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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm CET

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this is developing news coming to you live from berlin and trying to break the bricks the death british from the centuries of the press to presenting a plan before leaving the european union going vertically not to satisfy a deeply divided parliament we'll go live to london and to brussels also coming up it was one of the world's most repressive countries not as big found since it has changed its reins as a country's president visits germany we speak to his big journalist who says he was tortured imprisoned for years divorce extent has
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a country really changed course. and hopes for an engineer to fifty years off on best muslims in mindanao in southern philippines voted in a referendum on autonomy we talk to soldiers who've been fighting for their lives for separation. how the woman came to you i'm on the thought she it's yet another big day for bricks it british prime minister terrorism is set to announce a plan before leaving the e.u. that softer lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected her deal with the e.u. last week the prime minister's proposals today are expected to focus on winning more concessions from the e.u. in particular on the so-called irish backstop an insurance policy to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the irish republic but the e.u.
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says this point is not up for negotiation. for more on the story i'm joined now by our respondents bigot moss in london and terry shoot in brussels let me start with you bigot do you know anything more about tourism means plan b. which is due to be announced later today. the expectation here in london is that maybe it's more variation on plan a so that she's going to try and speak to brussels and get some sort of agreement possibly more time limits something that the e.u. can present to her on the so-called facts of on the future relationship of northern ireland with the united kingdom so that suggests that she's trying to win those of you who are more on the right of the party who really fear that the united kingdom could otherwise be sort of tied to the e.u. just for too long a time they want to cut loose quicker and harder so there is
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a lot of frustration here in. in westminster in political on the amongst m.p.'s because she's also said before that she was trying to reach out to other parties across the whole house to try and find a consensus but this seems to be short lived so yes we'll see what she has to announce in just a few hours time attending brussels the e.u. is holding talks there today any indications the e.u. is prepared to reopen and negotiations with britain. none whatsoever when it comes to the content of the withdrawal agreement what has been discussed over the weekend in a good number of news articles is the timing of how long the e.u. might be willing to wait could it be pushed past the march twenty ninth deadline that exists is now and some countries are willing to give britain more time to agree itself on the withdrawal agreement but remember that when you reopen anything for negotiation in this deal that was settled in november you open everything and
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so you come back with any issue any of the other twenty seven countries wants to bring back into this agreement talking about gibraltar about fishing about all kinds of problems that the twenty seven would very much like to leave settled for the moment and so no at the moment there doesn't seem to be any appetite whatsoever for reopening the agreement and in fact the spokesman margarita she has just said don't even ask us it's up to london to speak now you have big big in london now this is one cabinet member their claims of grameen parliamentarians are trying to hijack brigs of what's that about. there's so much drama going on here investments over the last days he means that he's accusing basically parliamentarians of trying to take control of the process whereas parliamentarians are saying well we're just not prepared to let the tragedy run its course and we are elected members of parliament who are just trying to influence the process they
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want to there's a number of employees who are trying to get some consensus on basically some measures to prevent the worst to prevent britain from crashing out of the european union at the end of march this year just in a few weeks time they expect this to be have grave economic consequences as most experts would agree so they're trying to prevent that get an extension and get some sort of agreement what is an alternative to to reserve may's plan the first not the biggest sticking point still is a so-called irish backstop their deposits a reason they could consider amending the historic good friday agreement which ended decades of violence in northern ireland in a bid to break the brics a deadlock how will this be viewed in brussels do you think at the moment that just looks like a very desperate move because regardless of what would happen with the good friday accords what's at stake is the irish backstop and ireland is not willing to budge on that this this agreement to keep
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a hard border out of the border between ireland in northern ireland and no one in the twenty seven led by ireland wants to see that happen so no they've said that the irish backstop is not negotiable and in fact the e.c. spokesman just made an exception about being asked questions he said no the i respect stop is part of the withdrawal agreement and at the moment we are not negotiating that again at the moment so the talks remain completely and utterly deadlocks terry in brussels and bigots in london thank you both very much for your perspectives. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world israel's military says it has struck iranian military targets inside syria the israeli defense forces announced the operation on twitter bitches from within syria claim to show the country's an edge of france's repelling me attack it's highly unusual for israel to admit attacking targets inside syria. greek nationalists and patriotic groups have clashed with police in the capture
