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tv   Doc Film - What Do You Mean Retarded  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2019 8:02am-8:16am CET

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since. i. entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the centers of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account that conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian. d.w. . i'm the spats here. that's what all people need to just learn to be normal around them. that's what this report is about. keys just should you leon draxler use bad janet.
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lots of us use words like retarded and bad as without thinking i don't know anyone with disabilities so i'm doing this report so i can change that. we're here on the side of my team so close today they're offering an open afternoon and there will be a disco later on. let's see how this goes because i will be. so welcome to my team's club. this is braman largest center for people with disabilities to use the politically correct term i have no idea how to behave around them i'm a bit nervous and then i'm ambushed. all right. i want to play a game or something what do you normally do. yeah sounds good. that's my ok we'll sit down together later than right i'm.
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going to write see you later. thomas makes me feel self-conscious it'll get even worse later at the disco but now it's time for oh no it's been ages you know how do you play again. seven seven cards here. this is yes this won't be the first time he explains the rules of a kid's game to me he's partly paralyzed so i can't always understand him. but he knows exactly what's going on. so my turn again from you know another four cards a little you put down two and i take eight thanks a lot has. to have if you have got a bad hand. will that play more often than your. little brother that it's not your turn. and i slow down slow down. when it is
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thomas' turn it's not so easy. you know that won't work we'll see it's green all the info go in the game of you know takes a lot longer with these guys than is usual but that's fine it teaches you to chill more on the. house of you have anything green. know that one won't work. and this is how the entire hour of oh no went. hasn't anything green. enough to know let's see some action good welcome to the gym two teams disabled people against non-disabled people and we're off. these guys are on fire the first goal is quick to come. woman's issue he should see scores.
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oh great job well done. but. it's not just not good to have you know i still pray job. use a great job. i noticed everyone's welcome to write yes everyone with or without disabilities it's time to go go yes i'm coming. back on how to be ok ok i'm holding things up have a good game. i'm so impressed by the team spirit in the mood here one of the players really stands out to me marco the goalkeeper. was a nice one goalie super he's absolutely focused always got his eye on the ball and he's fearless. good excellent goalie sweet marco is autistic which is probably why he's so concentrated either way he's unbeatable even after i switch
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teams after half time and shoot he simply can't be beat the game's over marco didn't let anything through because we were playing and that's a pain i saved lower right corner it was a tough shot. great game. but i. think. you could hardly tell who had a disability and who didn't in this match guys it's so awesome that they do this here it's definitely worth a visit if you find any kind of sports project or whatever near you it's loads of fun and it's great to meet all these people and as you can tell the competition is fierce. we're switching from a real world game to a computer game from bremen to cologne robin has muscular atrophy and is in a wheelchair i'm here with him and his assistant to find out what life's like for them but i got off to a less than elegant start. she wants to shoot you leon director you're such
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a span as dammit. damn it because i just realized what i had said. was that crap i'm sorry i said that without thinking as a retard. all those terms my remarks really but if i were to sit here and keep saying this is retarded and that's retarded and that's retarded you probably start thinking he retorted too. i was relieved that he was so laid back about it. when are stays robin against ya nick they get on great they seem like close buddies. yannick is robin's assistant he has six in total robin needs help with daily things like tidying up taking notes at university and going to the toilet yannick studies medicine this is the student job . after dinner the next assistant takes over for yanick the thirteen thousand euros a month it costs for robin to have round the clock assistance are covered by his
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health insurance that way robin can lead an independent life in his own apartment. robin studies economics and would like to be a tax advisor we're on our way to his university journey fraught with obstacles for someone in a wheelchair. ok ok so here's a good example for wheelchair accessibility plus one of colognes main stations i've been here a thousand times and it's never occurred to me to wonder how people cope if they can't take the stairs and it makes you realize that there's no this is great look. there's a ramp to help me get to the escalator. but i can't get up. at six. and this isn't the only main station that's of no use to rob and i had never noticed before. what is the business frustrating how does it feel they're all sure
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like i said earlier i try to stay positive so that you know what it is. i just have to get off a stop earlier or later that's a lot. it is what it is by now robin has memorized the subway map. back to brain and the mounties club after you know it's time for dinner the number of guests varies from week to week. after all this is a place for people to hang out not to be looked after most of them live in care homes or assisted living centers or with their parents coming here gets them out of the house and lets them meet new people. that yes we do that to them is a nice kissing and parties are all part of the fun. show tonight anyone can be a d.j. and everyone can get into it. some people hit the dance floor others pump their
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fists however their most comfortable. to be honest i'm pretty out of my depth so i hide behind the ball table but my buddy ends who help me play cards looks lonely but i don't go over what's stopping me. no idea i'm nervous and i don't feel like dancing with her either. i feel like such a jerk when someone else pulls the ends to the dance floor i realize i could have done that too. yes i would have liked it and it wouldn't have cost me anything me and my social awkwardness.
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everyone agrees the disco was the highlight of their week. that that tough. time playing the only one here who's totally uptight. so i try to take a break. but then thomas comes along and ambushes me all over again. with the do you want to dance. with the do you want to dance i am the biggest oh for god's green earth. ok time to dance. like this yeah great. i'm grateful to tomas for making me do this i wouldn't have taken the initiative
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i'm pretty sure i look stupid. but who cares no one here that's for sure. playing the party's over at nine there's a line of taxis waiting outside i'm left regretting what i didn't do i've learnt a lot from these people not just that it's not ok to say spads if i said it now it would just make me think of the end. it will go by yeah it was fun playing cards get home safe from her let. now i ask you did you teach a mile to play. you know i love working with yams he's so cool. this is bulent he's the only taxi driver against will go with when i watch them together i can see why. you're the best why me you're well not every
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taxi driver would do this with day but it's not too bad it's the least i can do it doesn't count it doesn't cost me anything there's nothing wrong with helping it's easy or. things could be so much easier. i'm left feeling that i'm the one with the problem. why do i care what i look like if i look stupid if i'm doing it wrong who else got the right idea so he gets the last word when even with someone normal he always thinking what they want from them i don't get that with us he smiles and holds out his hand i know that's all he wants you know he has no ulterior motives he's just smiling and holding out his hand that we need to chill out this is a place like this is great so so they're not just stuck in a care home they can go out and do something different was under the system of you know like go out and dance or something because with all that we can we go up towards their lives so thanks to god i wish you all the best also and i hope the
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show reaches a lot of people so that they can learn to just be normal around them and to not dismiss them and that's important as all of the guys are going to go. out to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized really early that it makes sense to explain different realities. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have twenty eight different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. things back off work at the w.


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