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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 25, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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oh a small new part documentary starts in january thirteenth on t.w. . this is due to the news coming to light from berlin the death toll in the indonesian tsunami rises to four hundred twenty nine as people try to salvage what they can from the rubble desperately needed aid house started to rifle course humanitarian workers warn that is clean water and medicine supplies are dwindling the definitions from indonesia also falling off. and on top of the christmas for
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the world's stock markets wall street's down three percent and tokyo's nikkei index closes more than five percent its worst finish in almost two years. and pope francis delivers his traditional christmas day blessings of the physio of rome on the world these are live pictures of frogs and concerns that caught him from the pope is giving his blessing in different ships. in the screen the last. time out on a welcome to the program more than two days after a killer wave swept the coast of java or the death toll from indonesia tsunami has risen to at least four hundred twenty nine that number continues to climb and rumors that another tsunami could be imminent has been causing panic and the java disaster zone. a false alarm this morning felt locos scrambly they headed for
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higher ground convinced that their lives were in danger there's no indication of whether it's an army job and remain an easy because the volcano cost to have caused such as a tsunami is still erupting and there are fears of a humanitarian crisis as well in the disaster zone thousands have been left homeless by the tsunami. a safe haven for these children some desperately needed and aid is reaching the evacuation centers bought with clean water and medical supplies now running low the fear of disease is looming thousands here are too terrified to return home. and thank god they give us food and water it's better than at home i'm afraid there. and their fears are well founded with the cracker toa volcano still erupting believed to be the cause of the deadly tsunami experts warn that more killer waves could slam into the devastated
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region most of those who do return home to salvage what they can a faced with a wasteland of collapsed houses and corrugated iron. in order to survive people have no choice but to try and return to normal as quickly as possible. but this market vendors sell the remnants of anything they can find. it in that manner only just opening now people are only coming in now as the last two days have been quiet we haven't made any money but meanwhile the grim recovery effort continues but the true extent of the damage from saturday's tsunami is get to unfold with rescuers are only now reaching areas that were previously inaccessible. for more on this now we're joined
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by correspondent on a he's ended up one in a western job which is one of the worst affected areas now on a how is the search for survivors going up the death toll there. i spoke to the search command manager earlier today and he told us that right now it's really a race against time as they continue to search for those who have been reported missing i need to emphasize the word reported because this area of western java where the tsunami hit this isn't really a residential area where you would have a record of how many people in there here and where they live that would give search operations an indicator of where to start looking and how many just are looking for when the tsunami hit last saturday it was a period of holiday gravity in this mostly touristy town there were many people who came here to watch concerts to attend parties and whatnot and there is no record of
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how many people up there were that were here for those events and to us that's keeping that's a blind spot for our operations how many to go to what and where to start looking for them. many people were called off guard on and you traveled through the disaster zone today can you tell us what you've been seeing and what you've been hearing. i'll go first to what we've been hearing we continue to hear the rumble of another cut away from here in western java where we are and that is an indication that the volcano remains active and those dorothy's have said that as long as the volcano remains active there will be a possibility of future action amin's and that's again a little bit of uncertainty and a point of anxiety here because the last number that hit last saturday there was no advance warning and. no has been active for the last couple of months to to up. it wasn't even the strongest eruption so while people are like standing on their
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toes right now whether you know there's going to be a next in a while we continue to hear nothing from it so a rumbling in the back. of the building in the background isn't the only worry for indonesians food and water is also a growing concern how are the relief officials dealing with that ana. the relief operations they told us earlier today has started to come and they have started setting up soup kitchens in the various evacuation centers but the concern now is these are those areas that remain isolated because they are very remote and the rains continued to did the tearing operations so some roads remain impossible just so that you know even for us as we traveled from one point to another it was almost like we were crawling through the traffic the streets are just mostly to remains and there's been continuous rain since this morning and yesterday that have
