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but everyone has the right. to everyone has the right to say. this is g w news live from her lead british prime minister to recent days facing a no confidence vote after parliament throws out her brags that deal oh yes to the right two hundred two. windows to the left four hundred and thirty to. two thirds of the lawmakers voted against the divorce shield from the european
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union will may end her government now survives we have the very latest from london and stross for. an germany's chancellor angela merkel seems to offer to resign may some grilling rove we still have time to negotiate she says. also coming up with. the siege of a hotel complex in the kenyan capital nairobi is over a president kenyatta says that fourteen people have been killed more than seven hundred were rescued on harm to the latest from nairobi straight ahead. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us british prime minister to resign may and her government faces a no confidence vote later today after lawmakers threw out her brags that deal it
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was the biggest and the most humiliating defeat in modern british history if may's government loses the confidence vote it could trigger a general election and fresh chaos for the acrimonious brights at process but in london groups of remain backers are viewing the mayhem with some promise. for remains supporters gathered outside the british parliament to reason mees humiliation was a sign of hope defeat for the prime minister's bragg's deal could open the door to a so-called people's bought a second referendum on e.u. membership the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two of the. government will despite her resigning defeat to resign may says she is determined to deliver brags it to the british people but even some within her own party believe a second referendum is no the only option parliamentarians do have some g t's and
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one of them is to prevent people from committing national suicide and no deal breaks it all star panel. the issues that have first made faces a no confidence vote in her government the rebels within her party have signalled that they will back her position is secure unless the very person. goes through which seems very unlikely she emphasized that she'd come in to deliver braces and. such faith is in short supply in today's british newspapers and the labor made of london a city that voted overwhelmingly against briggs it also added his weight to calls for a fresh referendum. surely the best option is to give the british public i say for the first time or they accept the promises deal with the option of remaining in the there's no need for this panic but for some panic is clearly beginning to set in business is booming at this english storage firm with companies stockpiling goods and fear of a new deal inspired catastrophe in just over two months time and let's bring in our
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correspondent mass who is standing by for us in london as we've seen there get a devastating defeat yesterday from a plan now a vote of no confidence in her government later today will she survive and what does all of this mean for brags that. another day of really high drama here in u.k. hours long of debate here in the house of parliament that m.p.'s are facing then followed by the actual vote of no confidence against reason may at the moment it does look as though she might survive it because she does have the backing of the d u p the northern ireland party that's effectively propping up her government also of those people who are fighting for bricks and who voted against her when there was a vote on the withdrawal do but they say they're backing her crucially she will if she does reach some conclusion she will have to reach out to other parliamentarians
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not have to spoken to john mcdonnell who's one of corbin's closest allies the shadow chancellor of the label opposition and he said that's the reason why hasn't reach out to him so that's a failure on hard parts what he said also he thinks that there might be a compromise in sight for labor's vision of break said which is that the u.k. will stay in the customs union so he sees that it could all go towards labor's way so that would be a compromise after all but we don't know whether this is will be reached and you are right and that there is no deal is the default scenario and that will happen at the end of march if there is no extension of article fifty or if there is a compromise and to reason may get so we'll after all all of this uncertainty and just to remind everyone brags it approaching in march the clock is ticking there get mass with the latest from london thank you. and on the other side of the channel reactions to last night's vote have been coming in from the e.u.
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leaders german chancellor angela merkel gave a statement on last night's vote a short while ago here's what she had to say. i deeply regret the fact that the house of commons has rejected the agreement on pritchett's departure from the e.u. . we believe it is now up to the british side to say what happens next as the prime minister has announced he will. repeat the damage which will inevitably follow from bracketed as small as possible. that is why we will continue to seek an orderly solution by to. still have time to negotiate but we will wait to see what the prime minister proposes. let's get more now we are joined by max hope man who is standing by for us max
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chancellor angela merkel there with an interesting choice of words there is still time to negotiate she says were you surprised to hear that. if it really meant to her opening up the withdrawal agreement and renegotiating that that would be used to me yes but if you followed for a while as we have in brussels then it doesn't come as a huge surprise she's very pragmatic and we do know that yes she has said that you council's there is time until the twenty ninth of march there is time to change things until the twenty ninth of march because that's the deadline this came as a as a surprise often to other leaders but since she so pragmatic what she's doing now is a typical makeover she's keeping all her options open and now i'm speculating if the british come up with something that the house of commons actually will carry with a majority and it's not too far away from what the e.u.
