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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 9:30am-9:46am CET

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with my parents and. here for being on stage with the musicians and being part of that magic it was a difficult trip to the first. world for us come talk to. them i. love my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on d w. germany's largest lender finally get some good news. hosting its first annual profit in four years but is it enough for the embattled bank to stave off a merger with a rival lender. also the latest trade talks between the u.s. and china have ended and the countdown to the next round of tariffs has begun we've
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got the latest on the dispute. and more cities want dirty diesel vehicles out of their inner cities how one german city is transforming its bus network. i'm stephen beard zimbra thanks for joining us. germany's largest lender deutsche bank has reported a profit for the last fiscal year despite posting a loss in the fourth quarter the announcement marks the first time the troubled bank was in the black at year's end since two thousand and fourteen according to its numbers made around three hundred forty million dollars in profit the positive numbers are slightly lower than analysts expectations but were still welcome by beleaguered investors speculation about a merger with germany's smaller comit spunk hasn't gone away but skeptics said the resulting bank would still be too small to be competitive. he used to be a powerful symbol of the german economy joint u. bank but it's been in crisis for years the problems are mainly so for me the police
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raided the company in november the suspicion was money laundering once again a scandal with a german industry leader its reputation is ruined and business is bad also in investment banking. deutsche bank share price fell by more than fifty six percent in twenty eighteen. in the global ranking it's far behind american and chinese banks in eighty ninth place. christiane's evening has been the new chief executive officers in april twenty eighth seen he wants to turn the tide and make the bank fit for the future again the political pressure is increasing for the c.e.o. to get his house in order. and i'm joined now in studio by sasha stephan professor for finance at the frankfurt school and buy our frankfurt correspondent paul christian brits paul i'm going to start with you how are investors supposed to
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anticipate these numbers that are coming out the stock exchange course is an open yet but what it was expected to happen there. yeah steve traders are just getting their day started but we got a preview yesterday of what we can expect when bloomberg reported that merger talks may start as early as this summer because while we're seeing a profit here at the bank in twenty eighteen the numbers are still a little disappointing they're below analyst expectations and yesterday we saw a loss of three and a half percent. and today things aren't likely to turn around because these numbers aren't strong enough to turn the fate of deutsche bank quickly enough or at least that's unlikely so talks about a merger will continue and investors don't like that. so professor steffen obviously some good news here we look at it at the surface but what are those
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problems those deeper problems that paul was referring to there with. i think a lot of things that need to be considered on the one hand as of course of course was because apparently they're doing a little bit better on that front. definitely. profitability and the other one is what they call legacy so basically what the bank in the past how much of the risk book apparently this is really hard to value given all of these transactions of banks in the past so it's not really clear for the market in general and vestas basically whether benghazi what is the sort of the business model how dodgeball is going to look like in the future what are the areas the bank can actually really become profitable in and i think this is where many banks are struggling in but. is clearly of the focus now given all of these discussions surrounding and of course we talk about these discussions these are happening on a political level there is a lot of political pressure for this merger between. what about that it doesn't really want to do this right away that it would like to sort of return to
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profitability before considered such a such a measure is time running out for them i'm not i'm not sure i don't i don't i don't think that basically even if the best possible result that they can have released off of this. probably it seems to be that saying look here's a seems to be much more then just sort of like a business so to speak but draws a political issue so we really have want to have a national champion we want to value safeguards as again competition from the u.s. and china basically so it seems to be that this is happening and it's apparently is happening this year so when we're talking to people close to the politicians apparently this is what's going to happen what role do the recent scandals that have hit deutsche bank play in some of these pushes for a merger we look at the money laundering accusations the raid happened in frankfurt its relationship with guns. bank in denmark what role do you see there i think it does play a role but i think the overall situation was ok given what we've seen during the
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financial crisis of companies which. did not have enough credit that they want to make sure that basically we have a large national bank that actually can even if there is a crisis which can. possibly lead to these companies which i think it's a big mistake because it's not this is not probably not what's going to happen i think the the result overall would be exactly the opposite right so more to watch in the coming quarters professor saw such stuff in from the frankfurt school hall christiane brit's joining us from frankfurt thank you both. two days of trade talks between the u.s. and china into thursday without the announcement of a deal disappointing but not surprising investors there's just a month remaining until temporary trade truce between the nations expires potentially triggering u.s. import duties on two hundred billion dollars in chinese goods now u.s. president donald trump says there will be no final accord until he meets with his chinese counterpart she jane. the world's two largest
