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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 23, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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twenty nine t. . the big kickoff starts december twenty seventh w. this is deja news live from billion a search for survivors in indonesia after a deadly tsunami strikes the coast it arrived in the dark of the night without warning bringing devastation to coastal areas the death toll has climbed to more than two hundred and is expected to rise as rescuers comb through the rubble hundred small brought into. the one.
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i'm christine will go welcome to the program indonesian rescue workers also checking for survivors in the off to map off a devastating tsunami which struck a busy tourist region on saturday night the official death toll is now two hundred twenty two with more than eight hundred reported injured dozens mall on the concert for the tsunami swept the coastline along the soon to strace between sumatra and java it was apparently triggered by the eruption off an island volcano which sent a wall of water crashing on to shore. the place where someone used to live now destroyed by the powerful way. it's just one of hundreds of homes and buildings flattened by the tsunami along the coast. the water hit with such force that it
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lifted cars and other vehicles. one woman spoke of the horror of the moment when the tsunami struck. the carriage to the i was at home watching television at the time just then i heard a rumbling sound and i thought it was the wind to catch i open the door water came in quickly one dragged me out when i saw outside the sea was receding i decided to run and go as the water came again for the second time this is all. one thing that many of the survivors say is that there was no warning and they didn't see it coming. i feel traumatised as last night when we were getting our supplies such as diesel already going over some logistics suddenly a huge wave came and we started running with all our family members was.
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the tsunami is thought to have been sparked by the nearby crocodile volcano which has been erupting since june. the rescue was a finding out across the island to look for people still trapped or in need of help . but experts say it could take days or even weeks until the truth scale of the damage and the number of dead and injured becomes clear. that it's going out there question he's a freelance journalist and. author thank you for being with us it's nighttime in indonesia now what all the authorities doing to get to people in need. rescuers got out from mission also some rescue have been there since this morning so i was asked. you know about the. tsunami.
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already that and then. when and. especially still safe seoul and also the nation will discuss the agency also in medical assess. the damage but so far. in it's a guess and a half. minutes indeed that the problem is this. this is quite new or immediate because musically if that isn't a. this not me it's medicine ok wait before the tsunami but we stand this warning and no medicine on the way and that is no warning when it's an obvious coming. all right so it really does take a lot of people by surprise but tell us about the area where the tsunami hit. yeah. east coast of west. why well.
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why didn't you just beach from there if you feel the car stuff so it's only about three i was driving to people when i was driving along that coast. a long line of you are. down there that. is also that is. a nation of. the place a sanctuary for the critically and don't why you know so. along the east coast is why people. really did this in michigan most of the few times this also that the kitchenette and that is you bend. the knee in the cold then. this all happened that last night. that was freed on this question asked for as much as speaking to me a short while ago from. the tsunami struck without warning and dramatic footage has
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surfaced of the moments the was he hits joking about all concerts along the beach front. you can see the local pop group seventeen performing as the wave suddenly crashes down them and smashes them into the audience. the video off that indonesian band seventeen being swayed told several stages one of the most dramatic to emerge from the disaster zone it's what a human face on this unfolding tragedy in a country that has seen more than its fair share recently the lead singer posted an emotional message on instagram saying the band's bass player and road manager with david he said his wife and three other band members all still missing. last bassist benny and road manager hammon oki and andy.
