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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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our documentary starts january thirteenth on w. . this is the w. news from bunnings a turkish controlled town in northern syria grace is full and almost thought from neighboring turkey the people of money bitch have been through a lot since syria's civil war started is now supported forces may be poised to suit a tux the city and else kurdish militias will syrian troops come to be
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a you don't the cuts also coming up germany discusses a proposed tax on practicing muslims to pay for most and given the so-called mosque attacks we do submit to the church tax that german protestants and roman catholics pay. i'm having a home free glad you could join me reports from syria say the government of president bashar al assad has sent troops to the north of the country that is ahead of an expected offensive by turkey turkish backed militias have been gathering close to the town of man bitch which is currently held by the syrian democratic forces a largely kurdish allied supported by the united states this month turkish president richard type who want to now say his country would attack it's unclear when the operation will stop. but the mood in the town is tense. there is nothing remarkable
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about the streets of man bitch busy with traffic and locals out doing their shopping. but the residents of this northern syrian time and no strangers to conflict for several years they suffered the brutality of the so-called islamic state until the group was as stated by kurdish and arab forces and now local residents fear a new assault on the city sort of the not so people will no longer have homes their young children and it's winter now it's cold the children could fall sick and some could die everyone will be displaced because it's war and we know the free syrian army is ruthless turkish backed rebels from the free syrian army a moving towards monday which they're ready to join turkey's efforts to address the kurdish forces currently in control of the time. that we're continuing to send reinforcements to the fronts near the town of money reinforcements coming from all sections of the free syrian army. we are ready and we are waiting for the
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launch of operations to regain control of the territories controlled by the kurds. we thought it was. turkey has dispatched tanks and armored vehicles it delayed its offensive when the united states and once it was withdrawing its troops from the americans is still in time. but in man bitch local fighters can feel the conflict closing in as battle lines are drawn. here on the outskirts of manage. turkish and syrian opposition forces of control over a nearby neighborhood. and they sometimes fire it as. the u.s. forces are still patrolling but they haven't stopped. fanatic residents can continue their daily lives as normal but as the new year approaches the prospect of
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a peaceful twenty nineteen grows at a democrat. and i'm joined now by international security analyst hines shorts a welcome hines why is turkey so intent on attacking the kurdish find his in man bijan and elsewhere bearing in mind that the kurds are the main force fighting the so-called islamic state. curlew you put your finger exactly on the dilemma that we have here of one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist from the turkish perspective the kurds are probably part of the p.k. k. which they call a terrorist organization that wants to set up a turkey a kurdish independence state on there for form a turkish border view that is an absolute no go and as a report rightly pointed out the two lines are being drilled movie spotlights will be different from the ones that we've seen you the two battle lines are being drawn as you point out and with the news now that syria is sending elite troops to the man beach region what is the danger that the turkish incursion could escalate into
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a wider conflict. well there is the real danger for that helena i think it could be about shifting the teutonic plates of the entire middle east what is the role poor between turkey and russia what is sort of a poor between the united states or russia or does syria play a role of its own or we have mentioned two players here in the iraq and iran and if you look at all that it seems to me that we're looking for a major major change of the entire paradigm and major change and with that in mind i mean how does the u.s. fit into this how does its withdrawal from syria change the dynamics of the conflict there. well the american withdrawal will lead to a vacuum vacuums have the tendency to be filled with or to filled by syria on behalf of russia have the syrians their own agenda will it be a russian syrian agenda and again what is iran and others playing in that region so
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the vacuum that the united states leaves behind will be very very quickly filled by office now president trump then says that the united states will no longer what i mean he has called the wild policeman is us foreign policy about to to radically change well that at least is a danger if you look at are a man who is highly liked and respected in the alliance his defense secretary really resigned over the issue you can see that there is a debate in the united states but mind you this debate did not start with president trump it started earlier and we have to look at how do we play in the twenty first century the entire scenario of balancing global interests and we haven't mentioned the chinese sports indeed international security analyst show that talking to us from bonn good to have your insight thank you carol. and u.s.
