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tv   Doc Film - Global Family  Deutsche Welle  January 23, 2019 8:15pm-9:01pm CET

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you're watching the w. news live from berlin i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i hope to see you that. nico is in germany to learn german. english been the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to south africa t.w. zealand in course nico speak. english.
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and. it could look. out but there's no help to get in it of course but then. a slow maleo or. it's only a minute. so. how do. they know if someone. and that was my. you know the senate been to. egypt and several things. that a man that i. he and i came back maybe i'll let this he try
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mama. he has seen how. he. i laughed to see that same thing if anything the next day i had. a kid having had this through. you know how. i'll keep them all be sure go out of. the ship by the side of this oman. and eventually side of the procession i'm. on the hook while he. put one can only. accept a confession out of the right after i got out you'll be able to rectify the meantime i'll claim my coffee when saddam was there that he should come by you. in
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the in the teaching so they saw this in a digital had disappeared no you've. been sure. of that see this series how. are you going to stuff your. hat yeah right. like that you can but i i have. not. been shot. well the because of a promise of by a movie i see old uncle byron in day maybach and i wonder how much a part of the country. in the pilot and then took away the rights of. the money didn't have to go into any of
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the rest of us will. be with you brother and i. as for me you'll. have some of them so my you on commodus and me the boat i had. a small man lay a. little bit at sea. and with me you know in the hall. there with it almost got him out of the cedar city by the e.t.f. . on. the right on.
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mar r r r r. r r r. r r. r r. that. not even. funny. believe. believe. me that you have. left me some of you but the stuff that means a lot of. those yes oh yes. that.
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means my idiocy is easy just to sort of answer oh. oh. that's satisfies. you this is. what i'm going to. come up tonight i felt the way i have above and had a smile and then. oh i know you'll stay on. here. you have. to kill you mustn't. we definitely very damaged. by you wonder where you.
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go are you going to over the shit that they think you've. heard of. me do. you. i think so so much here i mean mission to prove to put teeth into pia he took the suit and then. the people got a sense of. how i think of the way good and doing to our way of doing the will of the do to look good or most of the day on
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the bounce but also coming and then i am out of the room i've been to with a full script i'm a chorus willing to move home get away but can get away with time because nothing i'm driven to the. measureless all by that i'm sure about the low. risk of the other two to the. market all i need you to pay no one moshing on an unbeatable rock for you the symbolic of the coming for the self for others. come up holden by you dropping. and ugly i'm going to africa it now to hopefully have you.
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was the how do you do nearly new book of removed from the i didn't want to hear a lot of water buffalo thing i think the book will not go down a lot of anything. you know if you go to. prison really feel good about the hero because you could see this because he just sat there any of. you who are at the fact that he yellow hit. a building that we've got to. play and let it be that he took. this he does goodness. the walk around me laugh at me out in the i didn't know what i'm out. chasing the one i was down around christmas and he seen
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here beside me clinton's you need to huge and he told me that he thought it was static with the jeep the way actually my surprise it and that's all in all seriousness i just want to see that he's off of it blue for. so. self-evident that you know. this is you know not set. and school music but in a major beseech that actually do it wow i met not diddy at the time to see it made me how none of it so and you know that was i you title in this city any shit that's been out. in the market. some of these cheap well i'm. stunned to find the new line really good really good money in this. city
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so i mean. i'm going to be good you know my d.d. . because. i have enough to share look. like a scientist i didn't have it so good my eyes took a shot of my eyes told by one of my high school oh my god i'm ok i was. kind of a kind of all right now i have to have this i thought this woman had some economic i think a hoax i don't want to see if you could pass a law saying if i didn't. maybe you've been. following the kind of thing you're told me. because you look at that here how can i. say you didn't have
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a for a public my oh i've got a notion is not my theory although i know my love i'm going to school. because you know your i know how. i think that in the back of. my high i go ok you know the answer that you do not without will not that was how i did and i'll get out of. i think go. look up our unit of his people about. oh my god how. a complete couple. over. the last. had a look at it by me i did a lot he did my job that. much i like it here with my money had a juvie i have needed to give up the north atlantic or even our high one is our bit
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and you know what you're the one who should have been myself a collective opinion to come back in the who flew me. to. your video no says it's ruined. your. life in moscow is that she can write for this you can't condemn it is not the same it's come true she could just see how it says about us as price of war because it wasn't all finished she might use an object which goes fucking off the spot seems like a scottish english narrow mindedness that finds having a smug bit of modern monarchy a kind of party calling to its on public housing to such an honest community and this is i repeat all to feed my hostility from disgust for this one life. is this one of also lessons pussy it is it outside of packed in my view down busts me isn't can man but yet he cannot and begins on that bush moonves and they had sex
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with. many can as he had got said on tuesday gunson to write this. didn't as i can this is a keep out for the gentleman and this is sort of come to me clara just got up to little scream or diminished stephens a hug. and as he got this top piece konetzni up leaving him. let me get down and he's attacked it was enough to fall. that. staffers had. nothing to do does it cause. a fish for the go to his eye for a minute. this is just a trip. for the chicago i'm not sure what.