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africans tens of thousands took to the streets on sunday to protest against a deal aimed at settling a nearly three decades old name dispute with macedonia it would allow greece's northern neighbor to rename itself the republic of north macedonia. sky watchers in the americas and parts of europe got a special treat overnight the only total lunar eclipse this year combined with the first super moon scattered some light on the moon blood red steering the eclipse and earth's shadow completely obscured the moon for an hour. the president of his biggest son is in berlin for talks today president shafqat amusia yet once or deepen ties with but when his visit comes at a time of change for the central asian country president. our two years ago after the death of the country's long term autocratic leader he says he's committed to
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introducing liberal forms and to open the doors to the rest of the wild. but how much has changed in the central asian country in a moment we'll speak to a human rights campaigner but first this report from the capital. he spoke to a journalist who spent nearly two decades in prison. after nineteen years behind bars around of enjoying every moment of his newfound freedom. the fifty five year old journalist was jailed in the late ninety's for supporting an opposition petition. is one of hundreds of who had to pay for their political with their freedom. i was tortured in prison and. they always found reasons to punish me and came up with new ways to physically torture us political prisoners. we had to unload hot bricks from railway
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wagons yes the bricks had just come out of the oven and we had to load them into cars if there. is one of at least sixty political prisoners who've been released from prison in the last two years. the main reason i was freed was thanks to our current president it came down to his political commitment his will to personally stand up and behalf of the prisoners. the governments human rights envoy. also praised president chef gartner's e.o.f. he's brought to that his country is opening up he says that thanks to the president finally have an opportunity to defend their rights. not g.'s to the militia to what this we used to receive two hundred complaints
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a year mostly last year we got nine hundred today we don't have a single political prisoner in our jails because the president personally monitors the situation we have changed as a country to do less than and. a lot has changed in his biggest down in the last two years and the country is gradually opening up to the outside world but with people still detained on political charges in the country's prisons the rule of law still seems a long way off here in whose biggest on human rights watch says there are still nearly a dozen incarcerated for their political views including priests soldiers and journalists but unlike the human rights organization the country's government doesn't consider them political prisoners. and yet change is tangible in his biggest corrupt police are being openly criticised powerful intelligence officials ousted
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and travel regulations for citizens are being relaxed after four i hope there will be real reform and concrete results i want is back is done to finally become a true democracy because the. other reforms are also taking place in this biggest unknown not just in human rights. central asia smocks populous country seems to want to put an end to eat all story terry and passed. with me i have hugh williams and he's the director of europe and central asia division off human rights watch welcome. now what do you make of this because stan's attempts to improve his humans human rights record is it really a change of course for the country or is it really an attempt to improve its image to impress european leaders on the u.s. that's a really good question is definitely a large dose of trying to improve its image indeed or the bank officials since mr mayor you have came to power have told us that they have
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a real problem with their human rights record they need to improve that image in order to get more foreign investment on the other hand when i was in was pakistan last year i talked to former political prisoners like the one interviewed in your piece and they also said the change is important some real things are happening so what's happened so far a little bit more release of political prisoners are small but important steps in the right direction but the country has a long way to go remember this is there was no parliamentary democracy there and have never been free elections it was stan is very little free speech internet is still blocked so it's a very low level of development in the country still many steps to go and it's important to germany takes a strong position in the talks to to push pakistan in the right direction so where does this all fit in with president. museo yes visit to germany at the moment well germany wants a couple of things from foremost pakistan i mean it was pakistan wants more credibility from germany. germany wants two things they want greater regional
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cooperation within within central asia was pakistan has made some important positive steps in that direction and germany wants obviously to be in the front of the queue when the country opens up for business but business also has an aspect of human rights to it because business also wants level playing field a good rule of law predictable courts. the moment there's no real rule of law or independent courts and pakistan so it's in the interest also to attract investment but it makes human rights reforms biggest is geopolitically quite important in the region in central asia to what extent is jim lee prepared to push was biggest thought on human rights given its political importance as then as these street interest that you talk about because there's often a tradeoff between human rights and security and economic interests again it's a good question because in the past germany has made that trade off in a very bad way ten years ago there were sanctions on north pakistan because of
