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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2018 7:30am-8:01am CET

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fear have a little fizzle a feeling one of my friends didn't want to abandon the city to these criminals and monday in. the county jails photos and videos of it is a con tries to send them out the hauen of florida and i am how the ship. of course he is he is humans that is he took this video in secret. from inside
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a house kind of fun even though we knew we could be arrested and executed for it to my to coddle. became a competition. to how it is they're everywhere and they watch for men or shave their beards for people who might have cigarettes that guy for women or showing their riders. something that makes it out of isis rules but is fred on here how is that the honest the why is that.
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why no nobody. at all but. not the man a lot of older now don't want. that all that was going on was nothing was not done. and it's painful but i feel a responsibility to do this work. sign out of that review. one execution video i recognized a guy lived in my street. it was his turn to be killed. a
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teenager killed and cut his throat bison. i don't. believe that. you can. win anything
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here. on a show for her because things are hard for a lady and. that is exactly fishy in the. embossing to moffitt in prison you can't show anyone your weakness. and noah and so perhaps he sees me as a special door as there's also in the shower a place where he can hide his emotions when he's feeling down because the you know he should be feeling.
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well i said. when the revolution began he was one of the journalists who tried to report on the true situation. yes slightly so marking.
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the end of anything by the end of the name is the out old as i don't like at all there is not a sound involved. a vision yeah how i like my messing in my feet muff if you how i can or back among you and in those how the father was one of them i know. that the few bob. but you never said it was like oh i don't know also. there is obviously a. girl or you didn't see the signal yet and that she didn't look so good. that it gave him the best of all and get them all down again yes exactly great deal of did. with our barbara. starr at the
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gate but they. feel all of those things. if not the. death of the. kid. you know. nothing. like. you. know if i was on the run. oh.
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if you go into. a lot of the.
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i'm a doing the show this is part of my life i lived in these streets and these people are my friends discussed keeping them out some of them may be lying under the
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rubble of the shooting. and. yet. you think they're going to be of. help if. one hundred have been given the company of. all the economists of this mother of this whole even it's and that's. modern day event in the flood from. yeah yeah but it's i guess the from before it's young. and his presidency i mean i'm from new york in the. us the us is to say i guess there's no clothing if i can do to survive we can.
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talk about me was somehow you modeled lymphocyte bargello a circuit on this exhibition brings back the activist in me who had a goal to kind of have i mean she come to head to. me. basically. you know. it's. a the down with one. of them.
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no no. no need to hide it. from the. oh. i'm you know i me my dick. is that i'm not going as well not so. much as. what. you did. somewhat but i guess the question in your neighborhood that right. there live i have never had no luggage but does it have a sense you know lobbyist another example of somebody like that was the best out of
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all of the episodes i want you out of. now how do you know where they may i know let me highlight you know how the ad. found its way if any so i should allow them some of that that i knew anything though and usually i don't know who in fact i'm you know. that me we shall and any i don't want. my colleague to look them up. on something and i went ahead and got out of the senate and they got on asked me to settle that exist and the city had to shut off all of the stuff sorry the cost so you want to ask me you know i did. it when i was a little bit and then i think they're going to learn that they still love me not that i wasn't that nice at least i live in staff and that office is the way i'm
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bending but i just want to slice you know yes i see a benefit to saying. you know. i don't. war.
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my. obama she's a part of me that i had to leave behind in syria i need to be so here. i lost my love i first met at university and i'm the kind both of us we had the usual simple dreams that all students are. graduating meeting a normal life to college i'm of the convinced that most of all i need. to eat. and eat in space i believe coming like.
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this it can do me any good so i want some. kind of ad to see mclane there are coffee shops with watch asking if he will be a lot like but at isis could come and arrest people there at any moment may. the other take the following is in the section of that this house. but people still keep trying to reach their families on the bullet hole in the b b a in county and can come out i've helped them and they risked their lives for it she. had the option of. morning. bill.


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