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the vote in the glow from the. that's happening. on the campus the speaker in the. town. to give the kid. the fish. and if media down there thanks me mention as the school gives to give some to some off some of you just to work let's have a good sector this is really expensive this mission to hear the shmita specific is the schools on the street his personal. feelings. and use a commission to be trying to mention the. other. joe . you're one of the she told me she hated.
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me yeah because of the damage from. joe all you want it to be one of the big measure i sliced or that are in a lot of small talk among. them also had a lot of the most of them are counted out glad national council has a movie. or you like a mission work related problem your best to give the delights of the who have i phone. no. i don't doubt you either you made fun of well one of those divisions are just my colleague i'm sorry. i'm going to have it before i don't suspect about why i have your promise. of mobile bush to move by a group of europe over. here over who got all of it and i.
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mean to make up bottles while paul guys should a mountain folk will in japan doesn't want to could be due to begin to do any good for no ocean because to move to my oh my i'm the cement of your system in a i am high so my. just runs in the film commission is the other one i'm more i'm going to order about that you can do along with you are the other you know also look pro-monarchy osama and i have a genie who controlled the whole good while producing gaudi's we. know much. about the might of it stepped up to say that yeah i know i can i guess close off other stuff because i would suspect that you
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have a very small servicing to go so you know how that works it's only takes for the psychological . issue of this article. as a half. step. it's just that i thought i was out with this is that you could do this if you thought it was just. as good not letting my kids the best to see. if this was the first solo of this it was to louise i got about a coke i think you will only that's why it didn't. keep up the two never tell people to come to the tickets complex of the naacp he took in so i eat in. front of him. not to cali. explode based on the motion that abuts yes yes let's just keep
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going then that's a good business to be like to the people. i'm easy to be easy money to get a minimum of the issues have been nice in the public schools me college this season i'm living in the notion that women. always are super mom if he does. get some good you know she's pushed in the night and doing the medical. exam is why this mission is right now it's been higher snap out. of the news well you know this was a few cuts for those who didn't want to sniff he didn't see it out on the town can look at two of those gender gap your eyes will be on the line to the community. you know. there.
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will be one hundred songs of the group called to d.c. by the good captain i'm going to go ahead and go but you're going to hospital so i'm going i even read the book but the little boy who listens with this woman who knew and done the things well. is looking into an evil couldn't she. he moved to new zealand to. be known the super soaker good. good luck with the mission because there will be soo many on the dot com issue i'm pleased to have a smidgen i have a good. this will be available if you wish to do a little bit. of that. i love her. very. very.
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good for. her right. i think. myself. but i think. the pick up was. so good that it was just a little slow but it. does. feel a little. i
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think. it's. something well. the hobbit going to have to look very. good. to. see the last opportunity that i think. yes that is a fair. that's what i was through killing us. in the mines hasn't it and i imagine i don't much it's open to the. house i suppose. i must. come back i'm. sure. i've given time do you mean i'm young i'm not i didn't get that out of the couch yeah yeah i mean you have been so far you have come to conquer your.
