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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is you know redos line from berlin the disgraced former general who lied to the f.b.i. a u.s. court prepares to sentence michael flynn the highest profile culprit in the investigation into russian election meddling in two thousand and sixteen but flynt might not have to go behind bars after cooperating with investigators also on the show as japan approved it proves a huge increase in military spending we look back at a year of fluctuating tensions over the korean peninsula how genuine was a fall between north and south and does yack still pose
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a nuclear threat to peace. and in sports english premier league giants manchester united fire coach sure was a marine a football club pulled the plug on the controversial manager after the worst start to the season in nearly three decades. thank you so much for your company everyone a judge in washington is about to decide whether to send donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn to prison for lying to the f.b.i. clinton has pleaded guilty to deceiving the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia's ambassador to the u.s. in january twenty seventeen when originally said he had not met with the ambassador when in fact he had lying to federal agents can carry a five year sentence. the case is linked to special counsel robert muller's
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investigation into possible illegal winds between the trump campaign and russia. all right as we hate and as we wait to hear what the verdict will be we can now talk or to our correspondent in washington you. schrader my o'flynn is the man we know him who led donald trump supporters in chance of lock her up about hillary clinton what else can you tell us about michael flynn who is the where does this case matter what's interesting to note is michael flynn actually used to be a democrat speaking of him leaving the chance of laugher up he was one of the first trump surrogates of her and one of the first time surrogates to do that he was also a three star general who served trump adviser to be fired or have to leave the administration now at the time the president said that he was being fired for supposedly lying to the vice president but what has come out in the almost two
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years now since then is a series of encounters that clinton had them with the russian ambassador during the campaign and why this matters is this was this is part of now was quite vocal known as the russian vest into the moeller investigation and flynn is really the first character here we're coming now back to him one of the first people to be indicated as someone who may have coordinated or been in contact with agents of the russian government during the twenty sixteen campaign so a little bit of a full circle moment here as we await the sentencing right while talking about full circle of president donald trump wished mike flynn good luck ahead of the sentencing flynn as you reference the third top trump advisor to face criminal prosecution how does this all work for the president. well it's interesting to note that the president has stuck by fully and throughout this ordeal
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unlike several other of his aides who have also come under investigation most notably michael cohen who was also sentence just a few days ago. and has really stuck by flynn like we said wishing him good luck calling the whole russia investigation a witch hunt calling for flynn to be treated leniently and we have to note that it was actually asking flynn to be treated leniently leniently that was something that set off the entire russia investigation after remember that fateful meeting between former f.b.i. director james comey and trump himself so this will all this looks like it's all sort of coming back to. reflect on the president in a way that possibly doesn't look good moving forward especially as a new congress that's less friendly to the president comes in in january right in
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a very good point that you were made there that stark contrast between the president's reactions when it comes to cohen and now to regarding mike flynn in the meantime the news cycle in the u.s. where you are is relentless because there's been some breaking news the president's charitable foundation is being shut down because of quote a shocking pattern of illegality all of this just happening moments before the sentencing of his former national security adviser. indeed and even looks like the trump. scuse me the foundation itself came forward and said that it would be shutting down. somewhat a coincidence of timing here we do know that the president is a master of the media of showmanship it might be a step too far to say that perhaps they announce this because they're trying to maybe burry the flynn sentencing
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a little bit in the news cycle but it is nonetheless. still a fairly significant step as we are looking at these ongoing investigations because it's spread not only to trump's aides dealings with russia but to trump's personal finances his personal empire his children and their role in these in these ongoing investigations in these businesses this is just another indication of the way that these investigations are affecting trump and his former life and his current life as they continue to go on huge huge developments there where you are and we're still waiting to hear what the verdict is in the mike flynn case stay on it for us please we'll check in with you later my shrader reporting from washington . all right let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. russia iran and turkey have set a new syrian constitutional committee should begin early next year kicking off
