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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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take a tour of germany state by state on d w talk com. this is did it really was live from berlin the results of the presidential elections in the democratic republic of congo are end but the outcome is being called into question the opposition leader felix that she's a key is declared the winner but the woman catholic church which has a lot of sway in the country is disputing official results and the runner up says
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the results is tantamount to recruit is also coming up in southern germany and austria are experiencing the heaviest snowfall in two decades we report on the communities cut off in the worst hit areas plus this it was a robbery worthy of a hollywood heist movie themes in germany used basic tools to steal a giant gold coins from a museum in berlin today the suspects are appearing in court. thank you so much for your company everyone. well no one expected him to end and now there are protests in the democratic republic of congo after authorities declared opposition candidate felix it she's a kiddie the winner of the presidential election there well one report says two police officer. sirs and two civilians have died in the protests
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a catholic church meanwhile which wields a lot of influence in congo has questioned whether the declared winner really did win the church had forty thousand observers at the polls oust month and says its numbers do not tally with the result the clarity by the election commission. was supporters of felix just a k.t. euphoric as their man is declared the winner. was that the opposition leader wasn't expected to win the presidential vote in the democratic republic of congo but he had out his main rival putting the country on course for its first democratic transfer of power in almost sixty years since independence. i know many of you find it hard to accept but i see it with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of
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the republic. today we must no longer consider each other as adversaries but rather as partners in democratic change in our country was. some believe just a katie one by cutting a deal with president joseph kabila whose clung to power for and thirteen years although could be less preferred candidate only came in third the man expected to win martin for you lou is among many contesting the results. like. susan. the end of these results do not reflect the truth of the ballots so. this is obviously an acceptable electoral fraud of a nature that will prove the general chaos across the country. it will be up to the country's constitutional court to validate the vote for now just
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a k.t. supporters across the country are celebrating even as initial reports come in of violent protests in which more people may have died. well let's get some analysis of what is unfolding in the d.r. see right now stephanie walters is senior research fellow at the institute. security studies and she joins us from johannesburg in south africa very good day it's probably too early for a felix acadia to pop the champagne but the country's powerful catholic church is already contesting his win the runner up says he's going to challenge the outcome where does this leave the country. i think that there are many people in the d.r.v. who are relieved today that didn't push through his income his successor candidate and so there's a there's a big fight a relief that ramadan he said that he has not been declared the winner and it is a huge surprise that an opposition leader at changi security has in fact won so
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many people are quite happy today of course matter after you lose supporters that are not among them and we will need to see what kinds of protests they are willing to engage and as you mentioned of course the catholic church with the largest domestic observer contingent in this election has also said that the results released by the semi are not the results that they have so there is a period of contest station that will now happen now this was is supposed to be the first democratic transition of power in the d.r. c since its independence some sixty years ago how tense are things right now. i think things are not as tense as they could be i think as i said there are many people who are relieved that the out this is the outcome that this any has has in fact put forward i think that a lot of people may have their suspicions about whether or not the results of the real results but they are happy to see that someone who they never thought would be declared the winner has in fact in play the winner so i think it's split between
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those who say enough is enough we want to move on and those who say no we do not want our vote to be stolen from us so what happens next i mean will the results be appealed. well presumably the catholic church which again today made a statement but which did not actually say who it thinks the winner is or who it knows to be the winner they will now have to go to the constitutional court in the d.r. see likewise math now for you who chose to formally contest the results would have to follow the same procedure the constitutional court in in the d r c unfortunately is not an independent institutions very much for highest in favor of can be law so we wouldn't necessarily expect that court to rule in favor of either the catholic church or matter where you can it's quite a unique situation though there is stephanie because i have never heard of the roman catholic church being at polling stations counting votes. while leaving the catholic church was also an important observer in previous elections in the d.r.s.
