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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin president trump loses another key cabinet member they want the shoulder to shoulder but now defense secretary jim matheson is stepping down in ousmane coming after the presidents of drop decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria also on the show christmas travel chaos in britain at london's gatwick airport thousands remain stranded due to deliberate drone flyovers but operations have now resumed and the seven hundred departures are scheduled for
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today. and under stress because of their faith christians in pakistan prepare for christmas but they're increasingly the target of deadly attacks you find out how one family has suffered but survives. brian thomas thanks so much for being with us american defense secretary jim mattis has resigned over president trump's decision to withdraw american troops from syria a four star marine general has been defense secretary since trump took office in his resignation letter not has said my views on treating our allies with respect and also being clear eyed about both malign actors and strategic competitors are strongly held and informed by over four decades of immersion in these issues and it's also said he was resigning because you have the right to have
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a secretary of defense whose views are better aligned with yours on these and other subjects. reports indicate not has resigned after a last ditch attempt to persuade the president to reverse course on syria white house press secretary sarah sanders denied suggestions that the president had asked not just to resign secretary mabus has served the president and with the president for two years they have a good relationship i've seen up close and personal on a number of occasions and again they agree to disagree at times but that doesn't mean you can't have a good relationship with somebody he was laying out the reasons that he was stepping down from his post and beyond that i think it's absurd to try to question him if i mean they were together for new. president trump has also ordered the pentagon to make plans to withdraw half of the fourteen thousand american troops in afghanistan and all named officials saying they could be home by the summer u.s.
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troops deployed to afghanistan as you'll recall after the september eleventh attacks in two thousand and one since then twenty four hundred american soldiers have died fighting the taliban and the country's longest war for the very latest let's bring in d.-w. stuff on siemens in washington good morning stefan on the modest resignation is the latest in a string of administration departures but is this one different. it's different because it's the most significant we had the other week. resigning but he was facing an avalanche of scandals and investigations so that was not a real surprise but matt is resigning and in this form without in this letter you would notice not one word of praise for the president that's a little bit unusual normally when you write those resignation letters to the white house or to the president you always say a little bit are nice things about your former boss this one. turned out to be
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a little bit of an ugly divorce and it is significant because james bennett was always seen as the adult at the cabinets table and as a so called ball work against the most rational decisions of donald trump in terms of foreign policy so yes metis leaving is significant ok now democrats have been among those expressing disappointment at the resignation here's house minority leader nancy pelosi. and what it means to our country think it sends to own troops. and indication what. you will. get this all started stuff on with syria how united are democrats and republicans in opposing the president on the pullout for american troops from syria. very very united usually sold so there is
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a bipartisan. bipartisan front against this decision the president made to pull troops out of syria democrats as well as the g.o.p. the republicans are when you saw no saying this was the worst idea this is a bad move the u.s. will lose strategic and tactical advantage in the middle east and frankly a lot of republicans even republicans and democrats anyway say like there is really now without james madison james madison quitting his job as secretary of defense that is not really a comprehensive middle east foreign policy by this administration so republicans and democrats united in their outrage and distain for that decision to pull troops out of syria ok this isn't just about syria though the president has also announced that he's pulling out half of the fourteen thousand troops in afghanistan as well as they have been reaction to that washington. and the reaction is pretty much the
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same as a i just explained two words syria as you reported earlier the longest war for the united states quite a significant death toll in terms of loss of american life soldiers in this longest war however nobody in a republican as well as democratic or any military planning circles or foreign policy circles understands why the president now is pulling also out of afghanistan even if you just said he's pulling half of the troops out of there yes that was all a promise from. the campaign to bring the troops home but on the other hand does it really make sense to leave than the fear is here that in a few years time the united states has to spend more money and more effort to bring it to spec to clean up after the mess which will be left after the troops are leaving so same as regarding the syria decision not no good vibes towards the president and that. and from republicans and democrats stephens
