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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin the syrian army enters a key kurdish town to deter a turkish attack to moscow says it's entered munk rich at the request of kurdish forces anxious to prevent of blogspot but is this the end of the kurdish hope for a nation as a crucial ally of the united states is set to abandon them also coming up tensions rise in the democratic republic of congo ahead of sunday's presidential election opposition candidates score for a general strike after
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a party suspends voting in some of the key strongholds. and interviews you struggled to get back to didn't leave their daily lives after last weekend's devastating tsunami relief the fisherman whose books has gone and still have the tourists who used to buy his cash. colored welcome. the syrian army says it's entered and taken control of the kurdish held town of mam bridge where turkey has threatened an offensive the flashpoint town in northern syria has been under good control for the last six years goodish minissha a large damascus to intervene after turkish backed syrian rebels advanced on mom bridge on thursday turkey's campaign against the kurds is intensifying after the u.s. announced. could be drawn from syria the clouds have played
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a key room in the fight against so court islamic state. for the very latest i have with me journalist spacious minute she joins me from edibility in iraqi kurdistan base of the syrian army says it's taken over a kurdish controlled town of mom bitch in northern syria what are you hearing from there. well what i'm hearing are very confused reports people don't really seem to know for certain whether the syrian army is act has actually fully entered and getting reports that it's delegation from the army that has entered not you know pull troops and it seems like you know if the reports of you know it being a full vision are a bit overblown but the syrian government is definitely said that the reason the flag of vermont which i don't why is uncle reich spec to attack him on ridge what are its strategic interests that.
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well the turkish government has long seeing the kurdish forces and the i.p.g. militia as a start in their side they're very threatened by. her to critique the turkish government has for years in dealing with insurgency from kurdish the kurdish minority within turkey who have been fighting for independence or for greater rights within turkey and they see why p.g. in monday just connected to the p.k. k. a group that they call terrorists within turkey i would just another kurdish group so for them the kurds on their border are a terrifying prospect and the turkish president i did type are gone actually just said that if the you know kurdish threat is no longer there then the turkish forces have no reason to be in syria and they said you want to extend all these
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developments and links to u.s. president donald trump's decision to pull out american troops from syria because he was troops had given some kind of protection of the goods who'd led the fight against so-called islamic state in the region i mean it's deeply linked you know the u.s. government forces are the reason that they were able to hold you know those areas in syria for so long. they took over a month it's a muslim of the sixteen that you must support and now that this is worth the quantum leap in a few days and already. fighting to realize that they can be unable to hold it by themselves you know their own political come against the turkish forces that are massing and they seem to have come to an agreement with the syrian government force leads to a lot of them to take over. give in and we'll thank you very much for your assessment . the long term president of the democratic republic of
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congo joseph kabila say sunday's election really go ahead despite polling being suspended in parts of the country that official reason for this delay is concern over an outbreak but could be does opponents say the move is politically motivated but he's different protests as in the east of the country by firing live ammunition and tear gas the presidential election is taking place after a delay of two yes we'll go live to can chelsea in just a moment but first this report. makeshift barricades burned in protest a bad omen for sunday's already contentious presidential election in a country that hasn't held a peaceful one since independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty now residents in and around benny a city in northeastern democratic republic of the congo may not cast their votes until march the country's electoral commission says that's due to the severe ebola
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outbreak and rebel fighting that's plagued the area more than one million of forty million registered voters could be affected by the delay protesters however see the decision has more to do with politics than safety bottled up with just that they need to get us another president who will govern this country and if that doesn't happen we shall create chaos starting from today until a solution is found if it calls for us to die then so be it from moscow not go fuck the president he's so angry yet is joseph kabila in power since two thousand and one and now stepping aside the ebola affected region getting its vote postponed is a stronghold for opposition to could be the and his preferred candidate emmanuel rama zani should dari should dari faces twenty one opposition candidates martin for you though is one of the leading contenders. to leave. the. what.
