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the feet of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. up. to the. march december twenty second d. w. . hello everybody hears your own lifestyle in today's show who puts you in the mood for christmas of course let's see what we have lined up for you. christmas it is going to top the u.k. single chop the season. christmas decorations and
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tree both from germany on. christmas grinch five celebrities who don't join in the fact. the u.k. christmas number one head will be announced this week it is the most successful song in the week before christmas and the one that tops the official u.k. charts on the friday before christmas for over forty years fads of eagerly awaited the resell so let's take a look at the favorites this time around. ariana grande day has topped the u.k. charts for the last six weeks with her song thank you next any accompanying music video is appropriately christmassy so the american singer stands a good chance of landing this year's number one christmas single in the u.k. . but veteran british pop star elton john could throw
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a spanner in the works he's revived his old hit your song for a new t.v. commercial. it's. joe sparrow knows his way around the british music business the man from manchester works as a music blogger and manages young bands is something everyone is interested in everyone is still even if any generation they still want to know they're still interested in who is number one of course there is still excitement around being number one of christmas time and it is a big cultural event and it's in all the newspapers at the moment people are speculating who's going to be number one this year. jess glynne also has a chance of taking the top spot the british singer song thursday has been in the u.k. charts for nine weeks the week before christmas is a lucrative time for the u.k. music industry people buy and stream more songs during this week than at any other
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time of year teams are particularly eager to support their favorite stars there's still a quite a strong interest from young friends so fourteen fifteen year old fans particular big bosses like for example are on the ground and they're really keen on making sure that the author says it number one. last year's number one christmas hit was perfect by ed sheeran these days the winner is determined not just by cd and record sales but also by which song was. downloaded and stream the most. but things were different in this band's heyday in one nine hundred seventy three slade recorded the number one holiday hit with their song merry christmas everybody. the u.k.'s most popular band the beatles were also very successful at christmas the fab four landed four number one holiday hits. but supergroups haven't always come out on top.
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in one thousand nine hundred three the number one christmas single was the novelty song mr blobby. generally regarded i was the worst song as there has ever been at number one and it was christmas someone for that year but i don't think it's a corker of british culture. british t.v. talent show the x. factor has helped restore interest in the top christmas single competition the show's winners have often landed the number one christmas hit to. jamaican singer dalton harris this year's x. factor winner is trying to score with his cover of the power of love. but christmas isn't only about commerce so every year songs that raise money for and awareness about good causes are also in the running this year the gifted organs acquire comprised of organ donors and recipients hopes their song tomorrow will
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highlight the urgent need for donor organs people want to feel like they're doing something good around christmas time that it's not just consumerism. they want to actually have something that they like music and combine it with charity. the race for this year's christmas number one is still ongoing but music expert john sparrow sees a clear favorite already i could be wrong and you can never tell but i think i'm going to ground they will get to number one this year i can't see anyone else beating a sort of a one and even. it's hard to work even. with this t.v. i think she'll be able what however i am totally prepared to be completely wrong about that because you never know with the crispest of combat think you know whether it's a superstar an artist with a home advantage a song for charity a golden oldie or a new song we'll have to wait until december twenty first to know who will top the u.k. charts this christmas. and we stay on the topic of christmas and now express
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even santa claus has something to say but first we start off the festive celebrations on ice. the world's biggest temporary covered ice rink has opened in paris it's the fourth year that skaters can enjoy some three thousand square metres of ice under the glass roof of the grandpa today. the rink is open to skaters from ten am to seven pm in the evening it's transformed into a frozen disco it will remain open until january the night. in revenue me finland santa claus is asking people to respect the environment to donate should he broadcasts his traditional season's creating to the world just before taking off in his sleigh the christmas village of rovaniemi is in lackland
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right on the arctic circle. thousands of people head to northern finland during the winter holidays there's lots to do in the run up to christmas villages post office has to handle some thirty thousand letters a day. the christmas song silent night is celebrating its two hundredth anniversary several events are planned especially in austria where it was composed include. a musical insult borg silent night was sung for the first time on christmas eve eighteen nineteen in st nicholas church and over today it's one of the world's best known christmas songs in two thousand and eleven unesco listed it as an impenetrable cultural heritage. and saying in australia if you are a fan of classical music this kind of city trip should be perfect for you that book
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was the birth town of. the famous composer died at the age of thirty five but he left behind sixty symphonies and countless other pieces all around that spoke of there are like marx museums and many other tract dedicated to the city's most famous son. think of south park and most people will think of mozart in fact there is no escaping him when you're here he's everywhere in all manner of weird and wonderful manifestations from candies and postcards to dolls. but we want to see more of the real mozart our first stop is cafe tomaselli the oldest coffee house in salzburg and apparently a popular haunt of mozart's. is a music professor and conductor and an expert on the composer he knows about the other side of the musical genius. despite the intense focus he dedicated to his
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fans posing in mozart also had a crazy side he jumped up on tables and meola like a cat softly crazy sometimes i suppose it was to give him balance you can feel like the. mozart himself had a sweet tooth these famous chocolate covered pretty lines fer his name but were invented a century after his death there called. another obligatory stop in his coffee first maker of the original product they were created in one thousand nine hundred by a local confectioner poet first. unfortunately he failed to get them patented the cafe he founded still makes them by hand some three million a year. mozart googles have a pistachio. envelop in new get discounts if you can also read his history and often torched it then the ball is put on the stick and dipped in chocolate. and
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then left to dry in. our tour of mozart's hometowns outspoken continues to try to the city's most famous street it's where the composer was born that was in seven hundred fifty six but the apartment building is a lot older. as are the door bells they predate electricity and still work just fine. even if the person down below can't hear them. the most art museum in the house where the composer was born is one of australia's most popular museums. it's three stories are packed with treasures connected to mozart's life among the highlights is the violin he played as of wunderkind mozart was just five when he penned his first compositions here under the supervision of his father lee. the beginning of his who purgative career.
