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tv   Doc Film - Jonas Kaufmann A Tenor for the Ages  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2018 6:15am-7:01am CET

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best of luck and pop musicians in captivating performances. and. european concert on g.w. . fake hair and real story. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes a hairstyle takes up to two days it's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with others i'm a fan of the salon i know i'm good quality hair when i see it's and it's been a good story and i hear. my name is elizabeth shawn and i work at studio album.
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the revolt. to me. i think you own us is a one off it's royce has a power and a beauty combined and he's so musical and speaks all these languages and he's like has it all the thing about you know on a scale from n is that he's a phenomenally intelligent guy he thinks about everything i mean of course he's a good looking very handsome ten are very often if they're fed aki or not so good looking and he has everything the onus has gone through a rough patch i mean does not being well so there's a lot of expectation and we're all rooting for him you know where he fits in the pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages no question. oh oh
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. you know scott is arguably the greatest singer of his generation. at the royal opera house cotton garden he's been tackling one of the most taxing roles in italian opera there. in the final hour before going on stage there was a little piece in his dressing room one thing for fact check no no to a few years to turn so proud to say yes he just surprises you it comes right it's it comes right up to but give it a. carrot gotta find a way to make that work here. right up. there do. you. like what we're. really
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just trying not to break into all is part of. this story so that is certainly not that easy for tony and i think he's already scored for the north who most infertile are first of all. otoh is seen as the everest a role that requires a certain amount of self torture and of course physically that can cramp you up. it is not so fun to play once you know how to deal with it vocally and how to somehow control your emotions then it's it's it's fantastic well i found yes i did oh quite the font. and this is. going to. be half men. talking about jason people with this issue and it's wonderful. i don't know.
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yet. four minutes before the opera is due to start it's off the stage nothing can be left a child. yes was up his arrival as the victorious general will be precisely four minutes into the opera with his song of triumph as will totty rejoice but the performance can't begin until he's in position in the wings only then can shakespeare's manipulator jago launch the evening's drama with the two multiple storm at sea. back stage one minute twenty seconds off to the start the dull from the wings flew open and in full costume sprinted away from the stage all the way back to his dressing he'd forgotten his sword is that i'll be back in a sec and they were on the shock i mean everyone to dress or. the makeup lady.
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the stage hands of the stage managers think chest death toll and i'm about to make . i mean how did i know double prob well enough to know that i'm if i really run up and i run down i'm gonna make it and time. maybe even put in the sweat on the forehead no one noticed that well you come from battlefield obviously you can be out of breath why not. earth. her. muslim heard us. was right. come.
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was. the mystery of the dressing room i went back upstairs or got soaked i just touched up there to come directly instinct to stop how many seconds you have before that starts again i don't know i mean i didn't have to stop at all i just could easily go in and. start. the. house was not a man to lose his not unlike some other. sick of he has this this habit
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to just call it. not stopping from just your mind just go straight on stage because stress is about to be in the way things and waiting to don't that is actually not my problem but. laziness obviously is. that was stupid why don't you go without it no i cannot go on without a soul dumb and as a toddler without a sold. a few in his home city of munich would accuse you of being lazy across eighteen months he recently chalked up thirteen different operas around the world as well as dozens of concerts and song recitals he's stopped by fountains wherever he goes he knows all about their minds here because he is one himself my name is carl funk ever since he was a boy he's back to his hometown and buy a new unit that's perfect on this occasion he reckoned their opponents hamburg asthe were in for a roasting over the oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
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oh oh. and he was proud to show off the byron stadium boys are bad. is it a place most singers would run a mile from if you come and you think i have to save some ways because i have to go through such a war or whatever you can't i mean you simply can't i mean it's i mean everybody who is into football knows that this boards i mean you cannot stand still you can't just silently watch a game. compared with a seventy five thousand fans in the stadium the royal albert hall in london boasts a mere five and a half thousand that on television and radio millions more across the world waiting for your own star turn at the last night of the proms the first time a german singer had been booked for rule britannia yet of course i know the melody of course everybody knows that we've been talking about i have no clue about the
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text honestly. all the other nations are. for to try rather that it's quite a young strong well i mean someone in the years ago. he was very particular about the drive to the hole to be sure he arrived after the audience was safely inside he always has fan mail waiting for him in his dressing room but this time a rule britannia veteran had left him a present to set the tone for the get out of here. first. yeah well next time the previous year when i had been at a loss i had to promise my wife to give me a pair of union jack boxer shorts to give me inspiration for the evening and so i thought it might be a nice idea to continue this tradition so it was this may not be the only underwear
