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the bowl of. the bag. play. the but. oh. this is g w news live from her lead britain on a collision course with brussels leaders insist that they won't be negotiate bragg's it with the u.k. opening a new standoff with british prime minister theresa may that's after she convinced parliament to give her your time to see changes to the deal. also coming up then as well as top four bands of self declared interim president swung wide open leaving the country and freezes his assets are venezuela analysts has what to expect as the
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country prepares for war rallies today and american and chinese trade officials are sitting down today for new talks to be gauche nations are overshadowed by recent criminal charges against chinese telecom giant huawei and by a slumping chinese economy plus. why did it come to be. this mission to the song that saved her life we will meet that survivor as brando as a teenager she was forced to sing for the non seems now she sings for high school students in a history lesson they'll never forget. i'm sara kelley welcome to the program there is a potential new standoff brewing between britain and the e.u. where. british lawmakers last night voted to reopen talks on the brags that
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agreement they've given prime ministers to rescind may a mandate to renegotiate the so-called irish backstop that's the plan to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland but it's not clear what she can actually achieve because the e.u. insists that provision cannot be changed. in a surprise move to find agreements already made with the e.u. british lawmakers gave the prime minister a mandate to go back to the negotiating table parliamentarians narrowly passed a government backed amendment to change the irish back stop it buys may some time but the challenges remain clear there is limited appetite for such a change in the negotiating it will not be. closing contrast to a fortnight ago this house has made it clear what it needs to approve the withdrawal agreement may's chances of achieving that appears slim the e.u.
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says the backstop plan to avoid a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland isn't up for renegotiation. i think if the backstop is what is an insurance and insurance is needed. to be one hundred percent sure that there is no border between the living rooms and i should public and we don't want also to fixed up these issues this president of the european council donald tusk also immediately announced that the e.u. was not prepared to reopen discussions while french president mccrum lent his voice in support of no renegotiation comical so you open as the european council of december has clearly indicated the withdrawal agreement that has been negotiated between the united kingdom and the european union is the best agreement possible and is not negotiable. with the e.u.'s bret's it negotiator michel barnier also defending the existing deal to resume
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a is poised to travel to brussels on what could be mission impossible she may come back with nothing new to offer parliament which means back to square one for bracks it again. let's bring in london correspondent bear get mass so they're going to help us make sense of this because the e.u. the u.k. excuse me they're asking to reopen negotiations on a deal that took eighteen months to agree what are the chances of the e.u. giving the u.k. any more concessions. that depends on who you ask here and britain that many zero two there on the right of three is a maze party have really pushed to be tough on the european union and they have really said to as she needs to go back they don't believe what brussels are saying they don't believe that they are never going to give in and not drop in their withdrawal agreement they think that they really want to avoid britain crashing out without idea they say they want the money from the u.k.
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and that they in the end that they will budge so it's a little bit a game of chicken they think. the u.k. should just be tough on the european union i've spoken to dominique robb the foma breck's and secretary he's somebody who's always has to resume to be really much stronger and much tougher against the european union and this is what he had to say how he explained his thinking we want to do a deal with our you friends and our german friends and all friends across europe and of course no deal would be have some significant implications for german businesses likelihoods and jobs as well as here in the u.k. this is a deal to be done but that you can't keep saying no to every reasonable proposal the the u.k. makes they need to reciprocate the flexibility that we've shared and if that happens and we have some pragmatism within the commission and of course conference this deal will get done if not we will leave turns on the twenty ninth of march
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so this is dominic rob and there are others of course in the house of parliament who say the me is just chasing unicorns will be here in two weeks time and she'll come back and she will have got nothing from the european union and it will be groundhog day so it really depends on who you speak to and westminster so what are the next steps then for theresa may barrack at. well. the reason is now going back to brussels and she's going to try and get some flexibility as democrats and others are hoping on the issue of fod on the backs of issues and then she's going to come back here to to london and present this hopefully as she hopes new deal to paul them and then if she doesn't get anything done the question is what happens there is always the hope from the labor party that there might be a general election in the end and there are also all those who are still hoping that there might be a second referendum a vote on the deal and i've spoken to vince cable the leader of the liberal
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democrats here in london and he said he still thinks that this is the most likely option or this is one of the very likely options so in reality we are none the wiser that's reason may first is to go to brussels come back and then we can take it from there there's more work to be done there get mass in london thank you. you're watching news still to come on the program china's daring delivery man who trades the icy roads on the high mountain passes of tibet we will find out what it takes to drive routes like this. but first a quick check of some other stories making news around the world german police have arrested three suspected islamic extremists on suspicion of planning a bomb attack federal prosecutors saying that the men are iraqi refugees they were detained near the danish border in the region of did marcion official saying that the group had not get selected a target for the attack but were harvesting explosive materials from fireworks.
