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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Salvador Panelo  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CET

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starvation. prices government. selling out the. dead donkeys if you know i did not. start december twenty ninth on t.w. . two years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president do tatay as vigorously denied my guest this week here in manila is his legal advisor salvatore panel oh is the administration actively sanctioning and even encouraging mud on its own streets.
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salvador penelope welcome to conflict thank you for having me your president says he's old and tired and he's going to hear again about stepping down in february said i've no more ambition who needs a president who's got no more ambition person more of an expression of. we're just a excess spare ration and disgust over certain things that do not come out as he expect but is not stepping down who finishes turn he says guys i want you to know i'm thinking of stepping down because he just once he is was so tell the people that he's not the kind of politician that will cling to a position so you can't believe what he says not really everybody is entitled to express one's frustration or express variation on a certain sort of companies doing it cause that leader in february did it august this is the time again that is his style that is why he wants his content it's not just style is it you will either believe him or not look he would have not won the
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presidency of that is not his style cursing is one of them being very brutally frank as another in his office in one thousand speech he said that he would hardly make a dent in his remaining four years in office if so so who needs that either if if the corruption continues if the drug menace is not stop then he would be right in saying you don't already failed to deliver on his promise to clear up the drug problem in three to six months this is all there this was easy it was only eris you're right and they're very good six months the drugs mechanism is being slowly dismantled he said that clear it up but in three to six months all because according to what was this was this hyperbole is aware of this was the star when he was still a mayor he thought that the problem was not that youths he realized when he came into power but all of the resources that it is not here overestimated he's only
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been the norm he already the point do you all varies from a to the problem or underestimated the problem rather. how much of what he says these days can you actually believe that i mean i've seen you wheeled out in the press and television to explain the didn't really say what he said he said the latest example was june twenty second when he caused an uproar by saying god is stupid it is a god is stupid it was only questioned the logic the end of theory question he who don't read the lips of the president you read his actions is a better language than i read the quote the quote was about adam and eve in the garden of eden and he said what he did was events the apple then she wakes up adam so adam riess the apple there malice was born who is this stupid because at least are asking the largest kill legions or to go to the writers of the bible that created a story it's not god who created the story remember it was not god who came down
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and told us this is how i created you he did say that they created the bible and they gave us a serial creation now he's questioning the logic behind it because he says he'll make a perfect situation and you're trying to destroy yourself it's not just the logic is it he's he doubled down a couple of days late he said i didn't say that my god is stupid i said your god is not my god because your god is stupid yes because you'll be ships reacted yes because it must be cause abusive they build and offensive because they didn't get exactly what he wanted to tell them if you are the christian groups or the catholic what should you be feel offended when your aunt here is being questioned you explain to the person questioning the russian r.b.i. that you don't be you don't feel sure it wasn't via the catholic bishops conference of the philippines issued a sermon criticizing people in power who boast of their own wisdom and blasts fim
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our god as stupid so they're accusing him of blasphemy. by your argument is wrong. they misunderstood the press and in fact he said several days later i have all just so my god i was telling my god i'm not referring to even said i wrote he had to apologize so he did say it is mine it is thoughts that was he explained it to a brother visitor about one of the christian groups mr parlow is he a killer your president no he's not sorry you use against killers you've you have explained some of what he says is hyperbole exaggeration that's how you described his claim that he had roamed the streets of davos city here and he was mare and personally killed people this was an interview you gave february last year but that's not hyperbole he's never said he killed p.c.'s but out of self-defense of those skilless or killing people and he was part of the operation how many is he
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killed he has not said so to my eyes he went out and killed people did he is self defense yes how many i don't know who had to us and we have no idea was never investigated or is he too powerful to investigate was investigated by the us fall out not to be guilty but human rights did that. what about the police was never investigated for murder by the police nobody complain you other day object bedad here rick tims well you know this country there is a rule of law and we follow certain processes you have to follow the rules you'll file a complaint the preliminary investigations conducted by the prosecution to determine probable cause there is in a case just fine in court without that you cannot as you said he killed in self-defense he said when he was sixteen that he killed a man for looking at him the wrong way on either side of the other if you even know if he did kill everybody here allow that it's only now that i'm hearing anyway