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human rights but germany was keen on lifting those sanctions too early in our view because of security issues and cooperation with us on afghanistan now it's a new situation a reformist government i think germany has some political commitment to pushing on human rights but they need to see this is a first step this taking place as pakistan needs to make some commitments what they are going to do before corporation is intensified right here williamson from human rights watch thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us thanks for having me turning now to the philippines muslims in the south of the country mindanao have voted in a referendum that could grant them more autonomy it's the culmination of a peace process aimed at ending decades of separatist violence some two point eight million people in the volatile region of mindanao well i asked if the backup plan by muslim separatists and the government to create a new self administered area is fine boston hadzic traveling to the region and sent
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us this report. has been a muslim rebel for half his life. for him like for so many other men in this part of the country not becoming a fighter was never an option. joined the rebels because of my religion but it's more than that i also saw the injustices and the oppression against my community that's why i decided to join. he and his comrades are part of an armed struggle between muslim insurgents and the philippine army that has marred this part of the country for fifty years. as in many areas of southern mindanao here in the village of two can only powell the majority of the population is muslim in
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a country that otherwise is almost completely catholic. the main reason for the conflict is oppression we're defending our rights our land we feel that we're being occupied by outsiders nothing is ours and they're taking away what's ours and they're not giving it back we always lose out this is our home and we have nothing. now many here have real hope that could finally change. in a referendum the people of muslim in the now are voting to ratify a law that would grant them more autonomy in return the rebels have to give up their fight like these two gentlemen here many in this rebel camp have been fighters for all their lives often it's the only thing they learned how to do
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but if the autonomy law gets passed they'll have to take off their uniforms lay down their arms and start a new life as civilians the deal has been in the making for decades but in the end it took this man to make it happen. internationally president brought three go to terror to is notorious for his draconian war on drugs and his verbal outbreaks but he has been pushing hard for enhanced autonomy for the country's muslims. to many here in mindanao he's a beacon of hope for this is a person. we take him by his word we trust him on television we see how he handles the drug problem in the philippines offenders are either killed or in prison that shows that he really means what he says. but success is not only in the hands of the president the new law for seems that
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muslim mindanao will be governed by the rebel leadership but feuds between powerful family clams rampant corruption and islamic terrorist groups could undermine the fragile peace deal. a peace many of abdul's comrades have sacrificed their lives for. a year i don't want my children to experience what i've been through all i want for them is to get a good education to learn to read and write for fighters like me there is only violence and war i want my children to have a peaceful future. but abdul is also wary if the agreement fails he says everyone here is ready to go back to war. and sport we have the ministry of which was back this weekend after the winter break shelters season has suffered
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a stuttering start and they kicked off the new year with a difficult clash against one of the coaches dominical at a disco is under pressure and he made a huge score pre-game by switching goalkeepers it was a move which helped secure victory. a massive change the shellcode to start twenty nineteen captain ralph famine dropped for the first time in six seasons to many cut today making a big call in a bid to revive his side's flailing season salman's replacement alexander nubile showed his worth in the early stages and soon after shock and had a penalty daniel caligiuri stepped up. but neil said shaka so far so good so to disco it wasn't a loss that mimics many hitting the post while the spread specify cleaning up the scraps to vote for good products trustfulness league goals self defense corps goal
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watching. one one and shall cause searching france's heading into the half time break and they found one once again from caligiuri five goals for the germans to seal it says one victory shall come the result saying to does go live to fight another day. ahead of us here with business isn't growing concerns about the one second the us economy has been and those are everywhere talking about the chinese economy the growth that has slipped she waits lowest point in a wise three decades feuding concerns over a knock on effect to the global economy and that is prompting questions as to what's behind the slowdown and whether the rest of the world should who are. once upon a time chinese economic performance wasn't global news those days are long gone the country's growth rate now act as an indicator for the health of the entire world's economy no wonder then that this a ninth month was so hotly anticipated. according to preliminary estimates
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the total value of china's g.d.p. was ninety point zero three trillion you won the hearts and minds of two a six point six percent year on increase that figure outstrip the anticipated goal . of. six point six per cent it may not sound too shabby but take a look at this a decade ago chinese economic growth was hovering around ten percent in the year since then it's slowed steadily and what's worrying investors is that no one knows when that decline is going to end the reasons for china's slowdown are manifold domestic issues like a slowing property market are putting pressure on growth but even more worrying to the global markets is the continuing trade dispute with the united states. the two countries are currently holding a ninety day truce which their leaders agreed to after dining together at the g.
