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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 16, 2019 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin british prime minister theresa may faces a no confidence vote after parliament throws out her brags a deal. eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and fifty two. thirds of the lawmakers voted against the divorce deal from the european union money and her government now survivor we're live in london brussels also coming up there's no end to the explosions and gunfire at the hotel
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complex in the kenyan capital nairobi that's under siege from some of those insurgents at least fifteen people have died so far we'll have the latest on the ball and the situation. and present that call goes on a friend to are asking the french people to tell him their grievances but will it be enough to some just find these yellow vests. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us british prime minister theresa may and her government face a no confidence vote later today after lawmakers threw out her breaks that deal it was the biggest and most humiliating defeat in modern british history if may's government loses the confidence vote it could trigger a general election and fresh chaos for the acrimonious break that process the ice to. right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two.
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it's the biggest defeat for a government in the house of commons and over a century. more than two thirds of lawmakers said no to teresa mayes divorce agreement with the e.u. it is clear that the house does not support this deal but tonight spare us tells us nothing about what it does support nothing about how. the nothing about how or even if it intends to honor the decision the british people took in a referendum parliament decided to hold its target people may hopes to return to parliament with a new bracks a plan by next week across the channel there was a lot among equal leaders at the prospect of a no deal bracks that commission president john called again urged the u.k. to clarify its intentions noting that time is almost up a sentiment echoed by dutch prime minister mark oaten who tweeted that the e.u.
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was preparing for all scenarios and that the next step was up to the u.k. . french president emmanuel mccall had words of caution for those calling for a no deal for exit evolve and if the british push for a no deal scenario it will scare everyone and the british have the most to lose in that situation i mean. after the vote there were happy faces to be seen outside the houses of parliament. hundreds of pro demonstrators had gathered there to watch the vote. for them the deal's defeat brought hope that breaks it could still be avoided . but one thing that can't be avoided is a vote of no confidence slated for today opposition leaders hope that fresh elections will end the brics at gridlock i therefore missed to speak out inform you i have now tabled a bunch of no confidence in this. so this house can give its verdict on the
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share incompetence of discomfort. that notion of no confidence in the government but with no clear path forward observers fear the u.k. is one critical step closer to a disorderly divorce from the e.u. . let's bring in our correspondents who are following the story for us this morning teri schultz joins us from brussels and bigot is standing by in london we'll start with you bigots of the british parliament has rejected teresa mayes breaks a plan as we just solve a huge margin can you explain to us why. well not just rejected i mean the papers this morning talking about bricks stink and they have really slaughtered to reason may and what is essentially have compromised and that shows really the division in the u.k. we had those column and harry and for whom this reason may has hammered out with you is much worse than the deal that the u.k.
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at the moment has including for example the british rebate so they think why should we go beyond what we already have and they are essentially a lot of them really do want to stay within the european union and there are others and they're mostly insights reserve mates own conservative party on the right of our party who think that this deal ties the u.k. too much too closely to the european union and for also an indefinite time because of the so-called back start stop which clarifies the situation of northern ireland after after the withdrawal period of two years so they think the u.k. should cut loose completely and cut loose immediately and something even they shouldn't that the u.k. shouldn't pay any money to the european union without having a free trade they think it's basically to favor to the e.u. and the other still wanted for the sake of the u.k.
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so the break that vote in parliament reflects a deep level and so about leaving the european union what does it tell us about confidence and teresa mayes government she's going to face a no confidence vote later today. she is indeed going to face that fate it is expected that she will at this point in time at least that she will win it which is fairly ironic because it's such a flagship government policy but. the northern ireland policy will propping up the government have an ounce of they're going to work with her as well as days on the right of the so called european research group who have voted against. it in parliament last night so for the moment they are supporting her but she obviously needs to present a new steps have next step and then the question is what happens then and she of course first of what has to survive this vote it's not
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a foregone conclusion of course anything can change you had any moment in british politics yes what happens next that's a big question also in brussels where our correspondent terry scholz is standing by terry u.k. wants to leave the e.u. but its legislature has rejected the negotiated terms of departure where does this leave brussels. the european union has come out last night as you saw there with commission president you are saying he regrets the outcome of this vote but there has been no signal whatsoever from brussels that the deal truly is for renegotiation as some of those in parliament may wish to resume a has come back to brussels numerous times on this deal reached in november asking for further reassurances asking for clarification on the terms especially regarding the irish backstop but brussels has held firm and saying look this is your deal this is the best possible deal and that's something that president younger again repeated last night this is your deal take it or leave it and there's not much time
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left so the e.u. is feels very much justified in saying again that the ball remains in the u.k. courts and as big explained nobody really knows what's going to happen next the e.u. has so far refused to renegotiate the deal as you point out but it wants to avoid a no deal scenarios so could there still be some wiggle room for brussels after all . you're absolutely right disorderly withdrawal may hurt the the u.k. more than it hurts the e.u. but there's no question that both sides would suffer considerably both financially just equally it's simply just a nightmare for both sides so yeah that's the priority to avoid that with no deal but you know the european union has said that it could give britain more time if march twenty ninth simply is not possible and then president council president donald to ask who has at times been very emotional about the u.k.