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you received from. strange is this even excuse me. you know this zero five miniscule minutes. thank you. so much shoes oh yeah oh. oh. yes you get it. all right. oh. yeah. oh right so
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her wrists i. thought. it's amazing to have all these people standing just like next to the edge of the stage it's fantastic it's intimate not at all there's a barrier. so they can't fly but. you know it's not if if an audience would be intimidating i think you shouldn't be a performer you unfolds only in front of the building. it's very boring to see your dress and. what makes somebody stand out is ultimately ultimately is the quality of the voice. but what is the quality of the ways is it just what you're given by the guy upstairs or is it something that is potential that we then
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develop and hone oh let's not go to this. because i think that's what it really is and it's that and the personality behind the voice that is projected. oh i'm not. going to the opera world has a certain stake in his success you know all the big opera houses certainly do and you know you want somebody like that to succeed. at the peak of his success on his part of the opera direct to christiania lutes live in munich it's where he was born in his student singing days the café louis told was a regular holmes. but for years he was a prophet without on a in his own city or his own opera house i sang a total fool performances for performances in fifteen years the mystery i mean there really is that because i mean i dead did it in two thousand for. two thousand
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and six in at the met a man and that was it and along with already a law scholar and so on so i mean it's every major house c.n.r. song they all realized except for munich. you know early february his star status was recognized at the barbican center in london in what they called the cosman residency tool kestrel concerts and public discussion with young singers and first stop a song recital that very evening with his pianist. so you know i was once a stretch where it was some stage of you just to sit down have a great show every theocracy you enter yeah you see i'm not in time for you to to reverse not for fear of us i mean why would i. for the bar become and for him it was a high wire act especially since he'd been out of action for several months with a vocal injury you. know to
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a school. everything. shared her. with the partnership of helmut deutsch likes to switch from the heroic roles of grand opera to the intimacy of the song recital. he's fantastic there and he's coming to now e.d.'s into that so that's where. he's part because the hounds are wonderful on stage that's like jesus christ i always think it's really exciting he's actually has singing time yet . yes there when you know yes. we drop my pants are falling. but he never really took off for breakfast so still most everybody is waiting to see whether he still serves that title of world's great stuff.
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oh. come on i'm going to. war. was. the last time cost money and deutsche had performed together was in south america
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the previous oldest thought was well talisman noticed a vocal problem. at first there was no cause for alarm but it turned out to be serious we had to recycle in some paulo which was pretty well and very very good and the next one was in. lima and he didn't feel comfortable is it i don't want to see what's what's wrong and two days later it was but his eyes it was up again it was very very very good and then he burst out again sir and then his doctor found their reason for this bunch of beacher and impaired saludos they stayed bail much a picture. after journeying to high altitude in the andes much you picture itself is two and a half thousand meters above sea level the trouble with his voice began it ruled out old performances for a period that in the end lasted five months it's very simple
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a tiny little blood vessel popped open and vocal chords vibrate so many times per minute and they touch each other each and every time and if something goes wrong there. it cannot heal on its own when you don't know it and you don't leave it alone meaning when you don't shut up completely. it was boys. it was not ok you have to rest three months it was ok two weeks maybe maybe a little bit more and then another two weeks and then three weeks and no. this was just. popping open several times and also there i was in
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singing at all just i'm sitting dinner table and talk to friends and from one second to the other you think oh what happened it's. so. it's just constantly. in this the. treadmill waiting to finally find the exit. it's. the one positive thing obviously was i was home and i saw my kids much more than
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the last couple of years so it was a nice side effect but still i prefer to have performed on this thing the path to the top hasn't been easy twenty years ago with a punishing shuttle as a young opera singer in germany he found he was horribly in trouble and lost confidence everything i even lost my was on stage during a performance i couldn't sing and had to conduct a looked at me like hey what's going on tonight. i can't i could. cause month found a new teacher we should have how to avoid vocal stress by relaxing the roots of his tongue and keeping his larynx down it was the making of him for the first time i have a probably i had a reliable instrument even though it was still edgy and it was not around at all the high i could sing on and on and on and wouldn't get tired the day after the second bar because the concert hall wagner he had the opportunity for some
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maintenance ok so he gets into the shooter. and the straightest you feel the pull around the corner and that you know it's nice to know you're too young for it but. it's incredibly physical pursuit and you know the muscular work is enormous like a sportsman kosman is alert to any hint of a physical problem the next one is monday so i mean it's a quite some here i do know is a little bit bigger but it's also where they're arriving and everything you want to see is perceptive enough to realize that the larynx isn't moving his freely is he would like probably the best analogy is a sports car where the handbrake is on slightly and you're just not getting the performance you would expect out of the vehicle and also get you from a to b. but what you're expecting is something that is far more responsive now as soon as we release those tight muscles then the performance returns to the voice box one