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schools in the thai capital bangkok have closed as authorities struggle to contain choking air pollution the city has been shrouded in a toxic haze for weeks efforts to seed rain clouds and regulate truck traffic have failed to clear the air officials are urging residents to curb the use of incense and fireworks when they celebrate next week's new year. two people have been killed in a grenade attack in the mosque in the southern philippines the attack in some way in the city comes just days after a cathedral bombing in nearby jolo islands left twenty one dead if follows a referendum last week that overwhelmingly approved the creation of a muslim autonomous area in the region. large parts of the united states are bracing for the worst cold snap in recent memory temperatures across the midwest to maine are forecast to plunge as low as minus three degrees celsius for years as
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a result of arctic air spinning southward and is expected to bring snow as far as alabama and georgia. well that as well as top court has frozen the bank accounts of the country's opposition leader and self declared interim president. and also barred him from leaving the country it follows in order by venezuela's attorney general to go into an investigation into why though the u.s. and several other nations have recognized the thirty five year old as venezuela's legitimate head of state after he launched a challenge to incumbent leader nicolas maduro last week and on tuesday washington also handed control of venezuela's u.s. bank accounts over to quiet oh the opposition leader has shrugged off the legal maneuvers being launched at home against him. you are not underestimating the threat of jail and i don't want it to be understood like that very responsibly i say there is nothing new coming from a regime that doesn't answer to the venezuelan people's needs their only response
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is repression and persecution. let's get more on this now we are joined by jennifer communal gonzales she is a venezuelan analyst at t w news welcome to you jennifer so tell us because you know we've seen with doro now clearly putting the squeeze on he's facing a criminal investigation his assets are being seized he can't leave the country is it just a matter of time now before we see. a arrested in the country you know the question is why hasn't he been arrested already i mean these measures are expect this from the government the government considers him to be acting against the constitution and so they would likely go after him but their thing is the venezuelan government usually moves much much much quicker when it comes to i rest the people especially opposition figures that have galvanized and mobilize support so all timidly they're not they're not going as far as arresting him because of the
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united states i think the united states has is playing a huge role here keeping why go in safety because as they said it by those arrested they have they have threatened of serious consequences and what are the size consequences we don't know but they think that it could be more intervention and that is not what the mother regime wants right now and you basically also have another interesting wrinkle here because you have when doro saying that he is ready for talks with the opposition he even offered fresh parliamentary elections what are we to make of that. well it makes sense the elections are not elections to remove him so he will he will throw a few things out like oh we could have elections for the parliament or we could have a negotiation but the main thing that people want is a new presidential election and that he is not willing to give absolutely not but i mean this makes sense you know he has done this before every time that the opposition mobilizing and has a big phrase then he says ok let's have negotiations and that usually the mobilizes
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the opposition so he's hoping that that will happen and the governments of mexico on here right have already backed this so he thinks he has the international some international backing to carry this out and it's interesting because we've seen the pressure you know against. basically coming from international governments around the world but how is the situation domestically because i mean one has called for more demonstrations within the country against majority government today what can we expect there. well people will come out definitely of the opposition is galvanized it is united it is fired up and it really the opposition and his voters really believe that this can happen and so they will come out absolutely no question but the problem is of course they do have the threat of violence the threat of arrest dozens of people have already been killed and hundreds have been arrested according to human rights organizations on the ground and they know that
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so you know i think that might the press the turnout but people will come out ok we'll see how they shape up today those demonstrations which are scheduled jennifer come you know gonzales joining us from news thank you. five american and chinese trade officials are set to begin a new round of talks today in washington the latest effort to resolve a trade dispute that has disrupted business across the globe the stakes are high u.s. president has threatened to raise further tariffs on chinese goods if no deal is reached by march that would hit an already slumping chinese economy and then there's the issue of weiwei will they won't they that's the question in washington as the world's two biggest economies sit down to work out their differences and subtle their open trade conflict since u.s. president donald trump took office beijing and washington have taken turns slapping each other with ever higher punitive tariffs. the u.s. government argues that china is taking advantage of existing trade regulations
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using a combination of state subsidies and industrial espionage to legitimately gain a leg up on the competition. case in point huawei. the u.s. recently accused the chinese tech giant of violating international sanctions against iran and stealing trade secrets something the chinese government the mentally denies. it's been some time since the us started to use its state power to smear and suppress certain chinese enterprises in an attempt to throttle their legitimate operations their intentions are strongly political and manipulative we summon the urge the us to stop ill founded suppression of qual way and other chinese enterprises we. experts are skeptical that both sides will find common ground this week china is unlikely to give up its cavalier approach to foreign intellectual property any time soon. and after trump's recent loss in the
