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tv   Kick off - Mission Impossible - Bundesliga Dreams  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2019 3:30am-4:01am CET

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plenty to talk about here. the money is legal every weekend here. sometimes books are more exciting than relax. raring to. go. what if there is no escape. list. during most treats. the food.
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the millions around the world is becoming part of the bundesliga is a dream and for some a reality. from a rising talent to removing barriers to enable the disabled almost feeling the atmosphere the passion it sends shivers down your spine it's great fun. finding inspiration says it's really just doing a few basic causing moves with the thing dreams that span the globe. for you this journey is a dream come true for me it's the absolute flying out of the year for an eleven year old and sometimes a fairy tale the sidelines of it's a fantasy stuff in the park something you'd see in a film. for human stories all missions made possible in the bundesliga now on kick off.
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it's a journey that began at a highway rest area. those of moments you may have a forget breedlove bucket was on the team bus on the way to a reserve game. was dropped off here and the sporting director came and took me to the team hotel and if it can see me take a. call from the head coach at very short notice reader we need you then it was sit back and wait. i was totally relaxed i got a cup of tea known. just thought a bit about the game should not get that. it was left to wait by the highway for a lift back to his own does league debut.
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some guy on the road in full noise kit and a few people were certainly wondering what i was doing there. the system up to his first call up was for a vital match with his team battling relegation time. this is oftentimes training ground today with some special guests spectators. it's really exciting just to watch the pros at work close and personal on the three you can see the routines not so different from ours obviously it's all done at a higher tempo but there are definite similarities with the movement and practice drills for us it's fun to watch and quite emotional boy this sportsman who have lost parts of a limb amputee football allows them to keep playing the sport they love national team skipper christiane hines is particularly interested in kevin. in twenty seventeen the young defender currently loaned out to hanover suffered
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a broken neck that almost ended his own career with. them these are i had a splint here that was always pressing against my neck. so when you're up right there's this. constant pressure on your bones it wasn't so bad lying down but just being on my feet was extremely uncomfortable. kevin at hoffenheim it feel stuck care and by all set for a football game with a difference. for never have i promise just to keep a good left foot. my mom's also spoke respect for fellow footballers who have their own nods to be here. ok so it was a question an amateur match. for us i brought my shin and. the keeper was a bit over motivated in the challenge and broke my shin bone with his knee it's an ugly looking injury normally not that dramatic. but clinical misjudgment lead to
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drastic measures being required. in the end all they could do was amputate. it's crazy. reminds me of the time i was found in a game in berlin a few years on the sort of could easily offended very badly. was lucky that i know him less so. this was. sean that's really quite a story. and it's something that could happen to any of us. a sobering experience for the pros now trying to get a bit of practice playing football with crutches is extremely demanding. but it's. tried to do it on one leg but obviously the other ones there that man's. going to use my left leg. you don't have that option unfortunately. so far every
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respect for what you just spoke to for. weeks facing a new kind of challenge and disabled football is enjoying a kick about with becky rose. the image as a whole new your whole upbeat approach i have to say i can only. see my guys just go out there with this positive attitude on those forces doing something they love playing football. been a great experience for me and all the better if i was able to help raise a few more smiles you know my tongue moved for the visitors hoffenheim highlights that will long be remembered. it's nice and you know it's a huge honor to get to play with you and sit here beside you. you guys are all role models of all time just to meet you and kevin and c.e.o. quite normal people with no waiting graces. the crutches and had a kick about with us. great fun and we've had
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a fantastic day of. living a dream with karen and kevin and here the role model effect seems to be working both ways. over twelve thousand kilometers from its natural music what's the story. i always wear a football shirt i do sometimes get teased for it. to santiago capital of g. leg home of crystal went as. i feel good in the shirt they somehow it just feels like the right thing to be wearing. at all of the side in the wall by and found in south america people for i don't know any other team who play like buy in europe or anywhere else really. most of the fans in santiago support the big local clubs call
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up call and who never sit out there. that's what i've learnt by minchin since i was ten or a bit more twelve years it was basically just a case of enjoying the way they played. and he's always had one particular favorite team read. it while it all began when they signed on roma. from then on i enjoyed watching by and even more with rob and river e playing together you could say with bae and it was love at first sight. history students dream to see brian in action in the stadium a long standing joke for his friends until he won a competition to do just that little bit of a joke at my first thought was this is actually going to happen i mean what a prize a trip to germany to see by and i've never been outside of the continent never left the country and i don't care if anyone but you find had g. laser totally doubt robin was always his number one. but i love how he plays and
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links up with river a he so quick the way homes in on goal all just bowled me over for a game. where the christopher's with his girlfriend and all the rest of his family when the bundesliga is on it's the main event in the french as household. first and foremost. putting on a shirt to watch by an every weekend i wouldn't miss that for anything in the world i'll make a special note of it must watch the buying game this weekend they'll get a popular like. the one time to pack his suitcase for the extra long match they can use. to get the jackets against the cold in germany. trousers. and my bind shirts of course. by the pre-match excitement builds. the thing i'm looking forward to most is actually visiting me
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and serino because it's the home of by and obviously and also because the german national team sometimes plays there. and of course it was one of the host venues for the two thousand and six world cup in germany and you know being in it for them to be there and then when they are obviously. for him a first turn taste of the bundesliga means actually getting to play in it. this is my life i have been seven years at lunch that really means a lot to me afterwards i feel. like ziggy is his club and also his hometown eric my attack is a true local hero at the lights again cademy is football heroes a star near and yet so far. it's possible what could be better than turning pro friel local club it was what every young player wants.
