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the long term break here is the idea of something. more relevant to you than they were. with. small car documentary starts january thirteenth on w. . welcome to this week's edition of equal africa the environment magazine internationally co-produced by channels television in nigeria d w in germany and
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south africa's quickly t.v. my name is now it's me in our craw ghana and i'm glad to present this week's edition together with my charming colleague for leisure and of me in south africa hello felicia hi there in t. and hello from joe vague today we'll be highlighting environmental projects from across the continent paying special attention to what's going on in oceans and other bodies of water here's a round up of today's stories. we meet a solo entrepreneur in nigeria's capital abuja and. then we take a look at how germany is trying to protect one of the oldest fish species in the world. and our team went to some of the dolphins on the beaches of the indian ocean and tanzania. dolphins are both a blessing and a curse to the people of carson causing hordes of tourists to visit the village on the island of zanzibar to swim and small pool with them but. the increase in
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tourism is also a threat to the wild dolphins that sometimes thirty or even forty boats pursuing and beleaguer ing them the organization impacts africa raises awareness and tries to protect the marine life. sons about island everyone is hoping to get up close to the dolphins they regularly show up. and then a major tourist attraction. but as the number of tourists increase the population is going down. and the team of volunteers from african impact designs about sitting out to monitor the marine mom was the problem is it's not regulated by the government so you can have anywhere to twenty or thirty but i'm going out at one time chasing
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a pod of maybe three or four dolphins cause they're going to have to step into them so yeah they say and race that's the impact of the dolphin tourism has on the dolphin population of. african impact is a million twenties and organisation enabling visitors from abroad to volunteer and participate in activities that benefit local communities this time lisa is with andrew from england and nico from slovenia it's the first time we've seen dolphins . i believe never seen anything like it. so close to the hotel and. at the same the very same. research the impact of the tourism and the amount surrounds dolphins and it's quite sad actually dolphins are crazy. when they head
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out on their around listen and the volunteers don't on the record the number of anymore and tourists. basically we are collecting take that how dolphins are acting what are they doing. for example how they interact with tourists if they like it or not if for example when the tourists are driving to close they change direction of swimming that they're chosen as they dare not enjoy the company of tourists so that and the tourists should change their behavior in order to. feel comfortable around. listeners collected data are later transferred to zanzibar ministry of fisheries to help create policies and regulations for dolphin totus and. also started instructing boats keep us on how to approach dolphins cruising slowly and little to the animals. and not coming too close. anyhow missy is one of the trains keep us.
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here from the. windows getting started i know what happens because i have been trained. and inform my visitors for example if we see them beating their tails it means they are already angry and they are leaving the place. when they dive under water they move away and head to a new frontier nation depending on what had to stop them and. so front fortunes keepers have received training but there are over thirty here most of them still get too close and drive the dolphins away it will take time and effort to make locals and tourists more attuned to the needs of the animals but through african impact the fast steps have been taken. from dolphins in the indian
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ocean to sturgeon in german waters but maybe you haven't heard of sturgeon this fish is known as a living fossil because it's remained virtually unchanged since the age of the dinosaurs. polluted water has dried out and dammed up rivers and illegal fishing is critically endangered and their existence a german government funded project is doing its bit to ensure the existence of this ancient fish family. people in germany are bringing back a living fossil. the sturgeon is one of the oldest fish species in the wild. it's existed for two hundred million years. thought forty years ago the study and population in germany died out. one of the reasons was river pollution so the fish need to migrate to feed and spawn.
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rebuilt wares and dams made their journey impossible. the project funded fish aims to return the study into german rivers the first step is to breed fish under controlled conditions. then they're released into reverse with the aid of schoolchildren. once they're released the sturgeon migrate to the sea. the hope is that the fish will return to reproduce in about fifteen years. time fish ladders will be built to help the fish swim past we have one times do you like that. if you are also doing your bit tell us about. visit our website or send us a tweet. cash to doing your bit we share your story.
