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postmarked violence or comes children to secure. the news live from burning the syrian government deploys gates only to a key kurdish town to deter a turkish attack damascus says its forces went to man bridge at the request of kurdish forces anxious to prevent a bloodbath but where does that leave because it's militia whose main ally the u.s. is preparing to leave the region also coming up. could italians hold on romanians the student be putting on german military uniforms but it may start recruiting nationals from other e.u.
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countries to help fill vacancies in germany's own truces. tensions rise in the democratic republic of congo ahead of sunday's delayed presidential election opposition candidate school for a general strike offshore forging suspended voting in some of their strongholds. an indonesian struggle to get back to daily life often last weekend's devastating tsunami we meet the fisherman whose boat has gone and so have the tourists who used to buy his catch. with. time and a home for you thanks for joining me another choice in the syrian civil war as government forces officer port to the kurds at their request well the deployment of the syrian army so the town of man comes ahead all they threaten to talk. there
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russia welcomes the move turkey to cries it in with the threat of direct conflict between turkey and the syrian government in the air ankara is sending its defense and foreign ministers to moscow for talks on a shifting situation following the announced u.s. withdrawal of its troops from the region. u.s. forces still patrol the flashpoint town of man beach but after last week's white house announcement it's not clear for how long. what is clear is that turkey feels emboldened and has sent troops towards the border after and cora threatened to attack them and beach to eliminate what it calls a terrorist threat the town called on the syrian army to help them as everyone waits for the next move turkey's president says he has no interest in taking territory. toper a busy area as belong to syria where against the division of syria now sole aim is to remove all terrorist organizations from the. once terrorist organizations have
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left didn't you most people have nothing left to do they. called us. for president has also said that kurdish forces had no right to call in the syrian army while russia which backs the syrian government has hailed the army's move. to produce is definitely a positive step toward stabilizing the situation. on the computer this trend to expand the areas of government control is a positive one going to be to them. as the diplomats argue over how to fill the void that u.s. forces will soon leave the fate of man beach hangs in the balance it may become clearer when turkey's top ministers meet their russian counterparts in moscow on saturday. and to discuss these latest developments in syria i'm joined now by international security analyst marcus congress to see you a busy a lot to talk about marcus let's start off them with the kurdish forces in syria
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why now apparent marriage of convenience with the syrian army i mean couple of days ago we were discussing the implications of the u.s. withdrawal from syria and today we have seen at least one major implications the kurds are no buts here. i have lost the most important ally with them to withdraw all announced withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria and the fog have to reorient their political preferences and that explains it's unusual and unexpected step. as you called it the merits of comedians between two opposing forces but all the kurdish north and all the militia. all been syrian militias and the syrian government right i mean as you point out that seems to be the moves that has changed everything at the moment in this current situation we've heard from the turkish president had won saying that he just wants to remove what he calls a terrorist organization of course referring to the white p.g. can we expect to stay out of syria then if the syrian army takes over from the
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kurdish troops i mean turkey has not stayed out of syria where its two main military operations which have led to some. occupied syrian territory by the turkish forces i don't expect any major military adventure been spoiled the target for one simple reason the turkey has accomplished they are made just tricky to gold to avoid. or you know to avoid the kurdish independent state in the middle east which has been the overarching foreign policy goal of all to governments for the last decades and they accomplish this goal without intervening another time with occupying another part of syria on behalf idea do not see me to read for military ben and since we understand let's say than on the diplomatic side that turkish and russia misses a meeting in moscow on saturday to discuss the u.s.
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pullout in can we expect a true story at least a common goal to come out of those discussions i know it's a real issue about well what we're going to see you know what is emerging is the post war syrian although the powers are merging who are shaping the poles was here . and although the one in the country is president he's the dominant political as well as military falls and the three major holds have paul's have emerged turkey iran and russia and it's interesting and maybe for a lot of people frustrating but the old west to put it this way does not play any major role in shaping the poles syrian post-war syrian all and i would go so far as to say the poles for middle east are no no role for the united states and no role for the european union about the post-war syria and the order that we could potentially be seeing now some people might say is a power struggle and with that in mind and that potentially emerging might u.s.
