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they seized a wus lawyer from bundy in a kurdish controlled town in northern syria braces for an old soul from neighboring turkey the people of my own shoes been through a lot since syria's civil war started now turkish supported forces may be poised to attack the city and the kurdish militias will theory and troops come to the aid all the codes also coming up even egypt raises the threat level around and a crack in town rerouted flights and told people to stay away from the volcano
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eruptions triggered a deadly tsunami over the weekend. and the woman takes on the male dominated world of municipal politics we have a report on abderrahim the first woman to say that has been married she needs u.s. capitol. hill. i'm going home free glad you could join me reports from syria say the government of president bashar al assad has sent troops to the north all the country that is ahead of an expected offensive by turkey talk ish backed militias have been gathering close to the town of man beach which is currently held by the syrian democratic forces it's a largely kurdish aligned supported by the united states. and earlier this month turkish president wretch of type one and now that his country would attack it's
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unclear when the operation will start but the mood on the streets of the town is tense. there is nothing remarkable about the streets of man bitch busy with traffic and locals out doing their shopping but the residents of this northern syrian time and no strangers to conflict for several years they suffered the brutality of the so-called islamic state until the group was as stated by kurdish and arab forces and snag local residents fear a new assault on the city just sort of the nuts people will no longer have homes their young children and it's winter now it's cold the children could fall sick and some could die everyone will be displaced because it's war and we know the free syrian army is ruthless turkish backed rebels from the free syrian army and moving towards man bitch they're ready to join turkey's efforts to asked the kurdish forces currently in control of the time. that up until we're continuing to send
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reinforcements to the fronts near the town of man beach reinforcements coming from all sections of the free syrian army. we are ready and we are waiting for the launch of operations to regain control of the territories controlled by the kurds. we thought it was. turkey has dispatched tanks and armored vehicles it delayed its offensive when the united states and once it was withdrawing its troops from the americans are still intact. but in man bitch local fighters can feel the conflict closing in as battle lines are drawn. i know what to do but we're here on the outskirts of manageable somali turkish and syrian opposition forces have control over a nearby neighborhood. and they sometimes fire it says. the u.s. forces are still patrolling but little and they haven't stopped all of the. fanatical
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residents can continue their daily lives as normal but as the new year approaches the prospect of a peaceful twenty nineteen grows at a demo and i'm joined now by international security analyst hines show it's a welcome hines why is turkey so intent on attacking the kurdish fighters in man bijan and elsewhere bearing in mind that the kurds are the main force fighting the so-called islamic state earlier you put your finger exactly on the dilemma that we have here of one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist from the turkish perspective the kurds are probably part of the p.k. k. which they call a terrorist organization that wants to set up a turkey a kurdish independence state and therefore form a turkish for interview that is an absolute no go and as you report rightly pointed out that lines are being drilled with the spotlights will be different from the ones that we've seen you the two battle lines are being drawn as you point out and
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with the news now that syria is sending elite troops to the mandate region what is the danger that the turkish incursion could escalate into a wider conflict. well there is the real danger for that helena i think it could be about shifting the tectonic plates of the entire middle east what is the rapport between turkey and russia what is sort of poor between the united states or russia or does syria play a role of its own or we haven't mentioned two players yet in the iraq and iran and if you look at all that it seems to me that we're looking for a major major change of the entire paradigm and major change and with that in mind i mean how does the u.s. fit into this how does its withdrawal from syria change the dynamics of the conflict that well the american will draw will lead to a vacuum vacuums have the tendency to be filled with or befuddled by syria on
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behalf of russia have the syrians their own agenda will it be a russian syrian agenda and again what is iran and others playing in that region so the vacuum that the united states leave behind would be very very quickly filled by office now president trump then says that the united states will no longer what i mean he has called the wild policeman is u.s. foreign policy about to to radically change well that at least is a danger to if you look after a man who is highly liked and respected in the alliance his defense secretary really resigns over the issue you can see that there is a debate in the united states but mind you this debate did not start with president trump it started earlier we have to look at how do we play in the twenty first century the entire scenario of balancing global interests we haven't mentioned the chinese threats indeed international security analyst kinds show that talking to us