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companies that somehow. you. think it's. my problem that oh yeah i'm so sorry you haven't did you have a human passion and you can do it even if something does not add up to well we've got a baby about us as i ask how i know the lord. would . do that and i know i'm here with the kid and michelle money is the living room so good. it was you got to go for this hammock or a heavy vehicle is i'm going the. one hundred
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twenty eight to the summit. by two men who had to have some. men to the ocean to hire well so can i have been tough could not leave you quite enough i think you want to keep. the piggies can. play one in the field on time so thought a little until he had a they still could assume so well schoolboys. so loved the way they should live high in the showing from the team in this who could say this. was their first word well put it you know i don't feel kind
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of leave the we'll see how yes i'm just i'm very. well. i mean i'm going to have. a human interest. not come off if i don't get up in my heart for your help i got up to five of them out of my skull. so bloated i could tell you about the look after you. were. a political group or dwell on the bottle for us and i. for that i'm glad i'm. over you. i'm going to use the. general walker. i mean you become
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such easily under the whole you yeah you got him on he says you for modern india so pretty for how one mark or i suppose you know how to shoot a little piece of i suppose i understood that residual of it but i'm just as it was never going to last no matter how i like it i've been in or near the end of the most of times of need all of them don't have any muscles to push the kid could back up that way and i look at c.n.n. and if you're going to have a friend on it that's my go i'm gonna include in the next movie you know the general copy my husband would like to sit down or cook like hot like it was really bad erotica. but in a kind of underneath and we never got much out of the end of the story and i'm a lot of people's movement on it on most of the faithful i've been to my name i mean i'm sort of ok. i mean you know it's a p.c.
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. i begin to hate on because that's good to see who does good shot because i'm just lucky yet michael walk walk walk walk walk walk in the us have to listen to how happy to six of you who don't have a thing. you can do not to let them let the good yet. i suppose there's still i don't want to think. that i'm going to hook up right on the love of god when i didn't ask. your children a hundred men for. help with the serious punishment that many people must time back how they might. then look but don't not just let life enough that they have to do a new company can no. more immediate relief the union. ok
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you just got out and i don't look sad but who can deduce women oh. twenty. thirty live that way if i'm making it came down to kinda. said that. that shook the film just no fun to come back to south america. to shoot these. in this off and up it special edition that you're going to do. with. me out of the going to do when i'm not under misty couldn't. i'm in on this response i read. a lot we. bombed. you know how to live with you subbing to me what the long song matter.
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what i'm. thinking he said he either go home. and cool your day out. journalist in. my country i'm just in my country i just you know she look what has stuck in i think of the five kid i wanted to get couldn't you and you heard of a child on the full. move on some very. bad down what you did with did you be able to feed on the.
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and idiot i didn't feel. the. need. the piano to see that the people been going to say i mean i'm going to tell all and i then got the fuck did not available for me to leave the well let me tell you i was a little baby. they should see the look and i have michelle does this mean that you got until boredom. and i didn't wash they sat in me that you have seen who i think the commitment and the supply shall be the how many could be made who could easily in my heart the people get the deal i do see i think it was fate to be in my eyes i having to mess up the movie because i'm a sophisticated. five because i had the fuel that is not. indicative of
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the highway arche found in the past led to that problem of course i said of course the. book just the latest i mean they've been just a. problem. what are you doing for that reason why i know how it's about my small happy life. it was ok because he did it with a beauty in front of all the logical shanghai stuff the house the big kitchen and focused. on hooves.
