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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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well you. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight the british prime minister's back up plan for that many say sounds very familiar theresa may present in her brags of plan b. today to parliament she insists there will be no delaying the date of britain's departure from the e.u. but can the new proposals satisfy the lawmakers who threw out her plan and also coming up warnings of a nationwide strike in zimbabwe an economic crisis is leaving workers to deal with meager salaries and runaway inflation and cast your eyes upon these super blog
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malls movie the moon turned blood red last night we'll tell you why it happens and how it got that name. off it's good to have you with us today she came with plan b. britain's prime minister to resign may present in parliament with what's supposed to be an alternative plan for breakfast that one that she hopes will eventually win lawmakers support to resume a was forced to amend her original deal to take britain out of the e.u. after a majority of parliamentarians rejected it last week. mr speaker turning to brett if at first you don't succeed theresa may had an uphill battle on her second go at selling her brags of clamming she's faced criticism for refusing to take
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a no deal bragg's it off the table but she said parliament held the key to solving the problem for state money the right way to rule out snooty ill is for this house to approve a deal with the european. cassy that is not this government is seeking to achieve the only other guaranteed way to avoid a no deal bret's it is to revoke article fifty which would mean staying in the new one of the hardest issues to untangle has been the so-called irish backstop a deal to maintain an open border between northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom and the republic of ireland which is part of the e.u. may is facing opposition to the backstop within her own government but dublin says it's essential to maintain peace in northern ireland a car bomb exploded in the northern irish city of london derry over the weekend a possible warning from militant groups in the region. may says that
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she is looking for a solution with regard to the backstop despite the changes we have previously agreed there remain two core issues the fear that we could be trapped in it permanently and concerns over its potential impact on our union if northern ireland is treated differently from the rest of the u.k. so i will be talking to her this week to colleagues in a way that can come on to the greatest possible support in the house and i will then take the conclusions of those discussions back to the e.u. . just who in the e.u. is willing to listen to those conclusions is an open question the block is ruled out further concessions to the u.k. and so far plan c. is nowhere in sight. the reason may taking it back to the e.u. we're going to take this story now to brussels and talk about that part of the story i'm joined now by a correspondent dear motss good evening to you georg so theresa may she says she's
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going to return to brussels which is no big surprise what are the leaders of the european union what are they going to be able to give her that they haven't already given her friend the labor leader jeremy corbin leader of the opposition in the british parliament today talked about groundhog day and i my it's insatiate is that a number of politicians and in the member states had exactly the same feeling when they were watching that speech where they haven't seen the reshape plan to resume a has announced and hence they haven't got much to offer when she is coming then a number of speakers spokespersons of the european commission today reiterated that yes we could work on the political declaration that is attached to the divorce agreement that is a paper that paves out the future relationship that the e.u. intends to have with the u.k. but nothing more nothing more substantial you could say and we've been hearing reports of poland floating an idea of putting
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a five year limit on the back stop at the border between northern ireland in the republic of ireland could that her a way forward here. that's right so the polish foreign minister a meeting of foreign ministers today if you want broke ranks of the much proclaims unity that has been formed over the irish backstop but he was quickly caught back thinking aloud here i i think is what actually what he did because this position is not shared by the rest of the twenty seven the german foreign minister but also ireland's foreign minister clearly quickly made clear that it on an insurance policy there can be no time limit it renders the whole policy meaningless but look many here say even if there would be a time limit many wrecks to tears heartbreaks tears do not want a backstop not because of the fact stuff but because it sets the track for a soft practice it and that is actually what they do not want and you know we seem
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to be making no progress brugge said the only thing that is moving forward is the clock do leaders in brussels and the e.u. do they still expect the u.k. to leave as scheduled on march twenty ninth i think it was interesting today went to resume a question to herself and said look this will be difficult to get an extension because in brussels they have been talking a while now over a potential extension but they've made again and again clear the u.k. will only get an extension if they put a clear plan on the table why they will need an extension of people's votes could be something they would get an extension for but that is something that theresa may ruled out so it doesn't look very likely to get them all right of course want to do your matches on the story for us tonight in brussels thank you very much. well the israeli military says its jets have struck iranian military targets in syria including it says munitions facilities and and intelligence sides the announcement
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is a rare departure from israel's normally ambiguous statements concerning its activities in syria the strikes were in response to a rocket fired by iranian forces towards israel on sunday which was itself a response to an earlier israeli air raid near damascus international airport. explosions in the skies over damascus on monday morning the syrian observatory for human rights says some syrians have been killed israel's military has confirmed that it targeted at radian and syrian positions including arsenals and training camps out seen in this footage. during a visit to china yesterday israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu called it an early warning of a long term military strategy. is one of the new a permanently pursue a policy of attacking iranian positions in syria and everyone who tries to harm.