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before yeah this. his reward afternoon tea at his westminster hotel where he briefed his press agent thomas forked ahead of the third barbican event the following day. help or to show you that i was bad cough today i don't know why maybe i overdid it yesterday. but it's getting better but he's great that guy just great. next afternoon was his conversation with students from the guild hall school of music but the morning brought unwelcome news for the audience. we won the title just about stakes we did wonder on wednesday whether that was cold in the offing secured swi well they've been following his health online for what is assisting the state of the issue now is just to prove that eunice is well for the stars for our songs monday monday as concert was
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planned as the climax of the culture one sees. the four last songs by lee called strauss are a cornerstone of the soprano repertoire nobody can remember them being tackled by a tenor before but at the start of the rehearsal on the saturday it became clear that one's health was still in doubt. so i shall say hello from your nasa just send me an e-mail was a few marks which we can already put into scored on our parts i take press where he wants to go on so i think it's a good sign for tomorrow that he will be here at least. or yes or at least on monday even if. by the time your can read arrived on the monday the cold turned into bronchitis and the bronchitis want. to go. most difficult situation is for us no i mean he is he so wanted to do yeah and i actually thought he might finally
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almost force himself to do it which was. next time we have to be sure that he won't people i mean fans or or or you know three months later and fully recovered counseling was back in london for his big operatic challenge that is all tell us your god i'm sure. weeks of intense rehearsal and a major psychological challenges one is a musical one guided by the conductor until a new partner and the director keith morning. teller's spazz with his evil nemesis jago sung here by mark over tanya. hammer just to paste the drama without too much happening too soon but it's a question that is loud ready which i think. for to david any to. walk oh. yes there are slow.
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going carney oh oh . the problem is only i mean if we get to physical too soon i meant it that that's why i don't really know it's about your it's words at the moment yeah i think it's important to keep your own us stimulated musically dramatically because he can take that little bit of information and then build a house out of it you. see more and more for sure. ya go professes his loyalty. but also tello has to decide whether his friend or foe
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. well. i think jealousy is exactly what ya go is planting in all tell those mind and let's just see it work on you step by step by step the suggestion is that all tell is new wife is having an affair. is told but demands proof.
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was. very good if you've done that you should know just as they're going to come there and turn them around. she walks down stage looking beautiful so you and he just hold in there and if he tries to resist it you know just hold him and whisper all the shit into his head all the. oh so could go pretty low. in maison concentration he has amazing concentration on on everything and that's why i think this is one of his big powers this power to concentrate it's almost like sand buddhism i think costs
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money and even the real best book were rehearsing for a concert and i'm still done one of the highlights was the great love duet from otello it came to weeks before the operas opening night at covent garden with a difference a promise. a day it's.
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supposed to be quite surprising this whoa s. to come out of nowhere i don't know it's still not not to to scare off you know we all know that that's why everybody says that's a quarter from their bones on these people they are just people make trouble all the time. was. born. absolutely fabulous you. before you come to god and i'll tell us bright is the side by the italian a strong aggressive. on . the the.
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they. are the only ha ha ha. ha ha ha. ha ha. ha. a little but the middle one ball chose the second one yours come. to our school. the. king was a. poor
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whole. new era a. star . the whole plot of a teller who turns on does damon his handkerchief jago will produce this love token from a husband as the apparent proof of her adultery but first as damon has to lose it how is the problem so you don't need to throw it when you can do. it well that's what it's i mean that's what it says i know but it's i think throw it back to her
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is what i would do and then i guess just let it go from there it just drops out of your hand. to do what. you know. it's a tiny detail that critical to the plot and takes up a quarter of an hour of this rehearsal and you think that was there with hanky i mean i we both believe that she would take more care because it's i mean her it's the symbol of all of the love of her life and everything oh my god actually to her well i tell you what probably throw it down that me. if you don't feel he's being argumentative or difficult to really think you know he's searching to find out what this is about a new course you know any directory things you go to all the answers is a fool it's funny i love the idea of her just drops out of it but anyway good. well
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but if it doesn't it guys stay with it for a day after if it doesn't work because it does it's very clear here it is very clear what you're doing it's very clear that. the toughest role in this would be enough the most serious. you. look at the same time cost me one of those big challenges. the one concern at the bottom of. the sun the love direct from deep. with it's hair raising cries of fill some. vals you know those two valves are just. you know i mean held them half an hour it is sort of a tradition with that if you listen to them now they are recording where he halted for eleven seconds all tenors are like thanks yeah so everybody is that those valves are famous for. for people wanting to show their. big voice.