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anyone ever bothered to find out whether that was true no i don't think so because i never heard of and could be said that but i did hear of no one interested in the truth anymore in this administration with him whether he could whether he killed on the road when he killed a man when he was sixteen berkeley though people are not interested you're the one interest there we're going to you conduct your own on investigation he was in fact elected on the back of a problem overwhelmingly or that on the on the program bag of a promise to kill wasn't me he said when i stated i'll stop criminality i'll stop criminality and if i have to kill you i'll kill you personally it means that he will go to the ends of the earth to perceive you if you commit crimes in this country that means your kid i guess that again don't you ever take it really don't think you have to take this here at all face value don't they don't take him at face you don't think him literally is a lawyer here you must always remember he's a lawyer and also lawyers now reveal in fact he works within the concept of the law we can't kill out of self defense yes. that was another big promise he couldn't
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deliver on what he didn't stop the criminality he's stopping it he said my chase against graft and corruption seems to be endless and it is contaminated almost all government departments and offices that's not a claim of success is it that's not a claim of clearing i was a memory of six years to do that is only the second year in a spike so many officials including relatives friends fraternity brothers and pointless so what what could you us of the man no president has ever done that you defended him in twenty sixteen over his plan to pay bounties to police and military for killing or bringing in drug dealers you said the law allowed the policy under the concept of citizens arrest of course that wasn't about arresting citizens it's about shooting them as there were no questions asked about whether they got the right person or not the accusation is the policeman killed them without any
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resistance but the facts it's not us they claim to be or are not this they claim to be last year human rights watch said the philippine national police and its agents had repeatedly carried out extra duty to shield killings of drug suspects and then falsely claimed self-defense you always deny this you always deny this but i still do then you should have do you we would have a complaint filed against the policeman now there are cases filed against a policeman but do process would have to go to their facing charges in court and there is trial but last october in response to a public outcry about killings especially of children your president removed the police from the anti drug operations and assigned the p.t.a. the philippine drug enforcement agency just for a few weeks so there was some substance to it otherwise he wouldn't have taken that action would he not against the police the scion of p.v.
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. but in coordination with the policeman so there was not really a change to results from your policy your drug war so far your police have killed more than four thousand two hundred seventy nine people during their operations in july twenty sixth seen and may this year and the human rights groups that you hate as many say as many as twelve thousand a human to human rights group you know dispute what they claim but they say as many as twelve thousand have actually died as released hired killers drug syndicates etc exaggerated that killing is so much easier than toting trials and that no killing happens because there is resistance to police authorities. otherwise there would be not only under those circumstances yes absolutely and the other fact of your policy is that the murder rate is actually going up in the country maybe because people are following the presidential role modeling that all marketers happen because of
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certain reasons coming from those who are behind that could be personally it could be guns gangland style like drug lords scaly is are there when they're turned suctions and all the murder rates in metro manila was up by around one hundred and twelve percent from july twenty sixth seen to june twenty eight hundred those are the police figures that were issued in july this year murder is only part of a kind of crimes i'm saying that the crime rate i'm just told you looting everything every kind of crime has been reduced as going up when he when he was running i mean there's no accountability is that there's no accountability there is accountability on the part of those who murdered the president it's not a president when he was running for president mr deterred he was quite specific on the issue of accountability he promised he'd give himself a members of the security services immunity from prosecution and his own words were
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pardon given to rudd rigo to turkey for the crime of multiple murder signed reggie go to thirty so that pretty much trashes the idea of any accountability doesn't matter at the top of the constitution and the president has the absolute power to pardon now he tells the public as well as the policeman if you do police operations within the context of the law then i will do everything to protect you but if you do not in his speech in his first son a species said i have declared war against the drug lords. but police officers who abuse this of will have hell to pay because you are worse than criminality stop that was directed to the police and you seriously think your police care whether they've killed the guilty or innocent person of course so bad is your police baby of the last year you were forced to go to south there may be some