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lucky enough to have the chance to make it happen although. he's already made the squad for a few league games on the site he's also studying sport management. and you never know how things will turn out in football and the universities are very close to the training ground. so it's easy to combine the two. the academy already has one star graduate. you'll see. in the way he's a good example for all of us he's. also falls for the law. school with use of pull said he's now a regular next was on the danish national side but the saxony region has produced its own world class players like my idols retiring now unfortunately. that was michelle back to a similar kind of plants or me or i'm similar to here it's me had a presence out on the pitch in a style of playing that was all really impressive. setup at
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leipsic could be better but eric's still going that extra yard. as a personal trainer. i'm pretty much grown up alongside him. i think i don't live on top of all the regular training and you can really do a bit more success is ultimately the product of hard work. so we've become good friends and it's a dream for both of us now from his work will help me make it to the top understand push myself in the bundesliga. eric father played top flight football in the former east germany himself is already kept in germany at people level. one national team colleague has already made the top flight great captures that it's just a shame skate. if he has to go in. every single run. how's it with. we did well we
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won how about you. we want to the weekend. you also tell me about your going to sleep debbie what was it like. it was an awesome feeling playing to that size of crowd a full house at home i get some don't and we be nurnberg as well just brilliant. i can imagine. and you're europa league game that was great as well. i came on at the end he was something else for sure. then i see a round. the heavenly prospect of playing in the bundesliga where better than the lights and observer treatment dealt in such starry eyed reflections. i'll try to dream for sure to turn pro. to make my name in the bundesliga and maybe one day play for
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germany when i'm so lost it's around like i think it's also the professional home of one of german football's brightest shooting stars team of them has already made it right at the top. and believe i've got the qualities to take the next step with my own credit now it's up to me to consistently demonstrate those qualities as. everybody does league club has outstanding prospects in its ranks not everyone can make it training with the senior squad has only further fuel the airing sampai should. too much of that was pretty exciting for us in with the professionals. as slam players who only really know from the t.v. or your old play station. and then your out on the pitch alongside them. brilliant even just doing a few basic passing moves with them you think all fans of the builders league get
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a name well worth noting every minute jack. back to read law back debut in april twenty eighth seen with light seek the visitors and his parents in the crowd. i purposely didn't tell them that they were surprised to see me out there and perhaps that's why. i didn't come to this my father couldn't believe it seeing my name in the lineup seeing replies i could tell from the shopping club some of his in. the deep end playing in the corridors league. said money's fantasy stuff like something you'd see in a film. a fantasy film that was about to get even better. tucker was dead yet. this month the jury.
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in most circumstances in the ninetieth minute scoring my first ponderously could go . describing the type i might send it up not being relegated i have certainly an emotional moment i. the fool in the red lights man had well and truly graduates it's. because i couldn't get to sleep after the game when the buzz stayed with me for days. i still think about it today it's not the kind of thing you forget all the snow that's like this many of his parents came to germany from the congo in the early one nine hundred ninety s. looking for a new life now because our own dream has come true.