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leaders had in mind beforehand and also michael had in mind beforehand i think she she would be open to do anything required to prevent a hard drugs it's over exit without a deal let's talk about the general mood because we know that european lawmakers debated the road ahead for brands and where you are in strasbourg what was the tenor of their. well just i think one sentence really sums it up by month would be able who's the leader of the biggest faction here of the conservative european peoples party in this speech today at the debate he said please please please brits let us finally know what you actually want and that was the tenor repeated by many parliamentarians they all feel that the ball is in the in the court of the british now and they have to come up with a plan how to proceed how to get good forward and how to avoid the hard drugs that at the end of march so for now everybody here on standby to wait and see what
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happens in london and that's all fine and strasburg thank you max. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world several hundred honduran migrants bound for the u.s. have crossed into guatemala immigration authorities say that people who lack the proper documents will be turned back caravans heading toward the united states has inflamed the debate over u.s. immigration policy with president trump insisting on building a wall on the us mexico border. brazil's new far right president to adipose an audio has signed a decree to make it easier for many people to own firearms and keep them at home civilians over the age of twenty five with no criminal record and no longer need to justify their interest in purchasing a gun and auto has promised to crack down on crime in the country. france president emanuel mcconnell has become on a grand tour of the nation in response to the yellow vest protest movement on tuesday he listened to the grievances of some six hundred mayors from the normandie
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region the protesters are opposed to microns policies which they say favoring the. rescuers in spain are working to free a toddler who's believed to be trapped in a well a tunnel is now being dug in an attempt to reach the two year old boy who went missing in mali on sunday the bore hole is around one hundred meters and is too narrow for adults to enter. the siege of a hotel complex in the kenyan capital nairobi has ended after about twenty hours in a television address president who can said that the attackers had all been killed and that while fourteen innocent people have lost their lives more than seven hundred have been rescued on harm. thank you it's. all relieved and finally free after hours of hiding in toilet stalls and under desks and you. know. we just close the doors and then also with us be
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spread all over i don't. know from the top i think they went to the top. it's being. just one if it's the ground floor i saw a woman get short and then that's when i took. the stand back to the hospital and then someone actually looked me outside closer not philadelphia. and then we went to the washroom suite one like. seven people in the same washroom and from outside the hotel a friend tried to give reassurances by cell phone. and he had to keep taking this week to help is on the we. staff. c.c.t.v. showed the gunmen entering the hotel complex before the attack within hours somali based terrorist group al-shabaab had claimed responsibility. the morning after the
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attack kenya's president gave a defiant televised address confirming the siege was over and that all islamists involved had been eliminated we have dealt with the threat decisively and shown our enemies and the world that we as a country are ready to deal with any threat. to our nation. but many kenyans remain skeptical of the government's ability to protect them we have. no security. because. how did these people get into our country and we have all our security all of. this latest deadly assault in nairobi shows the al qaeda linked group remains a force for the kenyan government to reckon with. terrifying scenes there and the somali islamist. has attacked
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a number of targets in kenya over the last few years we asked sell an echo in nairobi what is known about the group in kenya. well as the moment kenyan government has called it a terrorist attack and also by the terrorist organization which to base in somalia but was also have pockets here in kenya to name the attack yesterday already the evening and day. and from i mean from what we know it was a very complex attack it was there were two explosions one outside a bank one inside hotel one inside a restaurant and then the gunmen and. so it was definitely something more complex than just a few people shooting one of the security forces have been. have just what we've just heard about this witness and it's just an hour ago lets on. in tennis and at the australian open fifth seed kevin anderson has gone out in the second round it is the biggest upset of the tournament so far anderson was beaten by twenty year
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old frances to awful the american recovered from a set down to win defending women's champion caroline wozniacki hadn't is here time she needed just over an hour to see off sweden's johana larsson and germany's angele kara the number two seed in melbourne advanced with a two set win over. maya of brazil. well now to the u.s. where a rare ice formation is capturing attention in the state of maine a spinning disk was formed in the from scott river where the circular currents create a whirlpool effect more than ninety meter wide it's the largest locals have ever seen there and the icy turntable appears to be growing in style size even still social media users have likened it to the moon and an alien spacecraft. you're watching news still to come on the program germany's birkenstock sandals are
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a success story in most parts of the world these days but for the ambitious entrepreneur who brought them to turkey timing couldn't have been the worst. cartel for his we'll tell you why in just a few minutes time he has all that and more i'm sorry kelly in berlin in the meantime thank you so much for joining us here on the top you have to see against. africa. how do you want to. discover your concept discover it with the broncos.
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oh my job off to one hundred years the ideals of the boss oh more relevant today than they were good.


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