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the selling out of a country dead donkey. starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . business news coming to you live from berlin indonesia raises the threat level from the track of toll up to a red alert erupting volcano triggered a tsunami on saturday which killed over four hundred people sorties are now rerouting flights and warning the public to stay away from the already devastated coast nearby. also coming up u.s.
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president makes an unannounced visit to iraq to meet troops in a combat zone for the first time the president also made a brief stop here in. the. full i'm sorry march and welcome to the program authorities in indonesia have upped the alert level for the volcano that caused a tsunami last weekend they warned that fresh activity from the track a toe a volcano might calls another tsunami and they've ordered all flights to steer clear of the area saturday's deadly waves killed at least four hundred thirty people since then heavy rains have caused rivers to burst their banks flooding streets and submerging some homes our correspondent. has this report. on. these villagers thought they were safe after escaping the tsunami that tore
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into the western coast of java but now they've returned they face a new problem. before around six in the morning the water began rising. i went out to get some food and when i came back the water was almost chest high our village has never been flooded like this. johnny moved his family because of the risk of another tsunami. here he is leaving behind me with white three other children and twenty five other individuals it's a title research but at least he's living with a hundred of the my opinion there for the accounting work great now on his face his family. attorneys wife may sorrow remembers the moment she had to leave. but i'm wondering when i heard talk of
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a second tsunami coming i grabbed my children and ran to my sister's house people were panicking and fleeing screaming run run because the wave was coming i couldn't think of anything else the safety of my children was my only priority my youngest children eight and three years old they're in a bit of a shock and have trouble sleeping at all i don't buy that but. although the tsunami spared this family the flood still threatened their lives. as other santoso filed that report for us joins us now from the krakatoa lauder trying post in western java good to see you tell us how difficult is it for authorities to get aid through to the tsunami victims given the flooding and the volcano. there tooth challenges that face
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local authorities and aid agencies first is the problem of access weather conditions like rain from yesterday have flooded roads that are already choked by debris that were blocking them and secondly the volcanic activity that continues limits where search and rescue operations can be done for example they have been asked temporarily yesterday and today to stay away from coastal areas and these are still the areas where they have to search to see if there are people that still need assistance and secondly there is also the problem or the issue of tracking the evacuees some of the. kiwis stay with their relatives rather than evacuation centers making it difficult for authorities to determine who exactly the evacuees are and what their needs are and how to reach them what about the crack a toe a bull cane we understand that it's still causing headaches there what more can you tell us. third parties are raised in various level today
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to level three that's the second highest level and they did this because of the continued and heightened cannick activity cracka tower has been shown to be spewing more volcanic ash and hot clouds into into the air so flights have been rerouted they catch a flight over the volcano or within its periphery authorities also told us earlier that they would have been able to determine from satellite images that a collapse of the volcano is what caused the tsunami it was sixty four hectares of the volcano fell into the ocean that's equivalent of about sixty four football fields crashing down into the ocean now it's not possible to determine if another collapse what happened though krakatau remains fragile so it's parties are saying that yes there is the possibility of it with another tsunami but they can't tell when and how and how strong it may be are the best they can do now is to tell everyone to exercise extreme caution and to stay away from the coastal areas ana
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thank you so much for brains out today. in western java. and indonesia is not the only country dealing with a volcanic eruption melting at all in the italian island of sicily has also been acting up on wednesday triggered an earthquake measuring four point eight on the richter scale the tremor struck just north of the tanya is the largest of italy's three volcanoes and it is still spewing ash churches and homes were damaged the worst hit place was suffered ronna at nail. the town of several ronna lies at the foot of mount etna at three nineteen in the morning of christmas eve the d'amico family was shaken out of bed by the earthquake their home in ruins the couple is desperate to know what will happen next. just so i've never experienced
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anything based horrible so it's a miracle that my family survived in the end that's all that matters. sicily has been rattled by earthquakes for two days but none has been as strong as the one that hit early wednesday twenty eight people were injured. the quakes were triggered by the mt etna volcano raising the alarm level for the region local authorities haven't given the all clear yet. at the moment mount etna is still active it's rumbling directly at the edge of the crater. we can't predict whether this volcanic movement will shift further into the interior that's why it's hard to say how the local population will be affected. many people are afraid to stay in their homes even though they've become used to small love eruptions over the years mount etna is one of the world's most active volcanoes the last major eruption was in one nine hundred eighty four. i know some