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troops then decide to stay in the country mean no date has actually been set at the moment have pulled out. difficult to say as we have seen for the last two years for the u.s. president trump is rather unpredictable so it might be the case that he's revising his defoliant decision all the decision of this week but as far as i can see the overarching goal has been to fight isis i settled in the middle east syria as well as our ike and. the preference of these these two puts all to leave u.s. forces in iraq six and withdraw forces from syria and syria and that doesn't make sense from streets to strategic but a few because the second overarching goal is to contain to put political pressure on. for a military presence in syria it's not desperately needed from the u.s. business right i mean the president has always made very clear right from beginning of his campaign and indeed he said that this is not about nation building he's also
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said and that the us all courts no longer the suck because all those need us to direct quote all this need to continue fighting the war in syria could not walk i'm very sure think what we're going to see is. the dominant prison in the us and we have two different maps your political map and the military map of the military members shows growing areas of the rule of prison that is not ruled by his by his forces and there are certain parts which i have not been reconquered by the syrian forces the political map clearly shows that he's in the driver's seat and every time we talk about the few political few excelsior political process of syria i think there's no way. out of exempting but he's the dominant person international security analyst marcus khan good to have your
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analysis thank you thank you. let's get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has threatened to close the us mexico border if congress does not fund his promised order will trump who made the threat in a tweet in the u.s. government is still in partial shutdown over the funding of the war. is radio with a a must also has died at the age of seventy nine his daughter said on twitter that he died of cancer also was in a kind of novelist an essayist too wrote extensively about the israeli palestinian conflict his memoir a tale of love and darkness was a worldwide bestseller. thousands of fled the northern nigerian town of bag-o. after an attack by boko haram militants the nigerian army says the jihadists looted an international military base in the town and seized a trove of weapons boko haram insurgents have stepped up their attacks ahead of
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february's presidential election. here in germany the armed forces say they are having a tough time filling their ranks and now the government in berlin is drawing up plans to recruit nationals from other e.u. countries reports in the german media say the defense minister in a phone the lion is especially looking to recruit poles italians in rumanians who live in germany and speak the language the german military open does bear has stepped up its recruitment efforts as part of a broader reset in recent years pressure on biden has increased since u.s. president donald trump warned nato allies that washington could withdraw support if europe did not used military spending. and our political correspondent kate brady is covering this story she joins me now kate what do you make of those reports and how significant would this movie. but it certainly would be a significant move indeed and this would also mean a big change for the german military act of course for the past sixty one years of
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the german military's existence the bundeswehr only german citizen citizens have been able to serve germany in the military so this would be a significant move but of course this isn't the first time that we've heard this idea here in germany it was already proposed in the german defense ministry white paper almost two years ago which sets out future plans for the german military and of course the already several other smaller e.u. countries which already recruit some troops from around the block so this isn't a completely new idea but would certainly be a significant move for japanese military and will kind of people is the army looking for and what conditions do they have to fulfill. well really what we've been hearing from the german defense ministry so far is that is very much specialists that they would be targeted so that's i t specialist doctors medics but the conditions which they would have to fulfill in order to serve in the german
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military aren't yet so clear but of course a good grounding in the german language would of course be a prerequisite without a doubt i'm kate the fact that germany needs to look outside for kreutz i mean surely that must raise concerns about the state of his army. well there's absolutely no secret it's all that germany's military germans defense is just not in a good shape at the moment and hasn't been for several years now. barely a month goes by when their stories about lack of personnel and lack of equipment aren't hitting the german headlines and this is become an increasing problem and the german defense ministry is certainly trying to get back to where they were some years ago of course when the german government decided to end compulsory military service back in two thousand and eleven that has since had huge repercussions for
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the military in terms of personnel and they've been trying ever since to come up with creative ways to entice people to join the military and of course this idea that we're hearing the last day about opening german military two of the e.u. countries would certainly be a possible solution to try and ease that pressure on personnel and boost and increase numbers in the german military. political correspondent kate brady good to talk to you thanks kate. elections are taking place in the democratic republic of congo on sunday the country's president joseph kabila says the long delayed poll will go ahead and that's despite a decision to suspend polling in some areas until march could be has blamed that on an outbreak of the deadly ebola virus that opposition groups say the move is politically motivated. makeshift barricades burned in protest a bad omen for sunday's already contentious presidential election in
