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tv   World Stories - Reports about Children  Deutsche Welle  December 30, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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contributed to the decimation of the species population. these four gorillas were found dead allegedly killed by local charcoal traders angered that the forests protected status impedes their business for the mountain gorilla is still not thriving but conservationists hope that their efforts will continue to bring them back from the brink. it was a new life thanks so much for joining us. look closely. carefully. so. it's going to be
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a good. discover who will. subscribe to documentary on youtube. this week on world stories. the dream of flying in india. successful weightlifters in iran. but first let's start in uganda more than three
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million children work here instead of going to school that's despite the fact that the government has banned child labor. uganda is rushing to develop. but behind some of its major infrastructure projects a little huns in the shadow of the quantum is growth. high demand for sun has meant involvement of child labor as it's the bottom end of the forming construction industry. so i and seven thousand shillings about two dollars a day that i share with my siblings we take the money to mom mostly for buying books. together with his fourteen year old brother. worked at the same tree ugandan son to mine for boats to yes. he often works more than eight hours a day. at home his mother struggles to feed her children.
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and i'm on my own. poverty has forced the kids out of school and turned them into breadwinners for the large family. so now. i'm a sole carer for all my children. their fathers neglected. as a parent it's my responsibility to educate them but i can't afford it. much for just so instead of sitting around at home i tell them to find employment to at least and some money for our survival but so will. i to nearby scored it was just begun. children here dream of big couriers. and teachers are helping them to reach their full potential. he wants to be a lawyer but already missing school could mean a dream so far away. that child who has suffered more.
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for the money he's getting is a very literal homepage to the education that to the game when he's in school. and being at these days. is over go to form this child is lifted by. according to the un's education and culture agency unesco uganda has over three million child liberal. forty five percent of these work to supplement family incomes according to government which in two thousand and sixteen in the uk today know that criminalizes child labor. while the international labor organization sees that globe or child labor trends of dropped africa remains a region with the highest number worth over fifty nine million child laborers.
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in india as aviation industry is booming dozens of budget airlines offer cheap flights across the country to many indians however it's a luxury they can't afford but they can still experience what it's like to be an airline passenger. it's a date these children will remember all their lives for many it's the first time aboard an aircraft. but this plane won't be taking off the flight to nowhere is an airline with a difference. where without the honor it offers passengers a taste of flying without ever leaving the ground. many schoolchildren here up or their families cannot afford a real ticket the passengers are treated to a full in-flight experience they receive boarding cards safety briefings. even refreshments of loved and board it's an eye opening experience. i've seen planes in the sky i used to think they were really small but now i know they actually huge. i
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now want to fly to london i've heard that a beautiful things to see a city. some lucky passengers even get to visit the cockpit. the man behind the project is behind the trunk gupta a retired aircraft engineer he sold his land and bought the decommissioned airbus a three hundred back in two thousand and three for six hundred thousand rupees that's about seven thousand euros a real bargain he charges people according to what they can afford as little as a few euro cents or even nothing at all for the very poor. i belong to a very small is. and i never expected i'll be coming then you know and then i'll be in the airline and then the people from my village they receive you have to say that after they were not able to see that for that was the basic idea and basic you know the motivation that i work for the people. not far away
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a busy main road that runs battlement to the runway davey's international airport. it's the perfect spot of the evening to watch planes land. trees double up the streets. it's all about getting the right vantage point. for the poor migrant workers here shelling out for cars and groupies of fifty euros but a cheap flight ticket is beyond their means. i let him provide a personal best and we may not have the money for a plane ticket but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about what it must feel like to be up in the sky. back of the flight to know where passengers simulate an evacuation to finish the experience. rarely has an emergency situation seemed like so much fun. and next stop is in germany. and the u.s. schools regularly run practice drills in case of
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a shooting but what if it happened in germany what german students know how to respond to this training exercise prepares them for the worst. these kids maybe play acting but what they're simulating is highly sinister a school shooting what should they do with a gunman storms they classroom and there aren't able to run away. and fight back say these teachers. that's what this great seven class is practicing they're being taught that together they can overrun an attack or a status case could actually happen and if it does i don't think it will be as as easy. in the simulation i'm scared that in a real emergency things could happen very differently and it's also. kept. learning how to barricade themselves into a classroom it's also an important part of the exercise students know when they hear a fire alarm they have to run outside in the event of an attack it's the exact opposite
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that's what's rainer hines cuffed is trying to make clear he and other teachers at this high school in western germany began this training sessions a few years ago the classes like this are it's the no where most schools in germany are wary of tackling this topic so head on. i don't think schools here are prepared attacks or to do subject there are training sessions for teachers but generally if there is a reluctance to train and educate the students mainly i think because schools don't want to unsettle them before they meant. the likelihood of a school shooting in germany is relatively low but that doesn't stop it from being on the students' minds especially after the latest tragedy at a high school in florida. one has to stop the fear by guns and the son. of
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a mother to the friends who doesn't bush on the last one i have often called. doesn't do you often does it to your fair share positive even to see that in the buffet on guns on the free for. everybody here hopes they'll never have to put what they've learned into practice but knowing they're prepared is enough to put many of the students' minds at ease. and we'll close today with strong girls in the round. gender roles are still very distinctly separated but when it comes to lifting weights these girls out pushing back with all the. might. it's training time in this gym in terran where champions have pumped iron for decades the weight just as heavy as they look. yet for the other girls lifting them is a dream come true. my dad was
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a weightlifter i've loved the sport ever since i was a child and i watched every competition. so as soon as it was possible i started lifting weights myself. as nurses proud to continue the family tradition and her passion has paid off she's the strongest of the four girl team so far. the brains behind the goals success has his office just one floor higher value more ideas president of iran's weightlifting association and perhaps the girls biggest fan he says there shouldn't be a difference between men and women in his sport. we have many iranian men who have many championship titles on our record holders in the field of weight lifting. the world strongest man right now is an iranian.
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we want to achieve the same with our women. we hope that in the future not the far future i'm talking about the olympics of twenty twenty four not the arena women can add to these glories with. to make that happen the girls work hard every day just like the men they live in the compound of the association under close supervision by doctors and coaches. in just a few months they've come a long way but it's far from over. that's for now we just want them to build up confidence. after all this is their first international competition. well now some of the others are excited to leave tehran for international tournaments it's a historic first for the girls and for iran's female weightlifters all together. monita now today don't see kids here what men can do women can do too in the first
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five or six months since we started weightlifting we've already broken more than half of the women's weightlifting records that's glorious was the point only if the clot is. a glory a plan to continue confident well prepared and determined to show the world how strong it rainin women can be. to do it ensues are transforming the world. ready for it. this time in. a country where the place goes on much. controversy about the basic technology to replace plastic. can't keep the
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condition. in fact. it's about me next. what keeps us in shape what makes us see and how. my name is dr costa rica i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's try to stay. in sixty minutes. and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like deals that protect the climate to stick
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green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on d.w. . differences me and mine. one happy place of the good stuff. doesn't work that newton been. about them and. up enough we're going to use the.


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