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selling out of the country did. starts december twenty ninth on g.w. . this is utopian it was live from berlin the united states is reportedly preparing to pull its forces from syria after president from suggested victory over i.f.c. well that says u.s. backed kurdish an arab troops battle to oust to hot is from their last stronghold in the country has written turkish intervention though is putting victory in doubt also coming up. keeping the planes flying with one hundred days to go before the
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u.k. is due to leave the european union the e.u. steps up its planning in case britain clashes out with no breaks a deal where in brussels for reaction and germany moves to welcome more foreigners coming to work here the aim is to simplify the process for recognizing qualifications earned outside the european union and help fill more than a million jumping concedes. with. our little mark thank you so much for your company everyone. u.s. military commanders are reportedly preparing to or draw completely from syria after a decision by president doll trump trump hinted at the move with h. wheat claiming victory over so-called islamic state that says the american backed syrian democrat. atic forces the s.d.f.
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attempt to clear the town gene of islamist fighters gene lies in the valley of the euphrates river close to the border with iraq it's the last stronghold of the jihadist militia which once controlled large regions of syria and iraq but as the mainly kurdish as d.f. inches closer to final victory over i s turkey is threatening to launch an assault against the kurds further north reporter daniel has filed this report from the front line in syria. these people have escaped the clutches of the so-called islamic state. that stranded in a camp two hundred kilometers from the front line. traumatized exhausted but free after days of rain and cold weather the conditions are atrocious books it's better than being under the guns of the i s fighters locked in regard battle on the banks of the euphrates to get up. use does as human shields so the warplanes can't
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attack from the sky. planted mines everywhere and they don't want to let anyone escape. or they're criminals dirty thieves they took everything from us our money as well and then they left. the battle for the last bit of territory held by yes is a tough one. the militia has lost nearly all the land they've held but around five thousand fighters are putting up fierce resistance their leader abu bakr al baghdadi is thought to be among them. dozens of members of the s.t.'s have been killed in recent weeks and last despite our support from the united states and other allies. they've put booby traps in mines everywhere we were advancing but slowly and we have to take care to avoid civilian
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casualties. this is what's left by the fighting the streets of hygiene the former terrorist stronghold most of the people who live here have fled. the main the kurdish s.d.f. has captured the center of the town and most of the outskirts from my ass. fighting is continuing in the surrounding villages to jihadists are still managing to stay john bush is a hit and run attacks. yes fighters trying every day to attack our units and recapture the villages but we are pushing back with all we have. the american backed s.d.f. is now facing a potential enemy on another front. victory over the i.r.s. in the euphrates valley is within reach. but now turkey is threatening to march
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into code controlled areas on its southern border and currencies the kurdish fighters as terrorists. these threats help yes precisely now when we're making gains in the fight for hygiene turkey threatens an offensive in northern syria. and that's bad news for the people still on the ice control not everyone has been able to flee thousands are still trapped in the last pocket of virus territory. all right will let's first bring in the correspondent and shawl of ora who is tracking these fast moving developments for us from beirut and so they came they saw they won i mean is it as easy as u.s. president donald trump claims in a tweet that the u.s. have defeated the so-called islamic state in syria have they been defeat it. well first it's not been easy at all and it's not just the us or the support provided by them that has defeated to a large extent territorially that has defeated isis to
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a large extent to totally. and if you notice that in this war russia and america. s.d.f. which is backed by the americans for would also iran back shia militia sports it's not just been the doing of donald trump or barack obama in this case what president trump is trying to see is that look i'm going to be delivering on my message that the american troops should withdraw and this is in preparation for that this street has isis been defeated territorially to a large extent but if you look at their campaign online on some of the encrypted groups we can deal some of us journalists continue to get messages from isis that they will regroup and they have not been decimated they're just fled and once the active war stops the will begin guerrilla warfare so that fear is still there but in that regard there are still a lot of ifs and buts how isis will regroup and where the leadership is have they been killed or the or they are in hiding all right until it let's continue in there
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on that point that you are just ended with what would an abrupt american withdrawal mean for instance for the syrian kurdish forces on the ground. well for the city and go discourses this is bad news because they were centrally been relying on american support to have a steady tree and add up that we count on so they have that may not happen if the americans leave which means that their sacrifices that they have need not have been worth it for them at least it's bad news for them and president is good news because he can go back to his people and say look i've delivered on my message but if isis does the group then donald trump will be asked these questions that he perhaps was hasty when it came to his majority it's also a bit of a problem for the americans because they told the gulf allies they would be continued on and the positioning of american troops and city has once important but if you've exhausted troops and how will you be answering his gulf allies right over in the twenty seconds that we have left together our reports suggest that the
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turkish forces might attack kurdish troops who have been instrumental in defeating i guess as you've been reporting what would that mean if that were to materialize interior and i'm with us that would draw a will notice just fill the vacuum now well that is bad news for the kurds but we still don't know whether that ups will have to act the kurdish forces are not one has said that he will but he hasn't yet done it so maybe he's trying to grab some sort of a deal with the americans is bad news for the kurds but it will not impact the isis operation because hardin is on city of iraq border and the turks want to deal with the kurds who are on their border with syria so doesn't impact isis in the immediate future i laid out what happens remains to be see because if that if turkey attacks kurdish forces then it will give space for isis to regroup was s.d.s. attention will be do work to the other border a very very fluid theater of our reporting from beirut thank you.