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in two thousand and six and in two thousand and eleven it has historically played a very important neutral role in some of congress' most important political moments and so really for the congolese the catholic church has always been a forum where they have felt comfortable that this was a forum that was representing their views and that that was not going to be co-opted by the political elite stephanie walter senior research fellow at the institute for security studies from johannesburg south africa thank you. are this we have to speak now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the human rights group amnesty international has called for an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the n.g.o.'s turkey officemate the appeal on the one hundredth day since his death saudi agents allegedly killed the journalist inside the saudi consulate in istanbul his body has never been found. yemen's who three rebels have carried out
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a drone attack that killed several people in the south of the country to see and saudi reports say the assaults targeted a military base near an odd tensions in yemen have been rising again over how to implement a un brokered peace deal. australian foreign minister and payne it says there is no time frame for when australia will decide on an asylum request by a saudi woman who is in thailand after she fled her home country out of fear of her family might kill her on the un says she qualifies as a refugee. u.s. secretary of state mike on peo has delivered a resoundingly rebuke of the obama administration's mideast policies at a key speech in cairo on pompei our story in capitals in the region to brief allies after president donald trump announced he was pulling u.s.
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troops out of syria speaking at the american university in the egyptian capital pompei you accused predecessor of being naive and timid when confronted with the challenges posed by the arab spring uprisings that shook the middle east political or political order starting in two thousand and eleven while pumping said obama's policies have diminished america's role in the region and harmed its longtime allies. with people in the community to the right of all systems crumbled a new one struggled to emerge that's happened here too. and at this critical moment america your long time friend was absent too much. the u.s. secretary of state speaking in the egyptian air capital now heading to belgium where the trial of a french national accused. fatally shooting four people and
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a jewish museum in brussels back in two thousand and fourteen has opened amid high security while prosecutors say the assailant killed an israeli couple and two people working at the museum well it's the first trial in europe of a suspect alleged to have carried out an attack after returning from training with the so-called islamic state in syria and iraq the attack was also the first of a series of terrorist incidents in europe attributed to i.a.s. . across europe the heaviest snowfall in two decades is bringing daily life in alpine regions grinding to a halt at least sixteen people are reported to have died from weather related causes in the past week austria has been especially hard hit forecasters warn that there'll be more snow and in some places even avalanche warnings are at their highest level. it is a beautiful sight but the snow laden slopes also spell danger many mountainsides in
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austria so heavy with snow that the army is preparing to sort of avalanches with controlled explosions in the past twenty four hours at a snowed nonstop. most of the unforseen limit it makes sense to set off these explosions that's a common strategy to defuse the situation but the areas with the highest threat level there above two thousand two hundred meters you cannot set off explosions there because you can't get there and when a team comes in the valleys the battle against the snow continues hotel they're complaining about cancellations the austrian chamber of commerce is expecting business to drop by fifty percent in the affected areas. one hotel owner who was grateful just to be alive. he was finally airlifted from his mountain shadow on wednesday he had been snowed in since christmas day. on monday actually i thought if i was trapped the feeling was very depressing and it's
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exhausting to shovel snow all day lows in germany a state of emergency has been declared in parts of the very. need to ricky a student in the worst affected areas the snow on the roof sways up to four hundred kilos that snow must urgently bear on them from those roofs forms need to be frightened experts fear that up to me to a fresh snow will fall in austria before the weekend meaning the chaos in the northern alps is set to continue. all right on our reporter on yes if it is covering the story for us he is in the austrian village of say i mean just looking at the back drop us such an impressive amount of so what's the situation like where you are. that's right live it's extremely impressive this is one of the most affected regions in austria right now as you can see maybe you can see there's some piles of snow over here that go of almost of the first floor of the buildings
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this it looks like they've completely given up on the street it's impassable it's it's in this in a small town we just spoke to some people who have been clearing roofs over the past two weeks two hours a day nonstop they have been shoveling off snow the guy told us that actually on his own roof he had to it was a deeper snow he seen it was one point eight meters and as you heard earlier that can weigh a lot of four hundred kilos on some of these roofs so it has to be cleared out that's just one of the things that's hassle for people around here but this village right here is actually open if you just go up the street a little bit it's been closed off and the reason is not because of the roads necessarily they can still clear those it's from dangers of avalanches they believe this area is on the highest alert the fifth level they believe that an avalanche will go off any moment now we just heard explosions in the background i'm not sure but it could be them trying to release the avalanches which has been happening in