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a man's in washington thanks very much for that stuff. was we heard there critics of the syria pullout say it has given russia a strategic advantage in the region i asked the russian journalist and analyst constantine agger if moscow sees the american pull out as a tactical when crum i think very much and i think that president putin confirmed it now with the americans out of probably soon outlets wouldn't like that to see him and the iranians have a country to themselves and i suppose dead it's very interesting that. that happened actually when russia is trying to push for with its own version a political solution for syria i suppose that the americans leaving syria really confronts to some extent what mr putin wanted to confirm all along since he sent his troops his air force mostly just syrian two thousand and fifteen
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that he is the world's ultimate authority on stopping regime change as he saw the syrian civil war so i think there is at least for now definitely some reason for this eight technical joining in most ok technical joy but what will be russia's next move now will moscow back a syrian military push into the area now controlled by kurds who want their own state in northern syria. well i think that there is more reliance here on that president ever go out of turkey and it's not accidental that mr putin mentioned him and his yesterday's annual press conference praising him for his resoluteness and for his ability to take his own decisions in spite of being a turkey being a nato member so i suppose that first of all mr putin will see what ever the hon'ble do because you know it doesn't have any ground forces but of course i think
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that with americans out he'll be more free for example to get caught or send russian mercenaries a so-called private military companies to. do areas which could be of concern for president assad yes i think that essentially what you see you see russia and iran and having three at hand in syria today. ok briefly if you could president trump says a state has been beaten in syria is that the russian opinion or does moscow still consider islamic state a threat inside syria well i suppose that there is intelligence pointing that there aren't some of these sonic stage although it is pretty much weakened i suppose that russia never really were in debt much about isis and then there because we're doing most of the fight think what it was carrying about is this safety of the regime of president assad and here i think for now at least one can say that the goal is not
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accomplished is very close to being accomplished ok constantine agroforestry who is a very much for those comments joining us today from vilnius thanks very much. now for some of the other stories making news at this hour hungary's president has signed into law a controversial labor form dubbed the slavery law by its opponents. thousands of taking part in demonstrations against prime minister viktor or bonds government since following terence passed a law last week that hikes the overtime that employers can demand and allows payments for them to be delayed by up to three years. i'm methane explosion in the czech coal mine has killed thirteen miners the blast more than eight hundred meters underground is said to have devastated large areas of the coal mine which is near the town of our vienna eleven polish nationals and two checks are among the dead. it's to britain our services have resumed at
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london's gatwick airport after repeated drone flyovers shut it down for two days some one hundred twenty thousand people have been stranded there the drone appears to be a deliberate attempt to disrupt air traffic although the police say there's no indication of a terrorist motive the government's transportation minister says the military technologies have now been deployed to reopen the airport. a second night if chaos at one of the u.k.'s busiest airports. or planes remained granted to write say as authorities scramble to find out who's behind the mystery train sightings their frustration shed by thousands of stranded passengers. to save needless and selfish. this is and once being up in the city this is america.
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and why did the stock is why hasn't been shot down not run up by strange police say they are considering cheating a train staying a tactic earlier dismissed as too dangerous they've also brought in the army and attending to the public for help. one of the appeals from me is that someone may have an image of the drawing we don't yet know what was taught to our knees and of course in terms of x. and what we do operationally is really serious for us just one of the big questions police are yet to answer they say there's no indication of terrorist involvement whoever is responsible is breaking british law which prohibits flying drones within one kilometer of an f. e old or up of an altitude of one hundred twenty metres the activity we've seen is illegal and those who are caught in danger and croft can face up to five years in prison and that's legislation that we've already introduced and actually we're consulting on further aspects of this including for the police powers but since.