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thankfully responds very credible but i mean it's you see i mean i checked the facts and it's fourteen years ago that are saying the last time here i'm still. i was always praising this whole because it's so beautiful and the christie was oh perfect i mean obviously super enthusiastic and everyone. just books. falls apart no. you know we book on stuff you see i'm. those
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super enthusiastic fans almost part of the entourage which concert promoters and he himself after money even on stage the adoration can become obsessive there's never been a performance of tosca like that in vienna in twenty sixteen i think it was . her. and used to be quite popular that people would ask for an encore but. the we in this case i was just blown away because i didn't make any arrangements for the conductor. i just realized after a while actually after about what five or six minutes. of applause
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i can't get away with that i mean it's just and i had to start laughing as this moment where you can see me actually smiling because i thought boy i mean this is this is really happening i cannot stay longer in the park. and of course that encourage them to even clap more and cheer and and it was it was a really really really wonderful moment because this is because i still did not have the drama would be. to repeat and i love that you know i mean it rarely happens but you know there is an element of circus in what we do and it's great and it's a show it's a it's it's
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a sign of generosity towards the public. the trouble is that on calls are not always popular with all the singers. this is the moment that his love of tosca sung by the soprano angela guild you just do on stage to rescue him from the firing squad. and now i realize she's not there she's supposed to be here with the guards and. this is one we actually embrace each other and i look over there i look twice i look for
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a times i know she's not coming. the conductor is still very confident because he did hasn't looked up. and yeah i have to stop him in some way. comes. up to him once upon. the funny thing is you can still hear the violence. because they are still in hope that in my condition there and then he realizes there's no way we have to stop it was less to constant to explain to the audience in these words fail me i'm sure it's the same for you but now i see the signal that we can continue my apologies we wanted to do it so nicely in a single take. second time lucky. even if the embrace of the end came early.
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house among remains diplomatic about what's gone wrong that you ever explained no. most reading i mean i i don't want to get too much into it. we are not in agreement shoes faultiness let's put it that way. earth.
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ja goes web of deceit has now wound up to wreak terrible vengeance on his innocent wife martial abuse becomes much. i usually have no problem and slipping out of character to couldn't falls and you're back in your private life but with this last scene it really hit home song for you always a little bit yeah and a strange mood. there's a lot of emotional violence also in the music and this is something that can really affect you and because it is difficult not to get your voice affected too much by
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it. was through our health thank you very much for the. first of the once a month from now. ok i'm somewhat back here b.c. p.c. because that will be a surprise of course i don't get another one here. might be very unflattering. just think a. thank
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you thank. you when he leaves covent garden late at night you know scotland has one final duty to perform but once again. ha ha ha ha he's in the same league as you child no pavarotti placido domingo and his career in his late forty's is still growing as your next big mountains i will have to climb boughten high as a and tristan apart from wagner do you like the thought of doing process music what does cross over to me what discourse over to you i mean i cannot say no under no circumstances because maybe next week i need to go in a pub and we become friends and ultimately i realise that he's a famous pop star and can record something to get.
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her. out of the arab. her. he was a prolific. and i. a citizen of the world. rubens one of the most influential painters of his time. a revered artist who changed the course of history. by european life.
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in fifteen minutes. if you ever have to cover of a murder the best way is to make an accident raring to. never read a book like this. mr jermyn street. where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. with this is due to dylan sleep the new book was a journey back to the roots to get a minimum of the. traveling from want to go live around the world. he
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didn't rush into systems. channeling starch turner into. w. . block . comes. into play. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin rescue teams a race to find survivors of the indonesians tsunami of an army a volcano tros eight steve and rocket experts are warning that a second saddam me is possible people are warned to stay away from sections off the coastline. also coming up at half time in germany's one to speak at the theme park
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