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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is the dubliners line from britain's prime minister presents problems with a backup plan for brett said sorry so may insist there will be no delay in the dates of the u.k. departure from the european union but count her new proposal satisfy the lawmakers who threw out her riginal flag also on the program hopes for an end to nearly fifty years of a rest muslims in mindanao in southern philippines a vote in a referendum on autonomy we'll hear from separatists who've been fighting old our lives.
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until gail welcome to the program britain's prime minister has presented palmer with an alternative plan for breakfast that she hopes will win lawmakers support threesome and he was forced to amend riginal deal with the eight you after historic majority of parliamentarians rejected it last week the main sticking point is the so-called irish backstop this is a political insurance policy meant to keep an open border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the i have free public which will remain in the e.u. . supporters of mrs may's conservative party oppose the backstop as does the day you pay the northern irish party that is propping up the prime minister's government is part of his statement. with regard to the backstop despite the changes we have previously agreed there remain two core issues the fear that we
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could be trapped in it permanently and concerns over its potential impact on our union if northern ireland is treated differently from the rest of the u.k. so i will be talking to this week to colleagues including in the u.p.a. to consider how we might meet our obligations to the people of northern ireland and ireland in a way that can command the greatest possible support in the house and i will then take conclusions of those discussions back to the e.u. . war from d.w. correspondence a big mass in the london outside the house of parliament and to teri schultz in brussels welcome both let's start with you could we see much difference between teresa mayes original plan and proposal that she put to parliament today. i think that plan b. looks suspiciously like plan a when she said that she's going to include lawmakers in the process but from what i understand this is the next step it's the actual agreement that she hopes to reach with the that's not the withdrawal
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a given so that's not of much hope she's also said that she is going to reassure that she's not going to undermine workers' rights and environmental rights but that's of course pandering to the labor party the trades unions but who knows what the next government will do so those reassurances i don't think worth that much so no we don't really see that this is the aca magical breakthrough and we really see that those positions here in the house of parliament between those who are for a hard regs it and those who want a much closer relationship to the e.u. in the future they're still as entrenched as as they were before i would say so teri schultz in brussels when the british prime minister goes back to brussels and says can we talk again about this deal what will she have to put on the table to say oh this is different and this is different and what the likely response. it's very hard to imagine what she'll come back with because she has come back several
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times in the past asking for things that were at times called reassurances that other times called concessions and all the e.u. was willing to do at that point was to say look none of us want the irish backstop to go into effect because of course we want a deal and if it does we wanted to be temporary just like you would so i don't see what she's expecting new leaders to say with any reconfiguration of what she was she talked about today in fact foreign ministers met here in brussels today and there was absolutely no sign that anyone was going to budge on the irish backstopping in fact several of them reinforced that they were one hundred percent behind ireland and the irish foreign minister said look this is not something that's negotiable so i really can't see any room for maneuver for two reason may on this issue of the backstop so burgomaster the prime minister that has made some domestic political. tweaks to this deal it's not enough to get the parliament behind it. i really can't see how she can get parliament behind
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it palm and is really looking to to block no deal broke so there are many that really don't want to do this and they are looking to amend the whole process there's going to be more bills put in place in order to prevent just that they also are asking to extend article fifty so there's going to be a vote on those motions that maybe is going to bring some new movement and a sole issue but to get polman behind the plan a or plan b. you're however what you would you call it at this moment looks pretty unrealistic ok terry show. the e.u. has done a good job of speaking with one voice on the over the last two years on this issue is that unity holding. it is so far you know today the polish foreign minister came out and said hey guys what do you think about putting a five year time limit on the irish backstop would that be enough to get the
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british parliament behind this deal and could we agree to that and he was immediately shut up the irish foreign minister said no but the german foreign minister said no not going to put a time limit on something that is a worst case scenario in the first place so that doesn't seem to be breaking the unanimity on the iris backstop so yeah they've been holding up pretty well and i don't think the reason may is going to be able to to to break this nobody wants to reopen that withdrawal agreement today shows and brussels budget mass in london thank you both. israel's ministry says its jets have struck iranian military targets in syria including it says munitions facilities and intelligence sites you know it's meant as a red departure from israel's notably ambiguous statements concerning its activities in syria the strikes were in response to rocket that iranian forces fired towards israel on sunday which was itself
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a response to israel's air raid in the damascus international airport. explosions in the skies over damascus early on monday morning the syrian observatory for human rights says some syrians have been killed israel's military has confirmed that it targeted at radian and syrian positions including arsenals and training camps as seen in this footage. during a visit to china yesterday israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu called it an early warning of a long term military strategy. is one of the newly prominently pursue a policy of attacking iranian positions in syria and everyone who tries to harm. the policy was developed after a drone attack on israel from an iranian position in syria in february last year in the months that followed israel did hundreds of military bases arsenals and radar
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stations across syria the goal was to destroy the iranian infrastructure there as much as possible. his real increasingly views the expansion of iranian positions and the deployment of iranian revolutionary guards in syria as a direct threat to israel's security. after a rocket was fired over the golan heights israel has now warned of further counter attacks by syria syria's ally iran. lives and they southern philippines have voted in a referendum the could the more autonomy the culmination of a peace process and ending decades of separatist violence a two point eight million people in the. muslim separatists in the government to create a new self administered area correspondent. to the region. has
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been a muslim rebel for half his life. for him like for so many other men in this part of the country not becoming a fighter was never an option. joined the rebels because of my religion but it's more than that i also saw the injustices and the oppression against my community that's why i decided to join. he and his comrades are part of an armed struggle between muslim insurgents and the philippine army that has marred this part of the country for fifty years. as in many areas of southern mindanao here in the village of two cannot leave how the majority of the population is muslim. in a country that otherwise is almost completely catholic.
