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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CET

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hello someone you know of a country dead donkey. george december twenty ninth on t.w. . place . to lay a plane. landed to play today. this is steve's every news night from the nose signed off a quick aims to the standoff in washington. the white house visit to sanjay is among government sites close to an area all show government shutdown business option top of public ends and democrats failed to reach a deal on the spending bill that includes funding for prison donald trump's war the
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war also coming up. a german astronauts hits home in time for the holiday record setting stay aboard the international space station and signed a guest saves his days in space on top of that just used. me and millions tune in to watch spain's handle christmas tree handout billions of your isn't prizes we'll see why they call it the fact one. player. and christine went up while coming to the program. there is no sign of a christmas compromise in washington over a spending bill that seen the u.s. government go into shutdown lawmakers today unsuccessfully try to end an impossible five billion dollars to build prison donald trump's ordering democrats say there are more effective solutions for taking the u.s. border senate democratic leader chuck schumer had this to say here and we arrived
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at this moment because president trump has been on a destructive two week temper tantrum demanding the american taxpayer pony up for an expensive and ineffective border wall that the president promised mexico would pay for let's bring in michael in washington for us this evening and michael will we see a little make his and the white house strike some compromise deal to end this shutdown well there is one rule in covering the trumpets ministration and that is that you can't really predict anything having said that. it is very unclear how this could play out and the easiest thing for everyone involved would be to simply kick the can down the road and basically fund the government for a few more weeks or months this of course would not solve the situation but at least it would get everyone over this impasse right now. michel the democrats take
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over the house and they stand to meet and present donald trump full gantries wrong promised will offshore oil. well frankly i think it's very hard to see how democrats after their midterm election success can find anything that includes trump's border wall and opinion polls also show that a majority of americans don't really support funding the wall so i think it's very highly unlikely that democrats will fund trump's wall and the prospects for trump's wall i think are very thin. again michael stay put i just want to get your view on another story so off to the resignation of defense secretary jim masses this week there's been a fallout from president trump's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria now brickman who is washington special envoy for the fight against the so-called islamic states has quit he's put his stamp his resignation and they've met their proportionally say if that. were in fact not defeated and
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that he's worried pulling u.s. troops out could allow the hardest to amass power. all right so coming back see you michael it's kitty been a tipping and week how concerned is washington right now. well a u.s. policy expert told me yesterday that it's time to get afraid to be afraid now and that kind of sums up the mood here in washington i think pretty good a lot of people are really starting to worry about the erratic actions taken by president trump in regards to syria and perhaps also in regards to pull out of afghanistan and these people are saying that whatever you you may think about madison other experienced officials leaving now the at least had a restraining effect on president trump and with them leaving already gone there
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are really starting to worry people are really starting to worry here in washington what lies ahead. all right michael. spun in washington for us thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around woold a.c.m. of u.n. monitors has arrived in yemen to observe a seized by the rebel held city off for data fighting around humans may fourth has raised fears that supplies could be cut off to the millions of yemenis who are experiencing severe food shortages. the spanish government has reportedly had vowed a rescue ship carrying more than three hundred migrants to disembark in spain this off to. see if they would bog the proactive open arms from docking the vessel is four days' journey away from spanish or it's. another day off again the best antigovernment protests has been taking place across france demonstrations stuff hold with police in paris but reports indicate turnout is no more than on previous
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saturdays this week the government gave into some of the end of vista's dumond's. and a double call bombing in somalia's capital mogadishu has killed at least thirteen people the first last struck near a checkpoint near the presidential palace the second came minutes later at a nearby intersection he is now missed insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. colombian authorities say they have killed one of the country's most wanted fugitives police say he's not a known as go cho was behind the killings of three journalists in march as well as a string of the dates the foreman left his rebel deserted the country's peace process and allegedly established a drug trafficking ring. british police have arrested two people after drones caused havoc at london's gatwick airport it closed for almost thirty