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police bad elements yes last year you were forced to go to south korea to apologize for a serious crime committed by your anti drug forces the kidnapping and murder of a south korean businessman g. a good jew even you called it a dastardly crime but that is the noble gesture on the part of the government only spirit is expressing one's apology she was kidnapped by members of your police and t. illegal drugs group angeles. he was then strangled inside camp crummy the main headquarters of the philippine national police obviously doing it in the main headquarters meant that they weren't scared of being found out this was business is usually just remember this is business as usual once you must remember the worst crimes are committed in any part of the country the best of countries in the world crimes are committed by even the police force of those who are talking about your police yes but you're trying to generalize i am giving you a specific circumstance where this crimes are also days lazy really and
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a celebrated in their main headquarters at no point did they seem to have been worried or tool that they had to yell i will tell you why they didn't even see lyle i will tell you why they did it because if i were the murderer i would have done it there you know why because nobody would think that kind can be committed inside the p.n.p. and they can get away with it but they didn't get away with it there now here is a way yes they're now in detention the other way of looking at that mr pena yes he is there and it was so commonplace that nobody would tell it apart from all the other murders that would go and that's another way of looking at it but the fact is they're in detention and they're facing. charges in court and no most likely they will be prosecuted successfully you want the philippines to withdraw from the international criminal court for many reasons were scared stiff when they announced in february that they have begun a preliminary inquiry and there are your war on drugs he was not there are many
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reasons why this country has to woodrow first the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction over the philippines simply because that particular law was not published at all of the constitution because it didn't appear in your prayers yet you must remember that the constitution imposes certain requirements before a law is made valid and effective that was not done here number two the provisions of the i.c.c. stuff just violate our constitution and what one. it does not observe the immunity from suit of the incumbent present this to get a soprano or the only one that's against our constitution number two they do not recognize double jeopardy if one is acquitted there they can still sue the international division of jurists code your reasons for withdrawing a litany of poorly thought out pseudo legal arguments and so serving statements that focus on president duties fear and resentment at facing questions on the
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horrific campaign of extrajudicial killings that his government has indorse that's then not by that is one shouldn't diagnose by your excuse that is one view of a particular human rights group but you must remember there is no pending case in court precisely to determine whether or not there is a valid role so we have to wait for that there is a pending case and is subject to serious shouldn't even discuss about it while the insults when this criticism while the tough talking i mean this stuff has been doing that as a mayor and he never lost an election he says when if you when you took the e.u. a few to america sons of whores his favorite epithet when the few think you win friends and respect with when the filipinos voted him they fucked in all those kind of characteristics of the process and he won overwhelmingly he will you like i love you like that not it so why do we think is it ever you think it's what i don't when
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i don't answer you is a statement of fact that has been factored and the populous electoral population of booted him in office now i have been with him and all foreign visits and the leaders of this countries are in awe of the president they praise him publicly or in the united states in europe we all have been there telling you where we have been. there are countries particularly china china's in or of him of course china's included the president there praises him in public really this this is this is why the chinese in the recent documentary were heard telling one of your military warplanes to get out of the area of the spratly archipelago otherwise they would be responsible for the consequences and your president was so hurt he said in a speech afterwards why do you say nasty words to us we have no intention of attacking he was so shocked that his new friends the chinese couldn't care less
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what he thought and couldn't care less where your military aircraft go as they were telling you to get well stars and china's concerned they're doing what they should do is so far as their security of a country is concerned and so far as the president his costar you cannot do that to us because we will fight you even if we lose in a war you got it you don't do that to us he just me endorses you telling me he said did you know he said meekly to the child or how can you talk to us i ask why do you say such nasty already where was the tough guy then where was the tough you have been to places you did listen to the last words of the president you don't do that because if you do that i'll fight you. you leave here those words you only look at the first opening sentence that's where you say that said a lot but that at sarah larn or what said a lot was the last sentence when he said because if you do that i'll fight you i'll