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u.s. government shutdown he's likely to push for sweeping reform made of steel but time is ticking perhaps if no deal is reached trump has threatened to impose another two hundred sixty seven billion dollars of tariffs on chinese goods starting in march. let's get more we have joined by stephen beard lee here in the studio so we just heard that in that piece there that no resolution is expected from these talks so what is holding up progress i think the big issue that the two sides are really separated on is the issue of technology and it's often referred to as technology transfers or forced technology transfers what that means is that when a company goes into the chinese market it is forced to basically partner with a chinese business which can then take some of that technology or sort of copy some of that technology and that's in order to have access to that market at all and so this is not just with the u.s. but with all sorts of nations including germany including european nations and something they'd like to see resolved to chinese ears however when you hear we want
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you to change your system that's exactly what it sounds like we want you to postpone your ambitions of becoming an economic and technological might and so there's also suspicions that even if they promise to make changes to their domestic laws in terms of business practices and what foreign investment does there they won't be followed what's in force mechanism how do you ensure that this won't happen because they've made these promises before china that is absolutely and does it go through the day which sort of mechanisms is do they use it exactly now let's talk about these unsealed charges against huawei and their chief financial officer i mean how does that play into these talks because they've really hit a hot button here you know if you if you listen to u.s. treasury secretary steve and he said yesterday they had nothing to do with each other we can we can take care of one and the other in separate realms and there is something to be said for that because these charges are probably there is something legitimate to these charges if you look at the indictments there is a case against what way that other nations. willing to make as well but of course
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if you're the chinese side this is now becoming a face saving issue i mean this is something that royals the public opinion as well and it gets them go and i mean this is our chief financial officer of one of our businesses that we're most proud of a multi-national and now she's being held in canada on charges in the us and now there's suddenly this release in the trade talks right is right as our negotiators are flying in these charges are unsealed there are still more still more sealed charges what is the next shoe going to drop during the next round of negotiations that's the question briefly who needs a deal more the u.s. china who is in the stronger position the short answer would probably be china based on what we know we do know their economy is decelerating manufacturing orders have gone down consumer activity has gone down but you don't know with the u.s. trump also he needs a negotiating when if you look at it politically look at what happened the shutdown fiasco and with him you never know what's really going to happen but economically the u.s. is in a much better position it seems than china is at the moment but one has to ask for how long we know the economic cycle has been the longest ever in history many also
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expecting a downturn there is even barely from business thanks so much. we're now u.n. human rights experts are calling for an impartial investigation into the collapse last week of a dam at a mine in complex in brazil at least eighty four people were killed in that disaster and the number is expected to increase authorities believe that hundreds more are buried under the sludge that was released when the structure gave way five people have been arrested so far and prosecutors say they will bring charges against those responsible. how was it possible for the improvement in you to collapse. it's not only the victims' families who want answers to that question so to brazil's authorities. the first arrest took place on tuesday two managers working for valley the company operating the mine along with another employee whose. two engineers working for the german company to suit were also
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detained in september the company carried out safety inspections on the dam self discovery we conducted a search and seizure at the homes of the two engineers we are going to take them to minas where the situation will be clarified united i said. both of bali and target have said they will cooperate with the investigators meanwhile environmentalists stage a protest in front of the mining companies headquarters in sao paulo they called the company a murderer and chanted this was no accident this was a crime a criminal investigation against the company is still going on after a previous down collapse back in two thousand and fifteen. it is that we're seeing more disasters and every time the impact on the environment and the economy becomes worse the months appellate he gets poorer and agriculture and fishing become impossible. at the mining site the search for victims continues rescuers discovered a bus full of bodies buried underneath the mud. finding survivors here is
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increasingly unlikely since the weekend search teams have only recovered bodies. well now we're going to turn to a job that literally requires veins of ice this tranquil landscape in tibet it hides the dangers that a chinese delivery man has been negotiating for more than thirty years icy roads where the slightest slip could really need death check out the cliff there i mean the roads they are part of a high altitude delivery route which connects la hasa in tibet and chengdu incest one province in that work of mountains of roads they they rise as high as five thousand meters snow and wind and ice made for slippery driving as you might imagine and those aren't the only risks of a look it's one of the most dangerous delivery routes in the world on the mountain heights between tibet and in months china and someone's got to do it that someone