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these planes are allowed to take off that's likely scant comfort for passengers facing disruption at the height of the holiday season. in pakistan christians are increasingly the target of deadly attacks in part due to severe blasphemy laws that often fuel intolerance and hatred the most high profile case involves a catholic woman recently acquitted of blasphemy was christmas approaching what's life like today for pakistan's christians zepeda mir some of them. christmas is a favorite time of year for these christian family in islamabad the cougars appreciate being together especially as their lives were completely turned upside down seven years ago the shot of cool kid was falsely accused of blasphemy jailed and acquitted five months later in that time he lost his job and home but is grateful he didn't lose his life to
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a free man now shot its detention continues to haunt him. we always live in fear because of this we feel insecure. so when we talk about your future i think what kind of future can we have. the law and policies here need to be implemented properly. blasphemy is an extremely dangerous and emotive subject in pakistan and name will forever be associated with it the catholic laborer spent eight years on death row after being accused of insulting islam she was recently acquitted of charges which sponsored by lead protests across the country some hardliners called for r.c. and the dishes involved in the ruling to be hanged. no one convicted of blasphemy has ever be legally it's acutely about to start but there are plenty of examples of people who have been killed by lynch mobs just after being accused of it christians
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make up around two percent of the population and have been the target of escalating attacks in recent he is human rights groups claim accusations of blasphemy seen as an easy way to settle disputes as a hard to disprove but the acquittal of ossie bibi also provides a ray of hope for this past. the fact that an innocent woman can be sentenced to death has made a scandal it will set a bad precedent to where they can arrest anyone and prosecute them so when we heard that b.p. was finally acquitted you cannot be of how happy were we were the two churches and offered press thanks to god. for me but we were into fearful when we were young but we do have some fears now by for example if there are gatherings we don't go outdoors when children go to church and they see armed guards they do ask why is there so much security security.
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attacks will continue to happen here no matter what will remain united under the name of jesus. for many christians the fact that he has been freed is a christmas miracle only could not have dreamed and even though she remains in hiding in the festive period. some seasonal change and obscene isn't what the future holds. so what can be done to help pakistan's christians for more let's cross over to remote from the international south asia joining us from colombo sri lanka good morning to you. might be out of jail but she has to remain in hiding out of fear of being murdered we heard about the lynch mobs in pakistan how dangerous is it or christians in that country. well thank you for having me i think it's it's. it's absolutely i mean everything all set that's me or premier are going
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to look at see me as something that can set off a series of events that can really violent and you know we've seen that since in one thousand nine hundred orders of christians have been accused or convicted of or if you know killed or something or so you know for something like being accused of insulting the holding prophet or designating the koran or even sort of misusing religious epithets whatever that maybe and so i don't think we need to look for more evidence of just how dangerous pakistan can be because it's something that's so sensitive that it the mere accusation of it can result to quite literally in a death sentence if not in the courts and perhaps in the streets as we've seen in the matches where a student was lynched debt by thousands of students in the really done so it in the evidence is right ok it is there of course and it is in leeds at least partly due to the fact that in pakistan you have a constitutionally mandated discrimination how much pressure is your organization
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putting on the government in pakistan to rewrite its laws to and try and religious freedom. i think it's important to remember that. these das me though i think you call that sort of focuses on offenses against religious offenses against religion that these laws and evolution it started it's something that's been systematically the main sort of shrinking the space for minorities in the sand which started as you know last you know by the british empire and now sort of quite specific to the bow to being a sort of insulting the only prophet so in terms of devotion if you're going to forswear lobbying as hard as we possibly can to meet. to to consistently view or on these been in places that are trying to score the urgency with which these witnesses reforms are. ok now and now britain recently deny the asylum to aussie habibie what should the west be doing to help pakistan's threaten christian
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minority is granting asylum for some of them at least a way forward i think that if the west is the best place to be of course they're quite quite aware just how much danger that the dangers of these minorities are and its size and if it is the need of the hour as it is for us yet it's it's a shame that the bridge that you government has not been able to walk variable whatever reasons and they seem to have justified it with but i think in that the west has has a critical role to play in terms of pressure in government to do more to see the minorities in a box and. the dean thank you so very much for joining us this morning and all the best to you in your efforts there in pakistan thanks very much we have some sports now in the bundesliga reaches a crucial point tonight when legally enters dortmund host second place which blog