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the region all over here we've heard helicopters in the sky so if you can tell there are some places where daily life is trying to get on but other regions where people have had to be evacuated because it's a life and death situation already very very tough situation there well as you've been reporting avalanches are feared to be taking place in there of course a huge risk are there still tourists in the area and skiing in the areas above you or is it all a red zone now a no go zone basically. it's not all a no go zone but people are skiing at their own risk. people have to watch out that they don't lose money this is a is a good time of year for austria to take in a lot of tourist money because of the ski tourism but the reality is that the people up there there's three thousand people up there yesterday they are kind of stuck the road is only open a few hours a day we met people who couldn't get in they came all the way from holland and they
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couldn't get in the people up there don't know when they can get out so there are still skiers but of course ledges are still a risk very very dramatic situation in austria. as see for our reporter in alto say stay safe. all right back here now police in spain have arrested twenty eight professional tennis players following a match fixing investigation linked to an armenian criminal gang while the unnamed players are thought to be from the lower tiers of pro tennis but one of them so part in last year's u.s. open will footage from the use your poll police agency show the raids including searches of eleven houses in spain where one hundred sixty seven thousand years in cash was seized along with credit cards and a shotgun eighty three people in total are being held in custody at football's asian cup the second round of the group stage kicked off on thursday
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in jordan kristie were two nil victory against syria to increase their lead at the top of group b. and thailand came away with their first win of the tournament against had a the ties that sacked their coach after losing the opener and this time now that the matches only goal. all right now back to the board to see which show returns to action in just over a week and ahead of the a restart bar in munich are flying back to germany following their mid-season training camp in qatar with controversy injuries and a new signing the winter break has been eventful for the reigning league champs. by an munich's last training session in qatar is done and dusted when are you and robin is struggling for fitness for friday's been as they can return against hoffenheim but there was a glimmer of hope after a solid day of work. today it was good on. a good into the camp.
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the week didn't go as i hoped but today was good. bye and timing could cyrus been equally mixed many fans were happy to see them but back home of us were upset with the club spending the mid-season break in a country accused of human rights abuses. controversy that erupted when frank river re posting a video of him eating a three hundred euro gold coated stake in dubai ahead of his arrival in cata his expletive laced backlash against critics led to a big club fine he then ended up getting injured in a cuts out training match there was some good news for by and during the week with the announcement france will cut when the beijing will join in july. by and head back to munich with a lot of baggage now they have to focus on the big job at hand trying to over hold the russia dalton's lead at the top of the book as they go. now it was one of the
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most spectacular robberies in living memory back in the march twenty seventh in the middle of the night thieves in berlin somehow managed to steal a one hundred kilogram gold coins from one of the city's most prestigious museums well today four suspects are going on trial in connection with the thefts prosecutors say three of them broke into the museum through and up stairs window and used the latter and a wheelbarrow and a rope to extract the coin from its bullet proof glass case where the fourth suspect is a museum guard accused of helping them. meanwhile there's still no trace of the court which is worth nearly four million euros but there has been plenty of speculation as to where it may have ended up. it was one of the most spectacular heists ever seen in berlin the golden coing weighing one
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hundred kilos half a metre across and worth four million euros but what's happened to the piece called the big maple leaf we asked goldsmith marks corn what you could do with a huge gold coin but this is the first you have to cut it up to melt i would use a circular saw you'd also be left with a pile of gold dust which you somehow have to melt down very time consuming. melting the gold down mean it could then be cost into pause or brings but only by using specialised equipment. it's a short melting is an expensive process it can be done sure but a furnace that can reach the right temperature to melt gold is not like the oven in your kitchen. a temperature of eight or nine hundred degrees celsius would be needed and they leverage a fair like the heist itself the thieves walked across the train track running
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alongside the museum then used a lever to climb in through a window they smashed open the display case with an axe and threw the heavy coin on to nearby parkland police were quickly on the case three members of a well known criminal gang were arrested along with the museum supervisor traces of gold were found on their clothing and tools but there was no sign of the loot the big maple leaf. marks gone the goldsmith has got his own idea about what happened to it. here. i think it was melted down into small bottles and taken out of the country and. he would have been used in some other business probably illegal. so you can't sell gold without leaving a trail of evidence he needs to. just. the bird museum is still hoping the precious original will resurface one day but for the
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time being there's only this cardboard replica. that hope to expand a corporation's liability for its supply chain christophe tell us more that's right well a president that actually didn't come to pass a german court has rejected compensation claims aimed at retailer kick by survivors of a blaze at a textile factory in pakistan back in two thousand and twelve the court ruled that according to pakistani law the claim was no longer valid it was the main contractor at the karate factory survivors accused germany's biggest clothing discounter of being partially responsible for the fire two hundred fifty people lost their lives and many more were injured if the lawsuit had succeeded it could have set a precedent for claims against other german companies operating in low wage countries. a short while ago i spoke to miriam she's with the european center for constitutional and human rights and representative one of the