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is dorothy jim and it's a job that scared off most other drivers especially in winter slip a few inches and it's over the cliff. from october to may the whole mountain is covered by arson. a little carelessness could cause great damage to the truck and for me even death. winter driving can also mean delays trapped in these mountains but georgie comes prepared. your car your white my favorite pastry sanballat butter and beef we also. georgia got the job because he can drive and repair vehicles but the most serious damage to his truck wasn't from an accident he was robbed and beat up by gangsters. but once recovered he volunteered to get back on the road again. only when i'm driving that i feel alive and happy. like a. part of. his wife sarah and
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josie worries about the risks of the road she makes sure he takes her prayers with him. what it is you have a system my greatest fear is that he may be in an accident as the road to the question mountain is so dangerous for parts and cities and every morning when he sets out i will pray before they go to his for his safety you fuel. duty cars and door cheney is back on the road the thrills and dangers just part of a day's work. well this week as events are being held around the world to remember the holocaust there are also warnings that young people today know less and less about the nazi era genocide of jews and other groups one person working to change this is ninety four year old esther besharam no as a teach as
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a teen she was sent to the largest nazi concentration camp auschwitz and thanks to her musical talent she managed to survive now she shares her remarkable story with german high school students. this is this song safe my lai hot near the city of that. ninety four year old estefan urana is singing a popular german war time song bellamy. is a happy children but it brings back memories of her time in auschwitz back then esther had to play bellamy on the accordion tradition for the concentration camp orchestra she was a talented musician but she had never held an accordion before. i concentrated on the job at hand and told myself you can do this i knew if i didn't get accepted into the girls' orchestra and i would have to do hard manual labor that would have been the end of me and. i was
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only eighteen years old when she was deported to auschwitz she had already been separated from her parents who were later murdered by the nazis. as part of the girl's orchestra esther played songs as the prisoners marched out to do their work . she also had to play when the trains arrived bringing thousands of people to the gas chambers. lips of us. that's the worth thing that has ever happened to me because i felt so hopeless i couldn't help these people i knew they were going to their best now. behind us did the s.s. soldiers with their rifles and if we hadn't played them they would have shut us. up. more than a million jews were murdered in auschwitz as the bishop wrong to escape death but
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most of her peers didn't she feels it's her duty to tell young people what the nazis did she goes to schools reads from her memoirs and gives concerts she's backed up by a hip hop band called microphone match here. concept was to bring members a lawyer to compose rap music using posts. from former concentration camp prisoners . you feel. you are using rap they hope to connect with today's young people here in the cohen high school getting a warm response. they've been sharing a stage for ten years now but the recent draw is a frightening radicalism worries esther. my dream is that all nazis who just disappear and i always say i will sing until there are no more nazis left. here. even though she knows that may not be
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a realistic goal and stuff iran i will not give up. and a quick reminder of the top stories that we have been following for you here after you leaders say that they won't renegotiate their bribes and deal with the u.k. it is opening up a new standoff with britain after prime minister to resign may want a parliamentary mandate to seek fresh concessions from the block. and venezuela's top court has frozen the bank accounts and barred opposition leader and self declared interim president from leaving the country it follows an order by venice well as attorney general to launch an investigation into why though last week mounted a challenge to incumbent leader nicolas window. watching t w news live from berlin coming up next is eco africa the environment magazine and
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don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website you know dot com and you can follow us on social media i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news and sarah kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us. the body.
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was. cut for. a long time literally in the field. by mrs often attacks staple food comps and africa. thanks to my ball d.n.a. extraction scientists can quickly decide how to treat the crops. is a big help for the farming because. next on dealing with.
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crimes against humanity. civilians become. most of. their recorded emerges travel around the globe via social media. what is the camera. and what is fact. digital investigators combing through the flood of images and they combine sources trying to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of the crime scene. thanks to this video recording of a soldier who shot the young man is on trial now. forensics between bits and bytes you know you have the. same thing again.
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evidence. and so the biggest justice is about the truth. truth detectives starts that you were. on t w. louis. hello there and glad to have you with us for these new edition of the court africa brought to you by charles tb quesne. amongst all stories today we will meet a young girl in cameroon who produces homemade soap i will also learn about an app that me takes my call plus thanks in close takes i'm now inside we're coming to you from lagos nigeria and i'm joined by my wonderful colleague from least.


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