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well then i'm going to include a scan of the. full sense in the movie bob i have a physical though i'm not a bit of a division off about the thought the feeling of the can kind of come of a come out of this is that the end there is no one thinks he's been behind so that . maybe this isn't a maze to get to didn't take any of them in case i have well enough of you think that if i can kind of we've got the numbers we've got. a feeling in kabul to argue many of them are go on to do to us in the hold off an office and show. the world where the future listen to rehash of it was around this incident reassure wished it would look people tell me where to deploy it. is. still. not there i'm going to be. the one competing over looks you know. better at this
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particular first. impression of a sort of a good place to look over but here. in the local police office it's a lot like the cattle business i think i need a few and get. them that. i spoke about canada. on a mission. and could see you for trying to. bring your good move to go ahead and put it into a book but it down sort of one looked at you way over the past. what about.
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like. myself who just go with the police every three. years until help with just the book or. movie you do salute. or. do some of the bunker for the fans of living. i'm a sort of my natural. he said then he said. i bet you have. to come before. he would have this what i was. going to move him to the animation group. bigger the whole bit i. mean i think oh how martin. yeah. i think. carl you think you know i'm this kind of
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awesome. little mark i want to live longer i don't want to deal with the way it's just how i was going to stop it wasn't allowed by law you could know i'm going to do you know you follow. this i'm going to movies billions of white also been shredded learning about this who has a. solution. cookbook or and so we just. keep the steeple i'll google extreme muffin so mom let me. know you would like to she go off and. she said my office. you know every minute not to communicate you should look at what's become of everybody so quietly like i. did. i want. believe. me
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the who have the. office of the. middle market will be the one who might have it so weak on the money and pakistan that canada can turn down the what was a point of small good. cooks the typical i guess but i'm quite used to the fluffy rats me sign of distance i novich two months newswoman this fight i did as once can probably be a fleeting time. i will see these benefits look like now about what's coming and. the kind of official motto. that you have
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a family. member made for a very nice and. one of a committee. of several girls i love you guys think about this it. i think times people should interact more with oh my god i just see the peano and love him for me i think he has a waiting he says what i need on every move how do you know if i know what i think it is no matter who is nice and. ok i decided to go along and sort of look forward to. look at what i feel i think i'm the best i think you can push it a compliment of sugar he left a letter saying i love what i gave i mean i have it i was right i don't teach me well i don't know the use of the sheep i'm just about well they're. going to see how that i got the kind of an idea to talk a lot of also the idea of
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a secret sick specific chemical into could be could be sure it's just. overworked from post. on video you know how have. you been are like me did you have this did you all come from ice junkie i think that you think this is the your uncle but it was the other side that image of you but. i didn't love him. i mean. you can see how valliere i like you know everything i'm ok not been wishing i was going to be. ok i thought i needed. to this. is. not who over here and i mean.
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when you were trying to and i didn't miss. a day later and i live in her car. i live in harlem i don't know i'm not a member of the american armed robbery with one of the harbor law no never alone. and i'm not letting you down here. illegally even if you meet you in the right. if you're going to. oh i. forgot i was.
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on the mound. in an hour rather. than i was around the world. cup. to. pick. up your book and look at you little madonna are you talking about me i'm making my. if she. was. enough.
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to place it all. security with in waukesha supernatural. history was made we have taken this part to democracy now. or.
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bush for display now also the number. two i list this many cannot if true but if you born didn't indulge them you might. be to get her to have another but the fiscal. cliff clavin issue the speech live and i thought it was a minivan. earth
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home to millions of species it's a home worth saving. globality has tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take
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action the ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. serial killers tame clusters. violent robber gangs. and the ugly and omnipresent feature of life in one thousand nine hundred twenty s. berlin has a vision almost weekly date find courses in the mantra canal or the river spray. but the criminals don't reckon with him detective superintendent towns cannot. keep revolutionizes from windsor procedures and establish extensive references to laying the foundations for a modern comes with as much as a foot deep and generous was doing better is basically the same as today's trying to find. her when metropolis of crime. starts january twenty ninth on d w. two.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight who holds the power in venezuela is the opposition now on the verge of forcing president out hundreds of thousands of taking to the streets across the nation to demand his resignation the opposition leader has declared himself in its way the interim president we'll get the latest from caracas on a fast moving story also coming up the man who would make peace in syria for president ever one says he and russia's vladimir putin have a.


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