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twenty summit in argentina. further trade talks are set to take place next week but after months of volatility a resolution may still be far off a further escalation could have a dramatic impact on the chinese economy potentially setting in motion a decline in the rest of the world to. b.m.w. and dima are to join forces to develop self driving cars that's according to the german financial daily handles plot the aim is to split development costs and establish an industrial standard for thomas driving both car makers fear that tech giant google is going to dominate the market with its automotive operating system that's according to the newspaper all this new competition from silicon valley could end a legendary rivalry that turned both brands into global market leaders. let's get more on this now with our financial correspondent contribution is standing by for us at the frankfurt stock exchange conradt how much faith do investors have in
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this new alliance and its ability to put up a strong fight say against the likes of well google. you know helen if you talk to experts for the car industry not all of them are convinced that a corporation between two long time rivals who also intend to stay rivals is really the best idea and the only way to go of course gaining technology leadership is important for the car makers and if the two can manage on a very important national market like germany to show that they are able to deliver cutting edge technology this is likely to give them an edge in other markets as well the question is where does this corp and b.m.w. for example is not likely to allow mercedez to use you know the most advanced b.m.w. electric car technology in mercedes cars this really has the potential for conflict
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and meanwhile conrad's i mean we also heard from the chairman of e w it's the weekend saying that in no small electric vehicles may even be affordable for some people so when it is not a dare i say spanner in the works for the industry some not. absolutely v.m. the v.w. folks walk in is one of the old school car makers that really has the problem that it still has to deliver one part of the market you know combustible and just but at the same time has to spend a lot of money for the new technologies the problem of ever more expensive cars is not due to the for example millennial as they much fewer cars than previous generations they say if you talk to them where's the point in owning your own car in the first place when you have services like car sharing for example that's why many clever car makers for a long time have started to talk about becoming more mobility services provider
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instead of only you know selling a building and selling cars that is a very good point indeed a financial course want to contact who's in frankfurt stock exchange thanks a lot for that. well any billionaire is minted every two days while the poor just keep getting poorer that is according to a new report published by oxfam the nonprofit organization says that the fortunes of the wilds wealthiest rose by twelve percent last year while the poorest half of humanity were talking about three point eight billion people so wealth declined by eleven percent now some accuses governments of exacerbating the income gap by under taxing corporations and the wealthy while underfunding public services but the study and its methodology is controversial. according to the oxfam report the number of billionaires has doubled in the ten years since the financial crisis hit it also highlights that the twenty six wealthiest people on the planet
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known as much as the three point eight billion people who make up the poorer half of humanity. this isn't acceptable and there are solutions and it's lucian's lay in the hands of government to tax wealth to stop tax daunting to plough the money into these public services and give everyone a fair chance to be part of the global economy. oxfam publishes its inequality report every year shortly before the start of the world economic forum in davos it's an attempt to highlight the issue with the politicians and business heavyweights meeting up in the swiss resort but some economists have criticized the study for implying there are simple solutions to a complex problem. other factors also play a major role in wealth inequality they say for example in the african nations that are home to some of the world's poorest they are unstable political systems a corrupt elite civil war and poor education structures continue to have an ongoing
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impact. and just a reminder now the top story we're following for you british prime minister theresa may fail her so-called plan b. for braggs it later she's expected to set out how she plans to end the country's parliamentary deadlock that's after lawmakers rejected a view to force steel last week. to get even was good news on the go just download all out from google play all the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d w up to send us photos and videos you think we might find interesting. and watching the news from by n pension well coming up at the top of the hour i'm going to help frame balance a verse in. the
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