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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a massive hack attack here in germany hundreds of german politicians fall victim to a data breach with their private phone numbers credit card information and other that are published online we'll have the latest on this developing story. also coming up an uncertain state for dozens of migrants stuck on a rescue ships off while talk to a group say conditions are deteriorating on board and a new officials are urging member states to left them planning to speak to the german engineer see watching tomorrow. morning.
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i'm sumi so much going to it's good to have you with us hundreds of german politicians have fallen victim to a hack of their personal information the stolen data includes a cell phone numbers and credit card details which were posted to twitter germy security agencies are investigating who is responsible isn't yet known and the government says the hackers targeted lawmakers at all levels. even german chancellor i'm going to america has been affected delete data includes a fax number e-mail address and several letters parker to come out of her office it's not clear yet if the leak documents authentic. sits in file it doesn't however even if a large part of the data concerned both antic experience shows that in such cases falsified data may also have been mixed in. hundreds of other german politicians
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from every german political party were targeted by the hackers they then use twitter to make public personal data such as phone numbers is enter fixation documents chats invoices and even photos of their children germany's justice minister cutting up bali come down the leaks as an attack on the country's democracy the left faction co-leader says he's deeply shocked this is and i'm sure it's and that's hacked under social compassion of our country i've read and heard that many artists join our lists and politicians are a fact it isn't the amos obviously to create a climate of fear a climate of insecurity in our country. the leak was first discovered thursday evening however it appears the first document started appearing in december with a twitter account releasing information daily in the style offered at the end callender none of the internal documents that were released are reported to be
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highly sensitive at the moment there is no known suspect number two that action starts not to see for ourselves where evidentially transparent and that the mercy of such a tax debt is intolerable is calm on. the far side it's not the first time that german politicians have been hacked russia was accused of a series of cyber attacks that stole data from computers in the chairman parliament in twenty fifteen and last year the german government's network came under a fresh attack russian hackers were allegedly also to play. our political correspondent maximiliano kosik is following the latest updates for us max personal data here as we've heard has been leaked cell phone numbers credit card details the government spokesman has said that no highly sensitive data has been leaked what i mean by that well there's always different categories in which
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you can consider data leaks or hack attacks like the suspected one that we're currently talking about the attack or the leak that recurring you talking about is one that contains a lot of like a mass of data and in that is a mixture of a lot of personal data but experts have already confirmed that some of the information has been publicly available for example has been drawn from public websites such as the german parliament's website some of the information that has been supposedly leaked has come from all the leaks for example from two thousand and twelve facebook hack attack where personal data has already been leaked and some has been falsified so experts are currently looking into it and it's important to note that the original leak twitter account has already been shut down but of course there still circulation of the links that have been distributed on the internet max this is a serious breach we saw in our report also the chance are being affected what are
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authorities doing to deal with this. well currently we know that the federal agency for information security is meeting with intelligence services the german government has also been informed and they're now launching an investigation we have it in good authority that the american services are helping on that and of course is important to note very crucial for internet users out there the links are still circulating and it's advice that you should not open them because even though it's quite tempting there seems to be information also on celebrities german celebrities but also potentially well known figures such as german chancellor angela merkel that you do not open these links because they could contain malicious software max this is not the first tack on german politicians on german government networks in recent years a russian group were suspected behind the attacks is there any indication who was behind this data leak. no there isn't there has been a quick sort of remarkable note that it was looking like the far right party if he
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has not been affected from the league but now politicians of the party have come forward and said that they have been. affected too however this what it seems like this is an attack or a leak that is aimed to sort of look at like psychological warfare so personal data everybody can be affected even the most powerful people in germany and so what is different to previous leaks is that those were for example attacking critical infrastructures public services or the german parliamentary technical infrastructure and those kind of attacks the ones that have been have been previously were always attacks that were looking like foreign espionage this one seems to be more of something that is like aimed at showing how easily everybody can be targeted and how everybody in germany and everywhere in the world should be taken care of their personal cyber security original political correspondent max me and of course you're covering the story for us thank you very much. not to some
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other stories making headlines around the world a hospital in sweden says that it has received a patient with a suspected case of ebola the patient is being treated in isolation in salo where they're being tested for the virus health workers from a small clinic who came into contact with that the patient has already gone under tests. in washington the democrats have taken control of the u.s. house of representatives with nancy pelosi as the house speaker the democrats' first order of business is to address the partial government shutdown the u.s. president donald trump has said he will reject any measure that does not provide funding for his proposed us mexico border wall. a third woman has entered a hindu temple in the southern state of carola the first visit by two women on wednesday triggered protests across the state traditionally women were forbidden from entering the shrine but the india supreme court lifted that ban in a ruling last year. and in thailand at least one person has died after
