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tv   Reporter - Everyones Welcome A Hotel run by the Disabled  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2018 9:15pm-9:31pm CET

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these men are working on the main attraction when they finish it will be an ice tower that stands forty meters tall. contours you look for don't let you know when we're finished it will be beautiful that's why we're working so hard that you know more than. soon hordes of tourists will come to see the magical frozen city in the north of china an ice city that's bound to melt some hearts. you're watching data news live from berlin. how do you like to. discover your concept discover it with the bauhaus. school allegedly after one hundred years the ideals of the bomb house are more relevant today than they were a. hundred years ago visionaries reshaped things to come the fall most
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people understood design is a way of shaping society. the powerhouse of man does cross over her. with ideas that are part of our future it sounds how a part of. a. small. part documentary starts in january thirteenth on w. . talking of peterson's colleagues call her the breakfast queen she's a k. member of the staff at the shop house hotel in the complex. almost every staff member has a disability. the hotel was founded twenty five years ago. it now has three. stars and is usually fully booked. that means plenty of work for
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claudia and her colleagues. and all. that. it's six forty five in the morning cloudy is on the early shift morning. morning cloudy air it's good that you were headed today. today cloudy eye is responsible for getting breakfast ready claudia is forty seven years old she has her own ritual before she greets the first guests. or oh dear jesus dear god i pray for myself in the care march and even when i hope we have a good day that things go well and that we have good food amen. and praying
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relaxes me i know that jesus will always help me. and here is karen. this guest didn't turn up ok so he won't be here for breakfast. a cutter and fisher is the hotel's call manager the managers organized the day's work and provide support and guidance from the staff. so we've got one two three four five six guests good. morning everything ok yes yes thanks. you know how about you find things you know have some coffee tea what story. coming right out of the work. it says. the breakfast shift is claudia's favorite.
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movie beautiful flower the fragrance. yeah right what sort of flour is it this is a tool of a lovely. sometimes i give my wife to the lips of one of her great my husband always gave me red roses and wouldn't be there. haven't done that for a while and. you know that i was married a long time but my husband passed away. claudius husband died six years ago but she's never forgotten them they met while they were working at this hotel. she still carries their wedding picture whether. it was good of you have to vote i might not know he ran the laundry here. it's a good feeling to have had a husband who worked here to. listen to me thinking you
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have some wonderful years here together. when he was involved. in vice by me as i know that he's still with me but i can't see him but i feel like he's here absolutely. we were one heart and soul we loved each other so much with him with always given the. many of claudia's colleagues live here right next to the laundry some of them live with their target hers claudia has her own apartment but she likes to stop by for a visit. or is helping to i heard you're injured yourself or show me where you are you know that looks bad. you feel this is where our colleagues have breakfast. half an hour later the workers on the day shift arrives and he.
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culturing fisher reviews today's schedule. except for the two managers all thirteen staff members have some kind of disability. they are paid according to their skills and receive support and guidance throughout the day while. noticeable that. the tide was even by dint of us that sometimes we have to help them with various procedures. even though those jobs don't change from them to go by the changes the plan was not about if you don't like that all of us. must so we always keep an eye on the situation and we offer help when it's needed by dint of a couple of them both and. this constant fisher explains that clements will be working with her stand today. working in the old buildings here my .
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payments passions parents for the co-founders of this hotel they believed that their son should have access to a normal paid job despite his mental disability. that was twenty five years ago freeman says been working here ever since the day he's taking care of the lavatories. ok that's done. what's set list for the so i don't forget anything. always take off each task to make sure everything gets done flow which is. the i'll just take one last look here. this routine helps claimants to keep an overview and do his work well he enjoys the recognition. yes well british grocery store which that's important for me to do from them gives me a sense of accomplishment was one of the peoples of the song. and when someone
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tells me i've done a good job it gives me a real boost because this one wish this rose to his heart the truth of it all but it doesn't those of us who are total michael bush bristol i'm glad when people their knowledge my work over it worsens and offer me some help and really motivates me so where is all this for the. return of my. claudia's putting away the breakfast for. mother that said cloudy yes i. party it doesn't like to throw away food like that. who love you look at all the poor people you see on the streets they've got nothing i'll be honest i feel sorry for them. and you know you lied.
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all. my help this is really important i want to stay in good shape so i don't get sick come visit most of them you go to yoga mats at home right sort of. course. when i sit down but i do this most. you know that's why you're so flexible exactly i do sit ups from my back so my back is more flexible and i can move around better. birth first is supposed to be older but i guess derives a bit late. do you like some breakfast just coffee thanks. i have to start the day with breakfast you should have at least something to. do about the flu now things like some fruit or nothing so maybe later you can work on
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an empty stomach but i've been doing it for years. that's not good for your health but if you have. most of the guests here like this personal touch. the hotel is booked at least eighty percent of the time and many of the guests come back again and again. this time solicitation gets a special hotel i've been to lots of hotels but none is as personal as this one. the staff members eat at half past ten. they bring their own food. it's. a must of them. and they usually talk about work claudia wants her colleagues to
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explain why they call her the breakfast queen. what do you know why do you call me that. come on be honest. she comes up with the answer herself. because i love people so much. don't be shy like my husband was be open and relaxed like me we're not going to go . after lunch there's more work to be done. no he said he and team all have to do the laundry. luisa schulte has impaired vision she hasn't been working here very long she's only here four hours a day. luisa could not find a full time job elsewhere she says that most employers don't give people who have
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disabilities a chance. the first time i've often been a victim of your muscles which i'm from i wish that they would trust a smile and give us an opportunity if you don't mind we could do a probationary period and manages wouldn't be obliged to keep people off the woods finished it that's what do you mention i just want to have a chance to become much more functional. intends to work at the hotel until she retires she loves her colleagues moment claimants to the bathroom please. claudia experienced a lot of discrimination when she was younger. one of her fellow students at the vocational school even threatened her with a knife. she said that disabled people didn't belong there and told me to get out. we were in the recreation room or no. my friend and i wanted to leave but i said the disabled people have equal rights and can sit wherever they want behaving
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the way. claudia says that everyone has shortcomings you just have to try to make the best of things and house hotel is definitely trying to bring out the best in its employees. swimming with dolphins. for a long time it could be done off the coast of san so far but hordes of tourists have scared the dolphins away. the problem is it's not recognized by the government . because in order to set the scene and now conservationists and
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tour guides are working together to find a solution go ahead and for. tomorrow's musicians to. the world's best supply cuteness disney channel. highlights from twenty two young classics festival. living the sound of the future. sixty minutes on d w. how do you have. sustainable way discover the the house you tell. us what starts january thirteenth on t.w. . everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.
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right includes freedom to sold opinions without interference. and to see receive and implant information and ideas to be going to have plenty of scope. to the seventieth anniversary of the un declaration of human rights article nineteen. on w. . i am. going to. the bag. welcome to this week's edition of eco africa the environment magazine internationally co-produced by channels television in nigeria d w in germany and south africa's quickly t.v.
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my names and they outside me in a crowd gonna and i'm go out to present this week's edition together with my chattering colleagues.


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