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tv   Doc Film - The War on my Phone - Lifeline to Syria Part 2  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CET

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a simpler life. they're watching d.v.d.'s coming to you from birth and we will have more news to get off the top of the army life means get up today so you can get all the latest news on high at t. seventy dot com or on twitter thanks for joining us. nicole pietz in germany to learn german. polish people why not learn with them online on a mobile am free to south africa he's always been learning course because fic.
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thank. you. tell. us about her.
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well the let. her. the world. over know that and. more now. you know me you know. me any.
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more money. they make me. name i mean a record. of. you know. she found me in maine to talk. about how this woman. she gave me one thing a funny thing. or a mean way you. think
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and i'm somebody. and america's. going to make a good american i. am going to find i mean i. can't keep my going to.
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run my head. had it one. step ahead of what i said look i didn't. mean let let let . moghul has come a bit sometimes i wish i could be there with her. but it was and i wish i could finish the work i started in syria a list of. who is who do you. believe
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. and forget we had the same goal to help women become stronger and more active. we complemented each other. find out. that not only thing i love somebody else for now that i think it's ok to laugh and i certainly had so did you.
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thanks. good to. us. thank you. i mean i'm not sure what sort of let. us. thank. you. see.
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here and abroad it. doesn't happen abuse would i feel bad just by being here i'm letting down the people there if only i were with them. both. i cook i take care of my daughter but i'm constantly anxious about my friends and. i hope. that quiet corner has prompted them to come on honey. from own. place
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. but. this place. is a lot better and i because of the things we want to feel about it in the can't get enough you shall die and it is an old dos you decide you. just. clicked. so how. did. this incredible start. what's next.
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for you. oh oh our who really gives really go you know. but you know i. was a monkey as a little man you got to get to the place that's what i'm not i'm not i'm not a whore you know a lot you can learn on a few million dollars over four years when you. don't exactly know. that's. no. joke told you to go off. oh my job. just started a little bit more going to. do something. i don't think. you're going to
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watch. this i'm. going to highlight some of the. well for most of the season and the night before how do i thought in the. first of what. if you're going to show how you might be my father if i doubt you know the little. i think harsh has been left out of the mother who left.
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before i did with my being a bride and just such a martyr if you are more moderate you'll get a mocking. liberal look at it so the problem with. this. this is for you the only. thing that for. me. i don't know if you can. get this book thing i'm going to. put it i don't know i don't know if the place you
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know. it from is going to have more oklahoma. thank you. the father of the father who was. sort of sort of god it would suck. all the little. girl thought oh no. she gave.
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oh by the way a mobile phone is the most precious thing you can have been president of that's been going on. on how i'm always trying to collect money to send to him personally i also take care of his internet connection.
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oh. ok with. that issue.
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to. show. some just.
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takes it on the grounds. i love you guys in the name for the last. thing for. i think for you. haven't forgotten. the i've been a fan of something like. this and my no one. ever. earl was a black. lager for going to school.
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but at the last for the house especially when i. was on a. quest for health first. abduction. the thought the body. i suppose it was that last with me in their last message said they would try again
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to get out of the province. and in houses like. i've been in the connection was cut out. you can battle it out to me they were arrested there's no connection at all maybe they're in the desert maybe they're lost. so. i don't know what's helping party should we can the city. clerk. look at how. look. i.
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ask you to train him if you can and then he will have seen an album and i think you know much of what it is him obviously to. be at last when this whole mob. knew yeah lets me down there and investigate the mini game. plan. to play upon the young and. i don't know what set him on.
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last night was that then i feel we sent him six thousand euros to get him out with fake i.d.'s. they'll be taking a road used by the free syrian army and it'll feel. moment it's a military passage. get . angry. angry. yeah.
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come at them because when we really feel how it has to ground. the client. will. all. pay for all. that much of it and it. must have a mission to benefit both candidates but that mr. sharif told the. gym is not. finished the book was enough to feed a ship's company out of. the.
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just how difficult it can be. if you force. her me now i think we're going to walk you know it's going to. be a long time sort of short so long as we're not. going. to be nasty we. should need a shout out even shot at the should need senator. mitchell for i don't think i would give in or not i looked out. for.