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from bonn good to have your insight thank you. well president trump decision to withdraw american troops from syria prompted criticism from u.s. allies and the resignation of his defense secretary yesterday trump made an unannounced visit to u.s. troops in neighboring iraq and suggested they could be sent into syria when necessary it was his first trip to a conflict zone since he became president. the reception was everything he could have hoped for it was donald trump's first visit to a u.s. military base in a combat region and just a week after a controversial move to pull u.s. forces from syria. first at ease addie's let's have a good time but what a job you have done what they have done i made it clear from the beginning that our mission in syria was to strip isis of its military strong halls
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were not nation building rebuilding syria will require a political solution. and it's a solution that should be paid for by its very rich neighboring countries not the united states let them pay for it and they will they will. come in hot on the heels of a government shutdown at home and of course christmas unannounced visit was meant to be a minute left. as much for the troops as for trump himself with tears signings and selfies in their three hour stopover he. mingled with the very soldiers taking the fight to the so-called islamic state. trump was then briefed by military leaders where he again pressed the case for other countries to take over the fight against isis this is the face that we've knocked him out with nothing silly. i will tell you that i have a very good job with the president who wants to i'm not there now also and he will
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do it and others will there richard. we're in their region they should be really sharing the burden of cost and they're not. there was time to for a surprise visit to enthusiastic troops stationed at an air base in germany the president using a refueling stop for one last chance to take his mind off water weight. and let's get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the walt united arab emirates has reopened its embassy in damascus the move is seen as a boost for syrian president bashar said the u.a.e. broke ties with damascus after the syrian civil war broke out in the has backed rebel forces fighting. security forces in the east of democratic republic of congo have fired live rounds antagonists to scatter demonstrators protesting the postponement of elections due to an a bowl outbreak the delay of sunday's vote in
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some regions will mean that one million voters will not have their ballots counted in a presidential election. for madagascar president on the right actually now has been declared winner of a runoff presidential election his rival has charged electoral fraud and also an investigation by the country's election commission madagascar's high constitutional court now has nine days to count the result. was already isn't in that easy i have raised the alert level for the volcano that cause a tsunami last weekend they have warned that fresh activity from the anika track a terrible kanan might cause another tsunami and they've ordered all flights to stickley or the area will saturday's deadly waves killed at least four hundred thirty people and since then heavy rains and flooding have added to the hardship he wus on a sound horse and has this report. on. what
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these villages thought they were safe after escaping the tsunami that tore into the western coast of java but now they've returned they face a new problem. because around six in the morning the water began rising. i went out to get some food and when i came back the water was almost chest high our village has never been flooded like this a lot. johnny moved his family because of the risk of another tsunami. i know you're going is leaving them behind with way three other children and twenty five other individuals it's a title he said but at least he's living with the comfort of the place and there for the college work right now on his feet his family. attorneys wife may settle remembers the moment she had to leave.
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when i heard talk of the second tsunami coming i grabbed my children and ran to my sister's house people were panicking and fleeing screaming run and run because the wave was coming i couldn't think of anything else the safety of my children was my only priority my youngest children eight and three years old they're in a bit of a shock and have trouble sleeping. so although the tsunami spared this family the flood still threatened their lives. germany is exploring the idea of a so-called mosque attacks that would be loosely based on the existing tax which funds catholic and protestant churches here in germany the idea is that the charge on practicing muslims here would make german mosques less dependent on financial support from a brought. the central mosque in cologne is the largest in all of germany the mobs
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in germany come largely from turkey and are paid by the turkish religious organization the d. on it the concept that mosques could be offered an alternative financing by germany appeals to many politicians in the government coalition. the slow bit of society that i believe it's important that mosque associations in germany and islam are independent of foreign influence from currently the fact is that most of the money comes from foreign states and that's not good for our society or islam in germany is to beat a few and so we can say chuffed mulford an islamic deutschland port city for the turkish community gives the plan a cautious welcome to interest groups often i support the wish for independence in germany in all areas because here in germany we have a federal constitution that covers all religions. for fish to shoot but the structure of the muslim organizations in germany is more differentiated than that of the christian churches in order to implement