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declare war and see if you had it we loose you having towards a dictatorship in this country no i don't think so because mr turton promised it back in october twenty fifth team no one has said he said it's going to be a dictatorship it's the police and the military who will be the backbone at that time he said about the presidency i won't do it if you want to place me there with the solemn pledge to stick to the rules if you don't want that ok look for another son of a bitch when you lose a candidate he said it all things fam. if congress poses things that i want to have it and please then i'll declare our religion or go you must remember that this is an election and this particular promise or commitment is or was factored in so when the people voted him in office they say it's very silly to do that or to have a dictatorship to have a revolutionary government if everything goes so in order to resonate to share that morning to the present is that feeling you know about is it take care of getting
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rid of your political end of the hall for instance like maria laura serino the supreme court chief justice his fingerprints were all over that getting rid of her because she was a critic of his policy or not a lawyer i don't know if you're a lawyer but you're not learned this country i'm a lawyer the constitution assess if you don't find her saying amasses and liabilities you are not qualified to hold office and that was what on a private in the earth he told her i am putting you on notice that i am no your enemy and you have to be out of the supremum corps that was a dictator speak lies in it that was a dictator that's saying this thing i'm going to get you out and he did that he did not really that was a stunt really it was aspiration she was ousted not because of him but because she violated a law the supreme court ruled exactly what the constitution orders seem to do just about all of the perhaps nothing says more about the character of this administration than your decision to grow the former and load
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a dictator ferdinand marcos a hero's burial at the cemetery of national heroes this was in november twenty sixth seen a move described by the former chief justice as a grave abuse of discretion what's the aim here to bring brutal tyrants and thieves not going to fashion he was just following what the rules say regarding precedence to be buried in the libyan of a banner cemetery for great man and heroes and marked here. and precedence you were a one time a lawyer to the marcos' weren't you there are t.v. program in two thousand and six really the marxist imelda marcos and now the she was one of the mildest so you're only imelda and we do respect only to an obvious corpus for city and on a t.v. program in two thousand and six you denied that the marcos' had any ill gotten gain cause the new york acquitted her all what racketeering charges ten years later
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yeah by twenty sixteen your state had recovered some three point seven billion dollars in assets that marcus's had stolen so your claim was demonstrably false was there not really sure is a crook charges against a marxist until now they have not been convicted there may she she when she was in she was back in the elected to the philippine arse of representatives she boasted in an interview there is more money that the government is in the where of we own practically everything in the philippines not because they stole from the government of course they stole from the gov the assess and you put them in a hero's graveyard know that cemetery is for precedence heroes and tears and soldiers incurred as what the law sas including a president who over nine years and s. tortured an estimated thirty four thousand trade unionists student leaders writers
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politicians three thousand four hundred twenty eight men and women were dumped dead in public places three hundred ninety eight nearly four hundred people simply disappeared under the marcos era and you think this guy's a hero the president you have a short memory unprecedented just followed the rule. the last sas all presidents can be buried there regardless of whether they are bad or good the law did not distinguish so we cannot distinguish that's a principle dictum and cost of so long you talked about the court case in new york in hawaii in one thousand nine hundred ninety five a court found the regime had abused the human rights of thousands who've been tortured and killed and ordered the marcos estate to pay nearly two billion dollars in compensation less than one percent was ever paid so why is why closing down no the presidential commission for good governance will let him be the yeah
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which it which is going which has been looking for the money you don't think the victims of marcus's reign deserve that money but they were promised in compensation for all that they suffered the victims they were the ones who fought the government i was an activist during the time of my he was a tyrant i followed the government and when i joined the forces against the marcus government i said to myself if i do this i am open to either i rests or being killed this part of the vocus the or of course you don't ask the government to pay you when you are jailed because you're fighting for a principle you're selling yourself you think further marcus was a hero from whose point of view of my office yes my point of view he did what he had to do is present. the dumping the bodies are thirty four hundred people on the story it's you don't care about the winners remember that the president cannot monitor every movement of every soldier if the soldier made abuses and so he didn't
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know what was going on the buck didn't start with the president he knew what was going on think he would allow that. you must remember that people would like to know the close of the president doing things. for the president and even the press and bisan know it the focus is from their point of view it would be good to depressed they would do it for instance if they feel that this particular person is going to kill the president they will kill him so that the president will be same are you telling me now that you will blame the president for that. thirty four hundred and twenty men or women and public places four hundred disappear. thanks very much for being a thank you so. good
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