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a country that hasn't held a peaceful one since independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty now residents in and around benny a city in north eastern democratic republic of the congo may not cast their votes until march the country's electoral commission says that's due to the severe ebola outbreak and rebel fighting that's plagued the area more than one million of forty million registered voters could be affected by the delay protesters however see the decision has more to do with politics than safety bottled up with just that they need to get us another president who will govern this country and if that doesn't happen we shall create chaos starting from today until a solution is found if it calls for us to die then so be it. or not go fuck the president he's so angry at is joseph kabila in power since two thousand and one and now stepping aside the ebola affected region getting its vote postponed is a stronghold for opposition to could be the and his preferred candidate emmanuel
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rama zani should dari should dari faces twenty one opposition candidates martin for you though is one of the leading contenders. i. think we're going to see. what. could be electoral favorite is also the target of european union sanctions he and more than a dozen other congolese officials stand accused by the e.u. of obstructing the electoral process and related human rights violations in retaliation the congolese government has opted to egypt the e.u. and bassett are giving him forty eight hours to get out. that leaves sunday's election already two years behind schedule largely without international observers mostly because they've been denied accreditation. indonesia's disaster
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agency has lowered the death toll from last week's tsunami the official toll now stands at four hundred twenty six dead with twenty three people still missing although it was a one residence to stay at least one kilometer inland in case the eruption of the un it crackle trigger another tsunami warnings did not stop some residents from trying to start rebuilding their lives and on a sound toss sent us this report. sometimes this is a friend sometimes a photo mock says he's a fisherman in love one west java who has looked to the sea for his livelihood and as a source of food. i could make as much as fifty euros a week from fishing curing the monsoon season we depend on our store it's where we sell food to tourists for. this used to be my store the tsunami swept along by now it's gone. to mock still has his home and his family is safe but without their
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livelihood the future is uncertain. yet. they used to be many people on the beach every die. they came from nearby cities and even from jakarta. now there is no one. it is the waves rolling into the beaches of west java that bring in many local tourists indonesians who want to escape the crowded and frenetic pace of nearby jakarta come here for a quick break especially during the holiday season a few days ago these waves turned into a giant tsunami and fears of a second one are keeping vacationers away turning this once tourist spot into a ghost town. the government gave us some food and water but no money to rebuild our store. and that will not be enough unless we receive regular assistance.
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the obvious things that the tsunami took away were lives and homes but the waves have also left people in limbo uncertain about what tomorrow will bring. to sailing it now where the wild oats spoke crew are savoring a particularly sweet victory after winning the prestigious sydney to hobart yacht race last year the boat crossed the line first but was stripped of the title following a near collision early on this time there were no such problems for the australian vessel as it racked up its ninth win in the seventy fourth edition of the event but it ended up being one of the closest races in years wild oats completed the route in one day nineteen hours seven minutes and twenty one seconds of well you know the new tennis season is getting underway when roger federer heads towards australia and one lucky couple even had the swiss tennis maestro gatecrash part of their wedding photo was touring the famous line stone pinnacles in western
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australia when he stumbled upon the new waves they all wished each other good luck with veteran looking to defend his australian open title in january he got some early practice in against some local girls and likened the landscape to the moon. if you're a regular viewer of europe's two top football leagues then you'll be well aware that the sport generates billions of dollars of money that has led to a booming industry and some very well paid players but that reality doesn't represent the rest of the footballing world and in the african nation of gabble on for example trying to make ends meet is a daily struggle even for professional footballers. this is gavin nice football club f.c. . at first glance it's hard to find anything out of place just a bunch of professional footballers training. but imagine playing on an empty stomach so these players they're fighting what can i say it's
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a fight sometimes you come to train without having eaten they tell us yes coach we're hungry we didn't eat. living off football is increasingly difficult in got baan even for professional player many teams lack the basics and payoffs go months without payment. i've been playing football for at least three. so it's really hard we can no longer live without the salary and as you can see we don't even have a jersey. on this oh my oh the country's economic problems have had a trickle down effect the lack of funding and poor organization have created a chaotic situation. real problem is that the state is putting money into the sports not of the right places and it doesn't necessarily go to a right person for most of these players football is their only source of income
