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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  January 30, 2019 10:45pm-11:01pm CET

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the old masters introduces a new series baking bread. and subverting album cover art instagram a chance the reimagines iconic images of made history. the no wage and sonya hani was the undisputed figure skating world champion in the nineteen twenties and thirties winning ten world titles in ten years and then went on to be a star in hollywood now a film about her extraordinary life called song of the white swan as just had its premiere at the sundance film festival in america. she was a child when her career began norway's sagna hani was an olympic gold medalist at sixteen and one of hollywood's highest paid stars by the age of twenty six she sailed across the ice like a white swan perfect. innocence. but what
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was this ice princess really like a norwegian film tries to uncover the truth behind the legend. joe sort of created this whole sort of ice capades ice skating extravaganza the coal industry was always in the coal business and was able to become a now a huge sort of a hollywood star but also incredibly powerful businesswoman. before heading to hollywood sonja hanny won a gold medal at the nine hundred fifty six winter olympic games in germany where she met adult hitler it's rumored that the two had an affair the film only hints at this. was in the morning was. called goebbels insisted the propaganda which includes movie distribution i had dinner with him once. it is yes
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a teacher's place. i get to germany you double my seat. that any right of hollywood was unconcerned by her connections to nazi germany she made her u.s. movie debut in one thousand nine hundred thirty six in them. the one in a million which became a box office heat. money glamour excess this new film depicts haney's meteoric rise and fall mocked by greed loneliness and alcohol abuse it also illustrates the deep sexism and double standards practiced by hollywood really struggled within the hollywood system to express herself and to show that she was more than just that a pretty woman who could really skate when she went to hollywood she was really suffered under the sort of hollywood studio system and the way it treated with many collapsed under the weight to be expectations placed on her as a female hollywood star she had it all and then lost it deeply disillusioned sonja
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henny left hollywood in one thousand nine hundred fifty six today she's largely forgotten now a film from her home country of norway pays tribute to this one time nature and. today we start a series called baking bread featuring bread making in all of the e.u. countries who is capable of this mammoth task i hear you cry well it's a man with hidden talents our europe correspondent. as you most probably know him from the news reporting on serious political matters however apart from his fine journalism he's also an expert a baking bread and bread is a huge part of our culture and he's with me now your welcome great to see you in your france lightly disappointed that you haven't brought anything with you but never mind. tell me twenty countries walking t.v.
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is a crazy idea to do this. well i thank you from my grandmother she lifted the age of ninety nine and brad was very important to her so she introduced me to baking and cooking and so i feel never since i've. in baking and i've been baking also in our brussels studio brought a couple of loaves for the colleagues in particular my colleague max hoffman our head of studio and so at one point in a pub in strasbourg we had this idea and we said we have to make something off the baking skill something more and that's when we decided to make a series where we combined politics and bread making and idea from max hoffman has a dangerous thing anyway what's so important a minute but now let's have a look at our first episode and today it's the turn of luxembourg. today i'll be baking kim a school and a raisin bread from luxembourg. this founding member is by far the wealthiest country in the club so get ready for the
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richest loaf in our series. makes plain flour lukewarm milk a tablespoon of sugar. and twenty grams of yeast in a bowl. after fifteen minutes at two x. and some more sugar but good amount of potter and a pinch of salt makes everything well together now we need to talk about needing technique there are different techniques you can use but luxembourg's former prime minister and head of the european commission song has mass the film in particular grew up turn. push and let's go let's go through that again grab turn. push and let's go. grab
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her. push. let's go. let's go along. go. like younger you need to move fast and with confidence to build up a strong gluten network. a good way of checking the dos progress is the so-called window pane test stretch out a bit of dough until you're left with a thin membrane if it looks so pate like luxemburg secret text structures you have to keep needing what we want is transparency. so keep going until you have something like this. at a handful of raisins place the dough in a greased branch tin and cover it with
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a towel until it doubles in size luxemburg maybe small foot per head luxemburg or spain more than double what your average german does into e.u. coffers about two euros a day roughly the cost of a loaf of bread in luxembourg. place the dough with accu and stick it in the office at one hundred ninety degrees celsius set your time off for twenty five minutes until you hear the bell. and if it is you know it was machine. luxembourg's raisin bread delicious rich in flavor easy to bake if you have a firm grip like your girl it's
