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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth on t w. this is. a political assassination in the polish city of. the city's long time being killed on stage at a charity fundraiser. sure was known and. popular leader of the country's opposition movement also coming out the clock is ticking
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the british prime minister launches a last ditch plea for parliament to back. to give the deal. before they vote tomorrow and a fresh wave of treacherous or winter weather hitting austria and tourism but local . news that skiers should not be daunted by the unusually heavy snow fall. off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with a political assassination in poland carried out in public in front of thousands of spectators the mayor of the city of danske was stabbed on stage at a fund raising event sunday night his name. a politician known across the country as a leading figure in the office. movement was taken to
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a hospital in critical condition he died earlier today from his injuries. poland is a country in shock. presidents of downs bring flowers and light candles to grief the city's mayor pavel a download bitch. despite hours of surgery and hundreds of polish blood donors coming to his aid in may or died from the stabbing rooms. many people in the city knew him personally. for me it's terrible leaders especially since we went to great school together just over there. i thought he would survive. because it'll be. just a month physically devastated and very sad because i saw the mayor very often. moments before the attack pavel adama vits was praising
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a fund raising effort for children in need. as the mayor looked out at thousands of people and men lunged at him with a knife. and the attacker then remained on stage shouting that he blamed the mayor's former party for wrongfully imprisoning him. then he was teko to the ground. with the twenty seven year old suspect is a convicted bank robber who had served more than five years in prison prosecutors are charging him with murder. civil movements have already called for marches against violence and hatred in several polish cities tonight but president under a duda and other political leaders decided not to organize a march to respect the wish of the adamah of its family. his idea but that it's only going to have citizens want to organize marches spontaneous marches police
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they can do it this is always an expression of solidarity but because of the family wants to maintain dignity what i want to the least politics in all of this we have decided that we will not organize any marches just so we just need to just post and post on the. news of r.d. . but with many residents asking how this could happen the murder of pavel adama vich is likely to inflame an already divided poland. disturbing story to talk about. polish good to have you on the show i thank you let's talk a little bit about possible i mean he. was politically significant beyond the borders of the dams because of the oh yes he was he was much more than just a mayor in. a dynasty it is a big it's one of the biggest cities in poland with big political significance but
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i would say popular dam of each pass turned into the face of this liberal poland that opposes the national conservative no one just has been ruling in poland for for the last three years. and he has ruled for more than twenty years he ruled the city with liberal views and justice party won that really march to take the city from the liberals we had last fall this local elections were conservatives were hoping to win but they didn't. which one and this victory in was really a big boost of confidence for polish liberal opposition and what do we know about the suspect and his motives well it's a twenty seven years old man with already big criminal record he has already been imprisoned he spent some years in prison for armed robbery secure up banks but
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you know it's. quite disturbing after stab mr them of each as we saw as we heard he stay on the stage he wanted to be seen he wanted to be heard and he claimed that this is his revenge for a wrong foolish imprisonment that he had before. he has her tease so he's now he's now in custody and will maybe fear something more about his motives. he had a personal axe to grind here maybe not a political one but as you were saying even the political scene in poland is very polarized right now so. how has the you know the death of the murder of a dam which has it been received. well all political parties have condemned what what happened and poland is really shocked there is quite young polish democracy
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hasn't seen things like that in the recent history so really the country is shocked everybody is asking to calm down to calm down not to make such. a political issue out of it but as you said the country is very much polarized so i guess this phase of coming down will not last more people quickly particularly in the media in poland had they been quick to assume that there was a political motive here in this stampede yes of course very much there is a very. big discussion going on on twitter some site opposing the government says this is the fault of the government of the government tunc the government's language into words the opposition about even the people supporting the opposition say ok let's calm down this is really not the best moment to say things like that.
