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tv   Doc Film - The Ice- Surfers of Kamchatka  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CET

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asia has raised the alert level from the erupting iraq tara tall and warned aircraft to steer clear of the area it's also told the public to stay away from the devastated coast nearby in case for volcanic activity triggers another tsunami. so you know as well be back at the top of the hour with more ice watch. we make up over a week watch as of a fifth and at that she thinks we ought to sever some offices. they may want to shape the continent's future it's part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and other jumpers to seventy seven percent of these platforms for africa majority.
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surfing incoming chopped reckons there's nothing better even winter doesn't stop them going out on the way no do water temperatures of minus four degrees celsius. it's arduous and many think it's more than a little insane. i'm told is dream is to see an entire industry on the russian peninsula devoted to sell things. but how is that possible in a place where it's winter if the nine months simply is. and don't believe they just take. faith and hard luck.
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kamchatka the land of a thousand volcanoes. it's winter now i'm tom and his friend constantine from moscow need a snowmobile to reach their favorite beach the gravel paths covered in snow. there weather on predicted good conditions but the closer they get to the beach the storm marriage becomes nature is wild and then ruly income just go and the weather
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is unpredictable out here they're at its mercy. something look there's a from coming. not unusual at this time of the year the two don't want to give up straight away but too much wind can be dangerous. work backwards or more often but the weather is good but changes before we get to the beach ball it was a poor year before the front of the series i saw the grey front that i knew there'd be a strong wind coming and. not so good for surfing but. i'm told on constantine are among the few surfers who go out when the weather is below freezing anyone can surf in bali they say but here conditions are harsh and the climate massiveness. here needs to be good.
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because the two have sat out many a storm in this little hut at anton surf camp. anton grew up in kamchatka for years he flew around the world to go surfing and worked in various self camps now he's trying to set one up income trap go off all his love all over constantine comes over from moscow as often as he can he enjoys the simple life around here and the straightforward nature of the people he says people in the far east of russia are much more laid back than at home mom. if in the. meanwhile a powerful snowstorm is building outside for three days the camp chaps peninsular in russia's far east remains in its grip.
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this stretch of coastline is in the same time zone as tokyo and closer to alaska the moscow which is about six thousand eight hundred kilometers away. in the past nearly everyone here live from fishing or fish processing that's what the city of paid through pavlos was built for during the soviet era most people live in prefabricated buildings which all or pretty much alike. the housing went up fast it's now showing its age falling into disrepair. how could this be a paradise for surfers. and john constantine looked like visitors from another planet the older generation viewed the surface with their brightly colored boards with suspicion how can anyone make money with
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that is a question even anton's father asks eat used to work on a troll or and like most people here never earn very much and tom has inherited his love of the ocean and his relaxed approach to life on earth. it's fine as long as it doesn't lift dogs out of the air the wind has dropped a little it was really wild during the night but we're no strangers to that we live with it there's no chance of any servant or perhaps what you always feel from a war was awful but were thoughtful. but the storm doesn't stop them from climbing on to their surfboards and using them as snowboards. the boards can take this kind of treatment they say they were made in kamchatka by friends.