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could be less electoral favor it is also the target of european union sanctions he and more than a dozen other congolese officials stand accused by the e.u. of obstructing the electoral process and related human rights violations in retaliation the congolese government has opted to egypt the e.u. and bassett are giving him forty eight hours to get out that leave sunday's election already two years behind schedule largely without international observers mostly because they've been denied accreditation more protests against the electoral commission's decision are planned for today opposition parties have called for a general strike. that would not join a you're not getting he is in kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo thank you notes opposition parties have called for a nationwide so-called ghost town general strike today what is the situation like
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in the country. so it's important to know to look at the exact places of the country so if you look at the east where we have been the. those places. where the elections will be postponed they are people to go people are going on the streets we have protests the day shops are closed so their people are respecting the opposition also in goma which is also in some five but if you look at kids just the way i am right now everything remains calm people are thinking a little bit of all of the festive season it's it's new year's events all they need to look forceful presence and so life is pretty much zero million today that's in the vote in the suspended thoughts of the country has been postponed to lauch officially for safety reasons not the opponents of president kabila say their political reasons tell us more about that. and there are so i went for
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the w. i went to be a couple of weeks ago and there we were talking with the people with the health ministry and they told us that actually it's not a problem to organize a nation or the loss of people at all because people they're going to church people they're going to need to university to the market so this is not such a big issue and so there's some truth to it if. it was society and opposition candidates if they say that this is just a pretext to push forward an election to create trouble into chaos in the country because actually with a little bit of effort it would have been easily possible to do elections here you know the issue is this charity situation and it's to this situation it's really complicated and some of those it's been it's complicated in you me we have seen some interethnic clashes but this is nothing new for the democratic republic of the congo so we have seen this in two thousand and eleven two thousand and six so this
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is actually really a pretext right here in us getting in contrast on the democratic republic of congo thank you for that update. some of the stories making news around the world a rescue boat carrying over three hundred refugees as arrived in southern spain spanish activist groups the mostly african refugees to safety from the waters off libya one week ago but italy and mortar had denied the permission to bring them ashore. election campaigning has ended in bangladesh ahead of a vote where prime minister sheikh hasina is expected to secure a record fourth term the campaign though has been marred by allegations of fog play government critics say opposition figures have been jailed for political reasons ahead of sunday's pose. a risk in indonesia searching for over one hundred fifty people still missing after this tsunami this after officials warned of fresh danger
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coming from the clock. and the possibility of another tidal wave saturday's deadly waves killed at least four hundred and thirty people for the survivors returning to normal life is not proved easy. has this report. sometimes sees a friend sometimes a photo mark says he's a fisherman in love one west java who has looked to the sea for his livelihood and as a source of food. i could make as much as fifty euros a week from fishing. securing the monsoon season we depend on our store it's where we sell food to tourists for our income this used to be my store the tsunami swept by now it's gone. to mock still has his home and his family is safe but without their livelihood the future is uncertain. there used to be many people on the beach every die. they came from nearby cities and even from jakarta.
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now there is no one. so. it is the waves rolling into the beaches of west java that bring in many local tourists indonesians who want to escape the crowded and frenetic pace of nearby jakarta come here for a quick break especially during the holiday season a few days ago these waves turned into a giant tsunami and fears of a second one are keeping vacationers away turning this once tourist spot into a ghost town. the government gave us some food and water but no money to rebuild our store and that will not be enough unless we receive regular assistance. the obvious things that the tsunami took away were lives and homes but the waves have also left people in limbo uncertain about what tomorrow will bring the
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office and sport starting with tennis the tennis great throwing a williams was an action against his sister venus on thursday the match at the exhibition told him it. was her first outing since losing the u.s. open final in september and in the end serena proved to be a little rusty. serena williams started off stronger winning the first set six four she's preparing for the upcoming australian open where a win could see her equal margaret course record tally of twenty four grand slam singles titles. in the second set the siblings were neck and neck this twelve bull rally eventually going to sister venus as well. the thirty eight year old veteran drew level by winning the second set before
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coming out on top in the deciding super toy break a shortened set to determine the match winner it was a rare triumph for venus in competitive outings serena has won four of the last five. to sailing now where the wild oats boat's crew are saving a particularly sweet victory after winning the prestigious sydney hobart yacht race now last year the boats crossed the line first but was stripped of the title following a near collision early on this time there was no such prop problem for the australian vessel as a drac to a ninth win in the seventy fourth edition of the event but it ended up being what the closest races in years while there it's completed the routine in one day nine hundred seven minutes and twenty one seconds. let me remind you of the top story that we're following for you and. the syrian army has entered the key goodish town of man beach after an appeal from kurdish forces that they're hoping
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to deter an attack from turkey after ankara pledged to launch a cross border offensive against goodish forces views as terrorists. that's it for now i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour see you then. carefully. go.


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