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andy hammons new john haven't been found yet. and we all feel prayers. because i know i'm going to let you get really ugly my wife will be found quickly. so when i ask you'll soon see a prayer for benny and okie. would like to thank you. for. joining me now from geneva in switzerland is fighting near rybin in from the intergovernmental oceanographic oceanographic commission this is the u.n. body that coordinates tsunami warning systems thank you so much for being with us this evening so we know that a tsunami warning was not issued before the waves of arrival why did the systems fail to detect the wave. to not me wanting systems are designed to warrant. a sort of descent people based on this
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seismic warning it means that if there is an earthquake and it is detected only after that based on the location dips and the magnitude of the earthquake we able to anticipate the tsunami and warned of sort of this in the case of these things on st crocodile tsunamis the situation was totally different the source was related most likely we don't know yet what it learned because the billeted all the volcano cricket all walking you know and i grabbed a couple of the world qaeda and this is a different source that cannot be unfortunately predicted and because of that the system was not intended to that it was unable to predict anything because there was no earthquake detectable earthquake. and what should all authorities in the region be doing to basically pay for the next tsunami. i need to say
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that this type of to not miss are most hard to predict. in real life it's just it's only the preparedness in general an assessment of good disks that is able to help in that dramatic situation so that will cain is actually a so-called sort of crocodile volcano and it throws almost by half a kilometer in during. during more than a century so it was a growing growing so there was actually a paper in georgia go serve society to a whole u.k. that was saying that of course the possibility of that. collapse of the orbit will cain and and and so on i mean so that order just have to study around the world the likelihood of such a glimpse like generated tsunamis and and be better prepared in general but the warnings are hard to to do but we have to work in
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science and try to develop some sensors that would be able to detect the movement of of the soil and one last question to you survey briefly if you will how much improvement has they've been in the regions response to the tsunamis since that the two thousand and four days asta. you know before the two thousand and four disaster despite the warnings of the in the government which forgot the commissioner thing that's going to was no system to to detect. just cause me to warn about the toll on this the lesson was learned approach and it was a very hard lesson and after that we have a tsunami warning system basically to four or forty gins in the world that the prone to it's an obvious. even in the case of father tsunami really managed to predict to the fact of the tsunami but unfortunately the hype was not that it could be and this is also likely related to some unknown mechanism dislikes landslides so
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i think there must be more investment into the systems and then must not also safe into say snick service and probably they have to study the assessment to make a certain assessment of the landslide. generated phenomena around the world all right thank you to mystify to me we have been and he is representing the human body that coordinates tsunami warning systems. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has named patrick shanahan as the acting. defense shanahan is cut the current deputy defense secretary he will take over from jim majestie resigned his position sizing key policy differences with president trump. and rid of yellow vests protesters have demonstrated in tel aviv israel against the cost of living and alleged government corruption and the protests which have been running inspired by nationwide demonstrations in france. rescue
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teams in russia's ural mountains have found the bodies of nine construction workers who were trapped inside a burning. if i erupted saturday at the mine operation by a fertilizer company russia's mining industry is accident prone to to push safety said stand is. often high and mines have both between eighty and one to see the calendar year two with a one or droll the other results from match day seventeen so far early on. and true to all. their games on saturday. grabbed an injury time winner in hanover and were too strong in stuttgart phil hood to. freiburg all three points from nuremberg dortmund won on friday. hadn't lost a single game at home despite does make a campaign before lehmann's visit on saturday and that run continued as they
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recorded a hard fought three two victory after a promising start to the season but women have now slipped down to tenth. leipsic we're looking to gift that founds a ho when the head of the winter break got braman started with purpose militant russia denied by leipsic right back lucas close them and. then showed his attacking qualities with a sunder a strike at the other end to open the scoring in the twenty second minutes was just before half time max kruse a gifted his rival strike a team of ana and the early christmas present was two nil at the break from a man who was schooled all his goals in pairs this season little did leipzig know that braman were about to spoil their appetite first match cruiser made amends for his previous blunder sneaking a strike through a maze of legs was leipsic when now on the
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back foot substitute joshua sargent tied the store with his second goal and his third bonus leader appearance was but like seeing how the last laugh groomer came on to score his first goal of the season and for this topless celebration on the first yellow card of the campaign as well was the platinums that my childhood marked in the second half you could tell we were very tired this is and has been long and hard so far we've had a lot of games but we still managed to get it sorted if i may please with the win the fourth one often impressive start to the season braman are stuck in mid table mediocrity while like sick head into the break sitting pretty in fourth place. off the pitch they have been some changes i have sacked the clutch heikal hellish after just seventeen months at the club level cousens management felt that it
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seemed had failed to develop since anish to the day in the summer of twenty seventeen he guided the collapse of a fifth place finish last season but a plus loss to the current camp. sees them languishing in night form adult men coach he's a boss will replace him and officially take charge and jack. you're watching live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news ahead live. i'm skilled at the i work hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances are being what's your.


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