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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is news coming to live from berlin president orders american troops out of syria and provokes a storm of protest from fellow republicans the president declares victory over so-called islamic state the senior republicans condemn the pullout as a costly mistake we'll have analysis of surprise move. also coming up back to earth a safe landing for the crew of the international space station but their six month mission was marred by technical problems. a russian politician tries to get by for
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a month on a typical retirement pension and sets in motion an angry debate across the country . plus in the bundesliga but munich put more pressure on at the top of the table it wasn't pretty with two red cards but fought their way into a tightly contested one they'll be over. well i'm terry martin thanks for joining us president trumps surprise decision to claim victory over so-called islamic state and withdraw american forces from syria has been met with criticism from both parties in congress leading republicans are calling it a premature and costly mistake one that would benefit the wren in russia others question whether so-called islamic state has in fact been defeated two of america's allies britain and for. us is not finished yet and the battle to clear them out
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should go on and. if president trump gets his way the american troops currently in syria will start leaving the country as soon as possible trump posted a video on twitter explaining his move i've been president for almost two years and we've really stepped it up and we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly we've taken back the land and now it's time for our troops to come back home i get very saddened when i have to write letters or call parents or wives or husbands of soldiers who have been killed fighting for our country it's a great honor we cherish them but it's heartbreaking there's no question about it it's heartbreaking now we've won it's time to come back they're getting ready you're going to see him soon these are great american heroes about two thousand
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american soldiers are currently stationed in syria officially as instructors and advisers to rebel forces i think ludes kurdish troops with the sitting democratic forces the s.d.f. who have led the fight against the so-called islamic state the move has sparked surprise and outrage from republican lawmakers who called trump's actions rash and dangerous. it's a terrible thing for our nation and it's a terrible thing for the. for the allies that we've been working with this terrible thing for the s.t.'s and it's just. it's hard to imagine that any president would wake up and make this kind of decision with this little communication with this little preparation i mean my understanding is we're. beginning to move out right now. yes. entirely. the withdrawal of u.s. troops is also called the allied nations involved in the anti i asked coalition offguard britain for its part said it continued to view i asked as
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a threat. well for more on the story i'm joined here in the studio by journalist and syria analyst christian heaven back welcome to the show kristen trump says the so-called islamic state has been defeated in syria at least ten american troops now pull out of syria and really say job done not really i mean isis on the so-called islamic state is core not in syria and iraq he border regions there are almost two thousand fighters maybe left so this is the military the military strategic behind us that has been fulfilled it's true that the majority of the leaders of isis has been killed that's true but ideologically it's not defeated it lives on in the heads of hundreds of thousands of young men who are not participating politically who are being oppressed who don't see any prospectus for themselves so the u.s. what they have done is just they have been bombing isis out of syria without even being ready to rebuild for example the so-called capital of isis so people are
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living there in the rebels with mines and they have not taking responsibility even over the regions that they control and this is the conditions that extremists need to rebuild in new extremist groups it's just a question of time i think and to see a second isis ok so the u.s. is not there in syria alone of course fighting as we're just starting to get some reactions in from. european allies the french defense minister from whence. polly had this to say islamic state are weaker than ever they have gone into hiding and are fighting as insurgents islamic state have lost more than ninety percent of their territory they don't have the logistics they once had a will she continues islamic state have not been obliterated nor have their roots we must defeat the last pockets of this terrorist organization with military force that suggests that all trump is alone least when it comes to its alliance with
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france in fighting i asked there what will happen when u.s. troops if and when u.s. troops pull out of syria will that create a security vacuum well those that heal will be filled by took in the north it will be filled by iran in the east of syria iran is very happy to complete that kori door for weapons transportation from iran through iraq and syria into lebanon to his to its ally hizbullah and it will be filled by obviously this leaving vision. who installs the kind of graveyard peaceful people you know you penned surrender to his rule but this is not to be mistaken for us debility so no vacuum because everybody step in and fill. the vacuum will certainly be filled there are enough interests there people battling there in two thousand and three george w. bush in in the us he declared major combat operations to be finished in iraq in two thousand and eleven president obama announced the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan both were criticized for doing so prematurely do you see parallels to
