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they know we've got the possibility to i do identify the order of the cross. and the city also uses volunteers counsellors and social workers to stay in touch with the community and help reduce crime to foster integration somers says freedom and security must go hand in hand. that creates a much more relaxed down and more safe tone and that's what people also appreciate and when you feel safe your mind gets also open for diversity. the mayor has also devised innovative programs to help young people who may be vulnerable to islamist recruitment propaganda. police and specially trained counsellors respond quickly and offer help to troubled youth. the archive of one young man said if he flunked out of school that year he'd go off and fight in syria he was really
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frustrated. but he did have a good relationship with one teacher and she helped him pass. by off the hall on the slog. sensitivity towards others social awareness and intervention when needed so far the formula has worked well. local officials have also realized that athletic programs help to keep young people on track. the girls and boys who train here renovated this gym themselves today is tight boxing and everyone regardless of where they're from is welcome to join in is that even kill everyone is equal here we do the same exercises we transfer gather that way we all get to know each other better. be a good game. there are thirty boxing clubs like this. throughout the town.
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mustafa on a rock is in charge of this program he's a former drug dealer and has spent time in jail if you feel of the case stop playing around the monkey working counterpunch up to the idea. that if you get your ged and get in there that you. let it all in a single day the whole can look normal and that indeed we have kids from all over the place in here together and that's about all we try to teach them respect and discipline that's what makes our club special. the rigorous training routine offers a number of advantages. you want to give goma when kids come here to train they don't have enough time and energy left to get into trouble on the street but much rather have them in here and they're doing something dumb so you call it all the same they're going to do.
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this. also how someone looking after its youth. is working with the city to keep this field up. and he helps local kids improve their football skills. but if i want these kids to have a future i don't want them hanging around on the streets with nothing to do and getting into trouble with the bank they're better off taking up a sport they might even turn professional one day. i want to show these kids that they can follow their dreams and make something of themselves. with me this week the floors up. and is ninety. in years old and has
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a criminal record but one man helped him turn his life around. there but those of us i am still miles runs a local organization that helps young people find their place in society this is the. first. place that's like trying to figure out what makes each one of them unique we might inspiring for me to empower young people each of them is different and has special qualities and it's my job to uncover their individual strengths and then shift their focus to the things they're interested in the interest since we're poor to push but to suspend truck. live and communities from the cities integration office is here to talk about a program where young volunteers would help look after older people. just this forced well what do you think should they do neighborhood work or go to retirement
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homes to start over again. the silver star active project is meant to give young people the opportunity to provide care and assistance for the elderly. the idea is to give them a better understanding of how others live and to help them see that they can make a difference. for most of those friends is not always easy if you come from a low income family or a low income part of town is that others loot the smoker because they want to show young people that they can help to shape city policy and make positive changes in their neighborhood and all. of that is what real integration means to me personally to go through. these young people are taking responsibility for the living conditions in their neighborhood dance joe myers says it's important for them. they feel like they're part of the political process. the
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police are also involved in god's integration programs to be outside from state security stays in close contact with the local muslim community and frequently visit local mosque associations. in recent years some associations have been accused of promoting radical islam and the german detail organization has often come under fire for its alleged close ties to the turkish government inspector hif wants to make sure the local muslim community continues to play an active role in german society. as police say me the police don't just investigate crimes we're also here to offer support to the community or to take effective action before a problem develops into something bigger. put into the field. so he's very interested to hear about the details plans for
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a new mosque the organizations local chairman is more than happy to share. true muslims have no hatred or enmity for people of other religious faiths. or their clout. to fully lived by it all. that if people are generally satisfied with their lives they'll be less likely to isolate themselves they need to know they'll be able to practice their faith freely in accordance with german law. and mechelle and share the same philosophy muslims who are integrated into society are less likely to turn to radical islam. for more than thirty years house forty nine has been offering education programs and counseling services that help promote integration. the facility was founded by van of the. deputy mayor for social
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affairs. director is a korean a small check. to got him on there were times when people asked whether immigrants could actually be integrated into make care if you do it right you know it doesn't matter where they're from. if they're to what's important is to get people to talk to each other complement of augustus in the mountains because play. verse that has made a lot of friends amongst it god's immigrant community. because it's a. house forty nine is for all generations children who need help with their school work can find it here. and counseling is available for older kids as well. you know a time for another presentation that's your. magic stresses the importance of
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good education. we want the children and young people to eventually learn a profession a job that's right for them. it's just that simple.


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