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just three hundred forty thousand people live on this iberian peninsula about the size of germany most of them in pietro pavlos. the ice free ports was built understanding for the pacific fleet petero pavlos became a center of the fishing industry people stream to come lured by good working conditions often does compensation for the harsh climate anyone who worked here could retire early and settle with their savings in warmer climes. but those days are long gone life has become expensive income tax and honda lots of things need to be imported but not fish there are five so so salmon at the market
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their own cheaper than in most prices have risen. a solemn remarry explains which to do with the man officials got more expensive in the last four years most has exported fish is one of our natural resources and not much of it stays income chakka that's why prices are rising because there's less of it the amala. rebut is if exports were cut and more fish stayed here it would naturally get cheaper. since the economic crisis prices for everything. have been rising across russia and come chaka is no exception. if you silly most of all we now live more frugally we used to be better off and didn't give a thought for the future because people in can check were well looked after. you now we worry about the future like you in europe we have learned to tighten our
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belts. those come home mom when people blame the big offshore fishing fleets they take everything they say that's why prices have risen even fellow confection. in. rita came here thirty years ago from kazakstan to earn a better wage but times have changed is no longer a magnet for young people. many young people are leaving kamchatka we need new sources of income and i disagree with that if we could build up tourism there'd be more jobs again and more people get. most of mechanical advantage. she wants to see tourism promoted. cross so does anton he's convinced that kamchatka needs to develop new economic
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sectors and he intends to do all he can to help his dream is an entire industry here devoted to surfing. these boards were made by friends. and john constantine planned this exhibition in petrov hard last to draw attention to surface potential for the moment the surface with their instagram profiles a still considered oddities with this photo exhibit i'm told once to give people an idea of what surf culture is about her. it was people was going to george nothing about these were the first surfboards made income chaka. one of whom is the work of local guys. they're making real progress and we're very proud of their handiwork. and. this rust steel drum is known among sofas as
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a bomb which is russian for a down and out it's used as a brazier which surface gather round to get a woman tell stories this one has heard quite a few. i think i'm told. a future champion needs to start early his wife marina is also a cell for both of them one to pass on their passion to the two year old. oh well just more still. photographs. he's growing up with equipment this is a balance board for example. that has my picture on it and my son recognizes me and says that's papa. none of it is new for him for me it was a revelation for him surfing and everything that goes with it are already part of
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his life as natural for him as throwing stones was for us. all of. us are or was our school and our business which we're building up together are slowly growing there are lots of hurdles to overcome it's not cheap either and this is not. the main suits cats and shoes are needed all year round and they had to be bought so that we have them in stock. but our surf camp now has an international reputation. you know. people come to us because they want to experience nature. you need a spirit. next morning the storm has finally died down the sea is calmer and the volcano is visible.
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and chairman constantine want to try their luck again even though a neoprene suit keeps out a lot of the cold it's hard to suit up to minus fifteen degrees celsius. but since i'm tom has had the surf camp he comes here frequently and this is his getaway a place where he feels one with nature. the boards are treated with a special wax. birth of the last couple morgan is going to buy wax the board so that my feet don't slip and i don't fall in the snowball of optional shingles that wouldn't be much fun otherwise this wax is vital to your face and you lot are going . anton's record is minus twenty two degrees celsius temperature and minus four
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degrees in the water the waves crackled it was the greatest kick of his life only the very toughest day to surf in these icy temperatures on the rough bering sea the north pacific current ensures that the bering sea almost never freezes over what does sometimes freeze is the foam on the waves which makes a crackling sound. even when the water further out seems calm the waves are powerful. it's a battle to stay on the boat. finally he succeeds. not
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years of the going to surprise you have nobody but yourself to rely on out there the sea is incredibly powerful here fighting the current drains your energy. of course i could still feel the effects of the storm today when i was trying to catch a way with the ball more but. it took years for constantine to pluck up the courage sometimes they see whales seals or even all cars out there you just look what it was hard because the current are still strong waves are tough but once you're out there it's great i saw seals it was really cool you have a cigar so the closest the militia was just wasn't sure but i was
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a good distance just to go i try to leave everything that has nothing to do with surfing on the beach on a blank sheet of paper when i leave the shore going to where you will want to do and that's how my contact with the waves and ocean began was a cultural that's just a distorted this sort of i close my eyes take a deep breath come back and start to surf john i'm still going to. this bombs has been without john from the outset. he brought the old drum here for the launch of his self camp and his lip many fine isn't it since. this surfing is followed by a dip in the hot springs they're found around the volcanoes all over the peninsula
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the beauty of the natural surroundings is also part of the experience. yup one of those was just on me and it looked more like what i come here a lot worse and i have done so for twenty years now perhaps even longer to support . i used to come with my parents on picnics and that's part of our culture and to talk with the board. him in the. britain was back on. this earth poti in the evening draws guests from far and white even in california they started small and tone sands. and he reckons this laid back lifestyle does russia good. over the last quarter some of those there are lots of
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people in blood of all stock who surf and find this new surf culture cool let me circle to form a good short list almost on the ocean soon shows your limits and checks your ego was the surfing is also spreading at present to cycling to the could rely locals to the entire far east people from regions that have no ocean come to us we could say that what we're currently seeing is a minor surfing revolution so softly on those i see i wouldn't have dreamt that something like they screwed up and in russia as i was growing up snowboarding became popular it was unknown in russia that it wasn't possible to buy the leaves but there weren't any we only sold them on television but then they became more and more popular and the same is happening with surfing it's developing into a real sport for marina and i'm john c. that at themselves they hope that surfing in russia will one day be as popular as
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in america after all they're closer to seattle than to moscow and the people generally have a more cosmopolitan outlook than usenet that at that five years ago we were asked if there were waves and kamchatka we used to have to repeat over and over again that we actually had good waves rolling it down that he said take a chance but that's all changed people now come here in droves lots of people have now developed a taste for it and come to our search school. it's growing slowly and steadily well the best idea that you can learn when a bad idea here is it in time in your head that ahd. brisky anton grew up in this rundown fishing town the people here used to work for a large fishery combine the whole town was specially built for it people came from all over the soviet union to work you.