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the main reason for the conflict is oppression we're defending our rights our land we feel that we're being occupied by outsiders nothing is ours they're taking away what's ours and they're not giving it back we always lose out and this is our home and we have nothing. now many here have real hope that could finally change. in a referendum the people of muslim in the now are voting to ratify a law that would grant them more autonomy in return the rebels have to give up their fight like these two gentlemen here many in this rebel camp have been fighters for all their lives often it's the only thing they learned how to do but if the autonomy law gets passed they'll have to take off their uniforms
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lay down their arms and start a new life as civilians the deal has been in the making for decades but in the end it took this man to make it happen. internationally president rodrigo do territory is notorious for his draconian war on drugs and his verbal outbreaks but he has been pushing hard for enhanced autonomy for the country's muslim and. to many here in mindanao he's a beacon of hope for. we take him by his word we trust him on television we see how he handles the drug problem in the philippines offenders are either killed or in prison that shows that he really means what he says. football men and women but success is not only in the hands of the president the new law for seems that muslim mindanao will be governed by the rebel
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leadership but feuds between powerful family clans rampant corruption and islamic terrorist groups could undermine the fragile peace deal. a peace many of abdul's comrades have sacrificed their lives for. their i don't want my children to experience what i've been through all i want for them is to get a good education to learn to read and write for fighters like me there is only violence and war i want my children to have a peaceful future. but abdul is also wary if the agreement fails he says everyone here is ready to go back to war. on to sports starting with football sunday saw a visit to new york backside struggling to keep their heads above water in the relegation battle despite snowy conditions berlin didn't hold back and secure
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themselves a winning starts to twenty nine t. . a new year brings new hope with the home fans cheering them on nuremberg wanted to finally end their winless streak but if your defense seems to invite your opponents to score it won't be easy i'm the one to between davey selkie invader to be severe jan the bosnia made it one nil for berlin after fifteen minutes shortly before half time nuremberg struck back captain hano bear ends making it one off from close range the cellar dwellers spirits got a momentary boost. but after the restart heritage showed their class this time a beast of its turn provider and andre judah finished the job to one of the slovak playmaker had a great first half of the season and looked better than ever against nuremberg twenty minutes later due to strike again his ninth goal of the campaign three one the final score when you score and also your team is winning then is this feeling
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is like double. feeling from me. and i am i do it as brace helps here it is chances for a spot in europe next season well nuremberg haven't tasted victory in thirteen outings. and american football we now know the two teams that will meet in next month's super bowl los angeles rams and the new england patriots the rams beat the new wall and new orleans saints twenty six twenty three in overtime after a controversial refereeing call the patriots also distance against favorites the kansas city chiefs the veteran quarterback tom brady inspiring the thirty seven fashion. the patriots will play in a league record eleven super bowl that lands on thirty. with braiding featuring in his night and a final showcase. his reminder the top story at this hour britain's prime minister theresa may has presented have backup plans for breakfast rejecting calls
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for a delay beyond the end of march and saying the chill hold more talks with coalition partners i'm with the e.u. they divorce day. that's it you're up to date on a movie about the top of the hour and of course more on the website they don't use dot com i would just. this you know i mean in your mind. i mostly time what i'm going to miss here but i'm what i'm looking i said i'm not going to sit there my. sassy quote i've only said that i caught going on with her being funded.


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