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all right and let's go check in with my own shrader in washington d.c. you know where that part of the story is also unfolding first off before we start has there been an official confirmation about the decision to effectively redraw u.s. troops in syria only insofar as we've seen the president's tweet leyla the pentagon has not commented at all beyond to say that they at this time are continuing to act in the region. this really is coming sort of a surprise for many of the reasons that are already outlined here and it's sort of elise question and it sort of leaves hanging what are u.s. allies going to do now especially as the u.s. withdrawing if they actually do you would leave somewhat of a power vacuum that would then be filled by the actors who are still in the region namely russia and iran and as mentioned the u.s.
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is partly there for its allies to try to contain iranian influence in syria. as you alluded to the timing is somewhat unexpected i mean everybody seems to been taken by surprise by the suggestion that these troops are u.s. troops might be pulled out from syria is everybody on board with this decision. well that's an excellent question as we head to the generals have not said much sense president trump announced this this morning but it does sort of fly in the face of what several u.s. leaders have said in the past days and it is an out of breath reversal of american policy in the region we saw the joint chiefs of staff just a couple of days ago saying that the u.s. mission in syria is far from over in large part because as was pointed out isis maybe territorially contained but he said it would be naive to assume that they are completely defeated and we don't actually know how many isis fighters still exist
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the estimates range between two thousand and thirty thousand and that's a huge range of people who might still be out there fighting for the so-called islamic state and even some people in trump's own party have been pushing back we saw one senator saying that this would be an obama like a mistake referencing the two thousand and eleven when president president obama also announced that he would be withdrawing troops from syria so not a lot of unity here but possibly just something that president trump wanted to say that he was able to accomplish during just the first two years of his term my shrader reporting from washington thank you all right was for him to speak with some of the other stories making news around the world. berlin has marked the second anniversary of the terror attack that left twelve people dead and dozens injured in the german capital on december nineteenth twenty sixth radicalised tunisian man hijacked a truck killed its driver and then plowed into
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a crowded christmas market. the world food program says it is cutting services to palestinians in the west bank and gaza strip due to a lack of funding some two hundred thousand people will be affected by the cuts one of the program's major donors was united states but it announced funding cuts to projects for palestinians earlier this year. with just one hundred days to go before britain is set to leave the european union and the european commission has revealed its plans to deal with a new deal breakers that the e.u. outlined measures aimed to avoid disruption in key sectors like air traffic and financial trading british citizens residency rights would also be protected but new restrictions on trade and travel would come into force among them british trucks would lose rights to carry goods into the new european union and british people traveling with pets would face border checks now with time running out on a settled exit of britain out of the e.u. the rift between brussels and london appears to be deepening let's get more details
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now from our brussels correspondent garrick. georg the e.u. commission has come out with its no deal doomsday plan and it doesn't make for comforting reading. it does not at all or late and you mention people traveling with paths another thing that is on that list is for instance that goods on trucks will be allowed to enter the european union for another nine months after a no deal breck's it but really the most interesting details in that list of contingency plans that includes a total of eight sectors is what is not on that list because all the things that are not on that list you will have a cliff edge cracks it's situation in other words they will disappear and for instance what is not on there is the passport in system which allows banks and financial companies to treat freely from the u.k. with the e.u. all of this will come to a halt at the end of march also what's not on that list is the medical sector
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what's not on the list is veterinary checks or fishery all these things will come to a halt and that is what will cause the real catastrophe of a no deal breck's it i mean it was the amazing thing of course now is that the possibility of a no deal scenario is center stage of the e.u. from its perspective it looks determined to make a new deal the least attractive and the most painful option for the u.k. that's right and we have to make clear here we're looking here at the directives these are not small deals that will provide a managed if you want so there are time limited they can be withdrawn uni laterally any time and the e.u. has made clear in a press conference these are also things that they have unilaterally drawn up in their own interest it's take it or leave it for the u.k. for the trucks for instance if you allow our trucks in we allow your trucks in but