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trump's announcement concerning syria i see one big peril it is that the u.s. always tends to step out of its engagement without really making sure what comes afterwards but there's a big big difference because in syria it's not about the power struggle inside the country. not about regime change the u.s. went to afghanistan they went to iraq to change the ruling regime there this is not the case in syria the us went to syria to fight and now to contain iran so this is regional strategic purposes not regime change in damascus it's a complex proxy war there in syria as we know the u.s. has relied heavily on kurdish forces to fight islamic state that's always been a thorn in turkey's side which regards the kurds as terrorists is the news from washington a green light for turkey to move against the kurds i think so and this is the big
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catastrophe for the kurdish forces for the s.d.f. because for them the us military presence was the only guarantee that president out of one would not start his major offensive that is underway on the on the border already and i mean we are talking about one third of the syrian territory that is quite stable it's not a democratic rule off this kodesh party there but it has won it has made sure that this region was not majorly destroyed by russian forces by the syrian air force so it was a good deal for the last few he has now if that took this offensive start to this really risk a major destabilization of this whole northeastern area of syria and the kurds they must feel betrayed again historically this is something that tends to repeat itself by the west so we've made them you know our partners in fighting isis for the west and now we're letting them down don't again in this very critical moment christine thank you so much journalist and syria kristen helbeck thank you. three
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astronauts have returned safely to earth after spending more than six months all the international space station their mission proved to be problematic for technical reasons but german commander said the return trip at least went smoothly . back from space the soyuz capsule landed in a remote area of kazakhstan german alexander guest american serena anon chancellor and russian sergei procopio have all doing well there working the fifty i today things went much better they were easier it really is wonderful to be here again to smell the smell of snow it's an incredible feeling after having not had it for half a year of. the capsule had been docked onto the international space station the i assess home to the astronauts for the past six and a half months. things were looking good when the team took off in june
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but then came a series of problems the replacement tains failed launch meant that many of the planned experiments weren't able to be carried out after a full months in space guest became the first german to take up a command of the i.s.a.'s. russian astronauts had to carry out a grueling repair on a mysterious hole in the slowly use capsule the craft that would ultimately bring them safely back to a. landing right now some other stories making news around the world today people have taken into taking to the streets in sudan to oppose price hikes demonstrators are particularly angered by months of bread shortages after prices more than tripled this year reports say the demonstrators have set fire to government buildings a state of emergency was declared in the city. after protests erupted on wednesday . in morocco four men have been arrested with possible links to the killing of two european tourists the bodies of the danish and norwegian women were discovered near
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their tent in an isolated mountain region according to police one of the suspects had links to an extremist group. flights from london's gatwick airport are suspended after two drones were spotted flying about the airfield late on wednesday numerous incoming flights have been diverted to other airports authorities say their investigation is still underway flying a drone within one kilometer of an airport is illegal in britain anyone convicted of the offense could spend five years in jail. now to china or campaigners are hoping to secure the release of a photographer famed for his work covering issues that china's government controlled press prefers to avoid. had been missing for more than a month but chinese authorities have now confirmed that he was arrested in the shins young region where there's been a massive crackdown on the weaker muslim population.
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these photos show the tragic face of china images that tell the recent history of the most populated country on earth and the high price it has paid for its rapid industrialization decades long environmental damage and the careless poisoning of its own people. is the man who captured these pictures. coming to us what he she went through what we if they make a mistake i have to report on it. they tried to prevent me from filming with their president has often been caught taking photos province where a vast number of muslims and other minorities are being held in reeducation camps an area where press are not allowed here he was arrested. for the state the lure is flexible and arbitrary like inching jang today where
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a million people are being detained oh who's crying is now one of them that's very troubling. the photographer has won numerous prizes has documented core chinese infected with hiv through blood transfusions drug addicts condemned by the state villages suffering from cancer and pollution since the early one nine hundred ninety s. has been highlighting their misery. will you it's a space for criticism in china is getting ever smaller most of the people i know who have dared to criticize are in prison the rest of fled in the living in exile like me or they don't dare to speak out anymore. luke wants photographs are uncomfortable viewing for the chinese state too close to reality to clear in their depiction of failure and injustice in his homeland.