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but they continue to play even if their next paycheck is hanging by a thread. and we got some breaking news just coming in now which we want to bring you a gyptian security officials say that a roadside bomb has struck a tourist bus near the pyramids of giza the country's interior minister says two vietnamese tourists were killed and ten others injured in the blast the bus driver in a travel agent both egyptians were also hurt it's the first attack to target foreign tourists in almost two years. we've got some business news now a struggle on the financial markets ben the stock market roller coaster ride continues global equities have been zigzagging towards the end of the year with dizzying volatility u.s. stocks opened high and just clinging on to those gains at this hour as worries mount over slowing economic growth the last two sessions of only recovered some of the losses from a bruising december germany's main index the dax put in
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a good showing today by the year as a whole sore an eighteen percent decline markets in asia mostly rose is not much of thursday as i'm after such a rough ride. these last few days of the year are being typical of twenty eighteen is a look back at what turned out to be quite a memorable year for global trade and the markets it was washington that threw the first punch earlier this year the main trigger was u.s. president trumps decision to impose tariffs on chinese aluminum and steel. we one receptor called mirror if they charge us we charge them the same thing beijing reciprocated in what has become a tit for tat trade spat at the trump administration's ambitions for what it calls fair trade also targeted its allies including the e.u. canada and mexico these measures have the e.u. warning of
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a potential trade war. it could escalate to two to two for a trade war which would be bad for the whole world we are so interlinked in the global economy the message was clear the whole world would be affected but that didn't stop the trump administration from imposing and threatening more tariffs on its allies and china if they didn't respond to its liking. meanwhile the e.u. has had its own drama drags it negotiations between london and brussels for an agreement on the terms of britain's exit from the e.u. have been on satisfactory. the union stance by this agreement intends to for a feed two is a certification that it's not open for fish and we wait for the tough stance and squabbles in westminster have increased the likelihood britain could crash out of the block without a deal in march that would be disastrous for business right. now bit
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odd b.n. certainty on bragg's it in the tariff war has weighed on global trade and it has been catastrophic for the markets since january global equity capitalization has lost about seventeen trillion dollars. the stock's europe six hundred which tracks the continent's leading companies in seventeen countries is now set to post its worst year in a decade the twenty eight hundred dip is said to be the worst year for the index only financial crisis plunge in two thousand and eight was worse. the worst performers include travel and leisure construction auto parts and banks. the auto industry was a big bone of contention between washington and brussels the trumpet ministration wants lower terrace for u.s. made cars in the e.u. uncertainty regarding car imports caused investors to flee auto stocks and suing profit warnings by some carmakers did little to change investor sentiment but
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there's an even bigger loser on the markets the banking sector. apart from the worsening global macro economic outlook amid a trade dispute there was that currency crisis in turkey and tied a monetary policy in the u.s. . no industry was immune tech giants the world's most highly valued stocks also took a beating initially it looked like they were the exception. social media firm facebook suffered in the aftermath of the cambridge analytical scandal the revelation that millions of its users had their data harvested and used without their knowledge by cambridge analytical. the work of cambridge analytical is not equivalent to traditional marketing cambridge analytical specialized in just information spreading rumors compromise and propaganda the revelations dealt a blow to facebook's share price by just recovered in the summer which so apple become the first company to reach our market capitalization high of one trillion
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dollars. also followed a few weeks later it looked like the sector was immune to the market but that changed. the macroeconomic outlook on the trade spot have also affected tech both amazon and apple are down from their highs and facebook is struggling with another privacy scandal. it has been a rough year for the markets and while investors may want to put it behind them the outlook for twenty nineteen is not rosy. in the u.s. the partial government shutdown is set to continue into next year over three hundred thousand workers face unpaid leave which is why the owner of a burger joint in washington is trying to do his bit to ease the pain. what juicy burgers with melted cheese could they be beyond soup to the current government shutdown the owner of this burger joint in washington d.c. thinks so he's handing out burgers to unpaid government workers with the aim of
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drawing politicians with the free food. we hope that picking it up politicians into zeba and they can sit over a nice juicy burger and have made this thing out and get these good people back to work this isn't the first time the burger has handed out free food in a government shutdown during the last one in twenty thirteen the joint gave out fifteen thousand burgers in two weeks that almost put the owner out of business this time around he says he'll take it day by day. and just repeating that breaking news for you officials say a roadside bomb has struck a tourist bus named egypt's pyramids interior ministry says two vietnamese tourists were killed and ten others injured you're watching d.w. news from to have more for you next hour.
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