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this is a take it or leave it it's not going to be negotiated how much of this is just scaremongering to get british lawmakers to finally sign off on the deal that is currently on the table. i doesn't want of course some tactics here because clearly the e.u. is very keen to get a deal done i mean this the president go she has emphasized that over and over again we do want to deal we are facing a lose lose scenario but a cliff edge breaks it would be a catastrophe more for the u.k. than for us but still for us it's a problem but of course having said that the you also made clear that no deal is better than a bad deal so they will not walk across all the red lines they have drawn only to get a deal they're not desperate that is the message sent from brussels today garrick motus reporting from brussels thank you. chance the anglo american government has agreed on a bill to help skilled workers from also i think european union to find jobs in germany the country urgently needs people to fill more than
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a million job vacancies while the proposed law will simplify the process for recognizing professional or vocational training degrees that have been earned abroad it will eliminate the requirements that employers check where there are german nationals are also available to fill the vacancy and if passed by lawmakers it will allow qualified nominee you nationals you speak german to live in the country while they look for work. is nervous he has to give a presentation to the whole team today the forty year old iraqi is an apprentice at an i.t. company and like most of his colleagues here he has only lived in germany for a few years. they hail from syria iran and iraq and they all came to germany as refugees. this is a great chance for me because it's difficult to get a job training position here. three years ago
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a request for asylum was denied his official status since then has been what germany terms tolerated right to state this apprenticeship will give him a chance of staying longer the skills he's learning are in demand here there are eighty to one hundred thousand positions in the n.t. branch alone that cannot be filled due to lack of qualified workers to see what is probably up until now the problem was if you get someone who is not european then there is a risk that they are not going to be able to stay at the end of the day you need a visa and what am i going to do if they don't get a visa or if i have a job to fill but in germany or european has to do it in the whole process was a waste of time because in the moment germany needs immigrants otherwise its economic growth will slow down considerably experts estimate that in around ten years there will be a shortage of three million trains. workers the new immigration law now is designed to address this problem to make it easier for skilled labor from outside of the you to move here but still some questions remain how will the new immigration laws
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affect people working in germany whose asylum requests were denied they may be granted the tolerated right to stay status for another two years yet there is still a stark demarkation between those seeking asylum and the migration of trained professionals to germany as an incline when there were small companies in the north anything after three years we were told a colleague has to return to his or her country of origin you know that would be a setback not just financially or from a business perspective but also personally as one of your posts. to some of your time from syria is the newest instructor he has been on the country as an i.t. specialist since april. first apprentice he still has one year to go and hopes go well. when i was going to complete my training and get a job and stay here in germany so that would make me really happy and satisfied and . if we're going to notice. you know she's boss he's
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hoping things will get simpler with the new law so he can keep his specialists and employ new ones as well. all right i'm now joined by just a third the senior program officer on migration at the german marshall fund of the united states a very warm welcome let's start with she rose who we just met in our report. these new immigration laws how do they impact him a refugee here in germany trying to find work yes well it's important to note that the cabinet actually passed to draft laws today the first one was the so-called immigration law for skilled labor that was referenced germany has a large need for skilled labor not supposed to make access for third country nationals from outside of the easier and much faster and some. the second law that was passed pertains to people like we saw over there in the documentary which are those that did not get refugee status but that they're still in germany under
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a so-called tolerated status and so there are certain requirements that need to be met that people are actually employed are so-called well integrated have a job for at least eighteen months but this second law actually does allow certain people to stay and that was a compromise that the government reached and hard compromise what was it about the old rules that were already in place that needed to be updated so specifically also on the first loss of the new migration law the criticism was always that the iraq received actually worked to slow the process was extremely complicated on the legal issue but also in terms of at the embassies themselves and this is why you had a bunch of very many employed years in germany and especially from medium sized enterprises really the backbone of german industries complaining that they cannot fill the vacant positions now if this law actually does simplify the process will need to be seen and how it is implemented so just by passing the law we do not yet know if it's actually going to meet that goal right now you know inevitably this is
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of course growing or two or sparked debate again about the inflects influx excuse me of a migrants in germany during recent years which has been quite heated lately yes it will but in a way it will bring the debate a little bit back to what was before the so-called refugee crisis because already then you have a big debate about german companies not being able to fill vacant positions so on the one hand we are going back to a debate that we have of course what you have now and what you've seen is a more of a mixture of mixing refugees with labor migration and the hope of course of many politicians is that the debate will become more focused on the labor needs are i thank you so very much jessica brewster senior program officer migration from the german marshall fund really for sure thanks for having me. and next up football bonus leaders suffered their first a feat of the season on shoes a night falling two for an additional door for two one home side just filter of