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this is the rue mozart is said to have been born in. the display cases contain some of his personal effects including an apparently genuine lock of his hair. a trip back in time to the late eighteenth century and to the genesis of his music. mozart's compositions have great emotional depth which is passed on to both performers and listeners. all through thought for anyone listening to mozart from japan to the antilles from hamburg to rome it's a special kind of joy because all he speak lucas of and he goes to some littleton's was. no mozart themed tour would be complete without a visit to southport cathedral. the infant mozart was baptized here in this very front. guide professor val nature
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also has a personal connection to mozart he lives in the building where the composer's widow concerns are once lived. he sometimes gives tours and shows people around if you're lucky you might even get to go up on the terrace with its delightful views over the rooftops of zion spork. for many people the nine hundred twenty s. were not an easy decade with its widespread unemployment poverty and a lack of housing but maybe because of all that it was also a time of legendary parties and night clubs where people could forget all their problems for a while and feel free now one woman in hamburg helps founds relive the rowing twenty's. mom is a time traveler she loves and lives for nine hundred twenty fashions she designs
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and solos the clothes herself. and i think the clothing style is quite special very extravagant tough a little androgynous yet also very feminine that's what i like about that era that . around fifteen years ago she began making clothes for others to. her hamburg shop is dedicated to women's fashions from the twenty's and ever since tom to course hit t.v. series babylon berlin the series was broadcast on some styles are sold out and what else have coughed up of course we're happy about that but we can't keep up with the demand it's increased exponentially on the one nine hundred twenty s. . lucy flapper dresses were fashionable as they were perfect for dancing. oh i love. the charleston was all the rage after world war one people lived like there was no
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tomorrow women threw off their corsets and showed their knees what was revolutionary then is now retro and enjoying a renaissance with. our customers range from seventeen to seventy and they're all really different. they come from really different walks of life there's the bar owner from santa polly and a lawyer from blank in a.z. and also all kinds of women. has long been one of mahler's regular customers. she's come for a fitting for a new evening dress with all the trimmings. kalish. few years on you discovered her love for the nineteen twenties in her childhood. help. these little enough i heard the song or when i was four and i danced the
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charleston to it because i never my father would say dance this michonne fleisher i do the charleston and also right away i fell in love with twenty fashions too. even as a teenager i'd wear marlene dietrich style pants to school i was a bit of a freak in those clothes i wore knickerbockers too and i loved them ever since yeah . mom fundamentals cuts are inspired by the one nine hundred twenty s. but adapted to modern day life along with evening wear she also makes pant suits suitable for the working women of today is one years each wants to wear one to the office the fitting takes a while because here it's not just about fashion it's also about a feeling of wings from the inside here kind spend lots of time here sometimes two or three hours and then you're looking for a nice relaxing time to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the door. and when they walk out the door in their twenty's style outfit they take this
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relaxed feeling and joie de vivre along with them. what images come to mind when you think of the typical german somebody who drives like a madman on the motorway spence's sundays polishing his car well maybe our new facebook series that's so gentlemen will show you might just be right. so. once a week cartoonist may go for an on this cold spot. typically germany idiosyncrasy. so we go weekly dose of german humor. i don't know but today e.w. remarks facebook page. and now it's time
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for this week's series home for christmas we're taking you on a tour through europe to discover the roots of some of our christmas traditions and we start of here in germany where the town of and in the state of chilling in was founded in fifteen ninety seven when to the last blow is sought permission from the governing to build a workshop it soon became a hotbed for glass production but it was the christmas ornaments that really put it on the map. securing the baubles are still blown by hand in the run up to christmas the fragile artworks can be seen wherever you go. the christmas baubles market takes place on the first two advent weekends visitors come from far and wide to buy the decorations. this is an old buy it's
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a feast for the beach ball because more beautiful than the last one is johan's really beautiful. many people prefer the handmade christmas ornaments and so they're still popular. there's a lot of competition but these remain very popular many customers want reassurance that they really are made in. alongside volatiles glass birds are also extremely popular. but the gnocchi for these tickets in trumpets on traditional i remember when they were put under the christmas tree when we offered by. all kinds like these in the nuts as well. difference to you i think it's great here but the snow adds to the lovely atmosphere. and your unusual items. which is.