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a political peace process in syria russian foreign minister sergey lavrov made the announcement in a joint statement after a meeting with un special envoy stuff under mr and geneva. america's top a public health officer has called for action to curb the use of elec tronics cigarettes by teenagers and adolescents surgeon general droom adams said young people's use of the devices had exploded to epidemic proportions he urged adults to educate youth about the dangers of the. japan's government has approved a major increase in defense spending and weapons capability in the coming years the country will get its first aircraft carrier since world war two and it will place a large order for advanced fighters from the us took us says it's a meeting to counter chinese moves to expand its military presence in the area which is so obvious government said it's also aims to address continuing tensions
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with north korea. while this comes at the end of a year that saw john yang make moves to improve ties with its other arch enemies the united states and south korea. the unified team korea. twenty two athletes i see temperatures but an atmosphere. it all started with. grand entrance one month earlier the north supreme leader suggested feeling unify korean olympic team and. this despite donald trump's threat of fire and fury hanging over him. suddenly the world saw another side of north korea boy cheerleaders applauding the unified women's hockey team. after months of playing tough guy it was
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a veritable public relations coup for kim and then a first for the two koreas in make him and south korea's president in met at the military demarcation line that divides the two countries. later moon would say at the moment chairman kim crossed the line the site became a symbol of peace not division. but came through curveball he departed from the official protocol and asked me to join him in stepping across to the north arch enemies holding hands in the spring sun. i am hoping for a meaningful agreement that will be a big gift to the entire korean nation and every peace loving person in the world. the talks culminated in an agreement was signed in september its motto cooperation not confrontation the two koreas were in charge washington found itself
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sidelined. after being in power for seven years kim made his first ever state visit it was to china and two more trips were to follow north korea's relationship with china had hit a historic low but now kim was looking for friends. for its part china wanted to reassert its traditional influence the outcome was that china would be at the table whenever intra korean solutions were discussed and then there was the elaborately choreographed summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump in singapore. high on production values low on concrete results according to trump north korea's nuclear disarmament was a done deal trump was pleased with the results. better than anybody could have expected. in reality kim had signed only
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a vague declaration of intent similar to his agreement with south korea business as usual for the supreme leader. kim had tunnels destroyed at the nuclear test site in the run up to the summit it was a sign of diplomatic reproach miles but total disarmament will not be coming anytime soon the weapons are as bargaining chips came wanted sanctions loosened but trump didn't budge. relations with the south on the other hand were more fruitful a canine peace gift from him to president moon bore six puppies the dogs are south of the border where millions of north koreans can only dream of visiting. just a marine has been fired as manchester united manager after two and a half years on the job and weekend to feed to bitter rivals liverpool proved to be the last straw for united suborder with a side sixth in the english premier league after their worst start to the season
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since one thousand nine hundred. the legacy of former manchester united manager alex ferguson looms large his thirteen premier league titles have been a tough act to follow josie marino became the latest coach to be tasked of reviving the club in two thousand and sixteen his impressive c.v. included success at porto chelsea in seville land and by all madrid the early signs were good with the europa league title in his first season but worries about his defensive style of play began to eat away at fans the portuguese spent nearly four hundred fifty million euros on new players such as paul but demanded even more from the reluctant board rumors also circled that stars including france world cup winner were unhappy with merinos methods and public criticism of his squad so sometimes what you see is not one so you don't think they don't.
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i seen. that some more than others. you know marino leaves with a reported twenty million euro payout and united's focus which is to a new permanent coach probably for next season then a deans adown is available after leaving rael madrid following three champions league triumphs while tottenham hotspur tino is adept at developing young players just like ferguson. the challenge of restoring united's former glory and didn't fall in the millions of fans again is huge whoever takes charge. now the surf was up in hawaii during the season ending event in the world surfing championship while brazilian surfer gabriel medina beat australia julian wilson in the pipe masters final to take home the sport's biggest prize with waves reaching more than two metres high regina remain calm and scored on all of his runs but to
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capture the crown it took perfection and the brazilian delivered in front of thousands of onlookers medina netted a perfect ten after serving it to you flawlessly and then you just nailed it this is going to have second world surfing championship title the first king back in twenty fourteen. amazing stuff here is a birthday now that some cynics may not have expected ever to see keith richards the indestructible co-founder and guitarist of the rolling stones has turned seventy five richards has a reputation for hard living but has said he stopped using hard drugs of four years ago and just a few days ago he told an interviewer he'd given up drinking almost happy birthday . right thank you so much for watching on little rock and brolin which is up next with your business that lies
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and i'll be at the top of the hour. and then. here. you are you know this is what you do fine.


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