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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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biala guest. managed by for. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight u.s. president trumps decision to pull the u.s. out of syria applauded by america's enemies denounced by its ally in washington republicans are condemning the withdrawal as a costly mistake and aid groups who say the exit of u.s. troops could make humanitarian work impossible we'll hear from one of them also
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coming up grounded by the drone london's gatwick airport suspends flights and leaves thousands of travelers stranded after two drones were spotted flying near the airport. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight u.s. president donald trump is achieving the politically impossible uniting both republicans and democrats in their condemnation of his plan to withdraw the u.s. military from syria a bipartisan group of senators is urging the president to reconsider saying the fight against so-called islamic state is far from over leading republicans say that pulling out the two thousand troops in syria would be a premature and costly mistake two of america's allies britain and france also say that is not finished yet and that the battle to clear the. should continue.
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for humanitarian groups have also criticized trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops to talk about how it will affect war weary syrians i'm joined now by our no kimmel he is the syria director of the humanitarian organization mercy corps it's good to have you on the program i have to ask you how will president drums decision to pull those troops out of syria how will that affect your work in syria. so believe me and he. tell you. seven million people are. going to dispense. and. when they will. be. if
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it takes place safe. to progress the country. ok mr unfortunately our signal there seems to be problems with it we're having problems with the all the you know and. free apologize for that that was our commodity syria director of the humanitarian organization mercy corps. all right in other news police here in germany say that they have massively boosted security at stuttgart airport in the south of the country police have refused to confirm reports that a group of people were seen acting suspiciously at the airport a police spokesman said other airports across germany have been informed about the situation. drones of flying near another airport london's gatwick have grounded flights and calls to travel chaos
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a pair of the remote controlled devices were spotted near got we can win today night prompting the airport to cancel all flights police say they have ruled out terrorism but the british army has now been called in to help deal with the situation thousands of people are stuck as they try to reach loved ones for christmas. the mystery drone attack could hardly have come at the worst time with hundreds of planes grounded or being rerouted tens of thousands of passengers are now facing major disruption at one of the u.k.'s busiest airports we're meeting family and it might be that they. need to say yes you know the best the best thoughts christmas caught me leave this because it seems to be there any place we can possibly find any information they can get several hours. helplessness for people on the ground and increasing frustration for
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officials trying to catch those operating the drones in the air. by two different members of staff and since then the drones are. all through the. clothes now there is a drone on the field as we speak and the police twenty police units are looking to bring that to justice under british law it's illegal to fly a drone within one kilometer of an airport or airfield boundary or above an altitude of one hundred twenty meters which increases the risk of a collision with a manned aircraft sussex police say there's no indication of terrorist involvement but they've called this a deliberate act to cause disruption of. the joint operators are acting illegally and there is a punishment of up to five years in prison for endangering and. with so many people stranded at scats week and many more are still arriving even once the drones are stopped it's expected to take days before things can return to normal.
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danish authorities say the killing of two scandinavian tourists in morocco could be linked to so-called islamic state have been arrested in connection with the killing and moroccan police are looking into a possible terrorist the bodies of the danish women. were discovered near their tent in an isolated mountain region a new york judge has ruled that the sexual assault case of disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein can go ahead his lawyers had called for the charges to be thrown out saying that police had acted improperly in the investigation that led to his arrest. the ukrainian parliament has been disrupted by a brawl the fighting started after an impi ripped down the poster of a rival politician take a look at that that he called a stooge of the russian president vladimir putin fist fights are not uncommon in ukrainian politics where emotions run high over allegiances to the kremlin but when
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you. three astronauts have returned safely to earth after spending more than six months on the international space station their mission proved to be problematic for technical reasons but german commander alexander guest said the return trip at least went smoothly. back from space after spending months in zero gravity alex and aghast had to be helped out of the tiny so us capsule they tarried him and his crew back to earth. that they really feels like coming home although i am in kazakhstan in a place i haven't been to before but it still feels like i'm coming home. with. his fellow astronauts russian procopio and american serina and chancellor exhausted but all are said to be doing well. the catchcry was docked into the international space station the i assess which has been home to the astronauts for the past six and a half months the crew performed dozens of scientific experiments on board alex and
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a guest later became the first german to take over command of the i s s. airbus. not always an easy task the replacement teams failed launch meant that many experiments could be carried out and gassed had to extend his mission russian astronauts also had to carry out a grueling repair on a mysterious hole in the sole use capsule the craft that would ultimately bring them safely back to earth and environmentalists sick before he left the iowa says he sent a message to future generations. when looking down to earth i feel that i have to apologize. it looks like my generation is not going to leave the planet in the best shape. i wish i could look into the future with your eyes and look into your world and understand how you see it.