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crafts people here and all sure i've been working with class for over four hundred years the village grew up around the glass works christmas ornaments were first made here in the middle of the nineteenth century. closures museum of glass art exhibits many old treasures exports began early in the nineteenth century many went to pennsylvania and the us. yes but why do people here start making christmas ornaments do you think in that scenario legend has it that a poet last blow a has no apples on nuts on my that's what people back then used to decorate the tree. he couldn't afford to buy and so he made his own ornaments from don that he can oh it's out last christmas want to came about. because. today there are five glassblower zero are specialized in christmas ornaments mischa
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out on his one of them he still uses molds made by his grandfather. michael's photos he my grandfather made many birds in his life so i'm leaving my mother always said that of all those birds were to wake up and fly away it would darken the sky over. first silver and an ammonia mixer put in the glass mold then the works are dried and. common and produces mainly birds but he has other motifs as well there's a huge variety of christmas ornaments on sale that the glass works and and they're available all year round. but we've already found christmas these are the ones on the short list here for i'd
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like to send his best time to the glass which here a special i don't cost us to get these and she wanted something from a bunch that will give us the. christmas is coming and the glass blowers of russia will help make it a season of life and good cheer. well that's got you into the fast so spirits visit our website to let us know. how you like to spend christmas and what you really need to make it perfect send us a photo and don't forget to explain why you like to celebrate this way if your entry is chosen you could win and then exclusive your own next waist watch well christmas isn't everyone's cup of tea in every family ok group of friends there's always someone who doesn't look forward to it so time now for. five european celebrities you probably didn't know are not looking forward to christmas. christmas season is something of this musician certainly isn't
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excited about. he once said he'd be just fine with a bag of potato chips for christmas. and he'd be telling his young daughter the truth about santa in fifth place in our celebrity christmas grinch ranking comes no gallagher in fact it's hard to find anything the musician actually does like and so for gallagher christmas isn't a jolly time of year. but rather something to the town of. christmas presents. messy. mother young ho to you i once told an interviewer her curious aversion to christmas presents used to drive for mom crazy she simply can't get excited about them. so she's in fourth place. will still celebrate christmas for her son six she seems
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to like it more than she does. what do you give someone who already has everything well if it's karl lagerfeld the answer is nothing that's because he keeps to himself at this time of year. lagerfeld takes the third spot in our ranking at christmas the fashion designer stays home he doesn't have guests over he doesn't go out and. he enjoys his phone not ringing for a change. so silent night it is for karl lagerfeld. to grant plays the lead role in one of the world's best known christmas films it's bound to show up on t.v. over the holidays love actually is humorous take on christmas makes it an all time favorite most not only. to be cursed spot on.
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but the british actor probably won't be watching it i wasn't there on our christmas grinch is hugh grant who loves travelling abroad during the festive season grant often likes to travel with his dad ideally to a country where they don't celebrate christmas. grant says his dad's aversion to christmas must have rubbed off on him. irish musician bob geldof is also a major scrooge taking the top spot in our ranking geldof penned do they know it's christmas which shot to number one on the u.k. single charts in nineteen eighty-four. i. don't know got numerous pop stars together to raise funds for ethiopia the song is still popular at this time of year but killed off one said that hearing the song over and over in supermarkets every christmas is sheer torture. i. i i. and now it's time to say
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good bye for now don't forget to keep up with the show on social media but until we meet again from the entire you know max team here thanks for tuning in to let you could join us and hopefully we'll see you again tomorrow so by. your own words the sculpture is part french artist are also people. don't bet on and try to keep your name are a static and the efforts vary. in their hands paper is transformed into poetry the matter more as a lamb so they make in their studio near bordeaux are sold around the world sculptures made to light up your life next time on your own max.
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good. good. good. good. good.
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odds. natural riches some. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. of farmland has been called ethiopia is a great goal to the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international coverage from china. the government is after high export revenues come the corporations high profit margins but not everyone benefits from the booming business. model expropriation environmental destruction starvation the big the crisis from government into corporate greed the bodice selling out of
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a country dead donkeys fear no hyenas. starts december twenty ninth on d w. how do you know how much in a timeless way to discover the vultures ballsed world starts january thirteenth on t.w. . imagine being bored as. your ally the come prove it since. you want to look the no school trick you want to be useful but on aloud to the. when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to us should. have knows. when you die there's no chance of the ever exist. and every ten minutes. someone this is. ten million people in the world the stakes they have no
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nationality i'm told they don't belong and. that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say i roam.
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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin could it be the final battle against islamic state u.s. back to kurdish and arab forces are close to else doing that you have just from the last urban stronghold in syria but it's threatened turkish intervention is putting victory in doubt also coming up remembering the day when marks the second anniversary of the christmas market terror attack the outrage left twelve people dead and dozens injured. the indian wedding season is in full swing by.


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