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plaintiffs i asked her what she made of the fact that the courts didn't even address the issue of liability the case has been now dismissed due to the statute of limitation which has been raised by keke although kick previously have been saying that they are also really interested in the merits of the case and clarifying the standards of liability the court did not decide on that at all so that means to the whole question of at to which extend do european based companies hold have responsibility of towards their suppliers is completely up in the air so the president that you were hoping for could not be said do you think this trial nevertheless had an impact on a different scale. yes so their merits have not been decided which still means that the whole industry needs to be on their toes because when ever there is a new dick factory disaster the next claim will be brought and we will again ask
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the courts to make a decision on liability questions also my case has been putting so much pressure on kate that they were willing to pay in total six million us dollars in an out of court negotiation. and i think at least for the german debate this case has also highlighted that we are desperately in need of better laws and that make us need to be thinking about supply chain liability of worlds and other fashion labels have put pressure on their suppliers to up their game when it comes to safety what do you make of the situation in the pakistani government sector today. well brands have put pressure on their suppliers but mainly in bangladesh and that is because supply the brands have been on the pressure themselves by civil society and media so that's why they have been putting into place of bangladesh accord and pakistan
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their pressure was much less and therefore not very much has really changed for workers in their everyday life in when it comes to fire safety. the european center for constitutional and human rights thank you for your thoughts thank you germany's influential industry association has called on the european union to adopt a tougher policy towards china and a paper presented on thursday the beady eyes stressed that germany and the west must do more if they don't want to lose their competitive edge on world markets the tougher tone can be seen as the latest sign that european policymakers and business leaders are becoming increasingly worried about china as a competitor and its state's driven economic model. chinese market has long been a gold mine for many german companies with high end car makers like audi and mercedes making an ever larger share of their profits here but the b.t.i. federation for german industry claims the chinese market is far from a level playing field the business lobby accuses beijing of using
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a combination of protectionism price dumping and state subsidies to bolster china's economy and cement the central government's control divide that the development of a free market isn't on beijing's agenda. the central government is trying to expand the communist party control of the economy and civil society. and that's become more apparent in the last three years. there is also growing concern that china shopping tour of buying controlling shares of german high tech companies like robotics manufacturing kuka could soon lead to a strategic disadvantage for europe in the report the b.t.r. is calling on berlin to take action to make the economies of germany and europe more resilient among the demands increased scrutiny of china's state support for firms that compete with european companies and more oversight of chinese acquisitions the d.d.i. also says western countries must do more to defend their lead in technology as. of course we need to do our own homework first and increase our own competitiveness by
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investing more in infrastructure and education including research by expand the research budget. but often. the b.t.i. also believes you members must close ranks to ensure china does not eventually gain a competitive edge in technology. let's take a look at the automotive sector folks ford will join forces as they develop new technologies the two companies are set to unveil details of a deeper alliance at the detroit motor show thanks to weak sources close to management say the carmakers are hoping to fend off rivals in electric and autonomous driving among them software companies like google another reason for working together the continuing trade frictions between the united states the european union and china going forward have said in the past that any alliance would not involve a merger. and a quick reminder of the top stories we're following for you at this hour opposition
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leader felix katie has been declared the surprise winner of last month's presidential election in the democratic republic of congo but the powerful catholic church is disputing the official results of protests after. and parts of southern germany and austria are experiencing their heaviest snow falls into decades at least sixteen people have been killed and several communities are completely cut off authorities warned that more snow is expected over the next day. you're watching news we have a fresh bulletin coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always check out our web site that's t w dot com from the in the entire team thanks for watching have a good day. well
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journalists discuss the topic of the week as the new year gets underway germany has become a long time and member of the united nations security council but it's the u.n. is divided underfunded in my opinion efficiency somewhat counting the energy find out shortly on two hundred. quadriga in sixty minutes on d w. how to. discover your concept discover it with obama house. school. budget after one hundred years has the ideals of the font house are more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago missionaries reshaped things to convolvulus people sign is
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