we have a target group it's primarily women over ninety five percent of visitors here are women there are professional and amateur photographers who enjoy all the different sets. and said we also have families who have gone on but it's free for children under six. men there were five friends over fifty who made some great pictures and
3:52 pm
there were even some over seventy people of all ages just like. the confetti room is also a perfect backdrop and action is why they've come to the museum after all the entrance fee is twenty nine euros for two hours. and will be around until the end of february twenty ninth. ok a pop art museum it's temporary any any permanent instrument museums other well we've done a surprisingly there is a museum of self museum a southeast guess where it is it's in hollywood no it could be anywhere else. it's heaven instagram is here you've got a picture taken with your friends in. droom enough but have you no connection with that and here's another one which i think is the result of someone staring at their phone too much to not have a priceless statue. that's for that music job society that has actually
3:53 pm
happened quite a few times people with their phones not paying attention and did the latest one was in russia where two women were trying to take instagram photos and they knocked over a dolly and the goal here damaging i believe damaging the little bit oh dear that can be expensive all apart from bumping into priceless artworks when people are taking pictures and backing up how is this instagram generation affecting real museums well i mean it's affecting them with with finances in a good way and that people lot more people are going into museums because they want to get a background with the pacific or something and many museums you remember this that we went to take photos of museums you go to any museum in the world i mean the must be an exception for practically every museum in the world now allows photography
3:54 pm
because if they didn't well basically they had lose a lot of visitors then you have often still ations now off installations by the nature sort of immersive and lend themselves to an interaction with the visitor this is the latest by the icelandic danish icelandic his all of us on who transported one hundred tonnes of ice from greenland to london most of the blots reporter inside the tate modern this month to highlight global warming you can see people taking photos all the time is actually the perfect place for instagram is. that if the ice is now. of course it would in london temperatures and. the political message remains basically more and more people are engaging with alt. to get that instagram photo and i consider this a positive side of social media people visiting museums possibly for the wrong reason but while they're there they might see a base of os anyway just to finish off terry i do feel that we we should have our
3:55 pm
own selfie to remember this moment in time here on d. w. way to go to get my camera right which is that if we are quite posed for us to. yes there we are. evan thank you so much i want to see that will maybe post on the instagram account of the w. who knows anyway that's all for now program for our culture best things. just for a go just say hello to your in good ball and since we're wrapping up our show you have been watching d.w. news so we've got another full bulletin of news coming up for you at the top of the next hour later look will be with us just in about five minutes from now on course to get all this news information on our web site that's a d w dot com thanks for watching.
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a defiant tone as it marks an economic milestone in a veiled jab at the west prison zhang think warns other nations not to dictate the rules to beijing this as china celebrates forty years of market reforms. also coming up in sports english premier league giants manchester united fire coach sure as the morning you know the football club pulled the plug on the controversial manager after the worst start to the season in nearly thirty years.


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