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decision to leave came out last night with a tweet saying look if this deal is impossible and nobody wants a no deal who's going to have the courage to say what the only positive outcome is and that's being interpreted as yet another to. plead to have have not not no deal but have no brakes so that would be the wiggle room that many in the european union would look for now. thank you so much for teri schultz in brussels our london correspondent bigot must thank you both. well for so some perspective on just what happened there in britain and what it means for british citizens living abroad i'm joined by jane golding she's the chair of british in europe that's the biggest coalition group of british citizens living and working in the e.u. good morning good morning jane the british parliament has rejected the brakes deal does that increase the chances that britain will end up staying in the e.u.
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after all. it possibly could do but it may not because of the moment the way everything is sets up. what automatically would leave on the twenty ninth's of much at the legislation is set up for that of course this huge fight against the deal and the vacuum that that leaves open could mean the of the solutions have to be found yes two hundred thirty the margin against it was two hundred thirty others really significant that you represent the interests of british citizens living here in the european union what are the main concerns of the those people like yourself no well the main concern for all of us is uncertainty we've been living for over two hundred two years now in limbo there are less than seventy days left until march until the date that we're that the u.k. is supposed to leave the e.u. and a deal was made on citizens' rights last year and what we've said from the beginning
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with the largest group of eight you said since in the u.k. with whom we work very closely is that people needed to be taken out of the equation out of the negotiations and what we want to see now is that trees a may comes out commits to ring fencing that agreement that was reached already on citizens' rights and gives the certainty both to the use of since in the u.k. and u.k. citizens here in the twenty seven there is still a lot of uncertainty at this point of course surrounding bragg's it and what it means. as for u.k. citizens living abroad they've been polling to break that cycle from the beginning of course i want to ask you to look into your crystal ball this point and i want to ask you what do you see happening on march twenty ninth coming up as you say just a little over seventy days that's the day that the britain supposedly the e.u. what use think will happen well i think that the vote yesterday actually made the
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possibility of an extension all the more possible far more possible than that was it's already being talked about in the media i was giving expert evidence in the bone to stop before the e.u. committee on monday along with other expert witnesses and it was one of the questions that was being discussed in that context and i frankly don't see how the legislation can be put in place for the u.k. to leave by the twenty ninth of march at this point time is just running out and you say you are speaking to members of the bundestag and briefing them on on what's going on what are their concerns well i'm in office late they want to know what's going on in the u.k. and what exactly the u.k. wants i mean i think that's what everybody wants to know. exactly what is it that does not seem to be any there doesn't seem to be any consensus among politicians on exactly what the u.k. once at this point and that was clear last night off is lying because both the two
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sides of the debate were voting against the deal for very different reasons very conflicted indeed the saga continues jane thank you very much for talking with us this morning is jane golding chair of the british in europe thank you. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today australian officials have arrested two airline employees for allegedly smuggling high grade heroin into the country cabin crew from the lindo air are accused of belonging to a drug trafficking ring that operated from malaysia to australia police say the syndicate had been active for five years and several hundred honduran migrants bound for the u.s. have crossed into guatemala immigration authorities say people who lack the proper documents will be turned back caravans heading towards the united states have inflamed the debate over u.s. immigration policy with president trump insisting on building a wall on the us mexico border. in
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kenya there are still explosions and gunfire at the hotel complex under siege from insurgents in the capital nairobi even though the government claim to have secured the site at least fifteen people have died but scores of survivors have been freed the somali islamist group al shabaab says its fighters carried out the attack. on the outskirts relieved and finally free after ira's trapped inside hidden in toilet stalls and under de asks these survivors recount the territory of the witnessed was the boards and then. spread over i don't. know from the top i think they went to the top and then. it's being. the exit to each hoping to tick that's to have enjoyed some are coming from because he says these games and you have i don't know how that happened. i was attending
