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tv   Treasures of the World - Avila - City of Saints City of Stone Spain  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2018 8:15am-8:30am CET

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as for any breaking news to also use the data to send us photos and video. so for now be back at the top of the next hour with another full bulletin of course you get all this news and information from around the clock on our web site that's a d w dot com thanks for watching. we make up of what we watch as all our food the and the ticket items we are the symbol services. they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa sharia law.
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jones stone stone walls the to me just. as a stone memorial to the recon piece that took christendom that would tolerate neither the jews. in its natural setting the city students impregnable. it makes the converts of manly impression and yet it was two women who stamps their own personality on obviously one was queen isabella the catholic who started the far as of inquisition from here and ivy now the other was the great mystic centuries a who taught tolerance and now. this spanish nation was built on an unshakable
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loyalty to the catholic faith and many of the foundations i hear in other. anticipate brockett. it's better to break than to bend through most one thousand years the walls of the law have stood unbroken on the castillian platter. it was from the reconquest of moorish occupied spain began the conquered muslims are put to work for ten long years and with their slave labor this great defensive wall was built godling the entire city with its eighty eight towers and nine games . in the middle ages it was the mightiest fortress in all europe.
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to symbolize victory over the infidels a cathedral was built perhaps because the spanish could not quite believe in their victory they integrated the east end of the cathedral into the city was a grave and granite fortress is our god. son salvatore is the only his gothic house of worship in all spain renee sounds and the barrage left the imprint on it to french master builders and flemish artists worked on some salvador.
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the cathedral still seems imbued with the spirit isn't theresa the great mystic experience of union with gone beyond the constraints of human reason. in the summer when the sun of toledo became unbearable the corporate moved to the cool gardens of the five. isabella. in and of arab village to spend the whole. in the late fifteenth century the pope comes out on then they are a. catholic. they have the dominican friday of santo must built with the money. from spain.
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it hasn't. but within their gardens and the courts. and the pillars are embellish the. queen isabella was fond of the larry. and. to spain had been on the periphery of the roman catholics fear of influence now the catholic spain set out to assert a dominant role in europe the reconquest of. the emerging nation celebrates her a confident. banished and. ferdinand and isabella of the emerging powers political and religious strength with a low calling for purity. first the movers and then the jews were expelled by those who are unwilling to give up their homes had to be that tons of these newly christian convent.
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public office. in monastic seclusion the catholic monarchs devised a financial instrument to confirm the secular and ecclesiastical power position. isabel appointed her father confessor the grim fanatic thomas to talk him other the first grand inquisitor he resided at the friary of son thomas talking mother considered pity attempt taishan the christian was put aside. the converse us tended to be accused of secretly performing jewish rites and they were his first victims swiftly the persecution took on manic traits once a person fell under suspicion there was no escape. let no man say that he has been
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unjustly condemned and a false witness has been borne against him let him barrett with acronymic and rejoice that he may die for the truth. to the years of talking matter the screens of the dying when i can fasten on or of god i'm aware to the people christ to death and the past happy endings were held in adelaide. connected to the city walls of the old palatial homes of the aristocracy dating from the sea gaudy although the golden age their beauty can only be guessed at behind unwelcoming walls the days when i villainy to defending are long gone in
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later years the castillian knights took the fire and the sword to south america in the sign of the cross the conquistadores found gold and silver in such abundance they might have paved the streets with the op in internet palaces the conquistadores built demonstrated their wealth with granite staircases to store it in a courtyard and windows adorn hood slender columns. last communions day vera built this palace didn't have to enjoy the splendor the viceroy of peru it was executed by the conquistador pits out of. a garden such as that of san diego no may have prompted sent to raise as best known image she like and for kinds of press two for ways of watering
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a garden the first was look borislow to draw water from a well a task is arduous is to withdraw from the busy a fast of the world's. own water wheel makes the work easy at just as a soul that has achieved in a composure finds it easier to reach beyond the third kind of watering uses flowing water from a river he had gone to for it's the garden immeasurable assistance. the full kind is rain which falls in abundance from the heavens without man's needing to do anything at all this stands for union with god and from mystical ecstasy. to razors grandfather was himself a convent so the family had moved from toledo to adelaide to escape ostracism to raise the land an early life what it meant to be of jewish origin and a woman. she entered the convent of the incarnation for worldly reasons i was
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alarmed by the prospect of marriage life in the convent delivered me from subject into a man a man who had often ruined women's knowledge. terrorism was an educated well read woman and she did something women with and forbidden to do she wrote she wrote of a visions and prayers on tap off to go out and mysticism was free of class distinctions all were equal in the eyes of god. she taught tolerance and a devout love so no deals got alone is sufficient. confesses criticize to publication favor on the position which branded women who wrote as being possessed of the devil. i found this amusing but i had never known
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this kind of fear and i knew that for every truth and holy scripture i should gladly have died a thousand deaths. at the age of forty five she left the protective walls of the nunnery and took upon herself the hardships of a journey through lots pain in the simplest of wagons for his majesty as she called god that spoken to me in a manner that permitted of no misunderstanding. i realized that his majesty had sent me to the order that i might of think its rules to the utmost in the convent i was unpopular because i wished to introduce stricter rules on solitude and. one day the talk turned to whether we should not live as the barefoot nuns did and found a new convent for some time this thought had been in my mind thank you thank . you in the next few years beginning in i.v.
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not to raise an established eighteen nunneries for the uninsured common arms strain . thank. you many years after had death teresa of aveeno was canonized. the stern forbidding city of i've enough fell into eclipse with the passing of the c. d. on but in this way its beauty was preserved within the my she warns that got it from the well.
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to twenty nine hundred eighty s. in part. because life checks out those monks who put all the vines. with the favorites and the long shots. and of course plenty of expertise. all about the trendy nineteen accusers caught on the. news.
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to add. to these are supposed to ecosystem is at risk industrial pollution and overfishing are threatening people's livelihoods. and initiative is trying to save the fish stocks and revitalize the me to. move on to the project will put a stop to the chaos in the fishing sector to go at africa in sixty minutes on the d w. border. how do you live sustainable discover the house you told. us will start january thirteenth on t w. i was a few when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair.
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in the gym language no love this gives me a little bunch maybe to instruct the lives of say if you want to tell their story my parents are fighting and reliable information for margaret. so peaceful this would stop the leak well if.


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