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took the lead early on with dough do you have to keep back to breaking quickly to see if that is seven the goal of the league this season and after the break a ferocious strike from those wrong summary double the approach at sides advantage a truly unstoppable strike from the german winner dortmund pulled one back to taco bell cus there but it was a little too early it's. now fresh after firing coach shows they moreno manchester united have announced that their former player. souls uart will take the reins until the end of the season before striker played for almost a decade a united in doing himself to fans after scoring the winner in the famous nineteen ninety nine champions league final victory over by in munich he has honed his coaching skills in his homeland winning norway's top domestic league twice with
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mulder. all right over to garrett now and compromise between brussels and raul that's why the european union has accepted italy's revised budget proposal to address brussels concerns italy's populist government office or lower its deficit target for next year from two point four to just over two percent of gross domestic products commission said it would accept the offer and not recommend the launch of the so-called excessive deficit procedure again strong. italy's capital rome now it seems the country and the e.u. have reached a consensus the italian government promised to set new debt that two point zero four percent of g.d.p. next year instead of the two point four percent as originally planned brussels has agreed to this so there's no threat of sanctions italians are relieved. but. it's important that italy works with the european union. that. there's no
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sense fighting against europe. let it go i see it as a good thing i hope this government can move forward with the things they've planned or to know they can work on all their plans in the future the way i see it i don't like thinking all the time that things could go wrong the reaction project if you will that the italian government is a coalition of the right leaning greek and populist five star movement both want to finance expensive election promises including a basic income and a lower retirement age but at around one hundred thirty percent of g.d.p. italy's mountain of debt is second only to greece. and the greek parliament also approves that one hundred nineteen budget by a narrow margin on tuesday debates in the in parliament have been going on for days the budget is based on the assumption that the greek economy will grow by two point five percent next year it's the first greek by the. since the end of the aid
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program in august athens now has to raise its own money on the capital markets the u. commission has given the go ahead for the budget but hold on the greek government to implement further reforms. pharmaceutical giant pfizer and glaxo smith kline are forging an alliance that will be worth billions to pharma companies plan on joining their over the counter product divisions last year they had a combined turnover of almost thirteen billion dollars pfizer will hold on to thirty two percent of the planned joint venture glaxo will keep sixty eight is the next step will be to float the new company on the stock exchange. a little earlier i spoke to our markets correspondent only bots in frankfurt and i asked him if the two partners are actually seeing eye eye to. yes and they have to see it to make it work you know we've seen so many mergers and bringing together of units in the past
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where when you get down to the nitty gritty of the every day important decisions that are important to executives but also to the normal workers where there are differences differences in culture is an interest and then the thing goes sour so they have to work together but investors thinking this is a great idea the shares are going up pfizer not quite as much as glaxo smith kline but quite so smith kline advancing by around six percent at the moment how is this going to shake up the pharmaceuticals market. well together they will be world number one in these o.t.c. consumer oriented health products where the market share of seven point three percent way more than for example buyer or johnson and johnson or sanofi who are at about four percent but remember that part of the driver of this merger is the pressure that the market has put on the brand name producers because you have stores with only store brands putting pressure plus online online of purchasing of
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products like this so that's one of the motivations and for smith kline glaxo smith kline it's also the fact that it can use money now to bolster its pharmaceuticals to get better progress there to move towards new blockbusters for example money making ones for example for oncology. only buyouts in frankfurt thank you. that's all your business and he has a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here at. the white house says the u.s. military has begun withdrawing from syria that news comes as u.s. backed kurdish and arab forces battled to oust so-called islamic states from the losses from hold in syria. we want to d.w. news from berlin there is more news coming at the top of the hour of course don't forget you can. get all the latest news information on our website that's. called
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facing the pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. but the. tenor for the. starts december twenty second t w. rebellion in the ad it seems to be true just about everywhere in france people are rebelling against the government and it's really the government is rebelling against the e.u. and even in companies more and more walk has a revolt against their corporate lead us well a little revolution once in a while could be a healthy thing you need.


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