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tv   DW News - Asia  Deutsche Welle  February 1, 2019 2:30pm-2:45pm CET

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this is the. crisscrossing the country.
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well. it's good to have you with us we begin in india where farmers and. why because the government has announced a budget that provides support to all three but with elections looming is this just support. farmers get support receive a new pension scheme and get. this support comes. in a couple of months but already leaked government report what's unemployment at its highest level in. a farm sector has been support and the ruling hindu nationalist
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government of prime minister narendra modi is smarting from losses in regional elections and this intended budget which by convention does not announce. an election has practice more from our correspondent in delhi. farmers that spares pensioners no man left behind in budget twenty nineteen with me it's majority male hoekstra who has been following developments closely as the strategic affairs editor at the print was not sure what other political implications of this budget in an election year where you know that we are going to have elections in an in a few months time and prime minister narendra modi who will now allow him to defend his his five year term and he's seeking a second term of course so this budget which is an interim budget what that basically means is that once the new government comes into being by me it has the right to have its own budget so if this is going to be
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a government again then they will continue but if it's another government then they have the right to take it apart so in terms of political implications what this government is trying to do is to first of all to alleviate farm distress that has been a big big issue across the country huge pharma agitations in fact people have travelled all the way to the big metropolises in delhi and in mumbai we've seen that recently so big emphasis on farm distress the other is. more the himself is very attuned to young people in india as well half of india's huge population one point two billion is under five years of age so there's a lot of stops that he has given to the middle class of the rapidly urbanizing aspirational middle class and he hopes with a combination of bought that he will come to power you mentioned young people recent reports over the past few days have shored the highest levels of
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unemployment in forty five years the opposition has announced a basic minimum income again going into an election year is this government on the back foot is this budget a fraction of this government being on the back foot well i was surprised actually that this government that the body governs budget today was no. not as tough as i thought it would be you know there were some some of us who felt that he would give many more stops for example you were talking about farmer distress but he has they have given some sauce which is about six thousand crores which is about sort of sixty million dollars or so but it's not as much as was feared to be as far as the universe of basic income idea of gun he's concerned i think it's not very clear what drug and he means he is being advised by a lot of people reportedly in fact that the brain to be had a story where it said that he is being advised by several international economists including angus deaton and i believe the former governor of the indian central bank
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governor. is also advising him but we're not very clear what exactly is it is it a universal sort of like is it a welfare scheme for all people you know those paramita is unclear yet so i think you're right both moody and the congress party a da getting the same people but for the first time this unemployment report that you talked about is very very big because it comes to three years after twenty sixteen when the huge currency exchange happened which we called deewana days ation and we know that a clean two percent of the economy of the g.d.p. was lopped off by just that incredible exercise now the prime minister says that this was to weed out black money but we know that that's not we don't really know what the reasons are with that's what is so surprising about it so having said that this unemployment report that was suppressed which should have come out in december the figures it everything and it it was already and it was the story was broken by
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the business standard now that shows that. this is the worst jobs crisis in forty five years now that is a big big black mark against the money government how is the prime how is more they going to rick. over in three months when in less than three months elections are going to be held so i think the fact that these stops are being given to farmers the middle class is being rude they say everybody is hoping that he's definitely hoping against hope but that doesn't mean that the field is all clear but the congress party i think rather has to sheerly really put his best foot forward new delhi also announced a new national cowboy to look after both according to interim finance minister. the government will never shy away from wondering our mother cow something there for the hindu or. staying in india though where not everyone was focused on the budget
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residents in the northern city of london had a more present concern after the straight leopard found its way into town the frisky feline sent people running for their lives. this man wasn't quite fast enough but managed to make a lucky escape with only minor injuries. for the people who are also attacked during the rampage. rangers threw a net over the leopard and tried to tranquilize it but the big cat was too quick and escaped. a later attempt was successful however no one was seriously injured this time but encounters between humans and wild animals are on the rise as people continue to move closer to or even inside the reserves. it's called the world's largest annual human migration more than four hundred million chinese on the move all heading home to celebrate new year the lunar new
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year folds of the fifth this year and those away from their families have been crisscrossing china hoping to make it home in time to ring in the year of the pig but it's the numbers that define the sheer scale of this event three billion trips by a really rude and are expected this year to bolster the existing real root ten new realigns were launched at the end of last year to deal with this year's rush our colleagues trouble the route between beijing and da pong to experience the rush firsthand. it's. seven headed west the lou new year millions leaving beijing for the provinces. inside the trains are crowded not everyone has a reservation. just to get creative. q. to seat a twenty five year old engineering students going home to see his parents to be the
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. spring festival for the chinese is like christmas for westerners it is a holy day and everyone reunites with their families so it's really important for us. like many chinese. family once a year parents and children. and travel expenses. and it's no short journey. inside these girls are killing time they're in high spirits. now they're heading home. we want to have fun the last thing i'll do is my math homework. everyone a happy new year. apart
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from singing and eating there isn't that much to do. it's a chance to catch up on lost sleep. part of the new year ritual. is bringing something for the kitchen. after six hours on the train who reaches his destination and is ready for the fist ditties to begin. he's looking forward to the food and fireworks the year of the pig brings with it plenty to celebrate. i'm very happy and excited finally i'm with my family i really miss them home is always the warmest place on earth for me. at home is dead is waiting for the journey is over but millions of others a still on the road and looking forward to a fist of time with their families. now
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to another side of the new and. final farewell. after relatives first laid to rest the sacred right is usually before the. please be advised the process is not for the. digging up the dead always begins after dark here in hanoi. it's clean fun tang's casket that's raised that. he died of cancer three years ago his last wish his remains and then reburied according to into custom. his bones are ready they're black and bare of flesh. the cleaner carefully prepares
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them in an elaborate ceremony their washed in herbal water then dried and polished. the final most important step in placing the bones in a new. smaller stone casket that will be quinn's final resting place this time for other. followers of this ancient custom believe the spirit remains in limbo until we bury all. this ritual allows the soul to be released and travel on to the next life. other simpler passages lay cremations don't appeal to believers for them to live in peace they must perform this final son for their dad. that's a from all you can find online at www dot com isha and don't forget to check out
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good afternoons on facebook as well. if i can even all the footage from the city of sichuan province trying some couple of thousand of these lights have been welcoming in next week's. issue of extra. once upon a time there was a young girl with a burning ambition. to become a conductor. i was a very curious child and very excited and in love with music and i would go to concerts with my parents and i always. here for being on stage with the musicians and being part of that magic it was a difficult first. cut world famous conductor.
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longer than i. love my stuff. starts feb eighteenth on d w. while free trade is under threat and china and the us are at loggerheads over tariffs and trade in washington the new chip plant signed the biggest free trade agreement in history sending a clear signal across the atlantic. and japan is running out of workers immigration is one answer but japanese society is also looking at robots specially in care for the elderly. and read joyce storage of bank the erstwhile pride and joy of
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germany's finance industry is forcing the no profit for the first time in four years is it enough to stave off a merger with a rival and. this is business as. well come it's the biggest ever free trade agreement that is the one between japan and the european union that's called jephthah it comes into effect today and it's so comprehensive that it eliminates nearly all trade barriers between the two partners european commission president john clode younker called it quote a message to the world about the future of open and fair trade that's a clear wink across the atlantic besides tariffs the agreement also contains principles on labor safety climate and consumer protection it connects two huge.


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