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bark or kicks off the last match day before the mid-season break in football fans are ready for a holiday treat. dortmund coach lucy and father doesn't look too bothered by their first goal in this league a loss of the season but suddenly the title race is back on and the swiss can have no time for sentiment against his former side to gladbach. says. yeah it. is a bit special i suppose nothing more than that. i left a club out three years ago i am a dortmund man now but sure it is a bit strange for us on there having a very good season. and there are very dangerous clubs one three nil and byron munich that says everything dallas. dortmund without three injured defenders against the side who have the second best
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goals tally behind the hosts father once his players fully concentrated on black box threat rather than the festive season or the near months break before their next game. are very well organized they're very compact sometimes they are defending and suddenly the ball goes forward very very very quickly for the club buck meanwhile can move just three points behind dortmund with a victory but they also have injury concerns. we will go there with eighteen guys but we are maybe without seven players but it doesn't matter who starts dortmund our problems to. dortmund held a christmas sing song this week the team will top the table at the mid-season break whatever happens tonight but fans want them to hit the high notes once again. and we will be following those i know the story for now and still over the business of monica it has been
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a very difficult year for oil has not not many high notes there brian i'm afraid but the prize of brant crude is seeing a recovery this morning that of course after a midweek battering that surprises dropped to its lowest level in fifteen months i was yesterday it's now trading again at around fifty five dollars a barrel oil prices of course have been steadily sliding for weeks now dropping more than twenty five dollars since the beginning of october investors hope that supply cuts from opec will eventually prop up prices but the cocktail of all producing countries may find that that is easier said than done earlier this month oil cartel opec and its partner countries agreed to cut production to one point two million barrels a day from january the regime to reduce supply and boost prices the price of a barrel of bread has been dragged down by a combination of factors the global macro economic outlook isn't shining on the oil industry and this week's rate hike from the u.s. federal reserve has exacerbated investor fears of an economic slowdown but
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oversupply remains the biggest challenge for the industry increasing crude production in the u.s. which is now a top producer lend us among them germany's deutsche bank have come under even scrutiny over suspected collusion and drinking now if found guilty the banks could face fines of up to ten percent of their annual worldwide revenue as cross over to our man of frankfurt stock exchange. another potential scandal there for deutsche house the bank holding up. not very well the share of tumbled when that news came course the share also affected by what the fed decided and how it explains it's a policy for the next year but the deutsche bank clearly the biggest loser in this market yesterday dropping to just seven year zero seven zero zero and a loss of at the same time seven percent when i look at the board today it's a seven year olds and five cents and that's meager plus of about a half
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a percent and colleague quit yesterday for seven year olds you can't even get a pizza here and frankfurt and so the deutsche bank still is in trouble because of this thing even though it says proactively it's working together with the cold the commission in this affair and does not expect to be penalized for that reason right or maybe pizza margherita just came to mind as a as the minimum option there but it's been a tough year window which is there any silver lining on the horizon. well there is one silver lining of good news from the united states of america that won't turn the bank around want to turn the share around but it is something that the deutsche bank was hoping for that it could improve and that comes from the u.s. regulators the f.d.i.c and the a.c.c. and they say that for deutsche bank among them other foreign banks as well are doing better in their resolution plans now what is that since the financial crisis the united states has learned that it's important to ask foreign banks what they
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will do if they're bankrupt or in severe financial distress and how they might reduce risk for example or the size of their operations and here the dutch a bank that got a great light from the regulators even though they still saw some weaknesses there ok so there is hope just yes seen from it thank you so yes. well the u.s. justice department has unveiled indictments against two chinese nationals linked to the chinese government. they are accused of taking part in a cyber spying campaign u.s. officials say the two hacked a range of government agencies and corporations in at least a dozen countries the u.s. and china currently engaged in a high stakes trade dispute of the alleged hacking operation dates back over ten years the hackers targeted some of the world's leading corporations they breached the networks of technology companies which remotely manage servers storage and other computing tasks and then stole secrets from their clients this case is
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significant because the defendants are accused of targeting and compromising managed service providers or m.s.p. s m s p's or firms that are trusted to store process and protect commercial data including intellectual property and other confidential business information when hackers gain access to m.s.p. s. they can steal sense of the business information that gives competitors an unfair advantage the attacks were allegedly part of a chinese campaign known as cloud hopper with the defendants working on behalf of china's intelligence service the managed service providers networks were infiltrated multiple times in breaches that lasted for weeks and months the deputy attorney general described it as part of a trend of state sponsored hackers breaking into u.s. networks more than ninety percent of the department's cases alleging economic espionage over the past seven years involve china more than two thirds of the
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department's cases involving theft of trade secrets are connected to china despite the indictments it's unlikely the accused hackers will be extradited to the u.s. . this is news thanks for watching. the.
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