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tv   Doc Film - La buena vida - The Good Life  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2018 7:15am-8:01am CET

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necessary go to a right person for most of these pay s. football is the only source of income that they continue to play even if their next paycheck is hanging by a thread. that's all your news for now you are watching v.w. coming to you live from point have more news for you at the top of the hour and of course you can get all the latest news and information on our web site that said d w dot com thanks for watching. state school in the jungle. or first climbing lesson from the doors grandma with arrives. joining a regular jane on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on t w dot com the tanks.
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but. you. did all. this. since the one nine hundred sixty s. black coal mines have been going out of operation in humorous industrialised countries in germany the last remaining coal mine is set to close in two thousand
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and eighteen almost one hundred percent of all the black coal power plants is imported from overseas. one of the world's main coal suppliers is colombia each year approximately eighty million tons of not coal if it's caribbean coast. almost all of colombia's coal is exported mainly to europe and north america where it's used to produce and a tricycle.
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kind of friend to say p.r. you is leader of the y. u. community of time i keep the open pit coal mine of has encroached upon the y. use indigenous territory it covers an area of seven hundred square kilometers making it one of the largest in the world and is sort of owned by the swiss company blanco along with history is b.h.p. billiton and i'm going merican from great britain. in but i'm cursed the way you community of to my quito and set it on have started thinking oh she ations about the conditions of her settlement. i once had a one of the aftermath of a family there. was
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a consistent pattern of. how it was the family and we went. from e r k you know to was important to frolic but i mean i like the photos for most of what you have been up and then which was thirty this is i have answers for you but. by the way i'm around this hour your second to spend on the steps to go to my family and we went to. iraq where i thought oh one flower there's a phone. call not only think of this gift of love from two new year in ok every scene on this album with a guy most of. my elida if they don't want to know and only going to the site they get others imo i mean better luck with that they need to get young also know that better luck will give a. ball up or get what they said go and idea just let me get in there nidia you
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know that i will notice him but there's a lot of good and i was. going to settle we get most of it. funny how. they say the city. you know the one car of the assyrian that we will see the r.v. the money will go through my country will see all. these trust them to. do something. as a monarchy. but each level of policing. where they proceed you have. already begun. very. glad. you know why you.
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there were you settlement in tama quito is situated thirty five kilometers from bronchus in the border region within its way into the village has a population of one hundred eighty alfonso lopez a.p.i. you is the oldest his grandson kind of fuentes is spokesman of the y. u. community. for not going to. look at. us all. to. see. you getting our. my name on the.
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body. good and. no tie. in the wearable. home. it's in our supporters yards out of the more than a day at a scene right now that i'm here. folks . hidden away in a remote valley. and his family cultivate a piece of land the entire area surrounding time a heater has been bought by said o'connell resulting in the wire you being denied legal access to their own ancestral land hunting and agricultural development is barely possible now so their livelihood is diminishing. the coal mine i reach is within four kilometers of time a key to. her. despite
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their vulnerable position the thirty two families have maintained independence in tamaki during the conflict. if. when i say man i see the us i mean i was there will be. there
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for the last several years and most. more through. ok your money if you thought or not want to do work out what he does he would howl and give way to your house but it's your house you in a city where you don't like or no sympathy because when i need you you don't. need you. to. see. that he and i'm mean so many that i. am a hazard dancing all but i needed the people here on the side and i want to get in general for this. and he said he will deal. so you know you'll reach your. sas. also where you'll commit down the
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gun was in the. sound of the can all say no say a killer guitar bass on the arm a long interval going to sorry i'm i'm with you one voice. you know so i'm ok handily as he had to hand i think i will see what the movement that was at the time will print they will. what i'm told that again he went you know went the way i'm part of battle. the big moment above the bottom of my. feet. more. and we can't i'm. right that they have nothing to.
