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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 22, 2019 12:15pm-12:30pm CET

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from berlin we have more of course straight ahead. on. the phone. after. my first boss was a sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by the social model and it is something as simple as learning how to write them by psychosis and. since i was in the good i wanted to have advice i'd lost my home and it took me years to months but there's. finally the game bob invention buying on bicycles and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreate for girls then rising advise me as knowledge i want to reach out to those women back home to flood zones by
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venting teams and social rules and inform them of oded basic rights my name is dave out of the home and i work at z. to move. the. wild leaders and business heavyweights descend on the swiss ski resort of the dow vaults where the annual meeting of the world economic forum now officially underway amid a gloomy backdrop of slower go global growth and challenging international cooperation . and with climate change high on the agenda at the forum we meet the executive director of greenpeace who is urging big corporations to change their ways now to stave off disaster. is your business update on how the home for him but it
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glad you could join me well world leaders business chiefs the rich and the powerful are in the swiss ski resort town of davos where the annual meeting of the world economic forum is officially underway who is not there is interesting us who is with notable drop outs including u.s. president donald trump u.k. prime minister to resign may and french president among u.n. machall those who are there were issued with a warning from the international monetary fund over the health of the global economy with the i.m.f. cutting its global growth forecast for this year to three point five percent meanwhile delegates are having to get to grips with the theme of this year's gathering globalization four point zero so we sent our reporter in davos to find out exactly what that means here in the middle of davos not everyone is telling their globalization mine during the world economic forum most stores are inundated with products from around the world but the shop window continues to display
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exclusively swiss souvenirs. for a few days every january davos becomes a truly global village it's populated by people from around the world who come here to network but globalization is facing growing obstacles. powerful nationalist politicians across the world are openly attacking free global trade but many economists remain unperturbed. very focused on steel and automobiles but that's the old globalization but the new globalization is much more involved in financial transactions services data and that is going very strong so i'm not terribly worried about globalization going into reverse or somehow or other dying no i think it's alive and well very well so the consensus here is that new rules are needed so that fewer people lose out in the future some attendees of the davos gathering however say the whole system needs
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a report will we see the number of global billionaires increasing and increasing and increasingly dominating the global economy and that needs to change so it will be acquired real systemic change to address inequality and unless we do that we're not going to be able to create either globalization with a human face the talk seems to be going in the right direction this january but some foreign participants are ready for actions to speak louder than words and senior business as have been visited in his at the forum in davos he joins me now good to see that bed and of course the forum is officially now into full swing we are expecting some three hundred fifty sessions to take place that one of the main challenges that delegates will be trying to get their heads around. so many sessions so many delegates thousands of world leaders and c.e.o.'s and they're all trying to get to the bottom of what's going on with global trade breaks that is
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causing such a fuss we still don't know what's going on and what's going to happen come march that so soon global trade is at a real huge intersection right now as far as the trade war goes between the united states and china i talked to the president of the forum and i asked him if he thinks we're going to get a solution sometime soon he said he hopes for maybe a breakthrough next month when the u.s. and china meet but only maybe so things are looking very pessimistic and we've also got brazil's nearly at elected in need a voice and out of he'll be making his that well his debut on the world's stage with a speech very soon what can we expect from that ben. yeah he'll be filling the boots of mr trump here mr trump made a huge fuss last year everyone was wanting to see his speech and there are heaps of investors who also want to hear those in ottawa and what he has to say about
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privatization tax cuts a whole lot of liberal economic reforms he wants to undertake for his country although he is a very far right leading leader very similar to mr trump in many ways another interesting country here is mexico it's dealing with huge trade tensions of the moment might a migration crisis a wall and i recently spoke to. morrow who is the trade secretary here's what she had to say. well the way in which we're dealing with global trade tension seized by not getting into the same trap of protectionism we do not believe that protectionism is the solution to any problems that the trade may or may have bring we believe that open trade i rule space trading system and also the efficient operation of trading activities will bring benefits to the
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people we believe that the trading system has to be more responsive to the needs of people and that's why we are trying to work on them agenda that has three pillars in mexico diversification inclusion and innovation and we know that trade is an engine for growth and will continue to support and talking about protectionism a wall something you didn't want to pay for mexico will never pay for the wall as we have always stated mexico believes in building richest mexico believes in creating connections among peoples among countries among industries and we will continue to work with us where we have established a very strong relationship with a number of factors and we hope that the u.s. also understands that mexico is a friend mexico is a partner and. mexico is the source of strength for the u.s. in the world just briefly migration how is that affecting mexico considering the amount of migrants who are not only traveling through mexico to the u.s. but then staying in mexico well migration is. a trend that has always happened
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basically the u.s. is sending the gratian country it's a country that was made out of immigrants mexican migration to the u.s. has really slowed down in the last five ten years you see a negative flow from mexico to the u.s. it's more mexicans that come to the to make it from the u.s. to mexico what we have right now is a crisis of this the survival of central american countries and central american people who are fighting to for their lives and they see in the us. a way of surviving and they have to go through mexico but mexico is not the source of immigrants and mexico is not a problem for the u.s. . secretary thank you very much for your time thank you same here thank you for the opportunity. listen maria there are more foreign trade sub secretary to mexico that will try to stand how the global exchange of free trade really works we sent out
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our reporter cuter. swiss chocolate who thinks something this innocent could be in the center of fierce debate over free trade through its land is very famous for its chocolate but making it here is quite expensive swiss milk is twice as expensive in supermarkets as it is in germany to stop a swiss chocolate makers from buying foreign cheaper milk and to protect domestic farmers the government introduced the gives it the chocolate law it taxes for an unrecoverable product and also processed ones making foreign chocolate just as expensive as swiss one not only that but the swiss also subsidize chocolate exports making swiss chocolate more affordable abroad the world trade organization put a stop to that the law is being phased out from this year on the w t o o's objective more free trade and more competition and of course that's the mantra of this entire forum here in the voice and climate was
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a high on the agenda the executive director of greenpeace jennifer morgan is in davos urging leaders to change their economies to take action to keep climate change to within one and a half degrees celcius she caught up with up and zealand who asked her whether we really only had a decade left to act. well i think we actually have less than that because we have to start now so he's absolutely correct that if we don't dramatically change what's happening right now in our economies and moving into renewable energy etc that in ten years the world will move to a one point five degrees increase of temperature and with that temperature increase comes dramatic consequences so that's the crisis and one would expect leaders here at davos to put all of their energy into solving that i've got a second global leaders here have been tackling these problem year after year it's the third year that the environment top's the global risks report of the world economic forum what does that mean well it means that the people who come here recognize that climate change is
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a big threat but it does not mean that the world economic forum and all of the program that is here puts it in the middle says basically we get we are in a crisis everybody in a room bankers in a room how are we going to divest out of coal into clean energy energy utilities in a room etc it's not it's on the fringe it's not in the middle of what's being put forward here and at the same time i bet it's tricky it to tackle a topic like this when the world is not acting in unison well it means you need places like this even more because you can bring people together and have the tough conversations that that are needed in order to crack heads and corporate leaders need to step it up they need to be ready to do the hard politics back home to get these laws in place to do decrease the emissions in order to avoid this crisis we're in a climate emergency situation this is your third devils are you going to be cracking heads what do you hope to get out of it i am going to be cracking as many heads as
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i can but i really you know if i can try and reach just a handful of people who will go back and be active that's ten more hundred more than we had before we need this community to own up to its responsibility it has caused this problem it has to own up and speak back home truth to power jennifer morgan greenpeace thank you very much you're welcome. you're up to date with the latest from the wild all the business see you again. going to.
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