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tv   Kino - KINO-SPECIAL featuring Volker Schlondorff  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CET

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if you. are not of god and they will not succeed in dividing us about i'll not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of you stick to shelter. taking the stand global news that matters. made for minds.
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and welcome to a keynote special focus of our also today is dedicated to this living legend of german so. the story begins in france and nine hundred fifty six fast came secondary school and a degree in political science at the sorbonne before a fateful meeting with french cinematic master louis malle propelled churned off into the world of film. me i was always so serious and strict and churned off returned to germany in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. to make his first feature film young tellus is considered one of the most important films of the new german cinema movement and counted several awards. it was the tin drum a cinematic adaptation of going to classes novel of the same name the board churning off international acclaim. the film on her door at the cannes film festival in one nine hundred seventy nine as well as an oscar for best foreign
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language film. by now hollywood was taking notes but standoff took his time it would take a few more years before he moved to new york and make films like death of a salesman based on a play by our familiar. require foreigners serious thought the handmaid's tale. learned off decided to return to germany in the mid one nine hundred ninety s. one of his most successful films from this time is the legend of research which tells the story of a radical west german terrorist who flees to east germany with a new identity. now focus and off is back in new york this time with return to montauk this lee based on a novel by marx fresh it's a love story and possibly churned off most personal film.
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and i'm joined now in studio babbles bird with focused on dog thank you joining us . you've had decades in the film business can you pinpoint a point or a moment a person you met a film that you saw that put you on that path to become a filmmaker i saw. in the same summer i was probably fifty in a few films and one of them was on the waterfront and marlon brando you don't remember stem i could have was a good american turner i could have been somebody. sterile but i was in chance but the actor modern brando about filmmaking which i knew nothing about but about the possibility through a film or a work of art to rouse such such passions such deep feelings yet will suck out your first film young told us when it premiered in cannes in one thousand nine hundred
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sixty six and it caused a scandal at the premier tell me about that what what happened where there is a scene these it's in the boarding school and. a group of people built suppress the others and they have one guy they say he's different actually he's jewish they torture him and when these torture scenes very graphic i must say where we were shown the german their cultural attache got up and slammed the door screaming this is not a german film he thought this would reflect on the set said the stick nature of the germans in general even schoolboys. but that was not the reason the film was a success i think. at the time it was one of the first of the young german cinema who came out the first one to be noticed that there was some others to fall.
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the german cinema before us was was extremely conventional mellow drama. bad acting bad everything you know. i'm not going to be was. oh my god. i mean in the worst way could eventual formula movies and and we wanted to show you know normal street what people were like have actors who acted in a natural way in the. us. because. nobody can see that but. now. you try to reflect what was going on around you when you made a film like the last owner of cattle you know which was a very political it was happening at a time in the seventy's in germany where you had this wave of leftwing terrorism and on the other side incredible repression from the state and you made this film
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about a woman who has a one night of stand with accused terrorist and then is attacked for it by the right wing press and also the police. it was this witch hunt that some of the sixty eight students you know. went to violent means of protesting and i would say they were not stopped in time by us the others around you know there was even a certain sympathy for the devil there you know we all bore a certain responsibility. and this we should have escalated the
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violence before it got to that point that even an innocent girl that takes a gun and shoots and john let's see if you worked sixteen. trucks for this he has six points. your film return to montauk which has just come out in theaters what you're all my life is in the story the story of. first of all it's a very simple story writer or a filmmaker comes to new york from europe from berlin to present his last piece yes to do some interviews and as soon as he's in town he is reminded of
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another women whom he loved in this city years ago he goes to find her and together they spend the weekend out on long island to far and montage they may both have been the love of their lives it didn't work out then is there a chance to make it work out now so it's it's a meditation more than an action movie. we have to talk about the tin drum which is your most famous film it's based on the famous novel by going to across a young boy growing up in the nazi time who of protest refuses to grow and stays a young boy that film premiered as well in cannes where it won the palme d'or together with france for copy of office now can you tell me about that moment that moment when they announced your name. you know it in retrospect at the moment it's just pure joy but it was great like even like to be equal. with
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this big big hollywood machine and our drum was was really a small children's toy. so it it was wonderful it is like from now on you you were on the playground of the big boys. i mean the big question coming in that film went on to win the oscar the tin drum did hollywood come calling some and never reached me one i reached me i think i've been. sitting on the chair of. steven spielberg i think this dates from when he was shooting the movie on the bridge here he was at the time doing the twilight zones series and for me to do one part and foolish enough refused and only years later three four years
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later did i really that come to the united states but not to hollywood i came to new york to do with this of a salesman right which is one of my favorites your i mean it's a it's a it's such a powerhouse this play why am i trying to become one i don't want to be what am i doing in the you know i just think you know contemptuously thinking well of myself when all that i want to stop you know waiting for me the minute i say i know who i am now why can i say that when i don't feel like that's why i don't want to i am going to touch him and show you. to be in new york and to work with often miller and to work on a daily with dustin and john malcolm which was such a way to immerse in american culture. that i think that will stay with me forever i have to ask we mentioned return to montauk your film at the very
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beginning of that there's a scene where the writer says the two types of regret in life the regret for things that you've done and that you wish you hadn't done and the regret for things that you didn't do and ask you in your life your professional life what what films did you wish you hadn't done and what films have you not done that you wish you could well i have at least five pictures. as believe was used to say i am divorced from. the good thing is those are forgotten. banished into oblivion. film or no cage and i should have seized i think in retrospect. right after that. when i was in california i should have accept the challenge. spielberg offered to an episode of. twilight zone it would
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have trained me for the series there are so much involved now. thank you for joining us on kino and for more on focus and his films check out our website that's it for a special this week we're back next on until then i'll see at the movies. you . meet. for. your remarks highlights. was. just. i. never enough. i.
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highlights. people who live at the time of jesus. is in jerusalem. and be he's able to live in march here. and this isn't to say yes i'm from the past on to the future generation will be tough even he'll. archaeologists mathura. for sixty minutes. jim and with t.w. any time any place. video an event.
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