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mean. anton's father also worked for the combine as a fisherman and he was proud of it is employer supplied the entire soviet union. october's come and use the service he was people came from many cities in russia to earn a living and knock up his skills of residential buildings sprang up everywhere. for you more about it but it was a small town everyone knew everyone else and the place team with life it was a real community able to believe you but your boss thought monstrous be able to pull could but to me. this is where anton developed his love for the ocean he would sit here for hours with his father and learned all about currents and winds now it's a desolate see. the only reminders of the town's
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proud past are the skeletons of ships. alexei came to risky as a soldier a merry tale. he only intended to stay for a yeah but then he worked his way up to become technical manager of the fish factory move forward in a few minutes we used to employ one thousand two hundred people at the factory and seven hundred on the coal costs. the collective farm unfortunately yes but through it with the. new factory built homes on this side of the town called cause i was on the other end with a total of four thousand people used to live here there was. a lot after that boy go horse lesson and today there are only sixteen hundred children and this is just for children and young people today want to live in the city he says in the past the boats used to glide through dense schools of pink salmon but not anymore fish
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numbers have declined we are do most of the it was. the japanese are partly to blame the biggest critic of the gift of all our all for a cheese of band drift nets of fish stocks are still dwindled no here nor there for . the big operations are all gone. only a few small ones are still in business fewer and fewer people here live from fishing. a handful of young fisherman work here in the summer but nearly all of them have jobs in the city as well fishing is now just to supplement their income. just the weather's growing so there aren't many fish if it improves would be there
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maybe. they used to be more fish here they blame the big show fleets for the decline. for these fishermen at any rate the catch is pretty people. who knew. from. you have to know what you're doing you need to have a feel for fishing to be good at all poachers simply put out nets. yes they're going to do with any fool can fish with and that. have got to be as you were brought by. diana runs a small fishing business back in soviet days she worked for the big combine which employed four brigades of workers back then fish was abundant the work force were
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allowed to take it home free now she says her business struggles to survive who are . the notion. i use unfortunately there are lots of poachers here they fish in the spawning grounds that sell their catch and pay whoever they have to privately. that will not buy. everyone knows what goes on we're now dealing with poaching on an industrial scale the still pictures. look this is our wife i password she says for the past days everyone here has been looking forward to internet access. which you have a chance to get the bumi and the mighty this will save us time and paperwork we won't need to make all the trips to government offices we can now do everything on line including banking. imagine twenty five kilometers there and twenty five back
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you've seen the roads it takes ages let's make sure you got the drivers because i don't know if you want the fishermen are delighted to have wife i they've been totally cut off from the rest of the world. when she did it but if you think this means i can keep in touch with my friends and i can check with my friends on social media action if you continue. to feed. yourself give it to. them. but. you know i don't you know. not far away fishing inspectors are on duty and dray is one of them cracking down on well organized gangs of poachers who sell their elicit catch abroad. to do in your offer to go to flynn's not the biggest problem but the best fish is sold abroad very little fish makes it to domestic markets and very little of that
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is good quality would get. so high quality fish is sold abroad because it fetches a better price there than in russia. the new version of it one time when you look down from the bridge to the river was black it teamed with fish should be oil. and drink grew up here his father was also a fishing inspector he knows how sharply fish stocks have declined. or going up with you know there are lots of cultures on this river because the fish here are easy to catch poachers and crazy money if they get just one ton of caviar they see it as a bad year and every time and so the more than a million rubles that's a minimum of fifteen thousand euros even though fish stocks have declined coaching is still a lucrative. soundin