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is it that in the fortunately i can do that all i can do is try to play my part in giving you a future and the best possible version of it. back on earth the next on the guest is ready to spend christmas with his family yes. that's right he was smiling today when he returned to earth just in time for christmas and by the way gets to set a new record for a german astronaut a career total of three hundred sixty three days in space with me is the man whose record just broke thomas reiter coordinator of the european space agency and a former astronaut himself good evening to you mr ryder we didn't mean to introduce you that way as a man whose record had just been broken but i'm sure you're happy to have that record broken by mr garrett tell me where you were holding your breath today until the touchdown was complete. oh yes first of all i
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knew that the day will come when this record is broken that's what records all fall to be broken and let's see if the whole long can hold this record i keep my fingers crossed that it will be long yes of course we always very excited it seems like such a return back to earth kind of routine but it is far from that it is always quite an exciting face in which the spacecraft does the atmosphere fly through this three thousand degrees centigrade hot plasma and then finally touch a stone yes we were holding our breath everything was working is usually very reliable and now he's stick fits we. happy to have him just before christmas yeah i mean you know he was smiling and you say he's fit tell me a little bit what is it like adapting and getting used to mother earth again after you've been in space for such a long time. you know this is in fact not easy when
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i think back of my two space flights when i returned i have to say the first. one and a half hour us are not so easy the vestibular system needs to readapt the gravity pleasure regulation is a little bit. small regime and the first the first minutes of the first one and a half quite difficult when i saw it coming out of the capsule this morning i was wondering if he was really in space because he really looked fit and as he just arrived here he was walking almost normally at least for me it looked like that so he has done a fantastic work not only in terms of science plus also to maintain his fitness because that helps a lot when you return to be then in this good shape after being in gravity for only a few hours and what about the time that he was on the. and as commander
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he didn't always have an easy mission diddy. oh no definitely not apart from the let's say the normal plenty of the scientific experiments maintenance work they had of course some trouble with the soyuz capsule fortunately that was not too serious a phenomenal situation i think they handled it very nicely and at the return it was not a problem whatsoever but you know this is also the reason why humans. very useful in this environment not only because they can be trained very well and they subject to some of the medical research specifically but the cognitive capabilities the combination of cognitive sense of tori capabilities capability to work things with our hands with offing us to take decisions even intuitively make us very suitable to react to unforeseen situations in such an environment we heard.
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to protect our earth for future generations today how much of a help is space research doing and providing for climate protection for example. you know i think with all those scientific set of lights we wouldn't know a small fraction of what we know today about climate change so it's all these. lights and also the international space station is used as a platform to test new kinds of sen's laws before they then can be flown on board of satellites around the earth so it is of immense help for the understanding of all the processes that are going on here on earth you know it's not just launched end of august said lloyd which is scanning the global. system from to
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a height of thirty kilometer us for. it's time that this ever has been done and all this information helps us to understand how climate is functioning well let's hope we can take that information and put it it's a good use for the future generations good to talk with you tonight thomas reiter former astronaut now coordinator of the european space agency have a merry christmas mr wright thank you for talking with us tonight. things same to you. are researchers in scotland have tested rare and collectible scotch whisky used for their real age and found that a third were thinks investigators used carbon dating to sample fifty five bottles of scotch a bolt on the secondary market they discovered that twenty one of them were outright forgeries or at least not distilled in the year declared imagine that they looked at minute levels of carbon absorbed during the making of whiskey to determine its age collectors see rare disk distillations as good investments in
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october a bottle from one thousand nine hundred six was altered for a record one million dollars now that is an expensive drink through life you can live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day of just the of the. climate change. least. pollution. time for. africa people and projects that are changing the environment for the better it's up to us to different people and you know. be totally.


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