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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 21, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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the selling out of a country dead donkey fear no hard nose snorts december twenty ninth on d.w. . this is the day of the news live from berlin hungary and demonstrators deliver another rebuke to their government thousands march in budapest capping a week of protests in the capital they're angry at recent reforms five victory or bombs government including a controversial new labor law also coming up u.s. allies react with shock as defense secretary jim mathis from quits he says
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america's withdrawal from syria sends the wrong message to america's friends and emboldens its phone. i'm calling aspen welcome to the program people are gathering in the hungary and capital budapest for another night of protest over labor rules and corruption braley is the latest in a string of demonstrations which started last week stoked by a controversial labor reform dubbed the slave long introduced by a minister viktor orban he does r.t. the protests have since come to include in a ray of grievances such as limits on the free press and increasing corruption. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.n. security council has agreed to deploy ceasefire monitors to yemen the council unanimously approved an initial thirty day. deployment to the flashpoint city of
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her data a truce came into effect in her data on tuesday but it has been marred by sporadic outbreaks of fighting between the government and the rebels. thousands of pro independence supporters have gathered in barcelona the wrangling because the spanish cabinet held a meeting in the city earlier hardline pro independence supporters clashed with police dozens of people were injured and twelve were arrested separatist leaders are vowing further protests in the coming days. and relief for passengers at london's gatwick airport flights there have resumed after a second short shut down planes were grounded friday evening due to a fresh drone citing an earlier suspension lasted thirty six hours then air of devices worse audit over the air for. angry opposition supporters rallied in the congolese capital kinshasa after the electoral commission delayed sunday's scheduled poll by
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a week protesters warned they may attempt to topple the president if voting is postponed again the hotly contested election will now take place on december thirtieth due to a delay in getting voting materials to polling stations. u.s. allies including germany have appealed for clarity over washington's foreign policy is comes after defense secretary jim mattis resigned in protest of president trump's decision to withdraw american forces from syria that move happened without consultation from the pentagon or u.s. allies now the search is on for a successor to mattis why they regarded as the last check on the president's unilateral foreign policy decisions. here with secretary of defense james much as has been widely viewed as a stabilizing force in u.s. president donald trump's cabinet. many had hoped that the four star marine general would help the president make good policy decisions on matters of international and domestic security but now that's come to an end due to fundamental differences of
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opinion the defense secretary says he'll be leaving the administration by the end of february in his resignation letter the defense secretary appeared to criticize trump's america first foreign policy not to stress the importance of the u.s. maintaining strong partnerships such as nato and the international coalition fighting the so-called islamic state in syria james mattis knows the situation in syria and afghanistan well he thinks it's wrong to remove u.s. troops from these places or to cut their numbers by half both republicans and democrats express their worries after matters resignation secretary mabus was one of the few symbols the few items of strength and stability in this administration republican senator marco rubio commented on matters decision on twitter just read general mattis resignation letter he wrote it makes it abundantly clear that we're headed towards a series of grave policy errors which will endanger our nation damage our alliances
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and empower our adversaries. now trump needs a new defense secretary who follows the president's line. the resignation of matters is likely to have a major effect on us or in policy to talk more about that i'm joined now by paul soni the national security reporter from the washington post good evening to you paul let's talk about syria is president trump right in saying that someone else can continue that fight there now that american troops will be pulling out. you know it remains to be seen the french have said that they are interested in keeping their troops there and no one has said what will happen to the fate of the american air campaign which has been the primary mode by which the pentagon has defeated isis in addition to backing local kurdish fighters on the ground so it remains to be seen whether anyone will fill the void and help sort of back the kurdish militia
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that has been the american partner on the ground or if essentially it will leave a power vacuum opening up the possibility that turkey iran bashar al assad syria's leader and russia will fill the void and let's talk about the balance of power there in the region how will the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria for example the u.s. is standing and how this power play will happen there in the region. yeah well. the u.s. had long back this on the ground ineffectually essentially rolled back all of the territory the physical territory that isis had captured in the country and the territory that i said controlled had been rolled back it's widely agreed that tens of thousands of isis fighters still were remain in the country and in iraq which is why both depending on in the state department have said as recently as last week that the fight against isis is not over president trump however has declared the fight against isis over and demanded that the two thousand u.s. troops there who are aiding that kurdish led militia be withdrawn which has created
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a sense of. you know insecurity among allies about how when when do you agree that a conflict is over how do you agree on what victory consists of is the groundwork being laid for either resurgence of isis or handing over power in the region to russia and iran what about those kurdish forces what becomes of them now because they've been so heavily reliant on the u.s. . yeah i think they're extremely worried if you look at the messages coming out of turkey turkey's defense minister said that you know he is interested in having in an essentially military operation against them turkey sees kurdish individuals in the north of syria as essentially terrorists they have had military skirmishes before in northern syria which actually detracted from the campaign against islamic state so i think they're they know that they're in peril this move puts them in peril and i think that is a serious concern by