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lose hence will not come here. on. this and it will be all right. here in the ninth there are different but i've got no i mean different careers in my mind a hospital compare notes on the professional because i'm i think i think are going to be i think thirty three or four younger the weaker. the middle are similar so i'm glad to see them with you mcclellan. when i'm on them because not the most of the time a lot of them with. the say. that if they don't get there will be middle class families no i mean i don't. regard to our primitive already if it weren't for these i made on knowing our family over the monthly. meantime my front yard.
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the men of time a key token rarely go fishing the direct route to the river is blocked and the detours of a known way around the mining companies set up han plans to reroute the rio rancho area in order to mine five hundred million tons of coal from beneath the river bed . the. night that it was good good good good good good good. good. good. good. to not. only.
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want me. to. look at their homes but also that i've got a bone. to. pick up on and you know what. it's. gonna be that should be my medal but i'm the one little up with the
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significance of that i go you know but on a local issue and when i said yes have the ballot and all but i say you know can i now have more charlie man does he owe us. my dad says he had it all you. like. they got a leg he gave a savvier than. i'm done thank. you thank god we covered thing in the way he got that right it was right. around right now. right. so. it's. good that only one of us. afternoon
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a committee of the committee. this is just so close so that it looks a little bit but ok if we just write a. for it that my kid was there before he said he says that he just do it ronald was on last night as he was if you like when you know that he looked at you this edition day new day. in. a way you think it came in a minute to believe he. was . playing.
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the airplane lumpy and called his book by the german energy corporations audibility eon button follow the n b w stand country announce among others. the department if relocation and land management etc fund is managed by and has some entity. that going to mean it like that i mean i don't mind you. and i mean how do you think. it. is any big game because you've got the new a dummy. but again the next you're going to have been found out a big no no he won't they make you money. if the country cobham oh no they did i mean oh they got a war monger around that it would. close
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to. a new settlement for the why you community of. the distance to the old village is approximately thirty five.
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indeed because i like that about. want to have our day i was. not i think not this i don't know that not. going to commit a lot of people seem a good thing and i doubt it and i don't and they probably sold a newly gun you put a mock up. on me when we. did. your mom or a gun walking down. like they did that put it on the with. mental male whatever. happens. in a lot of fun in that iraq will be on the gun but it was at the moment on the plane and i can see it in the we were moving the body because it wasn't in the rhythm of the picture and. it was in the mist and went down for us the foundation from the
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and i won't be any better than the one of them going to get winners in focus you know i think that i'm like oh well when i was like a kid and you know if they saw i yanked out a bank because there is going to nothing or get to somebody else to see i i think will do the data that i don't want to look ok thanks to both of them said just one the one that you know i love the sound of it right when i come. to live he said you know there's a i think i'm going to have to do list of this medical they said listen i mean there's you know years of this yet but it's a little dizzy and the other thing i hope i'm going to we're going to have to know where they're going to keep would he doesn't like and this i think would be like
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a book i don't know said paul not content to see on born again oh god what the potential been the market going to allow that on the other longbows off also had the show minus how wasted i was. missing the whole time i had sam but then my last min then again you mean you don't get it in the their minds then you woke up they may have long been ok my opinion on mr sam but i'm going to go. so anyway but i have. no principle they're not yeah i'm ok the point in which i think she knocked him out one may not. see us right there if one of them is going to come up you know get a mask out of a kid. most of the some little meeting in the way you don't really stand will be moving through their baggage delayed yet again them and they're going to alter them
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with a pass or not as the government doing. to get serious for them presumably many of them of the hour what did you know that brought model where. does this and the polarity leading to one of my visit i'm going to where i will whether you're going with a mine for the example being go on my. own than what i might have been there longer than the other not so look at their facility example out of the. gibbs yeah well that's it isn't anybody and. we don't know what it's all by the way it would be awfully are you are you i don't know me it's like you're still there or stuff going on with you know what i love you know that i wouldn't want people.
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to feel. do. you. think. you're. moving.