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his wife and humor. rights organizations are campaigning for his release so far without success. in sports now and in the bonus league when but munich headed into their match with light say they knew they could cut the gap at the top of the league to six points well leaders dortmund slipped up on tuesday and gave byron that chance. both coaches knew this was a chance for their teams to move back some ground at the top of the table by and enjoyed the best of the opening exchanges and they were a whisker away from going in front make way through the first half of it live in just the phrase three by session at break it tonight by the post pics of the lashing the light see goal with an all important touch. up the other end right sick had their own encounter with the woodwork from a condo headed against the crossbar to beat mats hummels to the full time
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fortunately for the visitors without rewards. types as tough and not much for these fans to discuss during the break she's fingertips helping to keep things level and he was busy again in the second half thomas milner played the ball again and he's eventually found its way to your door commish i lashley see her reflexes catch a mouse. the hosts were ramping up the pressure it was only so much you actually could stop and he's out looking for announcers sanchez not from pretoria i suppose touches by the french winger once contro want to take it past his man and wants to finish with seven minutes to go joy unconfined in munich. the match ended in ugly scenes stefano sanker was given a straight read for this foul. time she has also given his marching orders to his
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right. in the ensuing matter i i just finished one a zero a vital three point stop by and. i mean it reportedly set to activate the eighty million euro release clause of atlantico madrid defender lucas had none does spanish media outlets say bye and are preparing to shatter the bonus league as transfer record to sign the france world cup winner cording to the reports hernandez would join the club on january first when the transfer window opens. baseball and it's the most popular sport in the u.s. as you may know but also in cuba in a historic step the u.s. pro league known as major league baseball and the cuban baseball federation reached an agreement that will allow players from the island to sign contracts in the u.s. without defecting the agreement allows cubans to sign under rules similar to those
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for players under contract to clubs in japan south korea and taiwan depending on the quality of future players the agreement could mean millions of dollars of income for the cash poor cuban federation which has seen the quality of players and facilities decline in recent years as talent went overseas. cuba is a baseball hotbed but its patchy relationship with the united states has long served as a stumbling block for cubans hoping to call a major league baseball home this looks set to change after cuba's baseball federation in major league baseball announce a historic deal which could have widespread diplomatic ramifications. it's a good day for cuban baseball for world baseball for our people for the american people i mean. the agreement should be a homerun for both sides as it provides cubans with a safe regulated path to playing in the u.s. while compensating the cuban baseball federation for any players making the jump as
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it currently stands cuban players have to defect and give up their citizenship for a chance at making it in the majors which is lead to criminal organizations trafficking players. fans in havana are pleased with the deal if not its timing. it's a step forward for the cuban game it's something the cuban state should have done years ago that's the reality of it. but political relations could still put the brakes on the deal baseball was an important diplomatic tool as then u.s. president barack obama sought to normalize relations with cuba and he's been caught again with raul castro while visiting havana tensions have reached a higher pitch under donald trump who has rolled back most of the agreements made by his predecessor american politicians from trump's republican party have already criticize the announced deal. world of swimming is losing one of his first problem it figures due to retirement at the age of twenty three missy
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franklin won five olympic gold medals during a stellar career but the u.s. star has decided to quit because of a chronic shoulder problem. business news now with monica and a closer look at the russian economy under president putin exactly who is still holding his press conference as far as i know is there a fourteen press conference that is but this time he's facing the president time when his approval ratings are at a historic low after an unpopular pension reform social justice is an increasingly sore spot for many in russia now putting says there is a positive trend especially when it comes to incomes let's just listen to what he says. registering. as a slight and yet again with the trend. growth.
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is going to be around five percent i do hope that this trend is going to be the purses because the music real wages. for the first they said it was seven point four percent it's going to be around seven percent by the end of the. so although the russian president says real incomes are rising across russia the standard of living house been dropping consistently one politician decided to try and live off the money many retired people receive his self experiments spock's off a national debate but will his campaign really help russians living in poverty while correspondent went to the city of saratov to find out. what it. is on a political diet for a whole month now the parliamentarian from south of has based his food budget on a local pensioners living wage spending just three thousand five hundred roubles or
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around forty six euros to. the communist party politician only buys the bare basics and says he's been hungry all month. i want to prove that living on three thousand five hundred roubles a month is impossible without a negative effect on your health and shoot. some accuse the politician of populism others here at south of market. pushing to double the living wage in russia his campaign has gotten a huge amount of media attention along with us a russian federal t.v. crew is also filming him preparing his rations but this is more than just p.r. and bigger than his health. i don't think that a month on this diet is enough to seriously damage a normal person's health in the long run of course i have worried about my health but what i see across the country scares me much more.