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six hours off to that remote controlled aircraft were first sighted over the runway on wayne state the destruction came at the height of holiday travel season. britain second biggest airport is back in operation bringing relief to thousands of passengers who can finally continue their christmas journeys to their. you know we get to our songs we get back today reform very well. if they can still write good laws for the day so they don't know what turns now than they did before gatwick airport has been shut down twice since wednesday due to drone sightings about one hundred fifty thousand passengers had their flights delayed or cancelled on friday evening police announced they had arrested a man and a woman living close to the airport if charged and convicted they face up to five years in prison. the danger to aircraft posed by drones has been demonstrated in tests. there are already several anti drone methods and technologies to combat the
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threat at airports why no such measures were in place at gatwick is still to be explained in recent days have brought drone danger to international attention. this but often vital it's one that needs to be more measures especially registration requirements so it's always clear who is piloting a drone and to keep track of them isn't working off we've also propose that technology be put in place to track oldroyd flights it just has to be done on a european level doesn't was o.p.'s going to get fitted while planes are taking to the skies again or gatwick passengers can only hope there are no further disruptions to christmas travel. german astronauts and it's on a guest has arrived home for the holidays from the international space station eve returned to earth with colleagues from the u.s. and russia off to saving a record for the number of days spent of old i guess that he says he conquered
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waits to go back. it looks as though six months in zero gravity had no effect on alexander gassed. two days after his return to earth the astronaut seems in perfect health and in good spirits speaking to the press in his hometown cologne he talked of the lessons he learned spending time in space with such an international team. is an incomplete wonder we grew up in completely different environments are dead yet without thinking too much about it we worked extremely well together and says that in my view is one of the most important things we can learn from the space station which can be applied here on earth and it's something we must project into the future see in mission. this was the second stretch in the international space station for alexander gassed. there he worked on roughly two hundred experiments and for one of them he himself was the test subject. i'm waiting for you commit.
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he was there when the ai robots called simon arrived on board and alexander gassed also made some space history by becoming the first german commander of the i.s.a.'s . during his time orbiting the earth gassed also stayed active in cyberspace he posted regularly on social media his message to the world we have no planet b. and we have to do more to protect. he also had a message for future generations. that when i look back down to earth sadly i feel that i have to apologize. currently it looks like my generation is not going to leave the planet in the best shape. back on earth just says he wants to continue raising public awareness about the uniqueness of our planet. but first he's planning some down time starting with two
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days off for christmas with his family. and. in spain it wouldn't be christmas time without the lottery known as el gordo all the fat won it lives up to its name the wilds biggest lottery of this yet handed out prize money talking almost two point four billion years the top ticket holder took home almost four hundred thousand years it's a tradition dating back well that two hundred is that was the date shared sure i was just to get inside hoping to win more than just a seat in the theatre. the rest of spain had to watch on television as el gordo got underway. some thought costumes might fasten their chances. because i'm the lucky thing i'm going to win all the prizes in el gordo obviously for the sake of. the lucky frog might disagree but what to do with a share of that two point four billion euro price parse. here were
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monopoly game when i was spending the holidays and i don't know what else. also to pay off the mortgage it's up to the school children to sing out the prizes one announces the winning ticket number the other declares the sum. but if they don't use a yes why. they're all of them that i first stage fright proved too much for this one i was and this one. who thought good news was so hard to bear that. no tears here though even just selling a lucky ticket can be cause for celebration. yet live anyone's me great happiness because we know we have given joy to someone it's a surge of positivity for us because we spend all year trying to deliver happiness
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and with this prize we've done it for once. well. there is no single winner gorgo pays out thousands of prizes giving plenty of spaniards something to sing about was a brother ok. to sports now rail madrid have cruised to their. fifa club world cup title beating the u.a.e. s l and me and four one in the final in goals from luca madre marcus your intake and captain sergio ramos sealed the win for. the spanish giants have now won a record for club world cup sporting one carol travels also known. the bundesliga show follows off to the break with public find out how much by and munich fared against european hopefuls i tracked from foot the game mocked a first blunder sneak a return full form the frankfurt coach and
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a cold actually switch clubs ahead of the season east had a turbulent stretch and the very best three points on saturday would ease his troubles as his side keep up the chase on league leaders. before we leave we have a reminder that the holidays are here and christmas is just around the corner so that means get your christmas faces ready because santa claus is on his way from one of. the holidays. her.
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son. will leave. her. first. home. of species. own home. words if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. but news that cuts least british solutions and resources should. cut into.


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