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back to africa from the fish in the water to the sun. the sky when it's not from nigeria's capital of georgia shows us yet again that your noble energy makes business sense your rifle licia we're talking about saleman you see a self described energy entrepreneur developing what he calls off the grid homes he was involved in one of by jews most impressive green housing projects these innovative eco friendly architecture is attracting a growing followership among some middle class that this is green house an apartment complex in the heart of. everything here operates on renewable energy how not daniels and his family have lived here for three years now the architect
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cares about the environment and says the green apartment president made his life more comfortable and he never had any blackouts. so i have my two kids they've never experienced and they're like you said it's a good movie studio. according to the world bank as many as half of all nigerians live without access to electricity the demand for days estimated to be forty one thousand megawatts which is about eight times more than what's currently available. one solution is to invest in read systems like the green house. first ten apartments forty rooms and all the energy is provided by a combined system it's mainly based on solar powered night energy can be created through wind power. descent of an apartment center which has been running totally
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underground for the past three centimeter foster scanning answer to what i did on the study hard technology works on how you can apply to finance a character canvas or so when there are really six across the country that i have seen a fossil like this. the company went into business ten years ago it provides various renewable energy solutions and is now with nearly three million dollars. presently we have a staff trained of abroad fifty five you know. stuff some have great in i'm over the contract staffs we have a number of ways we've trained and to have them stand by so i never have predicted . a team is driving. this has never been connected to the national grid we have millions of nigerians for don't have any hope of seeing elections having lied to toss online genocide that in the long run
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you know the writer and every house. and have access to electricity. in the village of. which i'm neither healthy no good for the environment. now they're getting. old all for free. energy provides the service as a way of giving both. a home or do is delighted with his. he says it will help his children study in the evenings. and the best bit it's easily rechargeable. how many seconds because i'm installing these kind of athena in the community is great for children and a member of the family to the us and she might have been we've never seen anything
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like this before when i was here until i was. the whole idea is to see her we can penetrate as much as a person who's going to be ready to give them a test and a feel of this renewal and dissolutions. back to the greenhouse in a compared to the average nigerian has told the dardanelles went is fairly steep but the eco friendly and reliable power supply makes it worth it to them. earning money by protecting the environment surely not a bad business model our next report concerns living memorials we're talking about trees they symbolize life and your ability as well as healthy environment we offer a shade they offer shade store water and absorbs you to carbon dioxide some live for hundreds of years some look really impressive in strips of land i'll trim is yum is a debating two thousand of them eco africa take sure long for
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a walk in the park. this is not simply a beautiful park it's also a century. tree. the landscape architect and so many i rescued misses the trees here. they had been discarded by the onus and were heading for the scrap heap on the sawmill you see any say i need. what you see here is the kind of installation i've collected these trees over the past twenty five years. deceased and the. i pay tribute to trees which might instead have been killed or felled at the end of the world i'm forced to own to holland as auditorium everything you see here was once a reject him which others were going to throw away. says sally i call this a museum because i place the trees in
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a particular configuration. is seven and a half open and. museum is located near lake zurich and she wished to hit the side in i want to show how landscape architecture can mirror our society or our development would be cool. to see you can see how the younger generation wants to be outdoors again. faced us probably in response to digitalisation it in-house in their home soon. being there we are always working on our phones and computers. and computer them all but we need something to offset that something different or you can see here does what we've created here is a place for contemplation or to show off and. feel like before people can also think about where food comes from. not from a shopping mall but from a tree on them from down. and then yeah it's one of the world's leading
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landscape architect. his firm has a staff of about two hundred fifty. still he doesn't seem selfless part of the mainstream. any as projects whether they're in the us china se asia or europe are about respecting the cultural context and the environment. that. it's the location and the way the sunlight falls that determine which plant goes where have the geology. is the ground sandy or rocky or lomi. want that determines what grows and what doesn't what we do is not mere decoration it was landscape architecture isn't a simple speedy process it takes time for a garden to come into its own. very well that has to function as a whole because it's alive. there it's not static like
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a work of architecture made of stone and he could also. it's the challenge to create something precious for future generations. it takes a visionary to create such a garden in the here and now. heading back to africa if there is a bird why be associated with it i would learn scapes it's the vulture these carvings and birds of prey play i mean ports of role in the ecosystem yet in africa as in many other parts of the world they face extinction indeed and it specially here in south africa they're also often poisoned so that their body parts can be used for traditional medicine or they're killed by poachers the endangered wildlife trust is fighting to protect these much maligned creatures. when she needs to be angry dns for remedies phillimore to s.t.d. doesn't go to a pharmacy she goes to
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a movie or traditional medicine market in johannesburg. never ever ever address them the way he or she can find everything that sangoma a traditional south african healer needs it's a thriving business but sadly it also costs the lives of many endangered animals vultures are one prominent example a bird like this costs the equivalent of two hundred euros at the market they use mostly that. the ais if they hate. what they have why if that's what they say because you can see from it do you think the consequences for the vulture population are disastrous in the past thirty years their numbers in africa have dropped by up to eighty percent. under the border manager of the endangered wildlife trusts birds of prey program which is trying to say buffer because vultures vultures other continents waste disposal service as scavengers they feed on carrion which hinders the spread of disease motors says
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that these days their greatest enemy is poison it's easily available and inexpensive. like you see there is how quick and easy it is to lure birds in to come and feed and that's unfortunately what approach it does in exactly the same way the only difference is that they put poison baits they kill the birds and they then go and sell them for money. africa's large savannah's are closed ecosystems each animal species has a specific place in it but time and again the rise in poaching incidence throws the system out of equilibrium. every fifteen minutes an elephant is killed by poachers in africa by means of firearms or poison. game ordinance found this dead elephant in a remote stream and we boarders suspects it died
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a natural death since its task haven't been removed the birds will come down in large numbers up to four hundred vultures will come in feed on it over a number of days unfortunately in certain parts of southern africa but it's taken to poisoning caucuses like this and what they do is read a case of alters from a particular area or two lost their activities so that the rain just got picked up on what they doing. learning about the behavior of vultures is no less important they're currently being studied by a group of researchers but first they have to catch one. and that takes plenty of patience. ok and inability to sprint at the right moment.