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economies are battling for future dominance critical high tech industries according to robert light hisor the lead u.s. negotiator in beijing's corner chinese vice premier you hey the smiles hide the fact that beijing is fuming over washington's prosecution of chinese telecoms giant while away but president trump clearly believes he hold the aces and is willing to play a waiting game we're going to go into everything you probably saw this morning as they were going into everything. this is going to be a very big deal or it's going to be a deal that will just postpone for a little while. earlier trump had tweeted his negotiating position looking for china to open the markets not only to financial services which they are now doing but also to our manufacturing and other u.s. businesses and industries without this deal would be unacceptable beijing strategic
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plan aims to make the nation the global leader in aerospace robotics artificial intelligence and a new generation of sectors the u.s. officials say the crown jewels of american technology and innovation the u.s. is attacking chinese trade practices they call unfair including the forced transfer of american technology by a man to treat joint ventures with local firms. amazon is cutting its sales expectations for the current quarter despite record setting sales over the holiday season the world's largest online retailer says new regulations in india could take a bite out of its business and a key growth market the new regulations limit what products online retailers can offer on their own platforms the uncertainty comes fresh on the heels of amazon's record sales last quarter which saw its net income jump to three billion u.s. dollars. now more cities want emissions heavy diesel buses out of their inner
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cities in exchange for electric buses but the changeover can be expensive especially when factoring in the cost of charging the german city of seoul and has another solution buses that travel on overhead electric lines take a look. your guys and has been driving the obama for thirty six years old bus installing and this is a cross between a bus and a tram before starting the journey the driver has to connect the car and collectors to the overhead power line to establish contact with the power grid. the trolley poles have to connect to the contact wire with centimeter precision if it's windy it can take a while. the city of cologne has one hundred kilometers of overhead power lines during the journey the trolley buses have a constant supply of power. it's normal i don't know any other way you know
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first of all they're quiet or they don't dirty up the city centers so that's great but. at a construction site or a detour the buses can also disconnect from the contact wire. the vehicle has to remain motionless so that the electronics can carry out the switching process it takes less than ten seconds. even without an overhead line the new buses simply drive on electrically while driving on the wire they fully charged a better ease and can like to travel twenty kilometers on their own. four particularly powerful batteries in the rear of the bus make it possible. to design for. the future is simple we can recharge the battery in a very short time and extract a lot of energy from it is no difference when driving so passengers don't really notice that the bus isn't driving on the power lines anymore it's. the new battery
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trolley buses should only detach themselves from the overhead line you know exceptional cases but that happens regularly starting in the spring of twenty nineteen they'll also be driving routes when. there's a still in operation step by step wants to move away from diesel. to physically already drive sixty five percent electric and after they electrify the next diesel bus line will be at seventy percent we're considering how to get to eighty percent and perhaps we can do it all by twenty twenty twenty twenty two so that we're quite close to achieving the complete transition by twenty thirty. so. there are buses on the overhead line in almost three hundred cities worldwide diesel buses now seem old fashioned compared to brand new trolley buses. and here's a reminder of what we're following for you. georgia has reported its first profit
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in four years germany's biggest lender made slightly over three hundred forty million euros in twenty eight making investors wonder what's next some say a merger with rival comments fog. and trade delegates from china and the u.s. have been debating in washington for two days and u.s. president trump is very optimistic to sign a very big deal but not until his next meeting with counterpart xi jinping. and that's it from me and the business team here berlin don't forget you can always learn more about these and other stories on our web site at www dot com slash business also find us on facebook and twitter leaving out this quick check of global markets i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for watching.
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let's. take a closer look at modern culture from the. culture. hey listen up. video game music sounded like thirty years ago. today's tracks take the experian. it's to another level
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a sense to him composers who claim it's. featured in many games his music is bound to. his fans he opens doors to. sounds good. the general that's so much more than just background music video game music starts february twenty fifth on d w. yes it's time for news from the world of culture welcome along and here's what's coming up today. as the home boat forum is completion in the center of berlin the right now a cultural artifact is supposed to. meld c o m g w's night grooves the show which brings together pop stars from unusual musical
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encounters the chance for a second season. form when i've missed jewels in november the major museum venue is one of the most hotly debated construction projects here in germany my colleague david leavitt's has been following the story welcome david first of all. tell us about the controversy surrounding the building it's. ok robin brace yourself for a little bit of time travel here because the home blood forum is partially a reconstruction of this of the baroque city palace of the german emperors located at the heart of berlin now the allies did bomb it in world war two it could have been saved but no socialist east germany had other plans they tore it down and put up the palace of the republic in its place that's their parliament and cultural center.


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