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him in the family the two of my friends are scented years or dead or had not one was killed by isis the other by a russian airstrike. comfy and they were sending us news from there as are going on about the economy about to. be dead.
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this year is an isis video where they executed journalists. they made him reenact how he worked against the. kind of student. who obviously isis filmed him and reenacting what he did. or. how they should come with all what this guy was a photographer in the region that's what he took photos of isis in the city and sent them out. i took him there and interrogated him and filmed it like a hollywood movie the monk and i didn't but they filled his camera with t.n.t. and hung it around his neck and blow him out of the bottle.
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since. we couldn't because the most latest details of everyday life frighten me.
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yeah and the for example the barbara starr series are near a neck of the shoulder mom. calls. you. get. because. no one will probably have more thought if you go. get a new phone. i want you to. become who thought i didn't matter but let me set the record straight i'm going long gone love london i'm going to move i'm glad because i was you there my name i'm jolly i'm off the job. i get.
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you i need to feel my limbs. off. yeah if you will this will sure i can with the t.v. on yes but. should i do. that. so all are the same so who would come along. the way that. i've been. saying that all the. trouble of the now that i've come to be a. great mentor you know how much money money money you're.
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letting him in a. you know sort.
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dish it is. that if she. has that. kind of. thing. nothing in there that i can say to him no it's not possible it's too much. of my family had to pay to get me out of prison no one and. yet there's a i know this deadly feeling of waiting for someone's help to solve. them in the yard.
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the one who learns salut turkish officials discovered the fake i.d.'s so. that the most know their back and the money is lost because smuggler won't pay it back because he got them into turkey. tonight and i wish my mother were here drinking coffee with me or we would sofas
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that i did that with every plan of god in the ground i pray that she will come and share it with me to make me feel. unless i have to give them out by any means possible. a lot more than i you know bernie i still haven't had them sent to me. to. get him off but had on me on longer had on another and he was well loved how often you don't. like. going. to class. hello so look you can send for thank you this if he doesn't find
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a candidate who can stand next. to you very much marvel children who are. just like you. who want a lot of stuff we don't have that it's not a matter of. just you know. she's. going. i think. it was known that if you can't even agree about five things you have because you can buy their. teeth you must let us have the kind of course you can hear them but they're good at that. i have so have my mom and i have but i don't have a life. so if you have. a lot.
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of obama's you know something about. something i never would i and my. mom. spent some time so this.
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morning. you know i'm not going home and i don't know if you're. going to have you don't. know what you're going to. thanks.
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thanks thanks thanks. inconclusive might be alive but i don't know where she is she might be. mom just another thing i did waiting for a reply i'm sending this i'm just hoping you see these two check marks i feel at home so i know that she arrives somewhere just off the of the silent night.
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with. pain and that now. let. us think they're not for that amount of that monkey saudi thing that i'm. missing so non-famous more
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simple. than. he or. she can only tell you when you may need how many of each name got me you may not get many became but i could milling. but only. water you know shouldn't be on beat me to your station from the chill out of the numbers on a lot. of my you had a lot of money top gun in the home for playing. going
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to work at all you just knew not only going. to shrink a force on. a clock.
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running hard. for a modern world. go on. one of them a what i'm going to. cherish what they come down from of course you know early on a board only. last fall. i let you know that even more. ok. we. got a. shitload of them but if.
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we assume you. live on. the poll. you shoot low. when. you. look at those polls. her. pool our. poll. our lives. have. i.
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believe. you know the only. clue clearly.
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close. close. close close close . kickoff. so how was. ours was the best. the best place for. the best goalie. the going to sleep the highlights. pick up. thirteen the.
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is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin fears of a public health crisis since an obvious indonesia people try to salvage what they can from the global desperately need his aides has started to flow both humanitarian workers warn that clean water on his medicine supplies are like look at the latest on the indonesian also coming up. pope francis contends the human greed and consumerism of the pontiff made the traditional christmas eve mosque the st peter's basilica.


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