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about. being a fishing inspector can be a dangerous job. we even run a risk sitting in this boat moving snake you know we're going to find you and you go i don't like human life means nothing to a poacher joys go through just this new new new thing insulza they shoot at us and stayed rummest. on with their boats to keep their catch me boys but i know both of us are some of seventies world war. and barry has no thoughts of quitting despite the risks they say we're is close to his heart he'll do everything in his power to protect it. we're going to say you'll see it with us like i'm just you know we i was born and raised in come chaka and when i see the symbol of come chuckin being destroyed i feel it's my duty to
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help. move the ball more sports but i want to make sure that future generations know fish from the river and not just from pictures of you over which is over. but the poachers ignore bands and prohibitions they fish day and night. unlike the fisherman the surf camp is doing good business it's midsummer now and the water is around eight to twelve degrees. i'm told he is busy making preparations for the and you know so festival he started it up three years ago and it's already a huge draw. to load miller is one of the few women in the local surfing scene and told to sell. surface from every part of the country have arrived overnight the camp is full.
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here they can buy products from the area. the shop was set up three years ago by sam huff a local businessman and surfing enthusiastic. no more. everything here is making it income tax. contract and love. come check in each new ideas new directions. generates a new energy creates a new movement and development for the far east. it's a well known fact that a special energy emanates from volcanoes in the ocean you walk around like a puppy but it's true we may be a long way from moscow nearly nine thousand ten thousand kilometers but people still come here even from abroad and.
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these young sofas come from moscow where they are members of a band they have been surfing or little world and have long wanted to sell in kamchatka. you know you mean there are probably not very many places in the world where you can ski down a mountain and then at the bottom get into a neoprene suit and run straight into this again so for you if.
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you do it your first year which nobody least already got things becoming increasingly popular in russia and lots of people would prefer not to go abroad. but that's the you know what i see i think a growing number will try out kamchatka as a player if it's a perfect destination for which it was you want you know that. is thinking about entering for the competition the problem is she's. the only woman would have to compete against an all male field and shown on the surface here for a final briefing on the weather currents and waves with your bullshit you know who are. the final touches a being added to a restored soviet railway carriage it's going to be used as a caravan the two artists a painting it a picture of no children. if you're going to pretend.
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to be. the. kid who grew up in come to his father also worked at sea. life as a. man and he's a captain more and that's why he told me stories connected with the theme fishing can never thing and how is all the works and how it feels to be the center of the storm so it was the stories he started to tell only when he finished his war so i do not know maybe because it's like habitual force the man not to tell every scene
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qualls they are walking and so tyranny is like. something what a region in the came from comes out thinking about from ancient greeks. the surf camp has now been set up time to chill before the competition oh oh oh oh oh oh what's wrong with you but sure no one who's just a cool in the summer we're getting. growing numbers of people here that i was with who are sort of new to being a play it's mid season and the festival will draw lots of people from the far east also from cycling and bloody bostock with the most vocal. it looks to me like what you. and john and the others encourage look she's anton's best student you should use new england over though. the first time i
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stood on a board wasn't twenty eleven. because to it a condition you could only go surfing for three months or years ago. and then the monster himself checks out the water and why. this beach used to be deserted since it was discovered by the surface it is stunted to attract city for more and more of them each year. they like the surface easy going at each other and they like the spectacle of. a growing number of people join the self school.