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a lot of american military leaders at the pentagon and abroad that these are the fighters that are essentially on the ground along with american to troops out ensure this defeat of the islamic state and now they might feel or end up being sold down the river also need the national security reporter from the washington post thank you very much staying in the us where the senate has begun voting on president trump's spending bill in what is seen as a last ditch attempt to avert a partial government shutdown trump has been calling for a change in senate rules in order to pass measures that would pay for a ball with mexico as things stand in the chamber it's highly unlikely that trump will secure the sixty votes that he needs to have that bill passed. all right joining us from budapest now is g.w. correspondent funny fish are welcome fani first of all just update us what's the situation on the ground like this evening we understand thousands have marched to
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budapest once again. exactly and the protesters are getting louder the angry and the very determined to continue these protests to just march up to the palace of the honduran president to sign this controversial law that's going to take i'm going to join your first which is about the overtime act and the people of course of the college simply don't want this law because they feel what the government says is a largely say that this is not the whole country over time but that they will be forced to work more overtime as fast as it is the lack of workers lack of silver christian hungry almost a million over the past couple of years have lost their progress especially to countries in western europe looking for better jobs and the people here are the devil has a brick wall and not tell you to cordingley as for now the demonstration people have or people are very very very loud and share and call the prime minister and the president of hungry by names and project those names into the buildings but so
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far everything is peaceful and given the fact that this is a huge police force just around the palace. everything seems to be are essentially in the control and for now but as i say the emotions and the situation post here very charred in front of the palace here and would have passed then in prime minister viktor orban the claims of these protests have been partly stoked by activists were paid by an garion born billionaire george soros is there any truth to that. actually i just spoke to a student who said that he wasn't paid by george but that's not what the government probably thinks about him because he started at the end and university to central european universities that's been forced out of the country and has to relocate to vienna right now if you talk to the people here on the ground they say nothing to the resource and this is basically a huge excuse and the same rhetoric that's been used over and over again by the government when ever there was a a struggle for existence or
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a starting point of resistance to the hungary and so when you talk to their almost every person basically on the ground they're going to tell the hard truth is that they have to work more and are getting paid to lead their frustration and they feel that they are not being heard any tell me about this so there's a hunger in political party that was set up as a joke around a decade ago and now it's gathering steam in these protests how are people using irony there. exactly it's a joke party actually call for these protests two nights ago so either party opposition party called for this demonstration so nice but on the fact that it is the main job party very sickly to to go for you to call for this rally already because you know a lot of people here have lost faith in politics have lost faith not only the government also in any alternative because they don't see an alternative to their rather see this as a sample dish to feel they should assemble behind a joint party who will try and get on as an irony is apparently because they feel
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if it wasn't so sad you could actually laugh at what the situation was going on in hungary benefits are joining us by phone in budapest thank you very much. to sports now byron munich visiting and shot fun for in saturday's standout going as they go clash they're hoping to end the year on a high note it was looking bleak for byron head coach nico colebatch just a few weeks ago but the bavarians have turned things around the last game before the mid-season break. on familiar ground. nico kovach has reason to smile before a resurgent and confident buyer and visit his former club frankfurt that if it means champions have been the league's strongest side away from home thus far a total of eighteen goals on the road have helped keep my iron close to the top of the table but frankfurt have the potential to disrupt by and recent return to form forward luka you know which is a joint top scorer in the league with twelve goals having coached him last season
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knows yo bitch is a threat even hinted at a future buyer and bid to sign him this is the no from the first days on track then he'll become a willed class striker and will play for a willed class club if he stays healthy and stays in the right frame of mind he's got everything in a week or a world class club because if you frankfurt are a decent force at home beating labor coups into one last weekend giving them seven home victories in their last eight matches in all competitions. we don't tough possession of the ball like by and do but i believe we have a chance to showcase our quality. however the record champions have just won four in a row in the boat is legal in they haven't lost a competitive match at frankfort co marriage bank arena since march two thousand and ten. and finally the world's only albino orangutan is
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celebrating her first day of freedom this is all a bunch she spent a year being nursed back to health by indonesian conservationists they discovered her in captivity in the village and since then she's tripled in weight and has regained her confidence so scientists for least are into the borneo jungle on friday alba mediately felt at home in the wild climbing high into the canopy to forage for food yes and a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you right now thousands of demonstrators in the hungary in capital budapest have convened on the country's parliament and they're protesting against reforms by viktor or bonds government including an unpopular new labor law. and president trump is losing another key cabinet member defense secretary john mattis is stepping down after growing increasingly disillusioned with trump's policies maddest resigned after trump decided to withdraw u.s.
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troops from syria. you're watching the news live from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's dot com thanks for watching. my first bicycle was a sewing machine. icon for all women are bound by the social rules something as simple as learning how to write a bicycle it isn't. since i was a middle guy i wanted to have a bicycle of my own and it took me more as the minutes might. find.


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