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the policy was developed after a drone attack on israel from an iranian position in syria in february last year in the months that followed israel did hundreds of military bases arsenals and radar stations across syria the goal was to destroy the iranian infrastructure that as much as possible. ties to. israel increasingly views the expansion of iranian positions and the deployment of iranian revolutionary guards in syria as a direct threat to israel's security. after a rocket was fired over the golan heights israel has now warned of further counter attacks by syria syria's ally iran. zimbabwe's high court has ordered the government to restore full internet services after ruling that the current shut down was illegal now it comes as
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a crackdown in the country is intensifying with police hunting down people suspected of organizing resent recent protests the demonstrations have led to the deaths of at least three people one of whom was buried over the weekend these pictures are from the funeral service for kevin shows how he was shot and killed by police at a demonstration in her walk. as the country goes through its worst economic crisis in a decade daily life in zimbabwe well it's a struggle. spawning privilege was funny as this report. this michigan took a ticket and his wife mavis sits down at the area to plan what they should buy it is a difficult task his monthly salary as a teacher barely covers their expenses for a week their father of seven is dead benteke he is struggling to buy medication when nice salary or less than equivalent of a hundred u.s.
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dollars a month. lost by did. because you can't budget. you you just do. the deed. you are. super serious lake irish do they want to sell it raise their wages paid in us dollars to question them from the economic shocks regularly heating zimbabwe early january doctors in a district that went on for more than a month. now teaches at three twenty in mission white walkout the government of prison in a sort of managua sees the quantum it is a means to an just conducted they have not forgotten the awakened is sort of government is putting in place there but digital media has. to push its way because
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. if food is post of living adjustment package. is effective. in the context of the government but that's a lot out. by unions a few negotiations and not being taken seriously by the government or fed and ten percent salary increase is of a pro but unions rejected it. we could see a government that is living in or even if that of a gun it didn't do that without taking the oath zimbabwe's ongoing economic crises is one of the biggest challenges facing the new administration after the departure of longtime president robot mugabi prices of basic goods have more than tripled since october fuel is in short supply motorists and spending days q week
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end zimbabweans like me to could take a starting to doubt whether the economic growth promised by the new government will become a reality. what did you see that last night no ins of stargazers got a treat thanks to a rare lunar eclipse known as a super blood wolf. there weren't any reports of werewolves roaming the streets but the spectacle in the sky did bring out plenty of amateur astronomers. around the world people stayed up late or got up early for a chance to see a rare sight in the night sky for some lucky sky gazers the conditions were just right to catch the so-called super blood wolf moon. it's a total lunar eclipse and was visible with the naked eye where the skies were clear enough. a total lunar eclipse happens when
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a full moon becomes completely blocked from sunlight by the earth the earth's shadow covers the moon obscuring it from view until only a dim outline can be seen at all. as for the name a super moon happens when the moon is closest to the earth making it appear larger than usual a wolf moon is an ancient name for any moon in january it comes from traditional tribal naming systems and the blood moon comes from the red color. the blood moon aspect of this eclipse is actually what we call all eclipses during to tallahassee the moon can take on a coppery red color and that's because some of the sunlight actually is filtered through the years at was fair and bens and is able to hit the moon and it turns it kind of coppery red and that's because the earth's atmosphere filters out the blue light it scatters it if you were on the moon you'd be seeing all the sunrises and sunsets happening on earth once more than fifteen hundred people turned up at this
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observatory in california one of many popular viewing parties held down here on earth and people were in a celebratory mood. it's his birthday so it's a super special day they're also celebrating his birthday so it's special for more reasons than just the minutes on her birthday i think i'll give you the moon on the right she took it away. the entire transformation took about three and a half hours before the sun once again lit up the lunar surface and the moon began dropping into the horizon. if you missed the event you've got a good ten years to prepare for this particular mix of celestial circumstances to come together once again. and then can do strange things to people finally a french team has crossed the equator and record competing in the jules verne round the world yacht race spindrift is attempting to break the record for sort of navigating the globe the last wednesday in past the equator four days nineteen
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hours and fifty seven minutes later their journey will now take him across the southern oceans the overall record to beat is just under forty one day. here at the big news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see that. it's all happening don't show the city coming. your link to news from africa the world your links to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to you suffocating program tonight from the trauma it's easy to our website be deputed comes next africa join us on facebook w.


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