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a presentation and it's going to shut the whole thing. and i think that i don't have. to have a case. i think that some of the. c.c.t.v. shows. gunmen entering the hotel complex before the attack ira's later somali based terrorist group claimed responsibility but i don't know if. it's the same group that's been behind a series of deadly attacks in kenya over the past the past eight years. our correspondent joins us now from nairobi so what's happening there now is the siege over. as far as i'm sure it's not just that we hear that there's still reports of explosions and gunfire or shots in the building government has said that
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most people trapped inside. now and. most people i said to have been rescued overnight. but. so i'm going in which is. a sword he's one point claims the area was saved but they have it under control yet again as you mentioned there are reports of detonations and gunfire how do you explain that discrepancy. well they do say that they have it under control into that gets your most of the building and that is that the fighting gunmen on the top floor but they have the public and away from this area the area still evacuated the student comes around the area were packed with it last night as well . so it's still an ongoing situation and people are still being taken to hospital shocking for the time and injured. and we were at the hospitals last night and
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a few people have already been released who have minor injuries. so the siege is contained but not over apparently now the somali al-shabaab group has attacked a number of targets in kenya over the last couple of years they claim responsibility here how is the government coping with the threat. well. the governments have. been two thousand and nine and you have been active in the mob even from idea of the military have been there and some of that back but there have been major attack that happened for example when it hit the. activity. and so it's been an ongoing in an ongoing. project and you have been having to deal with. they are. they are saying that they have that they are doing something but it is something that the country still going with specially being
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a neighbor to somalia where else about the base so let's thank you very much for bringing us up to date there. talking to us from nairobi. in france president manuel mccollum has begun a grand tour of the nation to listen to people's grievances in his response to the yellow vest protest movement that has shaken france for the last two months of calling his denounce what he calls their violence and demagoguery but he also said france must build the ways and means to find solutions for the country. book full of citizens complaints the prelude to the manger debate president. hopes to appease the yellow vests with launch the national dialogue in normandy a debate in which he says no issue is banned. tell me what is in your heart and on your mind what are your suggestions for our country. will be part of
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the six hundred mayors have been invited over the next three months they will meet the debate with local people and listen to their criticisms and suggestions. and the yellow vests reaction rejection when they buy you do we are not at all satisfied with the little he has to offer he should step down. but he didn't he said he has enraged the french people and that is only a stranger at. the debate to turn the rage into solutions but the yellow vests were not allowed to join the opening of vent. tennis at the australian open fifth seed kevin anderson has gone out in the second round it's the biggest upset of the tournament so far anderson was beaten by francis the american took advantage of his opponent's arm injury to recover from a sit down and win in four sets there were no such problems for six time champion
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roger federer though he beat briton dan evans in straight sets sloane stephens also cruise through to round three the twenty seventeen u.s. open champion beat. her former doubles partner in straight sets. at the poles asian cup defending champions astray or through to the second round after a thrilling last minute victory over syria the match was tied until the ninety third minute when the socceroos midfielder tom rajat struck to make it three two the result means australia qualify in second place behind group b. winners jordan syria and team palestine where both knocked out. the sport of lacrosse is growing in popularity across the globe and it africa the nation of uganda is leading the pack east african country has taken part in the last two editions of the world championship making them the only site ever to
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represent the continent and they're hoping to grow the sport even more. and we is hoping to inspire the youngsters in his hometown to play lacrosse. he's both a player and coach in the ugandan national team. softer playing off. i came back to a community that raised. so what i did in top what i didn't get. it's what i wanted to give back to the community. cross was only introduced to uganda in twenty twelve and is leading the sports growth on the continent. but its future in africa depends on investment with two associations formed to help support the country's community of players and fads. and they close and i like to play loki in
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a fish i want to meet i want to show you if i do that chris and they become one of the basically as i want to be paid. this school fees uganda has big dreams of sending their team to the olympics and time is on their side with the sport possibly returning to the summer games in twenty twenty eight. now the u.s. where a rare ice formation is capturing attention in the state of maine a spinning disk was formed in the. press for some scot river where the circular current creates a whirlpool in fact at more than ninety meters wide it's the largest locals have ever seen and the icy turntable appears to be growing in size social media users have likened it to the moon and an alien spacecraft.