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a piece of cake. i do love the way you mix politics but with bread making grav or does it grab push you think you would make a good baker i think baking is no rocket science robin and so everyone would make a good baker but it can be hard work and i've joined younger on many business trips and filming him and he says he's a hardworking man so i think he could do it now as we all know things don't always go as planned in the kitchen. no they don't but look the key thing here is cooking is not baking and so in baking accuracy is really key for for a good loaf in cooking you read you like acidity and you had a bit of. cream and that will that will do the trick but baking is a bit more tricky ok i sold out in the report you with us with a very specific about timing you know now twenty eight countries soon to
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be twenty seven don't want to mention the baby was because i'm embarrassed but will you be buffering to buy british bread well as long as the u.k. is part of the e.u. i'll bake a british loaf now of course at some point soon or later to raise them able be toast so she asked to be in that series and we'll see him for the u.k. it's really important to think about time because time really is the magic ingredient in baking if you get fewer know for a lot of time it has time to foment and that is where the flavor comes from really because i've never been a great british bread just one of the reasons i moved to germany anyway yoke thank you come back and says again next time bring some bread with you please thank you very much and a new episode of breaking bread will appear every week on the show now the fans are sharing app instagram has given a platform to
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a lot of hobby photographers who like to play around with the medium is a guy who's obviously a big music fan and would like to get in on the act. madonna baring her neck to. one is david bowie up to here. the russian instagram a chance to play miss album covers and backstory and gives himself a role in the music history. from one of the main thing for me is to make people laugh and sometimes i think i managed to do that very common stuff people write sometimes people take a joke even further or joke about what they see and that's the best feedback i can get. human creativity and a willingness to improvise ikechi during photo shoots philip trance covers. today the idea is to turn the band queen into
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a four headed giant holding it in its hand the twenty four year old poses in front of a green screen that makes it easier for him to insert the specials into the canvas lighter university student and chong client helps him give the ideas shape. his friends usually edit the photos together they only take about an hour to work on each cover. he started this project almost two years ago now uploads a new photo every few weeks he has nearly twenty seven thousand followers on instagram already. he next wants to try to edit himself into music videos one thing is clear the economy chants his creativity music movement and a jumping off point. are these.
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videos they're going to be a bit trickier for and i think anyway check out our web site dot com slash culture . a lot small especially on our surveys brand you can also find his own choice under the handle at g.w. cultura thanks for watching and that's you again very soon.
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h.i.v. positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but an orphanage in show ya business takes a different approach. here h.i.b. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the fibrous. what's the daily routine like for the stand and how do the children themselves fare. thirty minutes on d w. i'm not going to think out of the gym i just sometimes am but i stand up and whimper that piece of german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes quechua in here think it's new for the country guy not. yet needed to take his grandmother down to me because it's all about who they know
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i might go join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. . post. once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. evanson very curious child and very excited and ended up with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and i always. yearned for being on stage decisions and being part of that magic it was a difficult trot at first to girls she was told to become conductor but this girl had other ideas and not obsessive. and one day she really did become a world famous conductor brimming over with virtuosity and special.
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among the other not popular. us. my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on t.w. . people across venezuela have been leaving their homes and workplaces to join protests against president nicolas maduro the walkout was called by opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president juan why don't the comes a day after venezuela supreme court froze mr y. dollars assets and banned him from leaving the country and. the european union's chief regs that negotiators said that time was too short to find an alternative arrangement for britain's divorce deal with the this comes after the british.


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