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it was deja vu polish giving us the latest tonight on this stabbing death in dance which we appreciate it thank you you thank. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world at least four people have been killed and more than ninety others injured in a car bombing in afghanistan the blast struck near a compound helles in foreign workers in the capital kabul there's been no claim of responsibility but taliban militants have carried out similar attacks a canadian man has been sentenced to death on charges of drug smuggling in china robert schellenberg was initially given fifteen years imprisonment but a sudden retrial led to the new sentence canadian prime minister just called the sentence arbitrary and it comes amid high tensions over the arrest of a top and chinese executive last month in canada indonesian authorities say that they have found the cockpit voice recorder from that lion air jet that crashed into
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the java sea last october killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board the broken into the recorder may still be useful in shedding light on the cause of the crash of that boeing seven thirty seven three well the british prime minister has made a last ditch appeal to parliament to give her brags that deal a second look a vote will take place tomorrow to see evening on just how the u.k. will leave the european union all the occasions are that the deal that may negotiated with the e.u. will be rejected by lawmakers the w. asked london residents how they're feeling about bragg's at just twenty four hours before the decisive vote. yeah we prime minister theresa may made a valiant attempt to rescue her breaks a deal from almost certain defeat in the house of commons from the european union on the north she warned that failure to approve the deal and risk a no deal breaks it could lead to britain breaking apart u.k.'s withdrawal. mr
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speaker mr speaker with just seventy four days until the twenty ninth of march the consequences of sochi against this deal tomorrow i'll be coming as a clear out with no deal we would have no implementation period no security partnership no guarantees for u.k. citizens overseas and no certainty that this isn't workers like those i met in stoke this morning we would see changes to everyday life in northern ireland that would put the future of our union a triss. opposition leader jeremy corben made clear that labor's position was unchanged he decries made his deal is bad for the country and called for this defeat but he pulled a meaningful vote this is breaking. the government is in disarray right it's clear if the prime minister's deal is rejected tomorrow it's time for a general election it's time for a new government. in the brixton neighborhood of
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south london most of the people who spoke to d.w. seemed fed up with the debate. reason may's breaks a deal should the parliament support or fish. all the things she said are good for this country but we do it is bleeding ourselves. it is struggling and everything she comes out with are happening that we don't live in and rooted in lincoln should say it's completely different and a really cute you know it to this area a lot of different feelings yeah it's a bedrock of britain's better off leaving we think so in our area and why what are your reasons for. my drive an outsider. and i don't think i should leave the it's going to make things very difficult for a lot of people we have because i voted for break sick to come out so i did but no i don't want them to come all it's
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a looming uncertainty is how many other british voters have changed their mind since the break said referendum if may's deal loses on tuesday the country may get a chance to answer that question. well a fresh wave of winter weather is hitting central europe hard in the heavy snow is having a disastrous effect on austria's tourism many skiers are staying away due to the threat of avalanches but hotel owners have told the w. news that those who are adventurous enough to try the snow well they have been disappoint the last ten kilometers to over time and ski resorts are the most dangerous this morning like many mornings this past week the route is closed the danger of falling trees and avalanches is too high authorities have managed to open the gate for a few hours on most days but those hoping to get up the mountain must wait here and hope for the best. it's i knew that the road was blocked but we thought we'd come
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and try our luck anyway. and his father came prepared to wait. for those who work at the ski resort however the situation is frustrating and we've been stuck up here down here and undertow and the guys working at the restaurant at the moment they're stuck up in overtime because they are not can't get up and can't get down so for some people it's been a mess a lot of people sleeping in their cars and stuff like that. at eleven am the news travels from up the mountain that the road will remain closed today. now i sure and his father have to find a hotel here in newtown. after two weeks of relentless know the austrian tourism industry has taken a hit several large ski areas are temporarily inaccessible stranding thousands of skiers and nationwide short term hotel bookings are down fifty percent yet here and on to town the local hotel owners tell me the media is partially to blame for
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keeping the tourists away they say their guests came for austria's famous snow and despite a few frustrations have not been disappointed. this group of friends has decided to take a room at the little half hotel and wait it out if it was that your hotel bar will help us deal with our disappointment but we'll have a good time there it's a museum. they hope tomorrow morning they'll know if there's a ski trip can finally begin. our list are you to senegal now an annual contest of speed and muscle power every year fishermen from the northern city of san louis flooded out in a traditional rowing regarded three teams pulled the oars cheered on by an exuberant crowd as you see right there suddenly the leading boat over turn but there you go no one is surprised it's all part of the game decision and all this done to show that they have no fear of. the see.
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or maybe they just want to get on television you know sorry here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you tonight the mayor of the polish city of good downscale has died after being stabbed at a fund raising event on sunday night kabul i don't know if it was also a leading figure in the country's opposition movement. you're watching news weibo from berlin more news coming up at the top of the hour have to see you then. kill that device. and in the end it's a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with clients. what's your.


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