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and i think on the family all you'd better figure it out when they see. they've got us every haunt you but i. now feed him out there where the bullets are seattle yes sagal so you that that he any sad but i'll say it still gets beat out most say can be a good thing we don't want to me that i get a handle every home on dalton's davis on the wing this way news. but. again today. get over. that. so they're much younger than. you but. they're.
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going to go yes. yes. yes. let me move on. camera. and. up and send them.
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on. my way now i'm going to. find. you just so.
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so so so
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. thank.
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you my only hall yammering at get the get the get they have to be. feel. it's. a good thing to know that he told the family of hamas.
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oh ya. ya. ya.
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see i was lucky yes. that was. the. money i'm. going to. get out while in. the navy if this.
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was. one of the good one i think. campbell. campbell. was. there one week i'm sorry not.
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for. reading. and family going to benefit. to make it a. moment to see her again you don't need to do what i said i'm watching at the moment but i know that the stuff is not there yet i will give it a full minute on the family means the highest office in the beginning get close enough to move on we'll see none. of us have for many months. then. i personally. think. every man will be in the hospital get him back a no fly you. were aware mikey what if that is where we can leave with them i'm not with. you. and i don't know.
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what i'm going to be i'm. not going to. know i don't think. i can't claim thought i saw an icon but you know if professor an artist is being put down i think you know me doing it properly and then we shall see. if the other three know us economy people who got bought a palace but a face you're not they love me and.
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they say oh and don't you see that one of the more you lean people you know it the more you'll get it from me the other way in the scene. there in the scene commanding the piece you know. being but i must. be like i want to. be able we feel that we're going to be lost if you just let me tell you when they call music you know but it's your kid but i mean you've got to get busy i mean. i know that's a point when i can tell he called. me up and also way you know i mean when we need to i mean for the last moment i don't think he's you know he's a monk it is i found out but look it's all my face you know how you go. and you know there's a link in the which you're. lemons
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and i think. this is a. europe's
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largest coal terminal is located from the quarter front to down every year two hundred million tons of coal is imported into here quarter of this comes from colombia almost twenty percent of jam is the victory city is generated from black coal. a few months after the relocation of tema quito carter fuentes travels to the council of two can switzerland at the invitation of a nongovernmental organization to attend glencore shareholder meeting. they just judgment good morning when you study the woods and it's
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a great pleasures to welcome you to a two thousand and fourteen and you least you company doubled in size and he holds its position as one of the world's largest producers moccasins. glynco is unique among six feet straight and capture value but every stage of the commodities chain from money to so and uses. we've been to the exclusion. zones with all my rights. for. the game of the uk and that it be with a great number despite of when you saw you look at a lot of them are they like what you had buy good at the market. evan either there or on me or i doesn't blam they think will buy it for a minute did lead them into a deficiency the strong came from the me company that the s.m.s.
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when i was a brick because me communion and the makita where glass and dalai lama pasqual foremost in the lab you know that is our home on the d.n.a. one that they're set up by a knock on the will now the public the compound of the most poignant of all evils of the lab present giving can be endl and whether the saying it don't feel mother is using missionary uprooted we would want a question rolls of them so huge so if you could remove all discussion leads to a conclusion and post a question then that the method propounded let me midian everything that i mean by is that the spend your number there in case the securely be the one that will nestle feel. but i. will wear this.
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in the year of the village the relocation glencoe reach profits of two hundred forty billion u.s. dollars. for the people of time a key to the fight for survival and the ongoing conflict with the mining companies continue. since two thousand and twelve multiple new black coal power plants have become operational in germany in europe a further eighty new power plant units a plan for operation. each year one point five million people worldwide a force to resettle due to the mining of coal and other natural resources.
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it's one thousand nine hundred eighty seven cap. kick of life checks out this maze it put all the bands. with the favorites and the long shots. and of course plenty of exit. all about the trendy nineteen
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frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is news coming to you live from berlin change on the horizon for one of asia's most visible gay community same sex couples in thailand to get ready to exercise a right to civic partnership but they say a new wall being introduced early next year falls short of the all the two they want with heterosexual help. all.


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