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to be here in operations making some roads continue to be possible. that a correspondent on a console in the western job at the nami disaster zone thank you for speaking with us. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. suicide bombers have attacked libya's foreign ministry in the capital tripoli one of the attackers detonated his explosives another was shot by guards before he could do so security officials say three people have been careless. monday's. bomb attack on a bold government compound and killed at least forty three people according to officials it was one of the deadliest assaults on the afghan capital at the end of one of afghanistan's most violent years no group has yet claimed responsibility. and mexico the new governor of. her senator husband have died in
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a helicopter crash martha erica alonzo was a senior opposition figure she took office in the central mexican states earlier this month the government says they will investigate the incidents. system easements volcano has been a row. after a new fracture opened dolphin the base of one of its craziest observers say the volcano is displaying unusually high levels of seismic activity and air traffic to nearby airports was shut down for several hours yesterday due to the new. hollywood star kevin spacey has been charged with indecent glee of solving an eighteen year old man in two thousand and sixteen the first criminal case against the oscar winning actress since his career collapsed in a series of sexual misconduct allegations a year ago spacey is chewing course in early january. here in berlin germany's president frank steinmeyer has urged people to address tensions in
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society by engaging with each other in his christmas message recorders at berlin's the potus steinmeier said that the country must not be alleged to drift apart. christmas for the german president funk. is a time to talk to one another with family with friends and also with those who have political leanings other than your own. christmas is a time not only for carols but sometimes also for quotes i believe it's good for us to engage in debate it's good for us to talk to each other if i had one wish for our country then it would be let's have more debate. steinmeyer things germans are spending less time actually talking to each other and more time in their own social bubbles. however no matter how upset we are about others or wish they just didn't exist one thing remains true we are all part of this
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country regardless of our origin skin color approach to life or favorite sports team for a. month. his christmas wish this year is that people enter into dialogue with one another other countries he says are showing us what happens when societies drift apart. we have seen burning barricades and powers deep political rifts in the united states and anxiety in the united kingdom ahead of breck's it europe is being put to the test in hungary italy and other places we are in the heart of europe of course not immune against these developments the president is convinced german democracy is strong and to make sure it stays that way we all have to work together. and rome of pope francis is giving
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his traditional irby et orbi message it literally means to the city of rome and to the world is easter and christmas the head of the roman catholic church gives the thing from the balcony of the st peter's basilica and harass concludes with creasing in many different languages in actually having a look at their life pictures of her dress you see. this. is. the unit. it is while at christmas the pope francis urged people in the developed world to lead a simpler life and kills worshipers in the vatican that they should give up greed and listening to remember to share. in front of some ten thousand
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followers in sin peter's basilica pope francis continued the theme of his papacy criticizing consumerism and its impact on humanity francis made his message direct and personal. let us ask ourselves do i really need all these material objects and complicated additions to live. can i manage without all these unnecessary extras and live a life of greater simplicity. condemning the widening gap between rich and poor francis encourage the faithful to give and share instead of devouring and hoarding . mankind became greedy and for ratios. in our day for many people life's meaning is found in positions in having an excess of material objects and insatiable greed
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marks all human history even today when paradoxically a few dine in luxury while too many go without the daily bread needed to survive. it's the sixth christmas eve service for the eighty two year old pontiff today he will deliver his christmas day message instant peter's square. just as it with said to have to say years ago there's no where the hands in this here tourism authority say all hotels are fully booked and it's one of the busiest press this is four years in the biblical town which lies in the west by scores of local and foreign visitors were treated to the pipe playing palestinian guests for raiding a giant christmas tree questions at the birthplace of jazz this passed. the top stories that we're following for you. the death toll in the indonesian
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tsunami has reached four hundred twenty nine with almost one thousand five hundred desperately needs a. humanitarian workers for and clean water medicine supplies are. the pope francis has condemned human greed and consumerism to. the traditional christmas eve mosque. in rome people in the developed world to lead a simpler life. and leave you with more christmas pictures from around the world celebrating a day of feasting and fun stay with us. thanks
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. i'm not laughing at the germans well i guess somebody down but mostly i'm laughing with them do the german think deep into the german culture of the new ridiculous drama day oh here you go it's all about who you know i'm right join me for me to everybody don't be a fool and. every journey begins with the first step and every
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language the first words i heard from the.


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