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president on hold trump was in neighboring iraq yesterday for a holiday visit see u.s. soldiers deployed in the region together with the first lady melania the president was on the ground in the country three hours we have this report. the reception was everything he could have hoped for it was donald trump's first visit to a u.s. military base in a combat region and just a week after a controversial move to pull u.s. forces from syria. first of all at the saudis let's have a good time but what a job you have done what they have done i made it clear from the beginning that our mission in syria was to strip isis of its military strong was we're not nation building rebuilding syria will require a political solution. and it's a solution that should be paid for by its very rich neighboring countries not the
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united states let them pay for it and they will they will. coming hot on the heels of a government shutdown at home and of course christmas unannounced visit was meant to be a minute left. as much for the troops as for trump himself with cheers signings and selfies in their three hour stopover. mingled with the very soldiers taking the fight to the so-called islamic state. trump was then briefed by military leaders where he again pressed the case for other countries to take over the fight against isis. if we knock them out with not them silly. i will tell you that's a very good with the president who wants to knock him out also and he will do it and others will the if you were in their region they should be really sharing the burden of cost and they're not. there was time to for
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a surprise visit to enthusiastic troops stationed at an air base in germany the president using a refueling stop for one last chance to take his mind off what awaits him at home. tammany is exploring the idea of a so-called mosque attacks it would be loosely based on the existing tax which forms protestant churches in germany the idea is that living a challenge on practicing muslims he would make german mosques in less dependent on financial support from abroad. the central mosque in cologne is the largest in all of germany the mobs in germany come largely from turkey and are paid by the turkish religious organization the d.n.a. that the concept that evolves and mosques could be offered an alternative financing by germany appeals to many politicians in the government coalition is closer to society i believe it's important that mosque associations in germany and islam are
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independent of foreign influence from currently the fact is that most of the money comes from foreign states and that's not good for our society or islam in germany beat a few in sweetness h.f. will fit in islamic deutschland pussy teef the turkish community gives the plan a cautious welcome to interest groups often i support the wish for independence in germany in all areas because here in germany we have a federal constitution that covers all religions. for finished state but the structure of the muslim organizations in germany is more differentiated than that of the christian churches in order to implement a mandatory tax on all members it would first be necessary to centralize all muslim communities says say run a test founder of the liberal roast go to mosque i just have to have a yes this is why the new idea or approach is to think about how muslims can be represented so that they have a democratic advisory committee and create something new together with the liberals
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and conservatives this responsibility could be initiated by muslims but at the same time supported by the government. funded muslims it's come about class that's from start before doctrine. the interior ministry plans to begin discussions on the mosque tax idea with german muslim communities to mexico now where thousands of migrants remain camped out in the border city of. hoping the u.s. will recognize their bids for asylum and that trying to make the best of a bad situation but there's also growing discontent at the group that organized the caravan from central american countries. like a christmas party for migrants stranded in tijuana a sign of generosity from cooks and volunteers in the mexican refugee camp. that it's hard to be so far from your family but this gesture of warmth and humanity helps people feel that they are welcome to guests and you know these migrants
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risked their lives to get to the u.s. but now that they're in tijuana they have to stay and wait until their asylum papers have been approved across the border this is the new agreement between the two countries advocates for the migrants criticize the approach. mexico was the most difficult part of the migration route to the border to the u.s. can be crossed in one or two days but in mexico they were on the road for thirty days and experienced violence kidnapping robbery and use. reducing the violence and hopelessness that drives many to flee their home countries that's the goal of the aid that the u.s. and mexico want to spend in the migrants home countries. we want to find the roots of migration so that people will have a better home to go back to and stay in. meanwhile a preacher who works with the migrants criticizes the groups that organize the caravan across mexico a one hundred solar linda says the migrants seeking to enter the us are exactly
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what trump wants to help drum up support for his border wall in tijuana there are still more than six thousand migrants waiting to finally enter the not so promised land. a recent rule change in tennis increases the ranking protection for new mothers serena williams has praised the change having returned to the sport this year after giving birth in september twenty seventh team the women's tennis association w t a ranked player is according to a point system for millwall number one williams was not seated at this year's french open a first grand slam appearance calling her return now the new rules mean the players coming back in childbirth with injury can use their previous ranking to enter a total of top twenty minutes over three years. well serena williams was in action against her sister venus on thursday the match at the exhibition tournament in abu dhabi was her first outing since musing the u.s.
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open final in september. serena williams started off stronger winning the first set six four she's preparing for the upcoming australian open where women could see her equal margaret courts recalled tally of twenty four grand slam singles titles. in the second set the siblings will nick nick this twelve bull rally eventually going to sister venus his way. the thirty eight year old veteran drew level by winning the second set before coming out on top in the deciding super toy break a shortened set to determine the match winner it was a rare triumph for venus in competitive outings serena has won four of the last five. and their mine and now the top story we're following for you residence oh man b.j. kurdish controlled town in northern syria all bracing for an attack by tell
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supportive. president about to clear. the town now syrian forces are reportedly moving into the area because. you're watching news from berlin i don't know if you get the latest as always available on our web site that is dot com or of course follow us on twitter thanks as ever for your company and by sending out. bring. up everyone
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