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as one of the great story might have been against this and he's written a first memorable one of his own a bonus league career born at a highway rest area. these players are also parts of the punters league community germany's national amputating supported by hoffenheim captain christine heights lost his right leg in a motoring accident but it wouldn't stop him playing football. club mischka most the window i couldn't pick. exactly water involved but i was gripped straightaway by the sheer pace of the game and basically it's much the same as normal football obviously we use a couple of my billet aids but otherwise you'll see diving head is bicycle cakes all the rest of the stuff by watson foosball also. playing football on one
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leg is a high intensity affair all of these players have lost a limb through illness or serious accidents. the bundesliga stars represent the professional peak of a sport that has helped improve their quality of life success is addictive whichever kind of team players are in the team have the backing of longtime hoffenheim patron part. of the hoffenheim affiliated association kickoff into life it has helped us establish a solid foundation we've been playing amputee football here regularly since twenty fourteen it's our home from home and we're very grateful for it. so i don't pull through. yet get down there and get back yet once i start. it's much date hoffenheim kristin heights and co
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a fervent home fans here as throughout the bundesliga access football is a priority. those of your host neither started was alone out here in hoffenheim you've never far to go. will share users can park right where they have to go out to go on this beautiful we have trained personnel and they get to the place quickly gets it in time for the pre-match songs. the countdown to kickoff is on. the for his accident christian hinds like so many other youngsters in germany dreamed of playing. i. am a doctor and i was going to my first game shocker against coal which i got the bug right there and still have it today. as it's clear to see and hear i. thought. and thought and swashbuckling style helps of
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course i was. almost feeling the atmosphere smelling the pot force being right there at the edge of the pitch sharing the passion with fifty thousand people at the stadium it sends a shiver down your spine every time it's great for us. football always about so much more than results. and regardless of the result christian fuentes his trip to munich is bound to be an unforgettable one. he's a long way from santiago and closer than ever to his beloved by. the plan is to take a look around munich and then go to the buying game. i'd like to get to know the
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alley answer. and see the team win and then another three points your money. you've got to get out of. new sights new sounds but a very familiar football league. and here it is by and arena the history student is truly in his element now. so i'm here on the pitch where so many top stars play the venue for the champions league final in twenty twelve buying couldn't win that one but they did a year later they sell. freighted so many titles at the stadium it's fantastic to have the chance to stand here now at the ticky. cherish for the young visitor from . a very happy to welcome you here in munich i hope you all enjoy your journey and visit here and join the match i think it's a very unique experience. he loves wearing his bye and shirts and now he's got one
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of robinson. and so to the main event. crystal ball is the burn every moment of this game into his memory by and put three goals past us a lot but surprisingly then have to settle for a draw. still he's met his heroes and done a t.v. interview quite a day all round what is going to be like you know for sure i've seen munich learnt about his history culture and the stadium but i've watched by and play in the bundesliga and i go to sign shirt for my favorite player he's going to tell all of . the bundesliga dream machine costing it's net well wide. tough year on from his spectacular debut breedlove is upon his league a regular. so it was always my dream to play here now it's happening and it's
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indescribable but. he's certainly not taking it for granted. and i'm saying you seem to think the start he just gives you goose bumps to be out there playing in front of thirty thousand people come of than a few hundred it's a regional league game playing in the bundesliga just such a great experience every time you just get the sassoon if. having started with a bang against like say back you struck again a week later to help secure a win don't let the blunder slip get nervous in the role of mind to say via. they were both important goals and i'm proud to have done my bit to help keep the team up. to speed it was football's all about what happens next and at the moment things are going quite well on the. sea zusi back who we'd love was originally in the game bestowed by his father a big fan of champions league and well kept winning culture and sleep. but this
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beckons him i share his name now so the golden dawn was an extra bonus and i know he was at the stadium that day i've learned a bit about him he's called on he's been in this league debut was well. a sense for me he's an inspiration as to where the road can lead. i'm really glad my father gave me that name business was my father made is now. back you see is football idol is also keeping an eye on the league's new breed like. he plays in a totally different position to me he's a good aggressive player who can slot into a few different roles. time will tell but he's certainly heading in the right direction this promise i'm baffled so i thought i was sick of. it but i always knew his scoring start was unlikely to prove the norm. if you see missing men in football making the decisive difference is sometimes also down to
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a bit of luck. you have to be able to function under pressure. and it's not always easy for young players to side. soonish be a good thing it mindset is that the fans know me. this is an age i'll put my foot to the floor and just try to do my best i'm proud of my gussie i'm invisible. in october he was sidelined for eight weeks with an ankle injury but now he's back. it's nice to be back in the familiar routines playing in packed out stadiums hopefully winning games it's a great feeling and that's what i'm training for and working towards every day just keep livin the dream into. something his namesake knows all about. do you read. i hope you make a swift return from injury and get back to top form soon it is so that i second before. i ask my dad should first of all thanks to those good wishes i'm delighted
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to hear from him and hopefully we can stay in touch with the surviving contact. one of the many human stories but also make the bundlers legal what it is inspirational and aspirational mission most definitely possible. the be. above the law. and. the
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but. ultimately. the. mob. the be. the big. mob european stars deliver rousing performances the bodies husky voice has won him a devoted following a restraint yet full of feeling the broad british blues musician chris ryall. for more.
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observable colors the abstruse of the berlin two robert gangs. and ugly and new prison feature of life nine hundred twenty s. birth and possibly get close to me coming they find most of the montage in the middle of the body vomit summation the bottles club as the german capitol hill. told the post first the beat claim it was all it's on top of a magic shop and issue here to brando take two steps to the crime scene the thing is i'm sure the boys don't reckon with the lead detective superintendent just cannot the baluch annoys his feelings of procedures and establish has an extensive record system the flame the foundations the mosques just
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wanted to dance was doing back then was basically the same as today as the following metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth snowing t w. e the reunion some get. the issues above his first bad. beat is above the blame the be m.t.v. presumably and show some respect blame the first place blame players use the shoulder yeah bristol play the
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bowling the best player in the above place. but love and respect the boro. player. president donald trump has vowed to update u.s. missile defenses. seems to counter evolving threats he said the strategy would help deter hostile states such as iraq u.s. defense ministry officials have long warned about advancements in hypersonic and cruise missiles being made by russia and china. president trump has also denied military transport to house of representatives speaker nancy pelosi for an overseas trip he wants to keep her at home soil.


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