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we capture these birds and then we fight these wing takes to them we ring them and we also in some cases harness them to follow the movements the track where they go to where they go and find food within the range of crossover in africa and that enables us to sort of get an idea of the areas where they potentially could be exposed to threats i know reporters aim is to eliminate those threats as well as he can so that there will still be a place for vultures in the skies over africa. plastic bottles can float but can people float on plastic bottles and that's the question a yahoo entrepreneur and kameron asked himself and the answer is yes it's mellow so my body has started to build unique plastic boats by trying bottles together and
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felicia the reason boards have w's first they are affordable alternative for fisherman and second then you should see that helps to clean up the environment at least parts of it far too often the drainage systems of african cities are choked with plastic weights let's take a look at how the boat army. a river of plastic bottles chokes this drainage system in the family room. when you raise the entire neighborhoods flood it is mile is so make it bony and his crew done work for the sanitation department they're volunteers for a local n.g.o.s called madiba and nature for them this is a goldmine of valuable room material. that one day when i was walking back from university it subtle raining heavily around for shelter to wait it out that's when
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i saw heaps of plastic bottles. which i was shocked i thought surely something can be done with all these bottles cleaning them up i saw it as a challenge the challenge is mild who studied engineering eventually devised a way to convert the bottles into something practical and useful to being cleaned and checked for quality the bottles become the basic building blocks constructing what the organization calls eco boats close with thousand bottles the needed for a six metre cannot shake the vessel it takes about three days to make one additional materials needed are purchased with money and from both sales. there's a hospital where we do have a cash flow problem at times and we sometimes don't have enough money to build the boat we just can't construct a novel all the fishermen in need there are nearly one thousand fishermen here in the area and if we don't get the money together was simply one is mylan his
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team hope their initiative will have a far reaching impact on the environment so far they have made around thirty eco boats. fishing boats and cameron are typically made of wood which makes them expensive to repair another reason eco boats are such an attractive alternative and not just for fisherman. one of his miles boats can be found in creating a big results about three hundred kilometers southwest of young. christian owns a small bar next to the beach for a small fee tourists there can take the twenty kilogram boat out on the water valerie manages the rental service. is missing. it's really great it's a lot of fun easy to handle and it also helps bring. some of their responses
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sargent's eligibles for my business. well monmouth manager first came here and offered me the chance to manage the bushranger i wasn't sure i. could tell you peter to assure him that past. well meant the now the people see him priceless and it all happened any advertising on radio or television is just one of a life through valley hydraulically show i. hundreds of bottles filled with nothing but air that makes the boat seem like an easy to handle and while they aren't exactly watertight it would be very difficult to sink one. we have an eco tourism programme that people can break is the via our website and nature and we also have people coming in through international links visit it's
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a platform for social impact travel experiences that could help increase our earnings. in two thousand and fourteen a regulation was put in place in cameroon that required a plastic bottle manufacturers to take responsibility for recycling their products but four years on its most boat making initiative is still making a rather significant contribution towards improving the situation in the country. a really cool idea isn't it even if it doesn't get rid of all the plastic pollution but it's definitely a great step in the right direction if you're watching call it africa a joint environmental magazine production by channel stevie d.w. on quincy t.v. thanks for joining us and by by for me in a crowd gonna yes and thank you so much for watching if any of these ideas captured
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your interest and you can watch the video on our website an oscar questions that dresses will be up in a moment i'm felicia ends b. and i'll be very happy if you join us next week for another tour of the environment with eco in africa goodbye from johannesburg. good good. good with. jada. good.
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food. good. fees on fire. sale at c.a.a. is one of the world's most successful d.j.'s. in our special this week we meet him backstage. qatada chanel momentum and armadillo it reminds me even though i. public school
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in thirty minutes. say this one hundred german streets on the dollar. i'm not going to think. well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which is that. makes me consider jam a culture of looking up the stereotype of the quiet that is think the future the culture that i now live. in kiev need to change the picture this drama. it's all about ok. i might show you i mean for me to be a. post. we make up over
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