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and everyone gets a free trial before they enroll. and john gives some last minute tips and instructions he self these waters for us i don't tonnes of began his advice to novices forget your problems enjoy the moment. and the post no one would have silted possible to self here but now it's an insider step. and still growing. yeah dollars at the switch it's one day i think surfing could be as popular here as in california maybe in twenty or thirty years i don't know if we'll still be surfing when it peaks but i can imagine twenty five thirty percent of people engaging in it your finger got caught in the course of your book put out like that at present there are twenty of us fifty at most what about. the bad seeds no more is big business our ship in the arts of surfing is also
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attracting more women many of those here were taught by anton at the braille motions boy others are this is mega-fun brilliant on days like this the site of the volcano just leaves me speechless the sea the volcano the fresh air it all makes for a wonderful atmosphere a wonderful cosmos atmosphere. was most. it's mostly young people discovering come chaps because pristine landscapes many of the people here are from paid through pavlos. move here the news about their going to pull it wasn't always like this five years ago there was no one here but then suddenly the right beach culture developed with it which is sort of people saw films and photos showing the beauty of the place she
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knew that she was feeling which it is for the woods that is most of going to see. nowadays people from pedro pavlos come nearly every weekend whenever the sun shines . so how one's anton to teach himself. thing. well what about that going back about the magic when anton its friends first turned up here about two years ago people thought they were crazy because they went into the water in the winter and most. people joked that they would freeze to death like that and john and his friends are now admired here thanks to them more and more people are becoming interested in surfing in the nature and they're coming here i've been watching the guy with the guy does about the jam and joe needs to get a move on
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a group of students awaiting at the south camp. in the first thing they learn is how to keep their balance. sheet was one of them and john explains the rules for competitions miller has made up her mind she'll participate the only woman against twenty men out of the schools. they come from sat bloody vostok simply choose but moscow. semantic rituals are performed to give the contestants strength in the post they will perform to fish him. and told knows the seagull duns from his childhood he doesn't see this is a tourist gimmick. nor this i think there should all of them stated that i'd hoped there would be other women in the competition but they're only men and they're all
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pretty good i'm going to have to give one hundred fifty percent so i'd be nice about the stuff i see i'm up against real athletes so it's going to be tough physically and also psychologically. just personally i think a. i need to give it all i've got was. mark's and. if you've got the money you want one. not a drawing for the groups. so the model of the signals will develop on the village or give. the men tend to do weightlifting to prepare for competitions macmiller trains by going rock climbing unsubsidized seeing the weather has turned again dense fog has formed the miller watches the first heat. even the most experienced contestants are having problems with the suddenly rough sea. and then
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it's her turn. at first she also struggles. to. put in the end blue miller achieves the impossible she wins against all the men and women. i just had that i was really lucky had some good opportunities surfing takes strength but to catch the right waves you also have to be able to assess situations correctly and that. you need a number of skills and you have a master list the chances that one tony is hugely proud of his student. nor your character you see you have the most she has character physical strength and has done sports since childhood she's a rock climber but above all she has incredible willpower was the ocean sole source
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of the crackle. and she's the only woman who ventures out onto the water in winter she gave a fantastic performance and everyone agrees. the group from moscow pay her a musical tribute. and then it's time to celebrate the miller's victory the wonderful day the beautiful sunset nature life. i think. they come here for the sense of freedom something they don't find in the city as a result come transco really does seem to be developing into a paradise for self has even if when to hear loss for nine months they have.
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zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero that the news of the ocean is like a living thing it has a soul and it's always different it can do anything it can have pity on you protect you it can fill you with unforgettable positive emotions but they need to be added to things but on another occasion it may teach you a lesson punishing you will show you the extent of its strength and power which she . has access to you guys. like you. can check its unwind a revolution and tone is a plea. of
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. how would german like done by an. adult guy with data to sell that any is thinking about possibly buying di the complete completely exposed. each time we're on line we need behind traces which say a lot about our lives and i was plenty to advertise it as is there any escape. to our logistics in thirty minutes.
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raring to me. not everyone who writes books has to go around saying. that t.w. literature list one hundred german must reads. everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. the right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference. and to see receive and informed information and ideas through any media regardless of twenty years. of the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen fall on d. w. .
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this is g.w. news coming to you live from berlin indonesia raises the threat level from panic track a toilet to a red alert erupting volcano triggered a tsunami on saturday that killed over four hundred people with already so now rerouting flights and warning the public to stay away from the already devastated coast nearby. also coming up u.s. president goldtrail makes an unannounced visit to iraq to meet troops in a combat zone for the first time the president also made a stop your.


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