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of the other stories making news around the world today demonstrators internees clashed with the authorities there for a third day after a journalist killed himself to protest economic problems in the country several regions were affected the military has been deployed to help police tackle the ongoing it's. north korean foreign minister riyal ho is reported to have met with the laotian foreign ministry delegation in pyongyang video from north korea's official news agency shows a group led by laotian bice foreign minister the purpose of the visit what was discussed or. u.s. president gul trope dong his commander in chief bomber jacket for a few hours on wednesday making an unannounced visit to troops stationed in iraq he and first lady melania trump then made a brief stall at the ramstein air base here in germany it was the first time trump
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had gone in person to a conflict zone where u.s. forces are deployed there's more. donald trump's nocturnal mission to iraq came on the heels of christmas and of pushing out to matt to says defense secretary george w. bush and barack obama both made multiple furtive visits to troops in harm's way this was trump's first from the u.s. air base in iraq he told reporters arriving under tight security was like nothing he'd ever experience if you were seeing when we had to go through. with the door to the plane with all windows were those with no lights or whatsoever if you were. black you're going to see that i didn't really there are all types and shapes and sizes and i'm sure this is. more handshakes and selfies were awaiting trump in western germany with air force one refueling he and first lady maloney a trump greeted troops in the predawn hours at ramstein air base now it's back to
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washington where the government remains largely shut down house democrats are about to take power and trump faces bipartisan criticism for pulling out u.s. troops from syria and preparing to do much the same in afghanistan. germany is exploring the idea of a so-called most tasks it would be loosely based on the existing tax which funds catholic and protestant churches here in germany the idea is that living a charge on practicing muslims here would make german last so less dependent on financial support from a brawl. lawmakers from japanese ruling center left center right coalition once and foreign financing of jam and mosques like this one to do that they're proposing a so-called mosque tonics east of it a society i believe it's important that mosque associations in germany and islam are independent of foreign influence from currently the fact is that most of the
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money comes from foreign states and that's not good for our society or islam in germany to beat a few and not fit in islamic pussy teef. the muslim council of germany is open to the idea based on the islamic teaching of giving for the needy. for example you could indicate on your tax return which institution you want to pay this mosque tax to and if you sign up for it you can make the appropriate contribution. or none of the courts common expression. gemini already has a church tax which could be applied to mosques as well. if people are really serious about securing more influence in muslim communities in germany then they're going to have to recognize them as legal entities under law that's what's required and should be the first step. that the interior ministry is no planning to discuss the
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idea with geminis muslim communities. d.w. political correspondent mike million joins me here in the studio for more good morning less million arning now this looted most task it would be modeled on the existing church tax here in germany so how would it work well that's the general idea we do have already had to tax in germany and what happens with the church tax is that church members give a contribution of their income to the general tax and that's then redistributed to the church communities the idea with the muslim but the a mosque task is not that similar it could be that some of the problem is that the mosques in germany are not structured nationwide so they're structured more in associations coming from the original where these sort of association is from and also they would be structured by the federal level would give an extra layer of complication so this is a general idea that could be modeled after the church tax but it could have some more complications what's behind this drive now that we're seeing we heard
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a number of politicians discussing the so-called mosque is this all about achieving equality or is it something else well in general this would of course help equality in the sense that it would help the mosques here in germany to have a more equal footing here in the german society and it would help them to have a more equal standing combine compared to churches in germany but of course the question is what the idea behind it is also to get them away a little bit from foreign influence in the sense of finance contributions that are coming from muslim countries such as turkey or south of saudi arabia and the idea is to get them have their own contributions and have muslim communities be more integrated in germany is there a lot of concern about the money coming into the muslim communities in germany from abroad here for example with the turkish german mosque association data in germany there's a lot of criticism coming that this organization is very close to the turkish
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government type who has been really rests. active in how he things must. be. practice in turkey in the recent years so the idea is that they are of course preaching a very conservative islam and a lot of liberal muslims in germany have been criticizing that what about germany's muslim community itself or you are saying that they're broken up into different pockets how do germany's muslims see this mooted most well there is. there is support coming from especially liberal muslims here in germany one of the biggest supporters has been there and she is the female founder of the liberal mosques here in berlin mosque even russian mosque and she's been supporting the idea of a mosque she says it would help her communities they could definitely finance themselves and it would help them to integrate in german society actually on a thank you so much. from our political to us. and
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before we go just a reminder the top story we're following for you here today on b.w. news indonesia has raised the alert level for the erupting. and warned aircraft to steer clear of the area it's also told the public to stay away from the devastated coast nearby in case more volcanic activity triggers another tsunami. so i knew so well be back at the top of the hour with more thanks watch. we make up oh but we want to have a face. to face the symbolism of the city. wants to shape the continent's future it's hard to enjoy now youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent of these platforms for africa majority.


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