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a mandatory tax on all members it would first be necessary to centralize all muslim communities says say run a test founder of the liberal roast go to mosque and decide if you have a yes this is why the new idea or approach is to think about how muslims can be represented so that they have a democratic advisory committee and create something new together with the liberals and conservatives this responsibility could be initiated by muslims but at the same time supported by the government. funded muslims eps come up a class that's from stopped before. the interior ministry plans to begin discussions on the mosque tax idea with german muslim communities. cheeriness the capital of china's yeah has got its first elected mess out. now she's the first woman to hold this post in the region she has he is regarded as a relatively progressive muslim country and has seen great changes since the arab spring but abderrahim does face
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a male prejudice despite her competence this report now why do you. durai is visiting a construction site in tunis his old city. she's come to make sure everything is going to plan. and i have been in there all i wanted to expand the surface but keep the old lamps. that we can't exchange all of them i never know again because i don't want to go to into the plan they have to be exchanged phone calls. and i live. there are simply too many cars in tunis and not only in the old town the mayor hopes that these reconstruction measures will relieve at least some of the congestion. it's not abdulrahim who is fifty four is married with two children she studied pharmacy where she is now she has to focus on building sites and traffic flows but
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she's a politician it's her job to delve into new subjects quickly she likes leaving the office and meeting the inhabitants of tunis. on the next corner a discussion breaks out with sanitation workers on the farm the good old days well we don't have equipment material all machines can use it to we have which if your name is in it and you know if it's the little bit and when i would have enough garbage trucks and there isn't enough stock. but we have so few riots coming up that you have trade unions that defend your rights we sit down with them every day with all unions we met the trade unions and they got everything that they wanted it couldn't fathom. tunas town hall is located away from the hustle and bustle of the old town. over the past one hundred fifty years the mayor has always been nominated
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. abderrahim is the first person to be elected to the position. and the first woman mayor ever and had them on a no on that even though we have relatively progressive laws and equal rights are anchored in law with equal opportunities for men and women still don't exist. there is still a patriarchal mentality especially in certain positions linked to power in the fields of. women in tunisia have more rights than those in other parts of the arab world after the two thousand and eleven revolution more laws were introduced to promote equal opportunities yet there is still plenty to be done. with them as it was fair she hasn't been in power for long she is now entering the battle the big war is the tunisians from which the situation is very critical to seize social love on it from what i understand in the news there hasn't been anything negative about
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her she's just doing her job like anyone else regardless of whether they're a man or woman when i can with that kind of human on the after work the mare and her staff go for another walk on the square not far away is the prime minister's official residence and there's speculation that she could become tunisia's first female president. head this the l. and it's too early to say i'm not even thinking about that at the moment i've got a lot of responsibility for the next five years. so for seward abderrahim there's a lot at stake whether she's done her job well the citizens will vote on this in a year's time. to honduras now one of the poorest and most crime stricken countries in latin america maybe fifty percent of the population in rural areas suffer from chronic malnutrition high unemployment of violence have also prompted many to flee north to the united states and our next
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report looks at coastal fishermen who take great risks to feed their families. in one of the poorest corners of honduras treasure lies beneath the water's surface . lobster fishing is a multi-million dollar industry one that can pay far more than the average wage and here on the caribbean coast divers risked their lives for this precious export. sol renaldo at giuliani who has been diving for twenty five years but his experience can't protect him from the dangers of the day hasn't gone well for saul he reaches the surface unable to move and is taken to hospital he's suffering from decompression sickness and receives oxygen treatment in a special chamber. when i read. that extended to my arms. i managed to get to the
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i don't. decompression sickness can cause paralysis and death it happens when divers ascend too quickly forming nitrogen bubbles in the body their income depends on how much they catch and it pays to move quickly physical therapist cedric waldron mendoza has been treating divers for years. this summer diving even after receiving treatment we see them on the street and ask why they continue and they say they do it for the hungry children. the government says lobster fishing was worth thirty five million euros in twenty seventeen these men are the driving forces behind the industry and often the ones paying the highest price.