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using. markets and businesses in the u.s. in the u.k. rather and continental europe are adjusting to the brics a. lot about that heads spinning everywhere a british private is that there is a maze crushing defeat is having only a moderate effect on the markets shares across asia a mixed with many investors simply holding out for what happens next the pound initially fell to a two year low but has since bounced back the us that the rejection of may's deal makes two diametrically opposed outcomes more likely either one heartbreak or another referendum investors now wait to see whether a may well survive parliament's no confidence vote. today. to mexico where president manuel lopez obrador has made a renewed pledge to replenish gas supplies after a crackdown on fuel theft left the country grappling with shortages. come after
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authorities closed pipelines that have been illegally tapped for years with the cooperation of senior figures at state oil giant pemex. trucks carrying gas traveling under police escort in the dead of nice this is the mexican government's response to years of rampant fuel plant the decision to close pipelines topped by criminals has led to over a week of shortages and lines of up to two kilometers that some gas stations. many motorists support the crackdown the lack of coordination has sparked a fire. at a forum i'd like to see the president having to waste his time queuing up for an hour when there are productive people trying to get to work. i come from the state of mexico we're talking about sixteen kilometers every day that's a thirty two kilometer running trip per day i have to fill up the tank all the time . but it's not just commuters who are feeling the heat at this market
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in mexico city then daresay the fuel chaos is keeping customers away. because there was which so when i got to go many people have gone to buy gas they're waiting in line and that's why they aren't coming here anymore our impression is that we've lost a lot of customers. mexican president might you a lopez open a door has appealed for patience and says the crackdown is paying off such as too much suggest that some sixty five thousand barrels of oil have been stolen every day allegedly with the cooperation of high ranking executives at stakes oil giant panamax three officials have so far been arrested. the ongoing trade spat between the u.s. and china is affecting chinese companies plans to expand in the u.s. chinese comic a j c motors says detroit motor show twenty five percent tariff on foreign made vehicles makes its cars less competitive on the u.s.
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market so it is delaying plans for its launch of the u.s. trying as direct investment in the u.s. a fallen by ninety percent compared to twenty sixteen levels. it was a big day in detroit for chinese comic or g.a.c. mortar. this is the end failing of its first vehicle ever designed in the u.s. a family car that sits seven people but despite the glitzy display g.a.c. scaling back its plans for the u.s. market. to me it was our plan was to launch our products into the american market by the end of twenty nineteen however due to the recent debate. glints in china us relationships and due to our different views and discussions within the g.a.c. group we have postponed our plan. is that you digital. the twenty five percent tariff the trump administration slapped on foreign made vehicles would
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make g.a.c. cars too expensive on the us market but the car maker still has plans to move into the american market anyway it is open three research and development centers in silicon valley will santa list and detroit and is registering a north american sales company so american drivers might be seeing one of these on the rolled in the near future. that's all your business a quick reminder of the top story today british prime minister tourism may end her government face a vote of no confidence today after lawmakers threw out her brakes at plans to defeat france the u.k. one step closer to a disorderly divorce from the european new. that's it you're up to date you're watching d.w. new sas twenty is coming up the top off the alte very much watching. one
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of the world sponsors to sinkings italy's to contact him to museums capital spot as much as twenty five centimeters believe shia mainly change any ground. and on top of that climate change is causing increased flooding so i want to mention see his name make a city taking to avoid winding up on towards our. global three thousand next.
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astonished preview of the new face of open bank g t x experimental concept. and posing the trophy challenge. to slim space that used in germany new family and sumi yet some of the sights seven feet. driving sixty minutes to dublin. county to. discover a good concept discovered with the broncos. a school. legend off to one hundred lives the ideals of the bomb house are more relevant today than they were a hundred years ago visionary shaped things to come the bombs people used to design
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as a way of shaping society. with ideas that are. now as world this week on d w. welcome sic labels three thousand this week we're off to jakarta could the indonesian capital soon be under. strengths in the ring.


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