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has documented the experiment on his video blog and also shows the debate that kicked it all off of slavery minister and. insisted the living wage is enough to guarantee a balanced diet she was fired over the remarks. because argument has grown into a national debate even on state television. but the government including side out of new interim minister for labor says the living wage will stay the same for now you can see living wages substantiate it's based on statistical calculations and on the law of course we are striving to improve our approach in order to work out new more effective methods for calculating the living wage that work has begun and should be finished in two thousand and twenty. experiment has struck a chord beyond south of across russia the standard of living has been dropping consistently the government has made having poverty a goal for the next six years currently every eighth person lives under the poverty
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line which means they are less than the living wage productive writers are going up prices for bread and milk are going up to the existence minimum is still tiny. i can hardly survive. only by the cheap products on three thousand five hundred you can exist on them or not live. at his office at the dew money. phone has hardly stopped ringing the communist politician is convinced his words about the living wage will be heard on a national level. the only thing the government can control is the solidarity that unites us the government would rather lose a finger than a whole hand. that in co is now preparing to take a draft bill to the russian duma. he wants his voice to be heard beyond the hallways of the local parliament. and this was a report spawned in the show and she spoke to us earlier from putin's press conference in moscow moscow. incomes are on the rise so as to how bad is the
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situation. monica putin's predictions today were largely positive when it came to the economy as you say he said that real intent comes were actually rising contrary to media reports in the recent days which say that actually real wages have been falling for the past few years and may continue to fall the russian economy on the whole is stagnating this week a law as been brought in saying that actually the course of the ruble can no longer be displayed on store fronts because things are that bad there is also a v. eighty rise coming in from eighteen to twenty percent from two thousand and nineteen prices on food are already rising and that's likely to push them up even more so things aren't looking great for real russians here in the country and the question is how russia will fill its coffers in order to help people out of poverty as it
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were. emily show in their reporting from. press conference in moscow now global stock markets heading south today following the federal business latest interest rate hike the nikkei in tokyo shut almost three percent china and hong kong stocks also down by around one percent as is germany's dax the fed hiked its benchmark interest rate by a quarter of a percentage point and largely maintained its outlook from one hikes next year. despite signs pointing to lower growth next year the u.s. economy remains strong and is expected to post three percent growth this year that combined with low unemployment paves the way for the latest rate hike heard two thousand and eighteen has been the strongest year. since the recovery since the since the financial crisis and during that period we've had low unemployment and strong growth and inflation still remain just a touch below two percent so i do think that gives the committee the ability to be
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patient in moving forward. when the state's rate hike was the fourth this year and the ninth since fed policy makers began tightening credit three years ago meanwhile the european central bank has left rates unchanged at zero since early two thousand and seventeen the federal reserve made the move despite full cooperation from president donald trump you know political considerations have play no role whatsoever in our discussions or decisions about monetary policy we're always going to be focused on the mission that congress has given us we have the tools to carry it about we have the independence which we think is essential to be able to do our jobs at a nonpolitical way and you know we are we at the fed or absolutely committed to that mission and nothing will deter us from doing what we think is is the right thing to do the fed's updated forecast projects just to benchmark increases next year amid concerns about the trade dispute with china signs of
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a slowing global economy and financial market instability the latest increase will make it more expensive for businesses and consumers to borrow money. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the u.s. president declared victory over so-called islamic states and is putting american troops out of syria by the move has provoked protests with senior republicans condemning it as a premature and costly thank. you watching live from berlin well coming up at the top of the alan thanks for watching.
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entering the conflict zone confronting the powerful three years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president to testify as vigorously denied my guest this week hearing the lettuces legal adviser salvatore cassano welcome to come to the conflict zone. next d.w. . lifelong. culture . a hair.
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that will turn your home office special. upgrades or some. with the w.'s interior design channel on you to. take a look at it. two years ago the philippines began a brutal war against the drug gangs in which thousands of people died human rights activists and journalists charged the police with illegal killings charges which president do territory as vigorously denied my guest this week here in manila is his legal advisor salvatore panel oh is the administration actively sanctioning and even encouraging murder on its own streets.


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