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so for us news now on a recent rule change in tennis increases the ranking protection for new mothers serena williams has praised the change having returned to the sport this year after giving birth in september twenty seventeen the women's tennis is there's the asian w t a crank's players according to a point system from a well number one we m's was not seated at this year's french open her first grandson appearance following her return the new rules mean the players coming back from childbirth through injury can use their previous strength to end a total of twelve tournament over a three year period. to italian football now where senegalese defender callid two coulibaly was subjected to racist chants during after he's won the last two into milan controversy erupted when the body was booked this found eighty eight minutes it was then sent off the field off to he appeared to stock asked if he approved the referee anybody claimed he was responding to racist taunts
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in the kraut naturally coach caught under an aussie said his side had asked for the match to be suspended three times because of the chance. time some business news now with ben and some wild swings on global exchanges then is getting very exciting as the year comes to an end so much for that rip roaring post christmas rally on wall street yesterday the biggest ever points boost today investors fear is a returning as quick as that wiping out most of those gains in new york stock exchange sliding back into bad territory fallen by about two percent some traders calling wednesday's surge a dead cat bounce a brief interruption of an otherwise downward trend most of this month has looked bad worries over slowing economic growth weighing on sentiment the picture in frankfurt to the dax struggling to a two year low in asia markets what makes. we asked our financial correspondent ali bots to fill us in on thursday session the rally on wall street
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was lived short. never reach these shores the docks going steadily downhill during the session losing around two percent the traders aghast at what they were hearing about the us president apparently thinking of firing the chairman of the fed they were shocked post christmas rally sometime seen in good years nobody really betting on not i don't know anyone who is tomorrow would be an abbreviated day also that would make it more difficult trading ends at two o'clock and the people i talked to here most of them more than pleased to close the box on this very difficult two thousand and eighteen. a couple big events have german exporters wired about twenty nineteen as the ongoing trade spat between the united states and china and their friends it surveyed by the german economic institute i.w. shows that many of the nation's trade associations have lowered their expectations for next year on the upside germany's domestic economy is robust and the construction industry benefiting from that. is the institute's michelle whether the
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reason for the low forecasts geopolitical or growth. i think the most important reasons behind the rising uncertainty in international markets and international trade policy and the future of the multilateral order for these world economy and this has a lot to do with the conflict between the u.s. and china are the trump administration is still a risk and we also see a lot of uncertain risk of risk in europe the brics we don't know what will happen in january we have new discussions between the european commission and italy and also some problems in france so there were the the restrung international scene are rising and there's a most important for the press climate. there are reports today that a delegation from washington will travel to beijing early next month for trade talks it be the first face to face discussions in the u.s.
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president donald trump and his chinese counterpart agreed on a ninety day troops at the sounds of it both sides are hurting from the battle. chinese industry appears to have suffered most under the trade dispute so far in november industrial earnings fell almost two percent from the same period last year the first such decline in three years analysts believe the trend will continue in the months ahead that makes beijing ready for concessions the government has begun importing u.s. soybeans again and is in constant contact with the white house. from the chinese and u.s. trade teams have kept close communications throughout this time in january other than continuing to maintain consultations through telephone both sides have indeed made specific arrangements for face to face consultations. here. in the last meeting of both countries' leaders in early december trump and she agreed to postpone the next round of tariffs and counterterror originally slated for january
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for another three months the past year has already seen hundreds of billions of dollars of goods covered with new fees by both sides some have even profited from the new trade barriers for example the port of los angeles american firms have been buying proactively from china as a hedge against each new potential round of tariffs boosting container ship arrivals they come fully loaded and returned to china mostly empty. french construction firm vinci will pay three point seven billion dollars for a majority stake in london's gatwick airport and she officials say brags that made the deal possible president nicole angle suggested in a conference call that the cost of buying into the airport had fallen due to concerns over a post breaks economy but he was confident the deal would pay off with weakened pounds drawing more visitors to britain complicates the u.k. second largest airport when she already operates forty five airports in the dozen countries. an american adventure
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a colony brady has become the first person to complete a solo trek across antarctica without any assistance the thirty three year old has been sharing some impressive pictures of his journey on social media it took a pretty fifty four days to complete the fifteen hundred kilometer crossing from coast to coast with nothing but his skis and his sled for provisions others have traversed that time and they either had assistance with supply deliverance kites that helped propel. and i'll see you very soon you're on the news next hour stick around fox. the a. slow.
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across the globe. with this is due to listen to me because my journey back to the roots should government not be. a sharp family from somalia move around. someone to push into systems. family starts january twenty first. w. a new. welcomes a year mike thanks for joining us for this seasonal special week today we focus entirely on winter food and drinks so let's have a sneak peek at some of the stories coming up. by germans are jumping on the prettiest a tradition.


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