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a tropical storm public made landfall of the storm is moving quickly across the south of the country bringing with it heavy rain and stormy seas despite high winds the storm is weaker than expected and is likely to be downgraded to a top tropical depression. aid workers say the health of nearly fifty migrants stuck on ships off the coast of malta is deteriorating the migrants were rescued within the last two weeks but malta italy and spain have refused to let them disembark activists say many are suffering severe sea sickness brought on by rough seas and heavy weather. imagine being stuck on a boat in such rough seas not knowing well you'll go next since there are dramatic rescue of the libyan coast in december this is spending reality for about fifty migrants they are in limbo in the narrow confines of the two ships operated by eight organizations see watch and see i q a p n countries have so far refused to
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let them disembark but mayors of several large italian cities to refuse to obey the country's official tough anti immigration law slamming it as unconstitutional. in their police says and the city's we apply the laws only if they conform with the constitution thus the constitution prevails are the. ordinary laws forbidding if people's rights are restricted according to the color of the skin but the constitution must prevail. and this official letter to majesty offered to let the watch come to the harbor of naples assuring them that the refugees will be able to disembark. but according to see watch this is easier said than done official rescue centers have to assign available ports and the weather conditions are simply too bad deeply affecting the people on board. but the biggest problem is also that guests the thirty two people that we have here on board know already for thirteen
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days. the show mental problems. florence and palermo as well as several german cities have also offered the migrants refuge as more and more official to unite in solidarity with the refugees hoping creases for those in desperate need of help. well one of the rescue boats is operated by the german n.g.o.s sea watch it is just off the southern coast of malta right now and as a member of the german parliament a member of the green party here in germany he is on board right to support the cruise mission and help find a safe harbor and he joins us on the line a missile thank you very much for joining us on g.w. there are concerns as we said that conditions on board are deteriorating especially for the migrants how have you found the conditions to be onboard. well thank you for having me i just met the migrants just this minute and of course these shows
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that they're on board for forty days not knowing where or where they go to where they can go on land and about is told to fellow people or are here and they arrive a call but i think the crew. they set them up to be done here but there was a list you can you can see that there are not very good shape but you know it's a shame that they have to be on this boat for forty days makes a great deal how urgent do you think it is to find a safe harbor. well it's very urgent i think the european union has to come to consideration how to head. to the thing but you have to tell people certainly this from history to see that's the first thing for these people here but for like for the future the european governments have to come to
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a conclusion how they want to handle this because they didn't just go or or prevent people from landing little or keeping your own boat and everybody knows it's not going to last multimillion spain are refusing to take in migrants so mr going to work can the ship actually go. well i think i'm not sure i'm in the german parliament take this up to our minister of. state. or city over he can they can come to germany that will be a solution that's thirty three thousand german you have offered to help to pick two to take the refugees to take these people so they can determine solution a quick german to leave but besides that i said for. what has to happen now and they can show that the governments have to work together to find a solution for people come over the mediterranean can be the task of these private
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organizations these n.g.o.s. they do a great job but it should be the job of the governments of europe mr going to i do have to ask you not just italy but also france other european countries have been critical of these n.g.o.s run rescue boats in the mediterranean think that they encourage people smugglers to put migrants in harm's way by putting them on the boats what do you think about prospective. well you know. i'm i'm i'm just a dry land and a lot of these people who are stranded to. the refugees and i think it's a great sort of misery going across the street across the street in the wintertime and i think there has to be a solution now for these kids and it's it's no longer a bridge say like pick up into the last century that's the first thing and you can
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to decide there has to be a solution i'm sure it's going to be one way. but it doesn't help the situation right now and i don't think very encouraged in going across the street because that's what they want to do anyway all right i had going to a member of the german on the right now on board of the sea was three rescue boat off the coast of america thank you so much for joining us here in the company. ok shifting gears to some football transfer news the french league's monaco have signed brazilian defender naldo from the bundesliga club shaka for a two million euro fee at the center back started every single bonus the game for shock the last season and even scored seven goals but has had limited game time this year and on all those spent fourteen years playing in germany wrecking a three hundred fifty one to sing expect sharon says monaco hopes the thirty six
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year old's experience will help them keep them in france of top division. you're watching news still to come it's still a man's world when it comes to coding but this woman says the games industry doesn't have to be that way. ben says it will help that coming right up in business . i. take it personally you went with a little wonderful people once to make the game so special. for your old true fans oh my. god more than football longline. her first day of school in the jungle. first clearly listen to.


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